The warm and moist breath pressed against his lips, and in just a moment, Chu Yu opened his mouth and hooked the messy tongue, wrapped one arm around Xu Ye’s waist to bring him closer, and calmly pressed the control of the partition screen with the other hand key, blocking the line of sight from the front seat.

       The man didn’t seem to be in a hurry to regain control. He closed his eyes to enjoy Xu Ye’s slightly inexperienced but extremely fiery kiss and responded appropriately, luring that soft tongue to wander recklessly and shyly in his mouth. It wasn’t until his slave was gasping for breath that he grabbed the back of the other’s head and completely invaded the warm and moist mouth.

       “Mmmn…” Xu Ye, whose lips and tongue were all under control, let out a vague nasal sound. His hot body gradually softened as the man’s weight shifted over him, causing the black coat dr4p3d over him to slip down, revealing his bare upper body. When Chu Yu finally let go of his lips from the deep kiss, Xu Ye gasped heavily and was pressed on the back seat.

       The man’s warm breath enveloped him from above, and the lingering kiss moved downward from his lips. Xu Ye obediently tilted his neck back, allowing the other party to lick his Adam’s apple. When the wet and hot tip of the tongue slowly slid over the right nipple, an uncontrollable moan escaped his lips, “Master……”

       Chu Yu’s fingers traced the red marks on his chest that hadn’t dissipated, feeling the trembling and heaving of the skin, and his lowered voice was full of ambiguity, “Slave, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

       “I… don’t know…” Desire surged through his mind, leaving him devoid of rational thought. “Ahhn—” The licking had turned into biting, and the pain in his nipples made him shudder all over, finally reminding him of the question that had been pushed to the back of his mind. Tainted by the surge of emotions, his voice became slightly hoarse as he trembled, “I like to be with you…” He hesitated for a moment, as if gathering his courage, then closed his eyes as if resigning to his fate and said, “It’s not just that I like to be together, I like to be with you. I like you…”

       For a slow and passive person like Xu Ye, this simple confession had already pushed him to his limits. After he finished his puddle of words, he didn’t dare to look at the other person’s expression and covered his eyes with the back of his hand,  like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

       The car was filled with silence.

       The arm blocking his face was gently moved away, and as Xu Ye shyly opened his eyes, he was met with the man’s eyes, filled with a teasing smile.

       “How do you know that I don’t like you the same way you like me?”

       Xu Ye felt he had completely fallen.

       He soaked himself in the guest room tub filled with warm water, and his mind was full of images of the man pinning him down. He took apart and put together every word of that sentence, trying to figure out their meanings as if he was doing reading comprehension in his school days.


       Fragrant coffee, warm winter sun, interesting games, career achievements… all the good things one wants to gain, experience, or possess can be broadly encompassed by this word.

       But he was different.

       When spoken aloud, it was as if he had sneaked close to the holy fire with fear and caution. Only with all the courage gathered did he dare to take this small step forward.

       —How do you know that I don’t like you the same way you like me?

       The gentle and profound gaze melted into the night and also melted someone’s heart.

       In the mirror covered by mist, Xu Ye saw his own blurred face.

       So, it turned out that when thinking of him, this was the expression he wore.

       All smiles, as if having the best dream.

       He took a deep breath and slowly lowered himself into the water, exhaling a stream of air bubbles.

Ofc, the romantic chapter is short… Sigh

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