Chapter 13 Song Zexu’s Reply


On the page…


To Li Chou:


Hello, Li Chou. It’s Song Zexu.


It’s a pity that I finally found out that you actually like me in this way. I am very grateful, I believe it will be like what you said, “After selling flowers in this life, I’ll be more beautiful in the next life”


You’ll definitely look beautiful in your next life.


But in my heart, you have always been good-looking.


In my opinion, one’s inner beauty is better than outward appearance. Even though I have not seen you before, I still remember living in your apartment, as well as your sweetness and gentleness.


There seem to be a lot of flowers in your apartment, and the first thing I always wake up to is the sweet fragrance of flowers. During that time, I was always happy. If I didn’t have to continue my career, I think I’d love to spend the rest of my life in that place.


At that time, I only knew that you were the owner of a flower shop, but I had never been to your flower shop. Now the flower shop is run by your friend Lin Xiaomin and her husband.


A few years ago, her husband unfortunately passed away in a landslide after volunteering as a teaching assistant in the forest. Now she and her daughter take care of the store. Her daughter is named Dodo. She is very beautiful. She said she missed you very much and I do too.


I’m going to hold my first concert in my life this year. I’ll make sure to include my 18-year-old album and your favorite song “Spring” in the finale. This song will be just for you.


Sending you back some of your sincere and passionate love. I have received your love and I hope you do too with mine.


May you be safe in another world.


Li Chou.


I’ll be waiting for you in spring.


Song Zexu


May 4, 20xx


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