The cage was brightly lit at night, and a huge massage table had been pushed to the centre, with a small movable side table on the side with a white box on it.


       Xu Ye knelt on the carpet and waited for a while before Chu Yu came and ordered, “Go up and lie down.”


       Xu Ye climbed onto the massage table and lay down on his back uneasily.


       “Hold your hands above your head and stretch them out straight.” The man’s voice came from above. Xu Ye did as he did, only to feel a fairly soft belt wrapped around his wrists, and then his arms were stretched upwards. Instinctively, he shrank back.


       “Want to be whipped?” Chu Yu’s deep voice made Xu Ye completely well-behaved, allowing him to move on his body.


       After the hands were fixed, the feet followed. Xu Ye bit his lip and turned his hot face away, slowly spreading his legs on command, exposing the most vulnerable part of his body to the man. Chu Yu pulled up and folded one of his legs, using the wide and thin straps in his hand to firmly tie the thigh and calf together, followed by the other. Once tied, each leg was pulled out to the side and secured to the sides of the massage table with a leather strap around the ankle. A few straps were then pulled out from the slits in the middle of the table, tied and fastened, tightly clasping Xu Ye’s waist to the table. The collar around the neck was removed and replaced with a wider soft leather collar that was securely fastened to the table.


       Chu Yu carefully checked all the links of the leash, and after adjusting the tightness, he asked, “Is there any pain in the body?”


       “…No, Master.” Xu Ye responded with a blushing face. At this time, his legs were folded up and wide open in a V-shape, and his hidden parts could be seen at a glance. A black restraint belt bound the white body, and the soft body was lying on the hard leather massage table. The soft muscular lines intertwined with the binding ropes, like a painting of violent aesthetics1or violence in art, refers to depictions of violence in high culture art as well as popular cultures such as cinema and theatre, depicting the most primitive of human desires.


       “Slave, you are beautiful.” Chu Yu’s eyes that were looking at him were as deep as a pit. He slowly moved his fingertips down Xu Ye’s chest, leaving a trail of warm touches, lingering on the flat abdomen for a moment, leaning into the fresh and cool underbush[/mfn]pubic hair[/mfn], gently stroking that delicate pen-s. Again and again, rubbing against its sensitive trunk.


       Little by little, Xu Ye sank into his master’s dark and gentle eyes. He couldn’t see his own appearance, but he could clearly perceive everything that was happening. At this moment, in this glass-enclosed cage, he was accepting the restraint, training and punishment of a man in a shameful posture. His breathing was in turmoil just imagining it, not to mention Chu Yu’s deliberate teasing.


       His head lifted easily, his bound legs unable to stretch and close together, the muscles of his inner thighs tense. His body felt dry and hot, and he couldn’t tell whether every place touched was numb or itchy, as if a small electric current passed through the skin and reached the brain. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and the moment the desire clamoured for a full awakening, the wicked hand moved away.


       “Master…” Xu Ye called, panting softly.


       “Do you feel comfortable?” The man stood by the massage table and smiled at him.


       Since he couldn’t move his head, he could only eagerly look at the other party with foggy eyes, “It’s comfortable… um…”


       “Want more?”


       “Want…” Xu Ye was as obedient as a rabbit at this moment.


       “Okay.” Chu Yu chuckled, poured the lubricant on his right hand wrapped in a thin rubber glove, fully wetted his fingers, and rubbed them gently outside the closed hole.


       Xu Ye trembled, and a trace of shyness and uneasiness appeared in his eyes: “Master, not there…ah—”


       Before he could finish his words, a finger had already poked in. Xu Ye had done preliminary lubrication before, and there was still some liquid in the narrow hole, so it was not difficult to get in. Soon, the number of fingers entering increased to two. A large amount of lubricating fluid entered the body and was warmed by the intestinal wall, and the fingers that twitched and stretched in the canal stirred up the sticky fluid with a sound that made people’s faces flush. The feeling of foreign matter invading the body, rubbing against the mucous membrane and expanding continuously brings discomfort but also has inexplicable stimulation. When he squeezed a certain gland deeply, Xu Ye cried out uncontrollably. When the number of fingers increased to four, the feeling that the tunnel was completely stretched made him curl up his toes unbearably. The mist in his eyes became thicker and thicker, and he moaned with a crying sound, “Master… please… Ah, let me cum…!”


       “Slave, you have no right to talk to me. Your body is under my control, and I can do anything to you. Now, repeat my words.” The man’s voice seemed to come from a distant place, with irresistible oppression.


       “I—I don’t have the right to talk to you… Woo—” Xu Ye felt that his head had stopped thinking and trembled as he repeated intermittently, “My body is at your disposal…you can…you can do anything to me…”


       “Very good.” Chu Yu withdrew his finger, patted his fair, slender buttocks, and said, “Relax.” Immediately after, a hard and cool thing entered. It was not very thick, but it was longer than a finger, and its shaft was full of protrusions. It must have been a vibrator stick.


