There has never been a day as lively as today on All Universe 818. The forum is dominated by a big red headline, ‘Live Broadcast! Imperial Wedding! Grand Celebration! Unparalleled! Invincible True Love!’.

       There was a lot of excitement in the palace. Ba Jin directed more than a dozen butlers to prepare things for the wedding, including sceptres, swords, crowns, royal family cloaks… Fortunately, Duke Arthur sent his team of butlers, and Ke Qing was currently helping everyone lay out the carpets.

       When Shen Zhuofan arrived, Qin Yun was struggling with the outfit in the master bedroom. He had put on his shirt and trousers and was busy tying his bow tie halfway through putting on his vest. His hair was too messy, and there was no time to style it. He only wore one sock, and he didn’t know where the other had gone… He was on the verge of tears when he saw Shen Zhuofan.

       “Come and help me get it! Armbands! And tie clips…” Qin Yun started to look for socks, “Where are my shoes?!”

       Shen Zhuofan was speechless, “…You don’t look like you are getting married…”

       Qin Yun finally dug out his shoes from under the bed and complained, “I told Xi Zhao last night to ask him to wait a few more days, but he refused!” The Queen-to-be held the shoes and climbed out of bed, saying, “I didn’t sleep well all night! I’m so nervous that I feel like peeing every moment…”

       “…” Shen Zhuofan rolled his eyes and said, “Sit down, and I’ll help you comb your hair first.”

       Qin Yun quickly agreed, “Okay!”


       Moschery came in while he was halfway through combing his hair. He was dressed in the highest-grade commander uniform, a black high-collared military suit. He wore the Emperor’s Medal on his chest, and a heavy crimson royal cloak hung straight down to the ground from his back.

       Shen Zhuofan looked at Qin Yun with an expression of ‘look how reliable your husband is’. He stood up and saluted the Emperor respectfully, “Your Majesty.”

       Moschery nodded slightly and looked at his guide, “Can you wear it?”

       Qin Yun awkwardly said, “Just so-so…?”

       Shen Zhuofan couldn’t help but laugh. He neatly combed Qin Yun’s hair and said cheerfully, “I’m going to work in the front. Your Majesty will do the rest for you.”

       “…” Qin Yun watched helplessly as he abandoned him. In desperation, he could only stare at Moschery innocently.

       His Majesty the Emperor raised his eyebrows. He slowly took off his gloves and took a few steps forward to help Qin Yun stand up.


       Vest, bow tie, bow tie pendant… Moschery’s fingers carefully pressed Qin Yun’s front. He lowered his head with a serious and meticulous expression.

       Qin Yun watched the Emperor kneel down on one knee, put his cloak on the ground, lift up one foot and put on a sock, then the other, and finally put on military boots and tie the shoelaces.

       “Come.” Moschery stood up, opened his white military jacket and motioned for Qin Yun to reach out.

       “…” Qin Yun was too cautious to move and allowed the other party to adjust his belt, put on his sword and put on the medal. Moschery took the royal family’s cloak that was placed on the tray, shook it off and put it on the back of his guide.

       “Don’t be nervous.” Moschery lowered his head and kissed Qin Yun’s lips. He gently pressed his forehead against his, “I’m by your side.”

       Qin Yun opened his mouth, “I’m afraid of what will happen if I tremble when I put the ring on…how many people will see it?”

       His Majesty the Emperor’s expression was a little subtle, “A live broadcast… can probably be seen by the whole universe.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       Ba Jin knocked on the door a few times to urge the two of them. Qin Yun was still struggling with the issue of ‘the whole universe could see it’. He checked his appearance one last time and muttered, “If so many people are watching, what if I get nervous and trip? Will the Cabinet cause trouble? Should I carry a high-energy cannon just in case…”

       “…” Moschery stroked his forehead patiently. He felt that even without the guide, his mania would be cured a little bit every day, “I will support you and prevent you from falling. Skarter already has his eye on the Cabinet, so there won’t be any trouble. As for the issue of so many people watching…”

       A gentle smile appeared on the Emperor’s face, “I don’t think that is a problem at all. At the very least, so many people have seen that you married me, and it won’t be easy to get a divorce even if you want to in the future.”

       “…” Qin Yun curled his lips disdainfully, “That makes two of us…don’t even think about finding a mistress in the future.”

