Xu Ye slept straight through until after ten o’clock the next day. The big bed in the master bedroom was empty, and Chu Yu was not there.

       He moved, feeling sore all over as if he had been torn apart and put back together again. Especially his thighs and waist; it was like they were about to fall apart. The hole in the back still had the feeling of being invaded by a foreign object. There was a slight feeling of coolness inside, which must have been something like ointment. The traces left by the man on his body were still vivid in his mind. Thinking of the scene where he cried and begged for mercy yesterday and then fell asleep in the bathtub due to exhaustion, Xu Ye’s whole body suddenly turned red like a ripe shrimp.

       However, there was a sense of security in his heart. He wasn’t a particularly confident person, so he always put a lot of pressure on himself at work, striving for perfection in everything he did. He had always been doubtful in his interactions with Chu Yu. The question of ‘Why did he choose me?’ often unconsciously lingered in his mind. Last night, Chu Yu had given him a clear answer for the first time, dispelling all those messy thoughts.

       It was hard to muster up the energy to crawl out of bed despite feeling sore all over. Xiao Xun was talking to Uncle Ye in the dining room. When he saw him coming downstairs, he smiled and said, “Young Master Xu, do you want to have breakfast now?”

       “Yes please. Sorry for the trouble.” Xu Ye walked to the dining table, and the butler pulled out a chair for him very naturally. As he looked at the thick cushion that suddenly appeared on the leather chair, Xu Ye’s face suddenly became hot, and he absentmindedly sat down, flipping through the financial morning newspaper on the table.

       “The fish fillet porridge was prepared for you as ordered by the Second Young Master.” Xiao Xun placed the white porcelain bowl in front of him and placed a few plates of light side dishes. “Second Young Master asked me to inform you that he will be back before 5 o’clock in the evening. If you plan to go out, please let Leopard accompany you. For your well-being, he prefers you not to dine outside. I’ve prepared several sets of different outfits for you and put them in your room.”

       “I understand, thank you.”

       Only when Xu Ye saw those clothes did he realise xiao Xun’s meticulousness. The styles of the clothes were different, but one thing was the same–they all had high collars. He blushed as he stood before the mirror, pulling up the collar to cover the strawberry-coloured hickeys on his neck. Then he had Leopard drive him to the company. Lily had sent him an email reporting that there was a decline in sales in several branches, and he wanted to investigate the details.

       Just as he had settled into his office, Xu Ting entered with long strides and sternly said to Lily, who was reporting to him, “Leave!”

       The female secretary was frightened by his sombre expression, immediately backed out and closed the door.

       “What’s going on?” Xu Ting looked at his son and asked, “How did you and the second son of the Chu family get together? Did he force you…”

       “No.” Xu Ye cut him off, “The relationship between him and me is my private matter, and I don’t need to explain it to you.”

       “Your personal affairs?” Xu Ting laughed in anger, “Do you know what people will say behind your back if they find out you got involved with him? They’ll say that you, my son, climbed into the second young master of the Chu family’s bed for a piece of land, offering himself to a man!”

       Xu Ye’s gaze turned colder by the moment as if he were looking at a stranger. He let out a soft, sarcastic laugh. “So, you’re worried about what others might say. When you were scheming to get Song Wannian on your side for that piece of land, when you were playing matchmaker between Song Yueran and me, when you were bringing those women home in different ways to sleep with them, why weren’t you worried about what others might say…”

       A sharp sound interrupted his words abruptly.

       The side of Xu Ye’s face that was hit to one side gradually turned red.

       “You…” Xu Ting was trembling with anger, “How did I end up with a son like you…”

       Xu Ye’s dark eyes glowed with a strange and cold light, “Isn’t it too late to regret now?”

       Xu Ting gritted his teeth, “Do you think people from the Chu family are good people? Do you know what means they use to get things done? If you offend them, forget this company; you might not even be able to protect your own life. You’re locking yourself up with a beast, and you think you can walk away unscathed?”

       “I never thought about escaping unscathed.” Xu Ye lowered his eyes and said very frankly, “If he is willing, I will always be by his side.”

       Xu Ting was completely stunned. After a long while, he shook his head with a pale face and said, “You are simply… beyond help!” After that, he slammed the door and walked out.

       That slap was so powerful that the red marks on his face didn’t disappear for a long time. When Xu Ye finished handling the work matters and came out of the office, Leopard stared at his face. He suddenly emitted an aura of hostility and asked in a low voice, “Who hit you?”

       Xu Ye smiled helplessly, “My dad.”

       Leopard frowned, his expression relaxed a little, and he drove off.

       When he returned to Hanguan No. 8, Xu Ye took an ice pack and applied it to his face for a long time, but the side of his face was still a little red. He sighed in frustration at the mirror, “Is this old fox going through menopause or something? He’s so hot-tempered…”

       In the afternoon, he had been sitting on the recliner by the floor-to-ceiling window, reading performance reports. The sunlight was warm and gentle, and he fell asleep without realizing it. In a half-dream, half-wake state, he felt a slight itch on his cheek and opened his eyes.

       The man sitting beside him was quietly watching him. His warm fingers were gently caressing his cheek, where faint red marks remained.

       “…You’re back.” Xu Ye sat up.

       “Did Xu Ting hit you?” Chu Yu asked directly. It seemed that he had already received the news from Leopard.

       “When I went to the company this morning, I talked back to him a bit, and it ended with him slapping me,”

       “What was the topic that made him so angry to the point of resorting to violence?” The man gently pinched his chin to adjust the angle, taking a closer look at the marks on his face.

       Xu Ye pursed his lips, his expression somewhat awkward and embarrassed.

       “Don’t want to say?” Chu Yu smiled and said, “That’s fine. I won’t ask further.”

       “Master…” Xu Ye suddenly felt panicked.

       “Don’t be nervous. I won’t be angry about this.” The man raised his hand and put the small ice pack on the table against his cheek with a gentle expression, “Xu Ye, I respect your privacy and believe in your ability to handle the problem. But when you encounter difficulties and cannot solve them with your own strength, I hope to be the first person you turn to for help. I am willing to stand behind you and be your support at any time.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes trembled, and there was silent gratitude in his black and white eyes. He leaned forward and rested his head on the other person’s shoulder.

       Chu Yu’s voice was close to his ear, and his deliberately lowered voice was a little more ambiguous, “If I had known that if I let you go out, you would come back with such traces, I should have made it so that you couldn’t get out of bed last night.” The palm of his hand stroked the back of his waist and pressed slightly harder, causing Xu Ye to tremble unconsciously. The tip of his tongue licked the earlobe with a moist and hot breath, intensified his trembling. “You know that a dom has a strong desire to control. When one sees marks on their sub’s body that are not his, they will want to tie their sub up and ruthlessly and punish them severely, making them remember who they belong to with their bodies.” The fingers inserted into Xu Ye’s pants went deep into the crack of his buttocks, teasing the poor hole that had been entered yesterday. “How do you think I should punish you, huh?”

       “Uhn…Master…” Xu Ye gasped and softened his body, completely leaning into the other person’s arms.

       This kind of reaction was developed under Chu Yu’s training. From the initial tightness and tension to its current natural and unreserved state, with no trace of resistance or barriers.

       “I’ll give you a chance,” the man’s pitch-black eyes were like unfading stars. “Now, kiss me, and this time, I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.”

       Before he finished speaking, Xu Ye raised his chin, closed his eyes and pressed it against the smiling lips.

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