When Lin Dongliang and a group of people rushed to the main ship, Qin Yun’s emergency meeting had already been convened. The chaotic scene of unruly demons and monsters, which the newly appointed Prime Minister had been worried about, had not materialised. Tristana had changed into her combat uniform, and she was fine-tuning a small handgun.

       Chen Xiao waited a little impatiently, “Why are you so inked up to go to the frontline, don’t tell me you still need to put on make-up.”

       Tristana glared at him and pointed at her face, “I’m makeup-free! A natural beauty!”

       Chen Xiao had an expression of ‘whatever you say’. He saw Lin Dongliang and greeted, “Coming?”

       The Prime Minister’s face looked like “…”

       Tristana winked and said proudly, “Don’t underestimate our Queen.”

       Shen Zhuofan wasn’t surprised. He understood Qin Yun’s strengths, but he was still curious. He asked Chen Xiao, “What did His Highness say?”

       “He only said one thing.” Chen Xiao recalled, “He said, ‘I don’t care where you come from, your past status, merits, or political views. All you need to do is prove yourselves on the battlefield, prove your deep love for this land beneath your feet at this moment…'”

       “At this moment, your loyalty is not to the Empire.” Tristana followed up her sentinel’s words, her eyes bright and beautiful, “What you are loyal to is your own heart.”

       Arthur was silent for a while, then he laughed, “He is right. Not only did he avoid the embarrassing status of being a low-level guide, but he also boosted morale.”

       Lin Dongliang sighed, “It’s really… words full of power and wisdom. If it were me, it might not have such an effect.”

       “Politicians’ minds are just complicated.” Tristana wrinkled her nose, and she stood up with a graceful and valiant posture, “Heroes need no origin. If you’re a man, you should be willing to sacrifice on the battlefield, shed blood, and reclaim lost territory to defend our homeland.”

       Skarter whistled in agreement, making everyone laugh.


       Qin Yun was a little puzzled when he changed back into his field uniform and came out to hear laughter in the cabin; “You guys are here? What are you laughing about?”

       “Nothing.” Shen Zhuofan waved his hand and stopped laughing, “Has the strategic deployment been completed? What are you going to do?”

       Speaking of this, Qin Yun also became solemn, “Zhongyan used to be difficult to catch because others couldn’t see him, but now the situation is uncertain. Once the spiritual link is caught, the owner will also be affected. I have to rescue Xi Zhao as soon as possible, so I can’t delay.”

       Skarter understood, “Are you suggesting a full-frontal assault, forcing the enemy to engage us?”

       “Yes.” Qin Yun nodded and looked at Arthur, “The Duke and General Skarter led all the warships to attack the border. Chen Xiao, General Lane, and I were responsible for the raid to rescue Xi Zhao and Bixi.”

       Lin Dongliang pondered, “A three-man raid may not be enough. Shen Zhuofan and I will cooperate with you. Five targets can better confuse the opponent’s sight.”

       Qin Yun frowned. Just as he was about to refuse, Shen Zhuofan punched him in the shoulder.

       “We are brothers and comrades-in-arms.” He pointed at Qin Yun’s chest, “Give me your back. Don’t say no.”

       Qin Yun opened his mouth, but he found that he couldn’t say a word. He could only hold Shen Zhuofan’s palm tightly and bumped each other’s shoulders.


       The sun was rarely visible in the sky of Olympus, and it was almost always covered with clouds. It was difficult to tell the difference between morning and dusk. Moschery looked up for a while and summoned Zhongyan at the entrance to the laboratory.

       The giant dragon was wearing the Toothless rhinestone pendant that Qin Yun first pasted to its neck. Bixi couldn’t help but laugh when she saw it.

       “Do you like this very much?” Bixi touched the dragon’s muzzle as Zhongyan leaned over and said, “Little Rainbow Dash will make more beautiful ones. Let him make it for you when you go back.”

       Zhongyan turned around and stared at Moschery with bright eyes. He flapped his wings slightly, feeling a little excited.

       Moschery had a sullen face and said coldly, “You haven’t used up all the ones you had before, don’t even think about it.”

       The giant dragon looked like he was about to cry.

       Moschery showed no mercy, and the next second, Zhongyan was lying on the ground with his belly up, waving his four short legs wildly, and tears falling like rain.

       Moschery: “…”

       Bixi: “…who did he learn this naughty habit of sitting on the floor and acting up if the parents didn’t buy them something?”

       Of course, Moschery couldn’t say it was spoilt by Qin Yun. He went up and kicked the giant dragon’s butt a few times with a cold face. Zhongyan felt the pain and did not dare to act recklessly again.  He followed behind the Emperor, whimpering occasionally


       There was no one in the laboratory. Bixi saw Helu’s body in the centre at a glance. She took a few steps forward anxiously but suddenly froze in place.

