It was human nature that once something was lost, the urgent desire for it fades away when it became easily accessible again.


       After getting Chu Yu’s permission, Xu Ye no longer had the desire to escape. Since now he got a holiday, it would be better to get out of the state of tension and have a good rest. Therefore, Xu Ye’s life in Hanguan these two days was very comfortable. He exercised, read, surfed the internet, had afternoon tea, chatted with Xiao Xun, and occasionally asked Leopard to help him fetch some materials from the company.


       Leopard is a man of few words, tanned skin, a body of strong muscles, sharp eyes, and no expression on his face. Xu Ye asked Xiao Xun if he could find someone to help him go to the company to collect the materials, Xiao Xun formally brought him to Xu Ye and said, “This is the driver assigned to you by the young master—Bao Yang, you can call him Leopard1Baozi, and if you have anything to do, you can directly instruct him to do it.”


       Xu Ye looked at him and asked with a smile, “Is it a steamed bun2包子(bāozi) or a leopard3豹子(bàozi)?”


       The corner of Leopard’s mouth twitched, and he said coldly, “It is Baozi as in Leopard.” Throughout his life, he despised being called Bāozi4steamed bun by others. This kid, with his very first sentence, touched a raw nerve, and if it were someone else, he would have already beaten them into a pulp on the ground. But this was the person that the Second Young Master personally ordered to protect, and the order was solid as a mountain. Even though he personally had no favourable impression of Xu Ye at all, he still carried out his duties with dedication and wholeheartedness, upholding a professional spirit.


       Probably because of Xu Ye’s health, Chu Yu didn’t ask Xu Ye to do any intense training after dinner for the past three days. He only did ordinary traction and let him wash and sleep. After three days of relaxation and comfort, Chu Yu finally allowed him to take off the protective cover. Xu Ye, overwhelmed with joy and sorrow, accidentally knocked over a teacup. His master then pressed him down on his lap and smacked his buttocks twenty times, turning them red like a monkey.


       He liked the feeling of being around the man more and more, safe and relaxed. Chu Yu had seen his most shameful appearance, knew his deepest secrets, and understood the desire of every part of his body. Like an omnipotent white-robed wizard, the man made him a puppet wrapped in desire, willingly crawling under his feet.


       What confused Xu Ye was that his master had never really ‘used’ him.


       Chu Yu obviously wasn’t frigid, even Xu Ye felt his erection a few times, but he endured it every time. Xu Ye is also a man, so he understood how uncomfortable it was to hold back. While the original purpose of BDSM is to satisfy both the dom and the sub, what Chu Yu did at present was only to help him relieve his desire, and restrain himself. This made Xu Ye feel very sorry, and he was thinking about how to give back to his master.


       On the other hand, he felt uneasy about being ‘used’. Interestingly, although he was a pure sub, he had no real-life experience in this area. He used to be the top when he slept with people. After his interest gradually faded, he transformed into a sub but he always resisted. Camel had used some tools on him, fingers at most, and after realising that they didn’t give him pleasure, he didn’t continue. Then he switched to the painful stimulation of whipping. So up to now, Xu Ye was still a fledgling in this regard, so it was inevitable that he had some concerns.


       He was very conflicted over this matter, as if two villains were arguing in his head.


       One said, “He only cares about his own pleasure, and he can’t even satisfy his dom’s desire, that’s not outrageous!”


       Another one said, “His size…would hurt like hell if he went in there! How is he willing to put up with it, what’s wrong with you?”


       In the guest room, Xu Ye wailed and covered his head with the quilt.



       The next morning Xu Ye deliberately got up and went to the dining room to make breakfast, but found that Uncle Ye had already prepared it. Xiao Xun was arranging cutlery at the table and greeted him good morning with a smile.


       “Is there anything I can do to help?” Xu Ye asked.


       Uncle Ye shook his head and said, “It’s all done, you can eat it when Second Young Master comes downstairs.”


       A trace of disappointment flashed across Xu Ye’s brows, and he suddenly missed the days when he made breakfast in a hurry.


       Xiao Xun glanced at him and said with a smile, “If Young Master Xu is free, can you go and wake the young master up?”


       Xu Ye froze for a moment, nodded and went upstairs.


       The door was gently pushed open, and in the master bedroom, which was as quiet as the deep sea, the man was sleeping soundly in the middle of the big bed. Xu Ye tiptoed to the bedside, looking at that handsome and gentle sleeping face, hesitant for a moment.


       Do I just wake him up?


       Or just nudge him gently?


       Being woken up by someone would be very unpleasant, right? So should I wait a little longer?


       Xu Ye gently sat down on the edge of the bed, his gaze falling on the face of the sleeping man.


       It was the first time for him to observe Chu Yu in a relaxed state so carefully. This strong and gentle person who had been controlling him all the time looked like this when he was asleep. Eyebrows outlined like an ink brush, deep and long eyelashes, a straight nose, and lips with a sexy curvature.


       No longer seen from an upward perspective but at such a close distance.


       Chu Yu.


       Xu Ye pronounced his name silently. As if possessed by a demon, he slowly lay sideways beside the man, curled up his body, and faced him quietly.


       The breathing frequency gradually becomes the same.


       Xu Ye then slowly closed his eyes.


