Chapter 31

       Xu Ye was really scared, his frightened face was as white as paper, and his whole body trembled. The pleading in his eyes was stained with despair, just like a fish struggling for its life in a dry stream.


       This was indeed the effect Chu Yu wanted.


       He wanted to make this disobedient slave really scared once. Therefore, he was going to put his own mark on him without telling Xu Ye anything. Let Xu Ye see with his own eyes how his body was handled with metal tools, personally feel the sharp needles and embedding, deeply feel the circumstances of being powerless to resist, firmly remember the pain and fear, and never dare to do things that make him unhappy.


       However, seeing Xu Ye crying out of fear, his heart softened.


       Chu Yu sighed, turned off the remote control, and removed his shackle. He bent down and held the pale face and said softly, “Slave, look at me. Good. Look at me.” As he spoke, he wiped away the tears from the corners of Xu Ye’s eyes with his fingertips and stroked his hair soothingly.


       It took Xu Ye a moment to calm down, his wet eyes looked at the man who dominated him mournfully, and his mouth vaguely begging for forgiveness, “Master… I will be obedient… Please, please…” He did not what Chu Yu was going to do to him, but the fear brought by those metal tools and the smell of disinfectant was enough to make him tremble with fear.


       “Don’t be nervous.” Chu Yu took a transparent box and showed it to him. Two small and slender black rings were soaked in the colourless liquid, which seemed to have a slight dark glow, and the material could not be seen. “You know what this is, don’t you?”


       Xu Ye froze for a moment, then nodded slightly. He had seen nipple rings before, and several of the MBs who had been with him had these little things on them. Now he understood what a man was going to do. The metal utensils just now should also be a piercing device, not the kind of terrifying device that destroyed the body as he imagined. Nevertheless, being penetrated by a foreign object was still a terrifying thing, Xu Ye looked at him with wet eyes and opened his mouth in fear, “Master… can I not… I don’t dare to make mistakes again, I really don’t dare …”


       “I said that everything tonight is at my disposal, and you don’t have the right to refuse.” Chu Yu’s cello-like voice was gentle but undeniably imposing, “Slave, today I will use one of the rings to mark you. It will become a part of your body, just like I will enter your life completely. It symbolises your belonging to me, a constant reminder of my presence.” He paused and continued, “The pain from the nipple piercing will be slightly heavier than needle insertion to the flesh1I assumed this about a normal piercing place. The reason you are tied up is because I don’t want you to get hurt if you move around. The purpose of giving you pleasure is to relieve your pain. My piercing technique is very good and will not cause you unnecessary pain, and I will do everything, including sterilisation and medication, to ensure your safety. So, I ask for your trust.”


       There were tiny teardrops on Xu Ye’s thick eyelashes, and although there was still a little uneasiness in his black and white eyes, the fear just now was gone. At this moment, he finally calmed down.


       He looked at the man in front of him, his nose a little sour. Chu Yu punished him because he made a mistake. Even if the man was angry, even if he was teaching him a lesson, he was still afraid that he would be injured because of the struggle, so he would control the degree and try to make him not feel the pain. He could have done the process forcefully, but he patiently explained the process to him. Everything was meticulous and thoughtful.


       He was afraid of pain, he was afraid of the feeling of being pierced, and he didn’t like that thing hanging on his chest.


       But if that person put it on himself…


       If it’s that person’s mark…


       If so that man could forgive himself…


       Xu Ye looked at the small ring, pursed his lips with red eyes, and after a moment of silence, whispered, “I am your slave. Everything about me belongs to you. You have the right to do anything to me… I will trust you…”


       His voice was very soft, with a nasal tone that was aggravated after crying just now, and his eyelashes fluttered like tiny insect wings.


       Coercion is one thing, voluntary is another.


       The gentleness in Chu Yu’s eyes was as deep as the sea. He bent down, lifted Xu Ye’s chin slightly, and lowered his head to cover his lips.


       His master was kissing him.


       Xu Ye trembled all over, closed his eyes and raised his head to respond. The soft lips parted actively, letting the intruding tongue entangle with him, licking and scratching every inch of his mouth as if the air in his chest was not enough, and he wanted to get it from the other person. The body gradually heated up in such a charming and lingering kiss, and his cold desire was ignited so easily.


       However, everything was just the beginning. The vibrator buried in his body also woke up and vibrated, constantly pressing his fragile glands. The bulge on his chest was teased by Chu Yu’s fingers, standing upright like a tiny flower bud. The multiple stimuli made Xu Ye want to scream, but Chu Yu kissed his mouth, and his voice was blocked in his throat.


       His body was trembling, and he was in a state of confusion.


