Xu Ye didn’t like places with many people in the first place, let alone receiving punishment as a slave under the watchful eyes of so many people. He knelt stiffly, feeling as if the heat from the spotlight was melting him. His heart in his chest was pounding as if it were about to leap out, and he was so nervous that he seemed to struggle to catch his breath.

       “Scared?” The man stood before him, stroking the ends of his hair with his slender fingers.

       Xu Ye’s black eyes were misted with anxiety and fear. His gaze swept over the crowd beneath the stage, and he nodded, biting his lip.

       “Look at me.” Chu Yu raised his chin, “From now on, don’t look away. You can only have me in your eyes.”

       Their eyes met.

       On his face was the warm touch left by the man’s fingers; in his breaths, there was the man’s light and refreshing scent; in his eyes, there was the man’s gentle and familiar face. Xu Ye, freed from the influence of his surroundings, gradually settled down.

       “Using a soft whip carries certain risks, and I will do my best to control everything, ensuring you’re not harmed in any unforeseen way.” his deep voice conveyed these words with utmost seriousness as if each word was a solemn pledge. The man paused, “I’ve used a soft whip on you before, and you should understand that I’m capable of doing this.”

       “Yes, Master.” Xu Ye’s eyelashes quivered, and the panic in his deer-like pupils was gone. He knew that Chu Yu’s technique could completely control the situation, and the greatest danger in this process came from himself. If he reacted to fear by suddenly dodging or moving, the other party wouldn’t be able to entirely control the whip’s trajectory, leading to unforeseen harm. The only thing he could do was to control himself.

       The golden whip handle traced up from Xu Ye’s chest. He lifted Xu Ye’s chin and forced him to arch his chest, “Maintain this posture. Don’t move until I give you permission.”

       The black military uniform already held an air of sternness and severity, and when worn by Chu Yu, who is a dom, it exuded a presence that inspired awe. The golden soft whip in his hand was like the serpent from the Garden of Eden, arousing desire and carrying a sense of temptation.

       Xu Ye knelt quietly in place. His gaze fixed on the man who held control over him, unwavering. At this moment, everything around him had become a blurred background, withdrawn from his world, leaving only the man in his eyes, securely imprinted in his heart.

       A moment later, when the Earl raised his hand and threw the whip, everyone’s heart was tightened.

       Skilled practitioners knew very well that the current state of the slave wasn’t entirely stable. Moreover, the intimidating force of the whip from earlier might pose significant psychological pressure on the slave, making the situation highly dangerous.

       However, to their surprise, none of the anticipated dangers materialized. Xu Ye endured the whip with a stifled groan and then reported in a trembling voice, “One. Master, I was wrong.”

       “When whipping from the front, avoiding vital areas is crucial. The dom needs to use his own control to grasp the strength, speed and precision at the same time.” The man explained calmly while smoothly raising his hand again.

       “… Two. Master, I was wrong.” Xu Ye endured the pain and forced himself to straighten his back. He remained focused on the man administering his punishment. It seemed that looking at that person brought calmness to his heart, making him resolute. Trust is such an inexplicable thing. Just now, Chu Yu had provided him protection as his Master. At this moment, he also willingly surrendered his body entirely to him.

       As the sixth lash descended, Xu Ye lightly gasped as he reported the count and admitted his mistake. Then, he heard a new command.

       “Take off your shirt.”

       He pursed his lips and began to unbutton his shirt from the collar, slowly revealing his skin underneath. The fair skin bared itself in the air, and three neat cross-shaped whip marks formed diagonally across his chest from the lower sides of his pectoral muscles. The marks ran parallel to each other, each red stripe bearing a similar shade, without breaking the skin or drawing blood.

       The lines were clean, with vibrant hues and even distribution, coupled with the exacting symmetry aesthetics of the Earl, and Xu Ye appeared like a creation infused with both violence and art, exuding a captivating sense of beauty. The spotlight formed a shimmering halo of fragmented light on his exposed skin. Quivering slightly from shyness, Xu Ye bit his lip and looked at his Master with affection.

