Chapter 3


When he returned to the apartment, Song Zexu was standing in front of the balcony. The evening sun was just right and his back was facing Li Chou. As if he heard the door knock, he

moved a little and asked in a low voice, “Are you back?”


Li Chou nodded at first, but then realized that Song Zexu couldn’t see him, so he responded and asked, “You’re probably hungry, right? What do you want to eat?”


Song Zexu didn’t answer this question. He turned around, put one hand on the balcony door, and took two steps forward, lest he bump into it. Li Chou walked over to help him but the moment his fingertips touched the other’s arm, he was avoided.


Song Zexu shook his head and said, “I can walk on my own.”


To prove that he can do it, although he walked slowly, he did finally reach the sofa.


Song Zexu sat down and said, “Can you make noodles?”


“Yes.” Li Chou replied, “Would you like clear-broth noodles?”


Song Zexu nodded.


Li Chou was still holding the bouquet of roses in his hand. He separated the roses and put them in the vase on the coffee table.


Song Zexu also smelled the strong fragrance of flowers. He sniffed and said, “There are flowers today.”


Li Chou gave a “Mm” and said, “The roses haven’t found a home yet.”


In fact, because the price of roses is high, they are usually hard to sell. Li Chou knows that Song Zexu likes roses, so he brought a bunch back today to coax him with it. Seems like his idea really succeeded and Song Zexu liked it very much.


Li Chou smiled and walked into the kitchen.


Li Chou rarely had any memories of home. His parents only kept this apartment. Before he was sixteen, he lived with his uncle in the next city. His cousin was getting married so it was not suitable for him to live together with them anymore, so he went back to Yunzhen.


Li Chou’s academic performance was not very good. He knows that he is not good at studying. After returning to Yunzhen, he opened a flower shop. His business is good and his flower shop could maintain its own livelihood.


Before, he didn’t know how to cook, as he suddenly came back. He asked his aunt on the phone how to get some ingredients and his aunt also carefully told him.


Fortunately, although Li Chou’s life experience is pitiful, it is not as miserable as most protagonists in novels. Although his parents died young, his uncles and aunts were very good.

They loved him dearly and called him several times to ask him to go back after he moved but Li Chou declined their offers because he didn’t want to bother their family anymore.


The clear soup noodle recipe was taught to him by his aunt. His aunt likes to prepare the soup base with fried eggs. She said that the soup base is rich in protein and will be more delicious and fragrant with this method.


Li Chou fried an egg before adding it into some boiling soup. It is better to use thin noodles for clear broth noodles.


Li Chou heard in an interview on the show that Song Zexu likes to eat light food, so there are not many soup base ingredients that fit this criteria.


He added a little chopped green onions and then put the fried egg into Song Zexu’s bowl.


Li Chou usually cooks one portion, but as there are now two people, he wasn’t able to control the portion amount and always either cooked too much or too little.


Song Zexu took a bite of the fried egg and suddenly thought of something. He asked Li Chou, “Do you like flowers very much?”


Li Chou stuffed a mouthful of noodles into his mouth, chewed twice and replied, “Yes, flowers are very beautiful.”


Song Zexu nodded and said, “There are so many flowers in your house. I can always smell the fragrance of all kinds of flowers. Is it a hobby? Or…”


For some reason, Li Chou felt a little shame from these words. He lowered his eyes, fiddled with the noodles in the bowl and explained carefully:


“I opened a flower shop, because I want to sell flowers in this life, so I can be beautiful in my next life. I am too ugly, so I want to accumulate some blessings and look better in my next life.”


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Song Zexu laugh. He looked up and saw Song Zexu raised the corners of his lips: “What is the sense in that nonsense?”


Li Chou was stunned and immediately lowered his head. His face turned red and he began to feel shy. Of course a good-looking person would not have such thoughts, but he is ugly.


Li Chou’s voice became very soft, as if rebutting, but he had no strength and no sense of threat: “It’s not nonsense, it’s just wishful thinking…”


Song Zexu also knew that he might have hurt Li Chou’s, so he became serious and said seriously: “But I think you must be a good looking person. “


As if he was afraid that Li Chou would not believe him, he looked at Li Chou and said firmly, “Really.”


Li Chou looked at Song Zexu. Because the other party couldn’t see him, he didn’t even know where he was. He was facing the refrigerator door with a very affectionate expression.

His perseverance made Li Chou smile, and he said, “I believe you.”




It’s now summer school holiday, and the streets were a little noisy. Li Chou’s flower shop is open directly opposite a middle school and some children who fall in love early always like to come and buy bouquets of flowers for their girlfriends before then going home together. At this time, Li Chou’s flower shop business improved.


After Li Chou sent away the last child who bought flowers from him, he welcomed the distraught Lin Xiaomin.


Speaking of Lin Xiaomin, some time ago she went on a date with that teacher all day long and her whole soul was stolen so she booked two gifts to be made by Li Chou.


After praising the red roses, she booked another month’s worth of gypsophila.


Li Chou asked her worriedly at the time: “The teacher really likes flowers so much? Where did he put them when you gave him so many flowers? In the end, did he not throw them away?”


Unexpectedly, Lin Xiaomin said indifferently: “He distributed the flowers to the students and let them make dried flower bookmarks.”


Li Chou: “…” 


That was not a waste, but this person was really rich and Li Chou could earn enough money from her pocket this month and it would be enough for his expenditures the next month too.


Lin Xiaomin lay prone in front of the bar and sighed deeply.


Li Chou was busy wrapping flowers and ignored her.


The elder lady sighed again and deliberately said “Oi”.


Li Chou didn’t look at her.


Lin Xiaomin was dissatisfied and walked up to Li Chou casually. She said, “Brother Chou, I feel sad.”


Then Li Chou raised his eyes to look at her and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Lin Xiaomin wrinkled her face and cried: “The teacher is going back for summer vacation. He has to be a tutor there and will not stay in Yunzhen. I have to bear with it without him for two whole months.”


Lin Xiaomin grabbed Li Chou’s arm: “Brother Chou, what do you think I should do?”


Before Li Chou could speak, she said again: “Do you think I should go to the city to look for him if I miss him? I can’t stop thinking about him.”


Li Chou pursed his lips. He felt that Lin Xiaomin was too proactive. Although people who fall in love are like this, liking each other is more important. Li Chou thinks that one-sided love is not good and this love will become unbalanced. She may not be rewarded even if she sacrifices a lot. 


But he couldn’t tell Lin Xiaomin at this time. The girl was very much in love. He could only comfort her and say, “Then you have to restrain your love a little bit.”


He didn’t dare to ask those words: “Why do you have to go to him instead of him to you?”


“Hey, how about this?” Lin Xiaomin suddenly thought of something, and she asked Li Chou: “Brother Chou, can you send these flowers to the city?”


Li Chou was taken aback, then looked at Lin Xiaomin, his eyes widened: “Lin Xiaomin, you don’t mean to…”


“Yes.” Lin Xiaomin clapped her hands, “The teacher likes the flowers from your shop very much. I’ll send a bouquet to him every day. When the teacher sees the flowers, he will

think of me.”


Li Chou: “…”


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