       Moschery: “…”


       The doors from the bedroom to the main hall slowly opened one after another. Ba Jin bowed respectfully and saluted. The Emperor held Qin Yun’s lower back and stepped on the red carpet that was spread all the way to the door.

       The morning light shines brightly into the terrace in mid-air, and Moschery’s rhinestone-covered aircraft leads the Royal Guards into the sky.

       The salute was fired, and the sunlight fireworks bloomed brightly in the air.

       Qin Yun turned to look at Moschery beside him. His Majesty the Emperor took the ring box from Ba Jin and spread his palm towards his guide.


       The platinum ring was smoothly inserted into Qin Yun’s ring finger. Qin Yun took a deep breath and held Moschery’s hand…

       “…” Qin Yun was about to cry without tears. He couldn’t stop shaking. He tried putting the ring on the Emperor several times but failed. The Emperor’s face darkened, and finally unable to bear it, he snatched the ring and put it on his own finger.

       “Trash!” Moschery said bitterly. He couldn’t help but pinched Qin Yun’s neck, pressed the back of his head and blocked his mouth.

       Tristana took the lead and whistled cheerfully under the balcony, “This is a global live broadcast, Your Majesty! Don’t let Her Royal Highness the Queen get off the stage!”

       Qin Yun’s face turned red. Moschery took a while before letting him go, his thumb deliberately or unintentionally wiping the water stains at the corner of his lips, “Klaas’ Bonding Heat potion has been developed.” His Majesty the Emperor suddenly said. His gaze, staring at Qin Yun, was a little dark, and his voice was low. He said, “We can try it tonight.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       The evening banquet was attended only by close friends and family of Qin Yun and the Emperor. Moschery found them too noisy and wore a displeased expression all night. Arthur held a wine glass and teased him, “Don’t be too impatient. Starting tomorrow, you can take a long honeymoon. You have plenty of time to enjoy yourselves.”

       The Emperor thought thoughtfully, “Do you still have the pheromone suppressant?”

       “Yes.” Arthur said frivolously, “What’s wrong?”

       Moschery, “I’ll trade you a Bonding Heat potion, and you give me all the pheromone suppressant potions you have.”

       Arthur was silent, “How many times do you plan to do it tonight?”

       Moschery did not answer directly. He said impatiently, “It’s always good to be more prepared. I can’t hurt him…” After a pause, the Emperor looked a little embarrassed, “And I’m also afraid that I can’t control myself.”

       “…” Arthur understood very well. He patted Moschery’s shoulder sympathetically, “I understand. It’s been really hard on you after being a virgin for so many years.”

       Moschery: “…”


       Qin Yun drank a little too much, and his hair, which had been combed during the day, was messed up. His bangs were stuck to his forehead. The smell of alcohol was a little on his face, and he looked at Moschery with bright eyes and smiled.

       “What are you talking about to Duke Garcia?” Qin Yun untied his tie and opened his collar a little, “I just logged in to All Universe 818. The videos and photos were pretty good… It’s just that I looked a bit silly. I was so nervous that I forgot to smile. ”

       Moschery narrowed his eyes and lingered near his exposed collarbone, “You don’t have to smile at others…” The Emperor couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to help him fasten the button again and said solemnly, “Take it off when you get back.”

       Qin Yun craned his neck and muttered something that Moschery didn’t hear clearly.


       Everyone at the dinner table had long lost their usual seriousness and restraint.

       Shen Zhuofan was already sleepy, half-dozing in Arthur’s arms. Skarter, having taken off his military uniform, propped up his head and gazed affectionately at Lin Dongliang, who was peeling shrimp for him. Only Tristana remained energetic, challenging Chen Xiao to a drinking game with clenched fists…

       “I never thought we were really married.” Qin Yun sighed. He stretched out his hand to shake the ring on his ring finger, but the Emperor held it in his palm mid-air.

       Moschery clasped his fingers with him and said in a disdainful tone, “What else can we do if we don’t get married? I told you I would give you half of the sovereignty of this country.”

       Qin Yun laughed and said half-jokingly, “What else can you give me besides this?”

       “I can give you a lot more.” Moschery took his hand and placed it near his heart. He looked into Qin Yun’s eyes and said slowly, “All my love and all my life.”

       Qin Yun was speechless for a long time. He only felt that his hand seemed to be able to touch Moschery’s fiery beating heart. The temperature was so hot that it seemed to burn the palm of his hand.

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