       Behind her, Moschery saw his father’s chest being dug open.

       Zhongyan was flying in the air, and it couldn’t help but move forward, arching to Bixi’s shoulders in a comforting manner. Moschery took a deep breath, frowned, and called out in a worried tone, “Bixi…” As soon as he finished speaking, a fluorescent light suddenly flashed across the roof of the laboratory, and Moschery roared, “Be careful!” He ignored Zhongyan, rushed over, hugged Bixi, and rolled to the side.

       Zhongyan let out a scream-like dragon roar, and the huge dimensional cage imprisoned the giant dragon inside.

       Kyle’s figure appeared on the experimental table. A corner of his robe seemed to be stained with thick black mist, and his whole body was as pale as paper.

       “Welcome to Olympus.” He snapped his fingers softly and saw thousands of rays of lightning exploding in the dimension prison. Zhongyan’s giant wings were cut to pieces, and the giant dragon screamed and hit the cage pillars.

       Moschery covered his ‘Dragon Eye’ with one hand and slowly protected Bixi behind him with the other hand. Kyle raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that the other party would still have the strength to stand up straight after such an attack on the spiritual link.

       Zhongyan was lying on the bottom of the cage, trying his best to wrap himself with his giant wings. Its dragon roar became weaker and weaker, and it stared at Moschery with wide eyes.

       “You are really a powerful sentinel, Your Majesty.” Kyle smiled slightly. He knew that Moschery could not attack him now, and Bixi was only an SSS guide and not someone to be feared.

       Kyle held a small section of the sealed tube in his hand and shook it gently, “I just opened it and checked the genes inside. The results are almost there. Do you want to take a look together?”

       “Why do you want the genes of a god-level Sentinel?” Bixi hugged Moschery tightly, who was about to collapse, and her whole body trembled with anger.

       Kyle glanced at her, “Aunt Bixi, you may not remember me, but I know you. After you escaped back to the Empire, the god-level experiments in Olympus were almost paralysed. It wasn’t until nearly two years ago that we found out why you destroyed the lab back then.”

       “An ordinary person with a god-level gene and an SSS guide can give birth to a god-level one. So what kind of monster will be born if I combine 80% of the god-level guide gene with 100% of the god-level Sentinel gene?” Kyle’s expression gradually became more and more manic, “Olympus will become the real land of gods, but it’s a pity…” He looked at Moschery with disdain, “You obviously have a god-level guide beside you, and yet you didn’t think of this method. The Empire’s genes are destined to return to mediocrity and never evolve again.”

       Bixi gritted her teeth and said, “You are simply crazy.”

       Kyle snorted softly and pointed his finger at the genetic tester on the side, with excitement in his eyes, “You should thank me for finding the last god-level Sentinel gene.”


       A massive holographic screen unfolded in mid-air, spiralling genes reassembling and restructuring. Kyle’s initially relaxed expression gradually tensed as he watched the three-dimensional humanoid figure becoming increasingly defined through countless iterations of intelligent scans.

       “How is it possible…” he murmured.

       Bixi stood under the light curtain, looking in disbelief at the face that looked exactly like hers in the hologram.


       “The Emperor of Issa will only be buried with his lover.” Moschery said suddenly. He looked at Helu on the operating table, “My father kept the love of his life secret in his heart and never spoke it out until he died.”

       The young emperor stood up, and the dragon in the dimension cage moved its wings gently. When Kyle noticed something strange, the whites of Bixi’s eyes had completely turned silver-gray, and Black Pearl stood beside her. The steed’s front hooves flicked up as it let out a neigh.

       “Don’t overestimate your capabilities!” Kyle said scornfully, “You are just an SSS guide, yet you actually want to control me?!”

       Bixi’s face was pale, and sweat flowed down her temples to her chin. She twitched the corners of her mouth and showed a weak smile, “Those who are barefoot are not afraid of those who wear shoes. If you don’t try it, how will you know?”

       Kyle’s pupils shrank suddenly, and Bixi’s mental power turned into silver arrows, sweeping over the sky and covering the earth.

       Moschery took the opportunity to throw the Dragon Scale with all his strength, and the tip of the sword dug hard into the dimensional prison.

       “Come out!” Moschery roared, “Zhongyan!”

       The dragon struggled to raise its scarred wings and smashed the cage pillars. The dragon’s roar penetrated the sky and the earth. Moschery pulled out the Dragon Scale and jumped on Zhongyan’s back. The dragon swooped down and pounced on Kyle…

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