       Such a fragile yet enduring expression instantly ignited the conqueror’s desires in all the doms present. At this moment, they finally understood why the Earl had chosen him. Xu Ye was like a diamond in the rough, possessing an understated and unpretentious quality. This seemingly mediocre material only required patience and refinement to reveal its brilliance.

       “This kid actually had a piercing.” Lion on the sidelines remarked, pointing at the nipple ring that glinted coldly on Xu Ye’s left chest.

       “The Earl ordered a set from me last time but ended up using only one. What a waste.” Jerry, who was sitting with him in the exclusive member’s area, curled his lips, “The person who usually pursues symmetry the most only used one nipple ring on his slave, tsk.”

       “Maybe your work is not exquisite enough, and he just didn’t want to use it.” Lion deliberately teased.

       “fvck off.” Jerry raised his eyebrows, “The Earl must have softened his heart. It was the same last time; as soon as Xu Ye’s tears shed a tear, he stopped.”

       Pharaoh looked at the stage and shook the wine in the glass, “Did you guys notice? His gaze is different from before.”

       Tom smiled, “Anyone that the Earl trains will eventually fall in love with him. It’s not strange that Xu Ye got a bit trapped.”

       “I’m not talking about Xu Ye.” Pharaoh smiled faintly, “It’s the Earl.”

       The other three were startled. Just at that moment, the person on the stage spoke again.

       “There are two types of whipping. Punitive whipping aims to teach the sub a lesson, while sensual whipping aims to provide pleasure to the sub. The appropriate force and pain can trigger unique reactions in certain sensitive areas of the body, such as…” The sentence trailed off as if the whip in Chu Yu’s hand had transformed into a living snake, swiftly lunging towards Xu Ye. The golden snake-like motion accurately swept over the small protrusion on his left chest.

       “Ahn—” After a moment of pain, a tingling sensation rose up from the tip of his left nipple that was forced to stand upright to other parts of the body. Despite his utmost effort to control it, Xu Ye’s counting voice still quivered slightly, “Seven… Master, I was wrong.”

       Soon, the whip that swept before his eyes caused his other nipple to stand erect as well, displaying a more exquisite hue. The whole body was covered with a layer of faint rouge, and Xu Ye’s suppressed panting echoed throughout the venue, adding a touch of ambiguity and sensuality to the atmosphere. A pair of black and white eyes were already a little wet at this moment. He looked at his master as if asking for help. “Eight. Master, I was wrong…”

       Time became a fermenting agent, propelling everything towards an uncontrollable direction. The fiery pain that initially flared in his chest subsided as all the sensations in his body gradually awakened to desire. The changes exposed to the public eye intensified his sense of shame, causing Xu Ye to bow his head involuntarily.

       “Look at me.” The man’s voice was like a spell, controlling every part of his body. Xu Ye’s eyelashes quivered, their gazes interwoven like invisible threads, forming an inseparable knot.

       Suddenly, the whip swept over the inside of Xu Ye’s thigh, intentionally grazing against the sensitive area between his legs at an alluring angle. Xu Ye couldn’t help but let out a startled gasp, his voice breaking as he said, “Nine…Master, woo…I was wrong…” The perfectly timed sensation aroused waves of desire, fluctuating unpredictably within him. This whip was like an unscrupulous tease in front of many people, completely awakening Xu Ye’s suppressed desire. As the final lash fell, he was almost unable to remain kneeling, his entire body tensed, trembling, panting. The gradually rising peaks between his legs were wrapped in slightly tight military trousers, and there was no place to hide in plain sight. He looked at his master in embarrassment and shyness and, with a dry sobbing voice, reported the last number, “Ten…Master, I was wrong…”

       Chu Yu set down the whip, walked over slowly, and removed his long military coat to wrap it around Xu Ye. He raised his hand to caress Xu Ye’s cheek, saying, “The punishment is over, and I forgive you.”

