Chapter 44 – An Accident

       The Donglin project was progressing smoothly. This coveted treasure land finally fell into White Crane’s hands, which surprised many people. On the day the construction began, Mr. Chu, who had always kept a low profile, was actually present in person, which attracted even more interest in the resort.

       Ever since he found out that his son and Young Master Chu were together, Xu Ting had aged a lot a while, and his enthusiasm for the project had also faded. Apart from handling affairs in the company, he just enjoyed flowers and birds at home, and his relationship with his wife had gotten much better. Xu Ye went to the construction site almost every day for project construction matters. When he and his father met occasionally, they only talked about business matters, and both of them avoided talking about things that might cause conflicts.

       That day, Zhou Jia called him and asked him to go home for dinner. Xu Ye was completely stunned when he saw Chu Yu at the dinner table.

       The meal turned out to be unexpectedly harmonious. Zhou Jia was diligent in picking up the food while Xu Ting and Chu Yu were talking about business matters. Xu Ye seemed like an outsider, lowering his head to eat, but immediately slowed down when the man glanced at him.

       After dinner, Chu Yu went into the study and talked with Xu Ting for about half an hour.

       Xu Ye was leaning on the door like a gecko and eavesdropping. However, the soundproofing performance of the study was so good that not a single sound could come through. When the door opened, he had no time to hide. He staggered and almost fell but was held by Chu Yu. His face was hot, and he moved his arms grandly, “Uh, it’s a bit boring. I’m exercising my body…”

       Xu Ting glanced at him and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

       Chu Yu smiled faintly and said, “I’ll take my leave now, Uncle Xu and Auntie. I’ll come see you two when I have time.”

       “Okay. Xu Ye, you can send Xiao Yu off for me.”

       Xiaoxiaoxiao…Xiaoyu?! What’s up with the scary names ‘Uncle Xu’ and ‘Auntie’? Xu Ye stared at the familiar strangers before him with wide eyes, speechless and choked. After accompanying the man to the door, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Master, what did you and my dad talk about?”

       After a few steps, Chu Yu turned around, and a hint of a playful smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, “Want to know? Let me have a lot of fun tonight.” After saying that, he left, leaving Xu Ye standing with a red face.

       That night, Xu Ye started out very excited, planning to get some information out of the situation. However, in the end, he ended up bound to the bed, blindfolded, and cried until the cloth covering his eyes soaked. He didn’t even have the strength to plead and barely remembered what he originally intended to do. He could only faintly recall his master holding him and whispering intoxicating words that made him want to listen to it over and over again.


       In mid-November, Chu Yu’s birthday was approaching. Xu Ye managed to find some free time in his busy schedule and squeezed out a moment during lunch to have Leopard take him to the Huilong Building to buy a gift.

       After carefully considering his options, Xu Ye finally decided to buy a necktie as a gift for Chu Yu. He thought that Chu Yu was not short of money and had seen plenty of luxurious and extravagant things. Instead of spending money on something flashy but impractical, he chose to give something more useful. Besides, Xu Ye couldn’t help but imagine how Chu Yu would look wearing the necktie he picked out, which made him blush. He selected a few ties that caught his eye, comparing them before ultimately choosing a handmade, deep blue tie with small silver diamond-shaped patterns.

       In the afternoon, Xu Ye had to go to Donglin’s construction site. As the car was driving through the outskirts of the city, he was trying to relax with his eyes closed when suddenly, a sudden brake caused him to bump his head against the front seat headrest, and his vision momentarily blacked out.

       The situation happened so suddenly that before he could react, he heard the Leopard’s urgent roar, “Lock the door and don’t come out!”

       In a daze, Xu Ye saw Leopard rush out of the car and punch a man in black who was approaching, knocking him to the ground. However, two other men in black armed with iron rods soon rushed over. Shocked, he followed Leopard’s instructions and locked the doors, observing the situation outside, a growing sense of dread filling his heart.

