Xu Ye looked at Chu Yu in confusion, but before he could react, he was already lifted in princess style. The change in posture caused the insertion in his body to be squeezed deeply, causing him to grunt, panting, and reach out to wrap his arms around the man’s neck, seeking solace.

       The warm and tender body in his embrace, the teary eyes, and the complete surrender all ignited the desire suppressed in the man’s eyes, instantly spreading into a raging inferno. He carried Xu Ye all the way into the master bedroom on the second floor and then pinned him down forcefully between the soft mattresses. It was as if a hungry beast had caught its first prey in days, and it couldn’t wait but was reluctant to take a bite. The delicate kisses travelled down from the lips, licking, gently devouring, flowing in every sensitive area that made Xu Ye tremble, skimming over those red whip marks that had not yet dissipated, like leaving a mark of one’s white jade like body, as if marking territory.

       “Hmm…” Xu Ye’s whole body softened in the heat of the moment, and he lay on his back in a powerless state, letting the man take charge of everything. His inner thighs were tortured by the man’s lips and teeth, sometimes tensed and sometimes quivering. The pillow raised the back of the waist, the knees were held and pulled outwards, and the asshole with a thick massage stick appeared shyly in front of the other party. “Don’t look…” Xu Ye trembled in shame, trying to bring his legs together, but he couldn’t resist at all; instead, he was spread wider.

       “Don’t move.” The man took off his bathrobe and threw it on the ground.

       A naked body.

       Clean and crisp muscle lines.

       A beastly expression filled with dangerous desire.

       Facing Chu Yu like this, Xu Ye felt that even the air became hot, and the restless desire in his body intensified. However, when his gaze fell upon the astonishingly formidable weapon between the other’s thighs, his face turned pale, and he trembled with unease.

       The man patted his buttocks soothingly and pulled out the di-do submerged in the asshole little by little. His deep voice was heart-warming and gentle, “Slave, I will not hurt you.” He said softly, “Never.”

       Hearing those words, Xu Ye suddenly felt a little sour. Chu Yu’s crotch had swelled to such an extent. As a man, he knew how uncomfortable it was to endure. In order to minimize all possible injuries and pains, his master suppressed his desire in an almost perverted way, patiently waiting for him to gradually adapt with long foreplay.

       —How do you know that I don’t like you the same way you like me?

       In a trance, Xu Ye suddenly remembered the words he said, and his heart seemed to be filled with something, rich and warm.

       The moment the di-do completely left the body, the top of the hot and hard tip of the man’s c0ck touched the entrance of his asshole. Xu Ye resisted the instinct to shrink back and tremblingly opened his mouth, “Master… everything about me belongs to you, please…” Unable to continue speaking, his face flushed like a blazing cloud. He looked at the other party with glistening eyes, and he shyly raised his lower body slightly to match the angle at which the other party entered. Like a sacrificial tribute, he reverently handed himself over to the gods.

       The strings of reason snapped. Chu Yu couldn’t bear it any longer, stood up and rammed his c0ck into the front end of Xu Ye’s secret cave.

       “Ahn…” A vague moan echoed in the huge bedroom. The man’s c0ck, which was bigger than the di-do, stretched the sphincter to the limit. Xu Ye trembled all over and tightly grasped the bed sheet with his eyes closed.

       The man’s breathing also became heavy. The front of the c0ck surrounded by moisture and heat pushed open the tunnel, and the extreme pleasure spread from there to the limbs. “Open your eyes.” Chu Yu spread Xu Ye’s legs that were powerlessly hanging by his side further apart and supported his buttocks with his palms to force him to raise his lower abdomen.

       From such an angle, the slave could clearly see every detail of his master’s entry. It was like a simple, brutal ritual that signalled his master’s complete possession of him.

       Under the command, Xu Ye tremblingly watched the ferocious weapon slowly but firmly penetrate inch by inch. The feeling of the tunnel being stretched to the limit by the man’s thick intruding object made him breathless. Every time the c0ck entered, some of the lubricating fluid in the body was squeezed out, dripping down the cracks of his buttocks and wetting the bedsheets.

       “Good boy, relax.” Chu Yu’s voice was a little hoarse as he patiently and gently rubbed the opening of Xu Ye’s hole. The moment the person under him gradually softened his waist, he pushed up and thrust the whole thing in completely.

       “Ah—” Xu Ye, who was caught off guard by such an intrusion, arched his body backwards like he was electrocuted and gasped in shock. The passage contracted in response, tightly wrapping the hot shaft that lay across the body. The man grunted and smiled wryly, “Relax, slave, you are clamping too tightly.”

