His Majesty the Emperor had a rare long honeymoon vacation, and of course, he could not spend it carelessly. Qin Yun didn’t mind; as long as he was not stuck in bed all day, he was fine with any way of spending it… Of course, the plan guide was still made by Moschery.

       “I still need to write a strategy…” Qin Yun looked at the Emperor and took out a pink diary with a rhinestone on it, “Can I read it?”

       Moschery glanced at him, “No.” He refused, “I want to give you a surprise, it wouldn’t be fun if you knew in advance.”

       “…” Qin Yun: “Being with you makes my skin crawl all over the ground…”

       Moschery pursed his lips and complained unhappily, “What do you know.”

       Qin Yun: “??”

       The Emperor obviously didn’t have any hope in his guide’s sentimental sense, so he could only give up and change the subject, “Have you thought of a name for your spiritual link?”

       “?!” Qin Yun was shocked, “You still need to think about a name?!”

       Moschery’s face darkened, “Did you spend time in the low-level guide circle for nothing?”

       Qin Yun: “It’s a low-level guide circle! Who can give a good name to a single-celled organism… Sennas’ spiritual link is a paramecium1caoluchong, Chongchong for short!”

       “…” Moschery, “Then what name do you want to give it?”

       Qin Yun thought for a while: “Well it’s a unicorn, so Hornhorn2unicorn is dujiaoshou and jiaou is horn. Qin Yun basically has 0 sense for naming!”

       Moschery: “…”


       Qin Yun worked very hard to educate His Majesty the Emperor on the peculiarities of ancient Imperial Chinese citizens in giving nicknames to their children. He believed his approach was correct, but unfortunately, Moschery disagreed.

       “Don’t even think about calling me Momo!” Moschery gritted his teeth and said, “You can’t think of such a stupid name.”

       Qin Yun: “…Isn’t your middle name Xi Zhao? And you’re called Xixi?”

       “…” Moschery: “Shut up!”

       Qin Yun had no choice but to compromise, “Alright, then you come up with one. I’ll go with whatever you suggest, okay?”

       Moschery gave him a suspicious look.

       “It’s true!” Qin Yun sat upright to show his sincerity, “You name it! I like whatever you call it!”

       Moschery snorted. His expression finally improved, and he thought seriously for a long time before answering, “Let’s call it Ishtar.”

       “…” Qin Yun was stunned for a long time without reacting, “Is, Ish what?”

       “Ishtar.” Moschery repeated patiently, “The Babylonian goddess of nature and harvest, who is also responsible for love, fertility and war, her name means star.”

       Qin Yun opened his mouth, “Although I think you are very good at history… but do you have to choose such a complicated name? He is a boy!”

       Moschery: “…”


       The male (?) unicorn that was given the name of a goddess didn’t have much reaction. Qin Yun wondered if it was a little stupid because it had been locked up for so long, but looking at Zhongyan… He felt that his Ishtar was actually pretty good?

       The unicorn was walking in the garden, still unable to fly, its white feathered wings folded at its sides.

       Zhongyan was with it. The dragon’s legs were a bit short, and the sight of it trying hard to chase after the figure in front was truly heartwrenching…

       Qin Yun looked at it for a while and shouted, “Ishtar!”

       The unicorn raised its neck slightly and stared at him from a distance with its golden eyes.

       “It’s really not approachable at all.” Qin Yun muttered. He took a few steps closer before Ishtar lowered his head and rubbed the guide’s palm with the spiral horn.

       Qin Yun smiled and rubbed its golden mane, “It seems you like this name very much.”

       The unicorn lightly shook its spiral horn.


       Moschery had written the plan, and when he came out, he saw Qin Yun standing far away like teaching a child to walk, teasing Ishtar to fly to him, and Zhongyan running around with his huge wings spread, as considerate as an old hen trying to set an example for the spiritual link partner…

       No matter how enthusiastically people tried to train, Ishtar remained the same. The beautiful unicorn leisurely strolled with elegance and pride. Occasionally, it swayed her pristine wings on its back, and the golden mane shimmered with a gentle halo in the sunlight.

       “Ishtar.” His Majesty the Emperor stood on the steps with his hands behind his hands. He called calmly, “Come here, Ishtar.”

       The unicorn raised its neck slightly, and Qin Yun watched in surprise as his spiritual link spread its wings as if gliding and landed in front of Moschery.

       Ishtar lowered its head and let the Emperor stroke its spiral horns docilely.

       “Good girl.” Moschery gave a rare smile.