       When the lips and tongue were parted, the man put on a blindfold on him and whispered in his ear, “Leave everything to me.”


       After his sight was deprived, other senses naturally became sensitive. The rhythm of the vibrator accelerated again, and the sweeping pleasure made Xu Ye’s moaning sound like crying. With a taut body, trembling skin, and a raised neck, he was drowning in the world of lust, completely unable to care about the various gentle touches of that person on his chest. Only when the climax came, the tingling and numbness that passed over the left chest was like a feather falling on the position closest to his heart.


       “It’s over. You did a good job.” Chu Yu’s voice lingered in his ears, gentle and stable. Xu Ye felt that the vibrator was slowly pulled out, and the shackles on his body were quickly undone. His tied and numb legs were laid flat on the massage table. The upper part of the massage table gradually tilted upwards, propping up his upper body into a leaning sitting position. The dark blindfold that was wet with tears was removed, and a warm hand was placed on his eyes, “Adapt for a while before opening your eyes.”


       Xu Ye slowly recovered his body, and when he opened his eyes, he found that the lights in the cage had been dimmed. The warm yellow colour made everything appear hazy and soft. His whole body feels like it’s been drained of energy, and it’s hard for him even to reach out. He called out pitifully, “Master…”


       Chu Yu looked at him with a smile and said, “Very beautiful.”


       Xu Ye lowered his head to look at the ravaged left chest. The tiny rings embedded in the crimson beads of the breasts reflect the faint dark light. Indeed… it looked pretty good…


       “In the past two days, you need to be careful not to get it wet.” Chu Yu took out a special transparent plastic cover and pasted it there. This small protective cover was like a jelly shell with two rows of tiny air holes.


       The man stood by the massage table, asked Xu Ye to lean on him, stroked his head and asked, “Does it hurt?”


       “A little bit.”


       The pain at the moment of the piercing was not noticeable, but there was still a small ache that spread through his body after the orga-m passed.


       “Have you learned your lesson?”


       “…Yes, Master.” Xu Ye blushed and bowed his head in response.


       “In addition to the nipple ring, there are three others that were ordered together to decorate the bottom.” Chu Yu looked at him with deep eyes, “You’d better not give me a chance to use them on you.”


       Xu Ye trembled, like a frightened little animal seeking comfort, and rubbed his head over, “I won’t…Master, forgive me, please?”


       “Okay.” Chu Yu smiled and picked him up, and went downstairs into the master bedroom bathroom.


       When Xu Ye woke up the next day, it was almost noon. He was lying in his own guest room, his upper body naked, covered with a soft white blanket.


       His body felt very refreshed, but there was still some tingling in the left chest, and there was some discomfort in his lower part that was ravaged yesterday. He laid down for a while and suddenly realized that it was Monday and sat up on the bed in shock.


       It’s a working day. There’s still a regular meeting today. How late have I been?!


       He hurriedly put on his clothes, and when he touched the small protective cover attached to his chest, he froze immediately. A shirt of this size won’t cover the bulge at all. How could he go to work? His first reaction was to tear it off, but when his finger touched it, he stopped abruptly. He took out his phone and sent a text message to Chu Yu.


       “Master, may I take off my chest covering? —Your slave.”


       Not a moment later, the ringtone rang. Chu Yu actually called him back directly.


       “Uh, Master?” Hearing a man’s voice on the phone for the first time gave him a special feeling.


       “Why would you take it off?” Chu Yu asked.


       “It’s not convenient to wear clothes, so… I can’t go out.”


       “That thing must be worn for at least three days. I’ve arranged for someone to give it to you, and whatever you have to go out will be given to him to do.”


       Xu Ye was taken aback, “But I have to go to work…”


       “I’ve said hello to Xu Ting and let you take a week off. You will stay with me this week.” It was concise and clear, and there was no room for negotiation.


       Xu Ye froze completely.


       The other end of the phone asked, “Is there anything else?”


       Xu Ye was silent for a while, then replied, “Not anymore.”


       “If you have any questions, you can find Xiao Xun. I will be back before five o’clock in the afternoon.” The phone hung up.


       Xu Ye stood briefly, put down his phone, and took off his shirt. It was only in front of the bathroom mirror that he realised that he had the collar around my neck. The bell had been removed, so he hadn’t noticed he was wearing it all the time.


       Surprisingly…he had grown accustomed to it? He reached out and touched the collar around his neck and then touched the protective cover on his left chest. He felt he was tightly pinched by invisible hands, unable to break free. He remembered what Chu Yu said last night.


       —I will enter your life completely.


       But what does he think of himself as?


       Slaves, pets…or someone’s property?

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