       The giant beast that lurked in the pathway remained motionless, giving the other man enough time to adjust, and Chu Yu leaned in, relentlessly soothing him with small kisses. The man’s wet and hot tongue curled up the bud on his chest, taking it into his mouth and biting it with light and heavy strokes. The subtle pain and tingling sensations were mixed together, and the lust that dissipated due to the discomfort was aroused again.

       “Master… uhn…” Xu Ye’s eyes were full of tears as he panted to relax his tense body. The feeling of soreness in his asshole made him go crazy, and he recklessly spit out two words, “Hold me… “

       There was a vague low laugh from above. “You’re getting more and more courageous. You dare to order me now, huh?” With that rising nasal sound, the man slammed his slowly partially withdrawn shaft. Xu Ye let out a scream and gasped to catch Chu Yu’s arms that were propped up on both sides of his body.

       The man pressed Xu Ye’s wrists above his head and began to move slowly. Each stroke was a gentle withdrawal, followed by a ferocious slam into the depths. When he thrust until his shaft all went in, the ballsack slapped the buttocks and made a clapping sound, intertwined with the sound of the lubricating fluid stirring, forming a lewd and erotic concerto. Such a powerful attack made Xu Ye completely defeated, moaning intermittently, “Woo…Master, I was wrong…ahn, I was wrong…”

       As the frequency of the pumping and thrusting continued to increase, Xu Ye threw back his slender neck like a dying swan, and his crying moan echoed in the room. When the hot tip hit a certain place, the extreme pleasure brought by the gland being squeezed made him dizzy for a while, and the delicate genitals between his legs dripped transparent liquid. Xu Ye shuddered and cried out tremblingly, “Ah—there, no…Master…”

       “You don’t have the right to say ‘no’ to me.” Chu Yu’s lustful voice sounded as intoxicating as opium, “If I hear those words again, I’ll gag your mouth until you can’t cry out anymore.” Every thrust after went straight to the extremely sensitive point, and Xu Ye, who had been overwhelmed to the point of insanity, had already lost the ability to think, and the tears in the corners of his eyes were hanging on his eyelashes. He cried out hoarsely, “I can’t take it anymore…ah, master, please…” The flush that rose all over his body made him look very seductive, and his out-of-focus eyes were in a daze. All the senses were lost; only the stimulation brought by the repeated thrust was layered one after another, tumultuously undulating, eagerly seeking a release.

       “You are not allowed to cum until I allow it.” The man’s orders were ringing in his ears, and at this moment, Xu Ye was already lost in the sea of surging desire, and the heavy thrusts made it difficult for him to control himself any longer, so he cried out and arched his body like a fish. The moment the white milky liquid spewed out from his c0ck, his asshole tightened up as if it was a hot and humid mouth sucking hard on the c0ck that invaded it.

       Chu Yu’s vigorous desire was almost gushed out by Xu Ye’s forceful grip. He panted and looked at the man below him, trembling absentmindedly after orga-m, and pursed his lips, “It seems today I need to teach you some bedroom manners.”

       Before Xu Ye could regain his senses, his body had already been turned upside down into a kneeling position. The rear entry style will allow the intruder to penetrate deeper, and such a kneeling position similar to animal mating would be more humiliating psychologically. Xu Ye’s legs were still a little weak, and as soon as the man moved, he was slapped heavily on his buttocks.

       “Kneel down.” The man ordered in a deep voice.

       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move anymore and stiffly maintained a posture with a soft waist and buttocks. The feeling of not being able to see the other party at all made him feel a little panicked. The moment he turned his head and looked back, Chu Yu pushed in hard, making him almost unsteady on his knees.


       “Who allowed you to look back?”

       The man’s ferocious repeated thrust gave Xu Ye the illusion that his body was about to be pierced, and the two hands that were firmly confined to the side of his waist gave him no place to hide. He clutched the bed sheet tightly, begging for mercy softly, “Master, it hurts… ah… I was wrong, please…”

       “Do you still remember that I am your Master?” The punitive intrusion was a little rougher than before. Every time the c0ck submerged in the depths was pulled out quickly, the tender flesh at the mouth of the hole will be turned up, and the powerful slap of the ballslack made a sluggish sound on the buttocks. Chu Yu said in a deep voice, “Reflect on what you did wrong just now.”