       “It obviously doesn’t pay attention to me…” Qin Yun was a little annoyed. He walked to Moschery’s side, imitated the emperor’s movements, and held Ishtar’s head, “Hmm… don’t you love me?”

       “The state of the spiritual link directly reflects the owner’s emotions,” Moschery said lightly. He looked at Qin Yun and raised his eyebrows, “It comes here because you want to come to me.”

       “…” Qin Yun half-opened his mouth stupidly. When he realised what he was doing, his face turned red, and he stuttered at a loss: “Then, what…”

       Moschery suddenly interrupted him, “It’s the same with me.” The Emperor spoke loving words expressionlessly, “Zhongyan loves you to death. what do you think it’s because of?”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       The Emperor’s honeymoon itinerary involved playing through all the seven dragon balls occupied ABCDEFG Stars… However, Qin Yun had to do something before leaving.

       Shen Zhuofan was walking around with lions in the back garden of the Duke’s Palace. Several male lions flipped their bellies around him and begged to be petted. When Qin Yun rushed in with a flying machine, Shen Zhuofan simply didn’t know what expression to put on…

       “…Don’t think that you can be a tyrant after becoming a Queen!” Shen Zhuofan grunted in anger, “The Duke’s residence is private territory, understand?!”

       “I don’t care.” Qin Yun smiled and opened the hatch. He pushed Shen Zhuofan in, “Hurry up, brother is taking you to elope!”

       Shen Zhuofan: “…”


       The spire building of the Academy of Sciences stands in the downtown area of ​​the Empire. Chris has enjoyed an exclusive and luxurious office since he arrived. When Qin Yun arrived, he was about to take a nap. But before he could close his eyes, he saw an aircraft hanging in the air outside the floor-to-ceiling window, the royal aircraft that was covered with rhinestones…

       “…” Chris said with a headache, “You’re driving around with something that affects the cityscape so much, and the traffic police don’t fine you?!”

       Qin Yun said proudly, “I have an S-level pass.”

      Chris rolled his eyes. He opened the door to the laboratory and looked at Shen Zhuofan, “I have seen you, the most powerful guide representative in the history of Averio Academy. Your photo is still on the list of excellence.”

       Shen Zhuofan waved his hand with a serious expression, “A good man doesn’t mention the courage of the past. Don’t be obsessed with this brother; this brother is just a hammer.”

      Chris: “…”


       Qin Yun had no experience in treating brain nerves, and neither did Chris. But as a scientist, the most important thing was the spirit of exploration.

       “Actually, whether it’s guide or sentinel, the key lies in genes, so the brain nerve destroyer is just a powerful suppressant that suppresses the guide’s mental power.” Chris couldn’t help but start explaining out of professional habit, “Let me put it this way, it’s like diseases. Some diseases just cause minor issues with your cells and blood, but others can damage human genes. The latter often comes with genetic factors and is both rare and difficult to study.”

       Shen Zhuofan frowned and said, “So you mean my guide gene is still there?”

       “Of course.” Chris spread his hands, “Otherwise, why would you still produce Bonding Heat every month after being marked, even though you no longer have the ability to guide? Your guide genes persist, and you’ve acquired the genetic memories of the other… How was that phrase again? The ultimate result of love is possessing fragments of each other’s genes?”

       Qin Yun: “…What you said makes so much sense that I don’t even have the energy to complain.”

      Chris laughed loudly, “The title of number one scientist in Olympus is not a bluff!” He seemed to have thought of something and mysteriously began to rummage through the boxes, “I’ve had some free time lately, so I’ve been researching a lot of new things.”

       Qin Yun looked at him and took out his glasses, “What are these?”

       “Dimensional glasses.” Chris adjusted the glasses, “Ordinary people’s consciousness can generally only see three-dimensional space, but because the consciousness of sentinel and guide is higher than ours, it can see another dimensional space, where the spiritual link is generated. “

       Shen Zhuofan stared at Chris with a look like we were all just studying in a class.

       The latter was greatly encouraged and continued to promote, “So I used geometric dimensions to study this pair of glasses… which can allow ordinary people to see the spiritual link between sentinel and guide!” He paused and looked at Qin Yun, “Do you want me to explain the principles of geometric dimensions?”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       “So.” Chris put on his glasses with a solemn expression. He stared at Qin Yun and said excitedly, “Quickly summon your god-level spiritual link and try it. If it succeeds, the empire’s taxes will be paid for the next hundred years!”

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