       Two vehicles in front blocked their car and surrounded by two more from behind, leaving them with no way out. Dozens of people emerged from these cars, all wielding thick, short iron bars, their faces filled with a menacing demeanour as they encircled the car like a lone boat in a storm.

       Leopard fought against them with his bare hands and knocked down two of them in an instant. The murderous look in his eyes made him look like a real beast, roaring at the approaching enemy, revealing his white fangs. However, it was difficult for two fists to beat four hands, not to mention that these people were all robust fighters. Each of the blows he received broke his skin and made him bleed.

       Several people gathered around and started to smash the car window glass with iron rods. Fortunately, the glass was very thick and could not be broken in a few hits. Those banging sounds made Xu Ye’s heart skip a beat every time. He tried to calm down in the panic, dialled a number with trembling fingers, and was connected almost instantly.

       “Xu Ye.” Chu Yu’s voice came through.

       “We are surrounded. I am in the car, and Leopard is outside the car. He is injured…” Xu Ye huddled in the middle of the back seat, his voice trembling because of panic. “Chu Yu, they are smashing the car.”

       “Don’t be afraid. I know where you are. I will come to you soon; don’t be afraid.” Chu Yu’s voice remained steady and gentle, carrying a reassuring strength. “The car windows are bulletproof, and they won’t break for a while. Calm down and do as I say.”

       Xu Ye took a deep breath, calmed down his emotions, and said, “…Okay.”

       “There is a small electric baton under the car’s back seat. Take it out. If the window shatters, press the red electric shock button to deal with them.” The man was so calm that there were almost no ripples in his voice. “Listen carefully, Xu Ye, all your actions are in self-defence. Act quickly, and don’t show mercy. Do you understand?”

       The sound of slamming the car window and every tremor of the vehicle filled Xu Ye with suffocating fear. He had never experienced anything like this before and was both anxious and terrified. It was not easy to maintain his composure. He glanced at the electric baton in his hand and then at the badly beaten Leopard surrounded by the assailants. Fear welled up in his eyes, making them moist. “If this continues, Leopard will be beaten to death by them… The glass seems to be about to shatter…”

       “Do as I say and protect yourself.” The man tried his best to comfort him, “Just hold on a little longer; I’ll be there soon.” The man’s voice on the phone was calm and gentle, but Chu Yu, who was sitting in the car, had eyes as cold as ice. It was extremely cold as if they were filled with a raging blizzard that wanted to devour everything. A strong and chilling sense of oppression filled the long car cabin, making people suffocate as if their throats were strangled. It made Tang Can and Jian Haoping, who were making arrangements in the car, feel chilled all over.

       The second young master was angry.

       They exchanged a glance, and in each other’s eyes, they saw tension and pressure. Publicly, they held positions as executives in the Market Department of the Golden Eagle Group, but in secret, they were high-ranking cadres of the Black Eagle Organization, responsible for personnel deployment and management. The Black Eagle Organization had never disbanded; it had always been there. Just like the interplay of golden light and black shadows, the members with dual identities seamlessly transitioned between the two worlds, guiding the eagle as it soared through the skies.

       When Leopard’s first-level emergency alert was received, Chu Yu was holding a regular meeting of high-level cadres. For a moment, the huge conference room almost froze. The Second Young Master said nothing, glanced at everyone in the conference room with his cold gaze, and then walked out quickly. At that moment, these fearless cadres felt like they had been skinned alive.

       They all knew who Leopard was protecting.

       Within half a minute, an emergency order to assemble manpower was issued, and all second-level and above Black Eagle members in K City and Donglin were notified to rush to the incident scene for reinforcements.

       The long S5501Mercedes S550 was speeding along the road, followed by more and more vehicles. They quickly passed the red lights in front of them like a fearless school of fish rushing in the same direction.