       “Ever use one of these?” The man asked.


       “I have…” Xu Ye replied honestly.


       “How many times?”


       “Twice, maybe three times…um…” With his desire half built up on the front end, and at the back end was the intruded foreign body, and his body couldn’t move. He felt that he was about to break down.


       “Oh?” The man rotated the vibrator slowly and stopped only when Xu Ye trembled slightly. Letting the bulge rest right on his sensitive spot.


       “I didn’t lie to you…” Xu Ye panted and explained with a flushed face, “Because… with only the back, I can’t cum…”


       That means he couldn’t ejaculate only by stimulating his asshole.


       Chu Yu took off the rubber gloves with a smile, “Really? Let’s try it.” Then, he pushed the remote control in his hand to the fifth gear.


       In an instant, the intruder crazily writhed and trembled in his body like a beast that got out of a cage. Xu Ye was stimulated and cried out. The vibrator’s bulge squeezed the sensitive spot with such frequency, causing some liquid to drip from the front of his pen-s. The twisted shaft writhed and tormented the walls of his intestines, making him feel like his insides were on fire. The tingling sensation raced up his groin and into his brain, the pleasure spreading and then cascading rapidly, and his erect genitals soon swelled.


       Reason collapsed, and lust overturned.


       White light exploded in Xu Ye’s mind like fireworks amidst Xu Ye’s violent trembling.


       In just a few minutes, he cum under Chu Yu’s gaze.


       The vibrator that was messing around in the body stopped. Xu Ye’s eyes were hazy, and he was panting heavily.


       “Can’t cum just by the back?” Chu Yu jokingly picked up his softened genitals with his fingers and stretched out a little ambiguous white liquid on his fingertips, “Tell me, what is this then?”


       Xu Ye wanted to cry, but there were no tears. It was obvious that Camel couldn’t get him aroused when he used the vibrator stick before. How did it become like this in Chu Yu’s hands? And what’s the matter with this speed? He looked at the whiteness in Chu Yu’s fingertips in embarrassment, blushed for a moment, and then suddenly raised his chin and stuck out his tongue to lick it.


       However, the neck was fixed by the collar, and he couldn’t leave the massage table. Chu Yu’s fingers were a little higher, so he couldn’t lick them.


       The man was taken aback for a moment, smiled, and lowered his fingers slightly.


       Xu Ye squinted his eyes like a cat, sticking out his tender red tongue to lick that index finger. At this height, he raised his jaw hard to barely reach the fingertips with the tip of his tongue. The snow-white neck is straight, forming a beautiful arc.


       Chu Yu let him lick off the turbidity on his fingertips and asked, “Does your own taste good?”


       “It’s a bit bitter.” Xu Ye replied with a stuffy nasal voice.


       The corner of the man’s lips curled up, “You are being so good tonight. Is it because you are afraid that I will punish you?” Xu Ye’s thoughts were exposed, and he blinked his eyes embarrassedly.


       “I once said that punishment is not something I am passionate about. I am punishing you because you have acted against my orders. Today I will teach you a lesson. One is to discipline your behaviour. Secondly, to make you remember your identity.” Chu Yu’s black eyes were calm, “Slave, everything will be at my disposal tonight, and I will not allow you to use the safe word, so you have no right to call it quits. Remember, what you are about to endure is the lesson I will teach you and the price you will pay for making me angry.”


       Such a sense of oppression made Xu Ye nervous. He instinctively felt uneasy and said in panic, “Master…”


       “Be quiet if you don’t want me to muzzle you.” The man used the remote control to activate the massage stick again, but this time it was only adjusted to the second gear.


       Xu Ye bit his lip tightly and managed to suppress the gasp.


       The stimulation to his asshole was slow and distinct, and the movement of Chu Yu lingering on his chest was also vague yet distinct. He focused on teasing the tender red bulge on his left chest, pressing it, kneading it, or scraping it. The poor little thing couldn’t stand his torment at all and stood up straight in two or three strokes. Along with it, the genitals that had vented just once also slowly raised its head. The man put a c0ck ring on him when he was half erect, obviously not planning to let him cum anytime soon.


       The desire was constantly accumulating, but this little silver ring firmly suppressed the waves in his body, making Xu Ye struggle in torment. When he caught a glimpse of the cold-glowing metal utensil in Chu Yu’s hand standing by the massage table, he yelled in horror, “Master! What is this… No, let me go. Let me down… Please… ” This fright withered even his vigorous desire.


       Chu Yu put down the metal utensil, pushed the remote control down to the fourth gear, then turned around and took a medium-sized gag from the disinfection cabinet, squeezed his jaw and pressed the gag ball into it while pleading. Xu Ye kept struggling, but the proper binding made him unable to move at all, only his head kept shaking, and his neck was worn out with red marks by the collar because of too much force. After being blocked by the gag, he could only make a vague guttural sound, and he couldn’t even utter a beg for mercy.


       The tears in the corners of his eyes condensed into beads and rolled down.

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