       The huge soft bed was like a boat, carrying them to float on the vast sea.


       Only each other, accompanying each other through ups and downs.


       Suddenly, Xu Ye was awakened by a slight vibration. He was sleeping on the edge of the bed very far away, but now he completely forgot. Then the thin blanket lifted him and wrapped him inside.


       “Master…Master!” He called out in a startled voice, “You are awake…”


       “You dared to climb onto my bed without permission. You are getting more and more courageous.” Chu Yu pressed him tightly under him, propped his upper body on his elbows, and looked down at him. He was already awake when Xu Ye first came in, and the reason why he didn’t move was to see what this kid was going to do, but he didn’t expect him to climb onto his bed to catch some extra sleep, which was quite amusing and ridiculous.


       “I…uh, Xiao Xun asked me to wake you up…” He explained with his cheeks hot and stammered to explain.


       “You need to climb up here to wake me up, huh?” The rising nasal tone was ambiguous and bone-deep, and Chu Yu’s playful gaze made Xu Ye completely blush like a cooked shrimp, unable to resist at all.


       “…I was wrong.” He admitted his mistake with a good attitude, and when he noticed that something hot and hard was pressing against his lower abdomen, he hesitated for a while and said softly with a flushed face, “Master, if you want, I can help you ……”.


       Normal men usually have morning erections. At this moment, in such a close position, Xu Ye clearly felt the other party’s erection.


       Chu Yu looked at him for a few seconds, then lay down on his back from the side, let go of him, and said, “You go downstairs first.”


       Seeing him trying to hold back again, Xu Ye gritted his teeth. Was it his master who wanted to exercise control in this way or was he, the slave, really uninteresting?


       He sat up and stretched out his hand to pull the man’s pyjama pants, but he was caught by his paw before he could pull the pants off. Chu Yu’s slightly narrowed eyes were full of dark and dangerous light, “Are you really itching for trouble?”


       “If you want to punish, please wait until I finish first, Master…” Xu Ye slowly lowered his body as if making up his mind, sticking out his tongue and lightly licking the obvious bulge through the thin silver silk pyjama pants, then gently held the tip and sucked on it for a while.


       Chu Yu’s breathing stopped for a moment, he looked at him with eyes as deep as the sea, and let go of his hand.


       Xu Ye’s face turned red hot. He didn’t even have the courage to look up at the man. He clumsily took off the man’s pyjama pants, pulled down his underwear that was raised like a tent, looked at the man’s erection in front of him, took a deep breath, and bent down between Chu Yu’s legs. At first, he was licking lightly like a cat, with the slippery tongue moving from bottom to top, clumsily and slowly. The fresh smell on Chu Yu’s body did not make him feel disgusted, and the man’s increasingly heavy breathing seemed to give him encouragement. Xu Ye closed his eyes and opened his mouth to contain the umbrella-shaped part.


       At that moment, Chu Yu took a deep breath. The image of the man underneath him serving himself in such a submissive position brought sensory stimulation. And with the sensitive genitals sucked into the hot and humid mouth, brought even more intense pleasure.


       The increasingly vigorous and swollen c0ck made Xu Ye’s movements more difficult. He was a novice, and he had never given a bl-wj-b to anyone except for watching it in some movies, and his movements were inexperienced and unstructured. Chu Yu’s size made it even more difficult. While trying to take it all the way in, the tip hit his throat, causing him to gag. He regretted it and wanted to withdraw the weapon from his mouth, but the man held the back of his head, and he lets out a whimper as it penetrated deeper and deeper.


       “You still want to run after lighting the fire?” Chu Yu’s chest heaved a lot more clearly, he inserted his fingers into Xu Ye’s hair and pressed his head between his legs, his voice was low and sexy, “Relax your jaw, use your tongue, ss—”


       Xu Ye who was stimulated instinctively wanted to close his mouth, the hard teeth naturally hurt the sensitive organs. The man thrust a few more times punitively, and pinched the back of his neck, “Suck it obediently, if you dare to bite me again, I will hang you in the cage for a whole day.”


       “Woo…” The thick genitals slowly pumped and moved in the mouth, rubbing from the palate to the depths of the throat, making a decadent and ambiguous sound. Xu Ye, who was kneeling, had mist in his eyes, tremblingly accepting the man’s intrusion. Chu Yu lasted very long, and Xu Ye had to passively learn the skills of pleasing in this way of intercourse, sucking, licking, swallowing and rubbing hard on the thick c0ck that occupied his mouth.


       The moment before the eruption of pleasure, the man quickly pulled out from his mouth, pulling out a strand of bright silver thread. Viscous white fluid shot on the bed sheet. Even so, Xu Ye coughed dryly for quite a while, his eyes filled with fine mist.


       “Now you know what it’s like?” Chu Yu leaned on the pillow, letting Xu Ye lie on his chest, stroking his hair.


       The redness on Xuye’s face that was suffocated had not completely faded away, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “Does Master feel…comfortable?”


       “The technique is terrible.” The man added the second half of the sentence with a smile, “But your perception is not bad.”


       He smiled, his eyes bright.


       “Shouldn’t we talk about punishment next? The punishment for a lawless slave who takes it upon himself to be rude to his master.”


       “Ugh…Master…I dare not!”

Lmao he be wanting to retreat after waking a beast

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