Xu Ye’s whole body stiffened in embarrassment and his face was as red as if it was about to burn. He didn’t dare to move around and huddled in a corner of the bathtub. He lowered his head as he tried to calm down the uncontrollable heat in his body.


       Unexpectedly, Chu Yu didn’t intend to let him go, and Xu Ye felt that it was as if he was about to cry when Chu Yu said “Come here”. He moved over with both hands and feet and knelt down in front of the man. His eyes swept across the sleeping part underneath him again, and his heart felt frustrated beyond words. How could he be so dissolute when Chu Yu didn’t respond to him at all? What about the agreed talk about restraining in sex?


       “Turn around and sit with your back to me.” Chu Yu lazily leaned against the wall of the bathtub, his long and slender legs parted casually. The soothing water relaxed his entire body, and his expression softened a lot.


       Enduring the ache in his body, Xu Ye just sat down as he had been ordered to do. When he was grabbed by a hand and his body fell straight back against a firm chest. He was startled, and just about to sit up straight when he heard a man’s deep voice behind his ear, “Don’t move.”


       Chu Yu let go of his waist, and turned Xu Ye’s head backwards, resting it right against his shoulder. As he sensed the tension in his arms, he smiled and said, “Relax.”


       Xu Ye couldn’t relax at all at the moment. At such a close distance, he could even feel Chu Yu’s heartbeat and breathing. Every tiny friction between the bare skin stirred his desire like a wave. What’s more, those hands were still lingering on his body, smearing shower gel on his body, rubbing against his arousal intentionally or unintentionally.


       “Master…” Xu Ye couldn’t help but speak out in anguish.




       “I… feel so uncomfortable…” he said, not daring to touch it with his hands without permission, only curling his legs impatiently.


       “So?” Chu Yu asked knowingly.


       “Can I… use my hands…” Before Xu Ye could finish speaking, he suddenly gasped, the reason being that his aching arousal was being grasped in Chu Yu’s hands.


       “With your hands, like this?” The man stroked his attractive little brother with his shower gel-soaked fingers, his movements were very gentle.


       Such ‘help’ was tantamount to pouring fuel on the fire, and Xu Ye’s breathing became heavier and heavier. And the person who was close behind him breathed hot breath into the sensitive ears, making his desire intensify even more.


       “A few touches and you’re this hard, slave, are you so s/utty in the first place?” The provocative and erotic words penetrated Xu Ye’s ears, causing Xu Ye to shiver slightly. The faster the movements of Chu Yu’s hands made him moan and retort intermittently, “…Not, no, ah…en—”


       “No? Then why are you hard when you see me taking off my clothes?” The man whispered next to his ear, slowly licking his red ear with his tongue, the wet and hot tongue gliding across the sensitive area made Xu Ye tremble and raise his neck, panting heavily, “Master… ungh…”


       “I allowed you to take a bath together, but you want to masturbate in front of the master shamelessly?” Chu Yu didn’t stop moving his hands and even opened his mouth to enclose his earlobe, licking and grinding it between his lips and teeth, gently devouring it.


       This kind of action made Xu Ye almost cry. He felt that he was going crazy with all the blurry images in front of his eyes, and his mind simply stopped thinking. He only wanted a faster, heavier, and stronger touch, allowing him to vent those clamorous desires, he cried out, “Please, let me cum…please…”


       “No.” The lowered voice became more sensual, and Chu Yu felt the trembling and panting of the person in his arms and rubbed his chest even more viciously. “No hands, no orga-ms, no talking. From now on, slave, you are not allowed to do anything but moan in this bathroom. Your body is completely mine, remember that.”


       This was more torturous than punishment. If given a choice, Xu Ye would rather have a few lashes. However, every order from Chu Yu was a law for him to follow. That man dictates everything.


       By now the poor slave had already fallen limply into the embrace behind him, his body seemed to be on fire, and every part of his body was extremely sensitive. The man’s hand stroked his skin, stirring him to moans of passion. Those soft and sensual voices with suppressed sobbing tones echoed throughout the bathroom. Xu Ye’s desires kept accumulating, reaching the end with fervour, but had to be suppressed because of that command. Xu Ye endured bitterly, and let out a cry of “Unhh” so loud that just when he thought he was going to die, Chu Yu finally stopped and let him lean into his arms.


       Xu Ye panted heavily, desperately forcing himself to calm down. It was only after a long while that his heroic little brother lowered its head slightly. He sat quietly with his back against the man, and the surging water in the jacuzzi rushed over his body, gradually relaxing him.


       “Go and wash yourself off.” After sitting quietly with him in his arms for a while, Chu Yu gave the order.


       Because he was not allowed to speak, Xu Ye silently climbed out of the bathtub and went to the shower to rinse. He was about to turn on cold water to quench all desires, but Chu Yu held down the temperature control faucet. The man looked at him and said, “If you want to catch a cold so badly, why don’t I let you soak in the cold water overnight?”


       Xu Ye lowered his head and unexpectedly saw Chu Yu’s arousal raise from his crotch, and his eyes widened.


       He was trampled into the mud just now, and he had no energy to pay attention to the movement behind him. From this point of view, it seems that his master was not completely indifferent to him. This realisation made him feel completely relieved. He looked up at Chu Yu with his eyes shining brightly.