       Xu Ye lightly breathed and closed his eyelids, gently rubbing his cheek against his master’s palm. It was as if a startled herbivore that had been running wildly had finally found a safe and warm haven to rest, relaxing with a sense of security.

       The lion whistled, and applause broke out in the audience. Chu Yu smiled faintly and said, “The demonstration ends here. I hope everyone has a pleasant evening.”

       The doms present understood that even for experienced and adaptable subs, the demonstration they had just witnessed was highly challenging and dangerous. For a new slave with an unstable psychological state, it was even more so. However, under Chu Yu’s guidance, Xu Ye’s performance was exceptionally impressive. If the first six lashes showed the Earl’s excellent skills as a dom, then the last four lashes showed the Earl’s complete control over the slave’s body. This kind of control was based on in-depth understanding. He knew Xu Ye’s sensitive parts and how much force could arouse desire. At the same time, he fully trusted his slave to cooperate completely.

       The bond between the master and slave was much deeper than it appeared to outsiders.

       After Xu Ye regained some composure, Chu Yu reattached the leash to his collar, leading him off the stage and stopping in front of An Xia. “Mr. An, is the punishment I gave him to your satisfaction?”

       Under his piercing gaze, An Xia felt a bit uneasy. He forced out a smile, saying, “I was just a bit angry earlier and just casually mentioned it…”

       “You’re well aware that I’m a very serious person. I punished him because you claimed to have been unjustly offended. I will gather the specific details from others. If the facts aren’t as you described.” The Earl’s gaze was as cold as a sharp glacier. He slowed down his speech, enunciating each word, “I promise you, you’ll experience much more pain than he did today.”

       An Xia’s body trembled, involuntarily stepping back half a pace, his face turning pale. He stammered, “Mr. Earl, I…”

       Chu Yu didn’t give him a chance to explain. He walked past him without hesitation, briefly bidding farewell to Lion and the others, and left the venue.

       On the back seat of the black car, Xu Ye wrapped himself in a long black coat, and from time to time, he turned his face to steal a glance at the man beside him with a look of hesitation.

       “Is there something you want to say?” Chu Yu caught his gaze and asked.

       Xu Ye pursed his lips, looked at him with bright black eyes, and said seriously, “Master, I’m not lying.”

       The man chuckled softly, “I know.”

       “…Then why did you still punish me!” His eyes widened in disbelief, his face full of grievances.

       “For not paying attention and bumping into my back, speaking without permission, not controlling your emotions, making your master apologize to others twice.” Chu Yu looked at him with a half-smile and asked, “Don’t you think you deserve to be punished?”

       Xu Ye froze and whispered a word from his throat, “Yes…”

       “Why didn’t you hold back?” the man suddenly asked.

       Xu Ye hesitated, not sure how to answer. His gaze carried a sense of melancholy, and after a moment, he spoke softly, “The things he said made me uncomfortable. Now that I think about it, I realize that I’m easily provoked because I lack confidence. You’re really good to me, but I’m not sure if your feelings for me are… the same as my feelings for you.” He finished his sentence hesitantly and then continued with a hint of self-mockery, “It’s like a tongue twister, even I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m sure you’re even more confused…”

       “How do you feel about me?”

       He blinked, looking at the person who asked the question. The passing lights outside the car window flickered, and there was a kind of tender and focused gentleness in Chu Yu’s eyes, as if moonlight illuminated a tranquil pond, and the night breeze was clear and crisp.

       Under this kind of gaze, Xu Ye felt as if he had been enchanted, his mind going blank. His lips moved, and he said, “I am…to you…” and then fell silent. Then suddenly, he leaned his body, bringing his face close, and kissed the man’s lips.

       It was like summoning the courage of a moth flying into a flame, a passion so intense it bordered on recklessness.

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