Under Chu Yu’s arrangement, Xu Ye’s treatment process could only be described as ‘very positive’. Xu Ye felt that his master might think that he was no longer smart, so he had to actively rescue him to prevent him from becoming stupider.

       In the past two days, he was forced to do all the examinations he could. He was forced to go through all the possible checks, examining himself thoroughly inside and out, even until some cavities were discovered. Chu Yu mobilized a team of experts to study his brain for a whole day and finally determined that there were no other abnormalities except a forehead skin injury and a moderate concussion.

       He felt that Chu Yu was blaming himself, so he said nothing and let the doctors and nurses push him in and out for examination. Chu Yu wouldn’t let him get out of bed, and he would lie down obediently. Chu Yu would feed him, and he would eat in big bites. Chu Yu would push off his work and stay with him every night without saying anything, but… Xu Ye was completely speechless when he saw another bed being pushed in by the bodyguards and placed tightly next to his hospital bed.

       Second Young Master Chu was not used to sleeping on the sofa, so he wanted to make a double bed in the ward!

       Xu Ye also remembered that after Leopard woke up from surgery the night before yesterday, he wanted to see him, but the man carried him directly into the ward next to him. Leopard and the doctors and nurses didn’t know where to look. He, too, couldn’t speak with a blushing face in that man’s arms.

       If this continued, the ward would be converted into a bedroom. Xu Ye saw Chu Yu lying down, leaned over a little, and called softly, “Master…”

       This was the first time Xu Ye called him that way after the injury. Chu Yu curled his lips and spoke in a gentle tone, “Do you need something from me?”

       Xu Ye, who was exposed by the words, blinked, “I want to go home.”

       “Your injuries haven’t healed yet.”

       “It’s just applying some medicine next, anyway, and then get some more rest; it’s the same at home. Besides, staying in the hospital is boring, and it’s inconvenient.”

       The man raised his eyes, “What’s inconvenient?”

       Xu Ye looked at him with those clear black and white eyes for a while, then leaned over and pecked him quickly on the lips, then pulled back, blushing and whispered, “This kind of inconvenient.”

       Chu Yu smiled, touched his head and said, “I’ll take you back tomorrow. Now, sleep well.”

       The second young master kept his promise and allowed him to be discharged from the hospital the next day.

       Before leaving, Xu Ye made a special trip to see Leopard.

       The tall and sturdy man was wrapped in gauze and lay flat on the bed like a mummy. Four of his ribs were broken, one of which was stabbed diagonally into his lung, and he underwent four surgeries in two days. He was able to come back from the brink of death, firstly, by his own strong will, and secondly, by timely and effective surgical treatment. Chu Yu spent a lot of resources to save him, asked a team of experts to formulate a postoperative recovery plan, and hired three professional nurses to take turns taking care of him day and night.

       Xu Ye stood beside the hospital bed, looking at Leopard lying motionless. He thought of the way he rushed over to protect him, and it pained him deeply. He said with red eyes, “Leopard, I owe you a life. Whatever I can do to help, as long as you ask, I will try my best to do it for you. You should get better soon.”

       Leopard couldn’t move or speak. He only blinked at him to show that he heard him, and there was a bit of warmth in his eyes.

       He used to be a soldier. After he was discharged, he worked as a security guard in a commercial building owned by Golden Eagle. When he saw his supervisor molesting a female employee, he went up and beat him up without saying a word. Surprisingly, it was not him but the supervisor who was fired the next day, and he became the head of the security team. Not long after, group executive Tang Can came to him, and the first thing he asked was, “Are you willing to sell your life to me?”

       He was an orphan and had nothing to worry about. His employer offered him a generous salary, so he was willing to dedicate his life to his employer. But he didn’t expect that the person Tang Can asked him to protect was actually the young master of a wealthy conglomerate. During the more than two years with Chu Yu, he worked diligently and carefully. Chu Yu trusted him very much and never excluded him from discussions, even on extremely important occasions. He once asked the second young master face to face how he could believe him, and Chu Yu smiled and replied, “People with clear eyes are usually loyal.” An old man was described as having ‘clear eyes’, which made him so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to say. He was moved by such trust and secretly determined to remain loyal to the Second Young Master Chu for the rest of his life, even if it meant to die taking a bullet for him.

       Later, when Chu Yu sent him to be Xu Ye’s bodyguard, he felt a little aggrieved. In his eyes, Xu Ye was just a vase or a pet, not worth following at all. But since the second young master said, “I’ll leave his safety to you. Take good care of him”, he did his best. When his arm was broken, he smiled bitterly in his heart. It was a pity that he had to die for a pet. But when he saw Xu Ye rushing out of the car to save himself, he suddenly felt that it was worth sacrificing his life here. He really didn’t realize that this kid was actually a man…

       When he woke up after the operation, he made up his mind again. When he got better, and if the second young master agreed, he would work as a bodyguard for this kid again and never let anyone hurt a single strand of his hair in the future.