       As he saw Xu Ye like this, the man couldn’t help laughing, “I seem to have proved to you that I’m not frigid. I just don’t want to use you for the time being.” He paused, “You did a good job just now. As a slave, you must have a certain level of patience and hold back your desires for the pleasure of your master. From today on, you can’t masturbate without my permission, neither the front nor the back, do you hear me clearly?”


       Xu Ye blushed and nodded. After rinsing, he dried Chu Yu’s body, put on his nightgown, dried himself, drained the water in the bathtub as instructed, cleaned it up quickly, and then tidied up the bottles and jars. When he came out, the man was sitting by the bed, holding a long silver chain, two fingers thick, in his hand. One end of the chain was attached to the foot of the bed, and the other was attached to a soft brown looped leather strap.


       When Xu Ye the man pat his legs, he immediately walked over and knelt down.


       “Put it on your right foot.” Chu Yu handed him the end connected to the holster, “It doesn’t need to be too tight, it’s not a leash. Originally, I planned to use a collar, but since you performed well just now, I made a modification. The shackles will not be locked, so you can take them off at night and in the morning when you are preparing breakfast.” After he said that, he pointed to the floor beside the bed, “You will sleep here tonight.”


       There was a thick carpet on the floor, and the man gave him pillows and blankets. Although it was not as comfortable as a bed, it was not uncomfortable to lie on. The chain on the feet did not burden the body, but it gave Xu Ye a marked sense of belonging.


       He belonged to that person.


       The bedroom was very quiet, only the sound of their breathing.


       It was getting late. Everything that happened today exhausted Xu Ye’s energy, and he soon fell asleep.


       When Xu Ye woke up, the room was still as dark as the sea, and the curtains in the master bedroom had excellent sun-blocker properties, making it impossible to tell the time. When he looked at the glow-in-the-dark alarm clock he had placed in his hand last night, he broke out in a cold sweat.


       Seven fifty.


       Chu Yu didn’t allow him to keep his mobile phone by his side while sleeping, and he couldn’t set the alarm clock to wake up his master at seven o’clock. At this moment, he woke up completely on his biological clock. Xu Ye got up gingerly, untied the holster, quickly rushed downstairs to light the fire, took eggs, bacon and bread from the refrigerator, and hurriedly started making breakfast.


       As the milk was heating up in the microwave oven, he took it out and saw that the egg in the frying pan was getting cooked. He was so anxious that he didn’t pay attention, and half a cup of boiling milk fell on his left hand. The skin on the back of his hand turned red in an instant. He quickly put it under the faucet for a while, and the hot red area hurt like being pricked by needles.


       When Chu Yu went downstairs at 8:10, Xu Ye had barely finished his breakfast. He glanced at the few overcooked eggs, stood by the table nervously and said, “Master, good morning.”


       The man quickly noticed that there was something unusual about today. He scanned the kitchen, the dining table, and his slave before he sat down without a word and patted his legs.


       When Xu Ye knelt down, he realized that the apron on his body hadn’t been taken off. He stretched out his hand to untie the knot behind him, accidentally touched the place where he was burned just now, and instinctively took a breath, feeling suffocated in his heart. Although the movement was very light, he was not sure if his master heard it. Xu Ye raised his eyes to see the man’s expression and found that the man’s black eyes were staring at him, and he handed over a piece of bread spread with jam.


       Xu Ye went to take it with both hands, deliberately turned the back of his hand completely down, but was grabbed by his left wrist. He shuddered, and the bread fell to the ground.


       Chu Yu turned his left hand over, and the red patch on the back of his hand was particularly eye-catching against his fair skin. “How did it happen?”


       “I accidentally scalded it with milk.” Xu Ye added in frustration, “I’m sorry, master, I was wrong.”


       The man was silent for a while, and asked, “What do you think your mistake was?”


       He hesitated for a moment, and said slowly, “My body… belongs to Master, I shouldn’t… um… get hurt without permission.”


       The man laughed at his words, “You are apologising to me for hurting yourself?”


       Xu Ye raised his face and stared at him blankly. Those deer-like eyes clearly ask “Is that wrong?”


       Chu Yu looked at his hands and said, “If I don’t find out, are you going to keep it from me?” After that he got up and said in a cold voice, “Come with me.”


       Xu Ye was trembling with fear and followed him up to the fourth floor and into the cage. He was a little weak at the thought of being whipped again early this morning after the lashes he had received yesterday. He bowed his head and knelt, and the man rummaged through the drawer for a while, but he didn’t dare to look at what he took. Chu Yu sat down on the chair in front of him and said, “Give me your hand.” Xu Ye thought he was going to be whipped, so he shakily extended his right hand, only to have it slapped away by the other party, “Left hand.”


       Surprisingly, a cool paste was pushed away on the back of the hand. Xu Ye bit his lip with a bit of embarrassment, his eyelashes flickered a few times, and said in a low voice, “Thank you, master.”


       “Why did you hide it from me?” Chu Yu asked while applying burn ointment on him.


       Xu Ye bit her lip, and said, “I slept late, that’s why I was so busy making breakfast and got a burn. I’m sorry.”


       “Next time you get hurt, let me know as soon as possible.” The man looked at him and said.


       Xu Ye nodded.

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