       Tang Can, and Jian Haoping’s minds were in a mess as they listened to the conversation between their Second Young Master and that man. The Second Young Master’s men were attacked under their noses, but they had yet to find out the other party’s identity, didn’t know their motives or reasons, and had received no prior warning or information. Their anxiety grew with each passing moment.

       Simply incompetent.

       This would be more humiliating than giving each of them a slap in the face.

       Their anxiety was in sharp contrast to Chu Yu’s calmness. However, they both know better than anyone else that the calmer the young master was, the more terrible the consequences would be.

       Chu Yu’s grip on the phone tightened. The trembling voice on the other end of the phone transmitted Xu Ye’s fear, panic, helplessness, and forced composure. Every emotion tugged his heart, making him feel distressed and guilty.

       He was too careless. His long life of ease and overconfidence in his prestige prevented him from even considering that a situation like this would arise. Leopard was the only one besides Xu Ye, and he was not equipped with any effective weapons at all. Under siege by many people, the worst result would be…

       His heartbeat seemed to have stopped for a moment, and Chu Yu closed his eyes.

       Because of his own negligence, he had put the person who should have been properly protected in danger.

       It was his fault.


       Under the heavy impact of the steel pipe, the glass had cracked into a spiderweb-like shape. Leopard knocked down five people and was beaten until he was covered in blood. He leaned against the car door, blocking the broken window with his body, trying his best to keep those people away. His left hand was obviously broken, but he didn’t even grunt when the iron rod hit his body.

       Xu Ye’s eyes turned red when he saw him risking his life to protect him. He tried his best to suppress the panic in his heart and asked on his mobile phone, “How long will it take?”

       “Three minutes.” Chu Yu replied.

       “Three minutes…” he repeated unconsciously, his eyes falling on Leopard outside the car who was desperately protecting him, and he tightened his grip on the electric baton, trembling with every word he spoke, “Chu Yu, they’re after me, and I can’t just stand by and watch Leopard get killed.”

       The Second Young Master, who had always maintained his composure, suddenly changed his expression and suddenly raised his voice, “Xu Ye! Don’t go out! Stay in the car, and don’t move!”

       Tang Can and Jian Haoping were also surprised.

       They heard a muffled sound from the other end of the phone, followed by shouts of “He’s out, catch him!”

       “Xu Ye!” At that moment, Chu Yu felt like someone had a grip on his throat, leaving him gasping for breath with a sense of suffocation.

       There was no response, just a loud, vague noise.

       The finger bones of the man’s left hand holding the phone turned white, and his voice turned icy and ominous, “You must get there within one minute.”


       Xu Ye knew in his heart that these people were coming for him, and Leopard was almost dying. As long as he came out, he would be able to lure them away.

       He gritted his teeth and forcefully kicked open one of the car doors, knocking over the people who were blocking it. Although he had no fighting experience, his physical fitness was not bad, and his movements were quite agile. He used the electric baton to stun two people who approached him and then turned to sprint away. His intention was to lead them in pursuit to buy some time, but to his surprise, he received a harsh blow from behind, causing him to stumble, and he soon found himself surrounded by those people.

       The group of people were afraid of the electric baton in his hand. After hesitating for a moment, they all pounced on him. Xu Ye had no way of guarding against so many people. In the chaos, the electric baton was snatched from his hand, and his body was pushed to the ground and beaten several times.

       “Beat him to death!” Someone shouted those words, though it was unclear who.

       Xu Ye felt a stick hit his head. He felt dizzy and fell to the ground, exhausted. In the blur, he saw Leopard rushing towards them, knocking them away and protecting him with his body.

       All his senses became dull, and his vision went black for a while. A warm and sticky liquid flowed from the forehead to the eyelids, dyeing everything red.

       Chu Yu, if you don’t come here, I will die…

       Such thoughts popped into his confused mind.

       The roar of the car engine comes from far to near.

       Two gunshots rang through the air.

       Screams rang out, and countless messy footsteps approached.

       Then, all was quiet.

