Chapter 4 – Since God let you live, don’t ruin this for yourself!

Chapter 4 – Since God let you live, don’t ruin this for yourself!


Qi Yun thought that Xing Zhongwan had already left, and closed his eyes weakly. He has been lying in bed for more than a year. When he woke up from the car accident, his eyes could no longer see and his legs were broken so he could only lie on the bed and wait for death. Born in the Qi family, Qi Yun knew very well that his body was no longer of use to the Qi family. Grandpa, who had always had high hopes for him, only took a look after he regained consciousness, and never appeared again.


His mother, Mrs. Qi, came to see him and cried a few times, and a few times only. Qi Yun was blind but not deaf, and he knew all the private discussions between the servants clearly. His younger brother from abroad was brought back, the younger brother his mother had completely given up on supporting. At that time, Qi Yun was still calm, his mother was that kind of person. Her being nice to him or caring about him was never because he was her own son. She only ever cared about how much benefit his person could bring to her in order to consolidate her position in the Qi family. After being cripplied, he had completely lost his place in her heart. 


In the days when he was paralyzed in bed, it was not too unbearable at first. Despite the pitch blackness of his vision and not being able to feel his legs, everyone was still respectful at the beginning. After all, as the third young master, Qi, he still carried some power. But after a long time, he gradually realized that the wind no longer blew in his direction. This third young master Qi was no longer the former third young master Qi. The original reverence slowly turned into negligence, which has now turned into being completely shunned out.


Qi Yun went from being agitated in the beginning to indifferent now. From the moment he moved to this remote villa, all of Qi Yun’s contact was cut off from the outside world. Even if he didn’t want it, his legs and eyes were not getting better. The doctor’s diagnosis also discouraged him. 


His physical condition made him feel frustrated and he lived like a dead man. The people in this villa didn’t treat him like a living person. It’s not like he didn’t smell the scent of rotting flesh on his body. Sometimes he also hated himself and felt that he was going to rot on the bed. This useless body should have been taken away by God at the same time as the car accident.


The footsteps that had already faded away came again, Qi Yun opened his eyes sharply, he came back?


Xing Zhongwan came back with warm water and a washbasin. He then raised the temperature of the indoor heater. Xing Zhongwan rolled up his sleeves and began to take off Qi Yun’s clothes.


Qi Yun’s voice was cold, “What are you going to do?”


Xing Zhongwan sneered, “What do I want to do? Can you take care of it? Are you in any condition to refuse? If you can, you can flip over my basin water, but can you even see it?”


“You!” Qi Yun was a little annoyed. He didn’t want his body to be seen by others, but it was as he said, does he have the right to refuse now?


Xing Zhongwan wrung the towel and began to wipe Qi Yun’s body carefully. Qi Yun was visibly stunned, and his upper body that he could still move shook slightly.


Xing Zhongwan wiped the skin mottled with blood-filled pus with a light touch, and took a shaky breath, “Does it hurt?”


He glanced at Qi Yun, who was expressionless. Seems like he shouldn’t be able to feel it. Xing Zhongwan stopped looking at him and continued to wipe. Qi Yun’s heart was already in a mess. It had been a long time since anyone had wiped his body. Even his mother just left after seeing his urination and defecation. He could hear disgust in her words. He doesn’t like others to move his body, and it’s not that he can’t hear those servants’ comments behind his back. Qi Yun closed his eyes. The person rubbing down his body now spoke in a bad tone but did not have malicious intent.


Xing Zhongwan changed the water in the basin three times to clean Qi Yun, and took clean clothes from the cabinet and put them on him. Although Qi Yun was almost as thin as his skeleton, he was still a tall man. Xing Zhongwan was sweating when he changed his clothes.


Xing Zhongwan went downstairs to find the old housekeeper and asked her to call a doctor. The old housekeeper glanced at him, and a sneer flashed across her mouth, but she still called a doctor.


The doctor came and gave Qi Yun a fever-reducing shot. Xing Zhongwan lifted Qi Yun’s quilt, “What about these wounds, are you not going to deal with them?”


The doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of the nose, “It is not stated in the contract that this is my responsibility.”


Xing Zhong sneered belatedly, “Not your responsibility. And when his wound does not get any better. To me, it seems your contract also tells you to just watch him die.”


The doctor was startled for a moment before telling the nurse behind him to give him the medicine.


As soon as he wanted to leave, Xing Zhongwan pulled on the collar of his coat, “Tell me how to use it, before you go!”