       Unspeakable pain and pleasure mingled together, concentrated in the sunken honeypot behind him. The hot pen-s that came in and out between the buttocks made Xu Ye, who was powerless to resist, tremble. He choked, stuttering out about his guilt intermittently, “I offended you just now. I shouldn’t have told you no…ah, it hurts…I shouldn’t have ejaculated without your permission…I know I was wrong, Master… woo woo, I shouldn’t have looked back… I don’t dare anymore… forgive me…”

       The appearance of the docile and kneeling person trembling and begging for mercy under his control was more likely to arouse the desire to torture in the heart of a man. Chu Yu could have many means to punish this disobedient slave; even the little toys he had prepared were useless. On the one hand, because this was Xu Ye’s first night, he needed to control the whole process not to be too intense. On the other hand, he hoped to enjoy more raw sex with Xu Ye. With no other barrier, only each other.

       To Chu Yu’s surprise, their bodies fit very well. Except for the fact that Xu Ye’s ejaculation tolerance still needs to be adjusted, the intercourse process was almost perfect. Xu Ye didn’t resist the insertion and could enjoy the pleasure. Maybe he didn’t even realize that when the sensitive point was hit, he would subconsciously tighten his asshole as if he wanted to keep the intruder in. This feeling made Chu Yu very happy.

       Under the repeated thrust, the c0ck between Xu Ye’s legs quietly raised his head again. Chu Yu pulled out his c0ck, which was still stiff, and asked him to turn over and lie on his back. “You want me to forgive you?”

       Xu Ye nodded his head with a trembling voice, his eyelashes already wet with tears.

       “Okay.” There was a playful smile on Chu Yu’s lips, “Hold your knees with both hands and spread your legs wide. Then express your sincerity to me.”

       Xu Ye spread himself as commanded, and there was an inexplicable emptiness in the stretched and abandoned tunnel. The invitation-like gesture was so humiliating that he was at a loss for words. He looked at the man tremblingly and called out softly, “Master…”

       Chu Yu squinted his eyes and remained motionless.

       “Please…” Xu Ye spat out those few words pitifully, “Mmm…Master, please come in…” Seeing that the other party still didn’t respond, his face turned blood red, and he cried, “Please thrust in…”

       The man chuckled, and when his hot pen-s entered again, he was much gentler, squeezing out the emptiness in the secret passage bit by bit. Xu Ye made a vague guttural sound and relaxed his body obediently. When he was being entered, he had an unprecedented feeling of being filled with his soul, banishing the loneliness and isolation that had followed him for so many years.

       Insertion. Withdrawal. All the desire to be given by another man. It made him want to rely on it, to drown in it.

       In the hands of his master, Xu Ye’s sensitivity was unbelievably high, and he could easily ejaculate when he squeezed the prostate continuously. However, Chu Yu’s durability was also astonishingly high. After Xu Ye disobediently ejaculated for the first time, the man no longer allowed him to ejaculate. The poor slave was held tightly by the genitals, tremblingly enduring wave after wave of desire, and when he was in a state of confusion, he uttered many shameful pleas under the man’s teasing, waiting to be allowed to be with the other party to cum. He was crying so hard that his voice was hoarse when the man allowed him to cum.

       After the afterglow of the climax, Chu Yu held Xu Ye in his arms and stroked his sweaty hair with his fingers, “Is it uncomfortable?”

       Xu Ye leaned his head on the man’s shoulder and could feel the rising and falling breathing of the other party. He shook his head, hesitated, and asked, “Just now…did I make you feel good?”

       “You care more about my feelings?”

       “I want to know, compared to your previous slaves…” He glanced at the man’s expression and dared not continue, full of regret in his heart, and apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry, master.”

       Chu Yu didn’t speak.

       The atmosphere became a little stiff. Xu Ye curled up, not daring to move.

       “Xu Ye.” After a moment of silence, the man raised his hand and rubbed his hair, “Every dom has different criteria when choosing a sub. The reason why I chose you is not because I want to casually find a sub to relieve my loneliness, nor is it because you are better than all the others.” He paused, “For me, you are special. There’s something so pure in your eyes that draws me to you. I love the way you give me trust and dependence little by little. It’s beautiful. So don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Just be yourself.”

       Xu Ye put his arms around his master’s waist, pressed his face against his chest, and said softly, “Okay.”

       “Get up and take a shower.” Chu Yu patted his butt. 

       Xu Ye’s legs were already weak, and he wanted to force himself to get up, but as soon as he got off the bed, he was carried across the room into the bathroom by the man.

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