       There was a light movement on his body, and the man who was protecting him with his body was moved away. Xu Ye, in his dazed state, clung tightly to Leopard’s clothing, refusing to let go stubbornly. This was the person who had wholeheartedly protected him in times of danger, his sole reliance when he was left with no one else.

       “Xu Ye, it’s me.” A low and familiar voice lingered in his ears from far to near.

       He wanted to open his eyes, but his eyelids were stuck with blood, and there was only a hazy red colour, making it impossible to see anything clearly. Yet that voice was one he was familiar with and attached to. “…Chu Yu?” His voice trembled, and he uncertainly reached out to touch the person’s face.

       “It’s me, I’m here.” His hand was held, and the man comforted him softly, “It’s okay, you’re safe.”

       “Chu Yu…” The panic and helplessness were finally released at this moment. He called out his name tremblingly, “Save Leopard…he…” After being struck with the rods, he showed clear signs of a concussion, and his speech became laboured and intermittent.

       “Don’t worry, a doctor is looking after him.” Chu Yu looked at Xu Ye, whose face was half stained with blood, and felt as if his heart had been pierced by a knife. Under the watchful eyes of hundreds of Black Eagle members who rushed over, he held the man in his arms as patiently and tenderly as he would caressing a lost animal. Xu Ye, who was placed on the mobile stretcher, reached out and grabbed his sleeves, with panic in his eyes, “Chu Yu…”

       The strong attachment that appeared after being frightened came from a sense of insecurity. The man looked at him, feeling even more guilty. He held his hand and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here, and I’ll stay with you. Don’t think about anything else; just have a good rest.”

       Xu Ye’s chest rose and fell irregularly as he gasped for breath a few times, and then he weakly closed his eyes. Doctors and nurses immediately approached, placing an oxygen mask on him and lifting him onto an ambulance to attend to his injuries. Chu Yu never let go of his hand, and just before getting into the ambulance, he uttered only some icy and bone-chilling words.

       “Block the news. None of these people are allowed to die before I give my permission.”

       By the time the police car arrived, the scene had been thoroughly cleaned. Jian Haoping brought everything to an end with an understatement of ‘traffic accident’. With so many personnel gathered, the abrupt gunfire, and the lingering bloodstains on the ground, it didn’t look like a traffic accident by any means. However, the other party’s identity was clear, and after so many years of cooperative development, the police knew when to turn a blind eye.

       The eighteen people who attacked Xu Ye were all detained by the Black Eagle Organization. The command of ‘no death’ was sometimes much crueller than ‘kill them’. These eighteen thugs experienced this firsthand in the underground torture chamber of the Black Eagle Organization.

       The head of the torture chamber, Tang Chan, personally participated in the interrogation.

       Ignorance is bliss, and asking questions sometimes brings shocking revelations. When Tang Can emerged from the underground interrogation room, his face was as grim as it could be. He stood in the dimly lit corridor, lit a cigarette, and smoked it in silence, and only then did he start making his way upstairs.

       The eighth team, fifth-level low-level members.

       These guys were actually Black Eagle’s own people.

       In the VIP ward of the hospital, Chu Yu, who was by the bedside, was silent for a while after listening to Tang Can’s briefing.

       The leopard was sent directly to the operating room and had not come out yet. He suffered multiple fractures and ruptured internal organs, and his life was hanging on by a thread. If it weren’t for him stepping in to protect at a critical moment, they were afraid the person being rescued right now would be…

       Chu Yu looked at Xu Ye, who fell asleep under the influence of the medicine. His head was wrapped in gauze, and the wound on his forehead required six stitches. The concussion caused by the heavy blow made him groggy, and he vomited several times. There were six or seven skin injuries on his body, but fortunately, none of them hurt his internal organs. At this moment, he was sleeping peacefully. The blood on his face had been wiped clean, and his face looked a little weak and pale. He seemed still uneasy in his dream, and his brows were slightly frowned.

       The man walked to the window and said in a calm and cold tone, “Bring Song Yueran here.”

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