Xing Zhongwan took the ointment and smeared it on Qi Yun’s ulcerated wounds with cotton swabs. He thought it only affected the lower body, but when he changed his clothes, he realized that his whole back was also covered with them. The damp skin became ulcerated after being in bed for a long time. Xing Zhongwan thought, if you didn’t feel the pain in your lower half, he could understand it, but your upper body was so bad, how can you bear it too.


It took more than half an hour to apply all the wounds on Qi Yun’s body. Xing Zhongwan felt a little hungry. He glanced at the hanging IV still filled with liquid and decided to go down to eat first. As soon as he stepped out of the door, the old housekeeper stopped him.


“Miss Xing, it seems that you really decided to go against my words. I mentioned when you first came here that you should talk less. Also, don’t do the things you shouldn’t do!”


Xing Zhongwan leaned against the door. Looking at her crookedly, ever since a child, he’s always hated being reprimanded. What I want to do, what does it matter to you!


“Old lady, since I’m here, I can’t watch him die. It was Madam Qi personally who asked me to do this. I’ve also mentioned this!”


Xing Zhongwan passed by her and went downstairs. He didn’t say the second half of the sentence. Qi Yun was basically a deadman, this doesn’t benefit him at all. His cheap dad wanted to take the opportunity to drag him into the water. Even if Qi Yun died, Xing Zhengping would have no choice but to fulfil his wish. Besides, in front of his mother’s grave, Xing Zhongwan said that it would help his mother return gracefully. Although he didn’t think it was such a great thing to go back to the Xing’s house, her mother couldn’t let it go even up till her death. After being handed such a good opportunity, Xing Zhongwan must make sure to successfully get this done.


Annoyed, Xing Zhongwan stomped up the stairs while holding onto the railings. He entered the kitchen and glanced at the already prepared dinner, which had already gone cold which was also unappetizing. Xing Zhongwan went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator. Looking up and down, he simply made himself a bowl of noodles. After eating quickly, he turned his head and pondered for a bit before washing some rice and putting it on the stove to make some porridge.


Xing Zhongwan carried the porridge into Qi Yun’s room, and the anti-inflammatory medicine that was about to run out. Xing Zhongwan skillfully pulled out the needle and pressed the cotton onto it to stop the bleeding.


Xing Zhongwan stretched out his hand to help Qi Yun up. As soon as his hands touched Qi Yun’s shoulder, the person on the bed opened his eyes vigilantly, “What are you going to do?”


Xing Zhongwan said casually, “It’s time to eat, what else. Don’t tell me whatever that old woman fed you managed to make its way into your stomach.”


Qi Yun didn’t speak, but also didn’t cooperate. Xing Zhongwan was sweating profusely, and he was in a bad mood. He didn’t care about the other. He blew at the spoon of porridge and put it next to his mouth, “Eat.”


Qi Yun flicked his hand, and the porridge with the spoon fell on Xing Zhongwan’s white shirt. On the shirt, Xing Zhongwan was annoyed. The grudge regarding the injury on my face hasn’t been settled with you. Why are you so shameless!


“I kindly cooked it for you, what’s with your attitude!”


Qi Yun turned his head, “I didn’t ask you to care for me!”


Xing Zhong stood up angrily at night, you think I wanted to take care of you! If it weren’t for Laozi being roped into this little game, I wouldn’t have fvcking cared if you lived or died.


He angrily paced back and forth in the room a few times, Qi Yun’s sunken cheeks were lifeless under the dim light, making him look like a person made of cardboard.


Xing Zhongwan thought to himself, why should I be angry with a disabled person.


Walking in front of Qi Yun, Xing Zhongwan bent down and leaned against his ears, “Since God let you live, don’t ruin this for yourself!”

T/N: Heyo guys! Usually, I get kinda queasy at any mention of ill people, especially those that are on their death-bed or even look remotely close to being weak cause my heart just can’t handle the pain that they’re going through… But fear not my fellow readers, for Qi Yun will make a hearty recovery soon, with his wife by his side kekekeke!!

Also, speaking of health… I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones during this pandemic. Be sure to stay and home and quarantine if you feel unwell and self-test regularly using those RAT1 rapid antigen testing kits! If you have no choice, but have to work or go to class like I do, be sure to wear a mask or follow appropriate social distancing measures! I, myself am waiting for my third shot, aka my booster vax, AND I CAN’T STRESS THIS QUITE ENOUGH. If you have the means to get it as well, I would recommend you get it too (after the supposed 6 months after your 2nd shot iirc).


Anywoots, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this chapter hehe.


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