       Of course, Xu Ye didn’t know what was going on in Leopard’s heart. At that moment, all he felt was guilt and unbearableness. He made a long promise, promising to compensate him in this way and thank him in that way. He even said, “If you are bored, I can come to the hospital every day to chat with you, read to you, or watch a film with you.” Leopard glanced at the second young master, whose smile didn’t really reach his eyes and almost broke into a cold sweat. He thought to himself, ‘I finally survived. Young master Xu, you are trying to kill me again…’ Unable to speak, he expressed his plea through his eyes, seeking help from his boss, Tang Chan, who stood behind him.

       Tang Can suppressed his laughter and advised, “Master Xu, Leopard needs to rest.”

       Xu Ye snorted and made an appointment to see him next time before following Chu Yu. Leopard breathed a sigh of relief, closed his eyes and continued his mummification.


       Back at Hanguan No. 8, xiao Xun and his servant stood at the door to greet him.

       As soon as Xu Ye entered the door, he breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “It’s good to be back and feel at ease.” After saying this, he suddenly realized that his words were completely inappropriate, and his cheeks immediately flushed with embarrassment.

       When did he start to consider this place as his home by default in his heart?

       “Second Young Master.”

       “Second Young Master.”

       Someone spoke in unison. Xu Ye looked towards the living room when he heard the sound and found six or seven senior executives standing respectfully. He was immediately embarrassed, nodded his head to say hello, and then looked at the man next to him with a blushing face. When he saw the playful smile in the other person’s eyes, he finally turned completely red. He whispered, “I’m going back to the room first.” and was about to run away, but Chu Yu grabbed his wrist.

       “I have something to tell you.” The man stopped smiling and looked very serious.

       Xu Ye stopped in surprise.

       “First, for the sake of your health, you will stay here until the wound heals.” There was no room for bargaining in Chu Yu’s tone.

       Xu Ye nodded. He didn’t hate life here, and he seemed to be getting more and more used to being around Chu Yu, feeling safe and relaxed.

       “Second, for your safety, during this period, you are not allowed to go out without my permission.” This clause involved movement restriction. Chu Yu thought he would resist, but Xu Ye thought for a while and obeyed. He nodded again, like a gentle and harmless rabbit.

       “As for the third point, it’s a matter of discipline.” The man’s eyes were filled with warmth and as gentle as water. “When I come back from now on, I expect you to welcome me at the door and greet me proactively.”

       “Greetings?” The rabbit, who listened carefully with his ears perked up, expressed confusion. Did this mean he wanted him to bow…

       “As a demonstration.” Before Chu Yu finished speaking, he suddenly put his arm around his waist, raised his chin with the other hand and lowered his head to kiss him. Xu Ye was startled by the sudden kiss, and an unuttered exclamation was blocked in his throat. It was not until the man’s aggressive lips and tongue completely invaded his mouth that he instinctively closed his eyes and raised his neck.

       With warm body temperature, soft lips, and the sweet taste of chocolate eaten on the road, they were close enough that they could feel each other’s heartbeats.

       The person he held close to his heart was still alive, and he had almost lost him.

       This thought made Chu Yu’s movements more intense. He clasped the back of Xu Ye’s neck and went deeper and deeper out of control like a thirsty traveller encountering a sweet spring. He lingered, entangled, and demanded until the person in his arms became soft and unable to breathe. After falling into his arms, he reluctantly let go and asked, “Have you learned?”

       Xu Ye was so confused by his kiss that he even lost his ability to think. When he came back to his senses, he remembered that there was a circle of spectators nearby. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself. He was embarrassed to say anything for a long time.

       “Want me to demonstrate again?” Chu Yu said with a smile.

       Xu Ye held back his blushing face in embarrassment and choked out two words that sounded like mosquitoes’s cry, “It’s okay…”

       “Very good.” The man looked in the direction of the sofa and said, “Say hello. They are all my subordinates.”

       Xu Ye was a little confused because he had no interaction with these people, and there was no need to know them. But he knew that Chu Yu’s arrangements always had his reasons, so he said softly, “Hello, I am Xu Ye.”

       “Young Master Xu.” Several people responded at the same time and then introduced themselves respectively. They were all kind and respectful.

       The senior executives under Chu Yu were well aware of their young master’s interests and hobbies. To them, the second master’s subs were just pets, and there was no need for interaction or respect. So Xu Ye’s appearance took them by surprise. They checked Xu Ye’s background and described it in four words—clean, ordinary, safe and harmless.

       It’s precisely because of individuals like him that the usually calm as ice Young Master’s heart became less passive. Looking back now, Chu Yu’s expression at the moment of Xu Ye’s accident still made them palpitate. They didn’t expect that this timid-looking young man would rush out to save a bodyguard in that situation. These executives, who navigated both sides of the law, naturally understood the value of camaraderie, bravery, and kindness in times of crisis. That incident made Xu Ye’s status in their hearts begin to change, and even the usually proud Tang Chan developed a measure of respect for him.

       Xu Ye didn’t understand why Chu Yu wanted to introduce him to his subordinates, but these cadres understood. This was the second young master clearly indicating Xu Ye’s status to them. In this formal introduction, Chu Yu did not explain Xu Ye’s identity because this identity no longer needed to be explained.

       —He is my man.

       Everyone knew the hidden meaning behind this sentence.

       “Go upstairs and rest for a while.” Chu Yu looked at him with extremely gentle eyes.

       Xu Ye nodded and smiled at him.

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