Chapter 5 – I’ll only look down on you then!

Chapter 5 – I’ll just look down on you


The person in bed was startled, Qi Yun didn’t expect to hear such words from a total stranger. He has been lying in bed for more than a year, and has listened to the tone of disappointment a lot. Rarely did anyone really care about his body. Hearing these words from a stranger today, Qi Yun thought it was a bit strange, who are you, and what right do you have to care about me.


Qi Yun snorted coldly. It wasn’t like Xing Zhongwan didn’t have a temper. In fact, he was already being patient talking to him. In the end, the other person did not appreciate it at all! Xing Zhongwan heavily put down the bowl in his hand on the bedside table and left.


As soon as Xing Zhongwan left, the room instantly became quieter. Qi Yun opened his eyes, in his sight, it was still pitch black but the tip of his nose caught a faint scent of vegetables. Following the fragrance, Qi Yun turned his head, staring at the direction of the bedside table with no clear focus in his pupils and his hands beside him, clenching the clean sheets tightly.


Xing Zhongwan felt that he was smothered and wanted to smoke. After feeling around in his coat pocket for a long time, he only managed to bring out a lollipop. Xing Zhongwan was sitting on the steps outside the villa with a lollipop in his mouth. It was damn sweet, and still strawberry-flavored too! Xing Zhongwan sighed, even the breath he breathed out was full of the scent of strawberries.


Xing Zhongwan rubbed his hair which was blowing in the cold wind, and couldn’t help but sneeze.


Xing Zhongwan had never eaten sugar as a child, and his mother has been in poor health ever since giving birth to him. Later, the mother and son pair were kicked out of the country by Xing Zhengping, and their fvcking health became even worse. At the age of ten, Xing Zhongwan knew how to pull out his mother’s needle, and now that he was even older he could help give her injections, so that was why he was proficient in pulling out the needle for Qi Yun.


His mother had very little time to take care of Xing Zhongwan after being bedridden for many years. Xing Zhongwan was also very sensible. Who didn’t like to eat sweets as a child, but he knew his mother couldn’t eat sweet stuff, plus there was nothing sweet at home. On his birthdays, he’s also never eaten any cake before. As a child, Xing Zhongwan only counted down the days his mother could live for every day, how would he be in the mood to celebrate his own birthday.


It’s not that he‘s never been scolded for being an illegitimate child. It is strange that Xing Zhongwan is very calm about it. He doesn’t think his identity is inferior to others. For him, it is enough to have the best mother in the world. Although his mother has never said that he loves him, Xing Zhong knew full well that his late mother loves him, her eyes full of affection do not lie.


His mother believed in Buddhism. When he was a child, Xing Zhongwan liked to lean on his mother and listen to her teaching Buddhist scriptures. Before his mother died, Xing Zhongwan always wore a string of Buddhist beads to keep himself safe. His mother always told him not to hate, and that everything had its causes and effects, and to always look on the bright side and live more carefreely. The encounter between a person and others is an opportunity, everything follows fate, and to always follow one’s own heart.


Xing Zhongwan bit the lollipop, his mother told him to be very open-hearted, but he still couldn’t let go.


After his mother departed, Xing Zhongwan’s feelings seemed to have been taken away along with her. He ate sugar and cakes that he had never eaten before, which was sweet and unappetizing. People who don’t care, all the good things in the world have lost their original luster.


Xing Zhongwan bit the sweet strawberry lollipop and swallowed it, and the anger in his heart had long since dissipated. Qi Yun was originally someone who had nothing to do with him. There was really no need to be angry because of him. His behavior just now was a bit funny.


Xing Zhongwan stood up, stretched his waist, took a few steps, and suddenly remembered something.


Three years ago, he came back to the country for a personal matter and met Qi Yun at a banquet.


At that time, Qi Yun was in the limelight. Although he looked like an ethereal being, there were still many people who were not afraid of death and wanted to climb up the social ladder. At that time, Qi Yun had already broken the marriage contract with the Xing family and had a new fiancée. Xing Zhongwan had seen that woman, her aesthetics was far worse than that of his white lotus sister, but her dad gave her a strong family background.


Xing Zhongwan sneered in his heart, Qi Yun, Qi Yun, no matter how high your status is, what’s the use of your status? You can’t even choose the person you like. Plus, could someone like you sincerely like another?


At that moment, Xing Zhongwan felt that Qi Yun’s lofty appearance grew less irritating.


Xing Zhongwan originally planned to show up and get the formalities over with before leaving. Unexpectedly, he was dragged around for two full hours. Xing Zhongwan was depressed and went to the garden outside to breathe. The hotel’s garden was full of night lavender. Before Xing Zhongwan could breathe again, he saw a scene that made him hold his breath.


A slender body in a black suit bent over, looking at the night lavenders in front of him. The white flowers lined up to his shocking profile. Xing Zhongwan felt that the man not far off was about to drift away.


The scent of evening lavender was intoxicating, and Xing Zhongwan felt as though he was about to be poisoned. The corner of the man’s mouth was gently upturned, and his long eyelashes cast a silver glow under his eyes.


When Xing Zhongwan regained his wits, he almost choked himself to death.


No wonder so many people polished themselves up to send their daughters to Qi’s family to marry Qi Yun, and why his sister was crying like that after her divorce. Now he can see where the sincerity in their actions came from.


Qi Yun really is attractive, and that ethereal appearance makes others want to fvcking ruin him.


Xing Zhongwan was amused by his own thoughts for a bit, and when he turned around, the other person was no longer there. Like a saint who secretly descended to the world, he left a faint fragrance before disappearing.


Xing Zhongwan pulled himself away from the memory and sighed before looking up at Qi Yun’s room on the third floor. He cursed and then entered the house.


Going to the kitchen to make a new bowl of porridge, he then entered Qi Yun’s room. Pushing the bowl of cold porridge aside, Xing Zhongwan glanced at Qi Yun with his eyes closed, “I know you are still awake, come and drink the porridge. I made it myself, not as unpalatable as the one they made.”


The person on the bed was still motionless, so Xing Zhongwan exhaled, I was so fvcking blinded by your beauty, but it already expired that year!


Xing Zhongwan stretched out his hand to support him and Qi Yun opened his eyes. His thin face made Xing Zhongwan feel as though he could puncture the skin on his face with a little bit of force.


Of course, his body didn’t get any better yet, and now even his bones hurt.


“Can you sit up?”


Qi Yun didn’t resist this time, but didn’t cooperate. Xing Zhongwan took two pillows to cushion his back but Qi Yun’s weak body slid down the pillows.


Xing Zhongwan frowned and took two more pillows from the cabinet. Helping Qi Yun up, he stabilized his weak lower body with the pillows.


After doing this, Xing Zhongwan was already sweating. Qi Yun opened his eyes, and those eyes looked a bit terrifying on his face with the remaining thin layer of skin.


Xing Zhongwan wiped the sweat on his face and sat on the side of the bed with a bowl in his hand.


He took a sip of porridge and placed it next to Qi Yun’s mouth, but Qi Yun remained unmoving.


Xing Zhongwan snorted, “If you want to die, I will help you.”


After saying that, he threw a fruit knife on Qi Yun’s body, “Take this knife to your throat. You will be relieved.”


Xing Zhongwan picked up the knife and placed it in Qi Yun’s hand. “If you still don’t want to die, drink the porridge. It’s much harder to live than to die. Qi Yun, you want to just rot here. In this place, and then be buried in the ground in obscurity and let the name Qi Yun disappear from the memory of other’s? If you want to, then I won’t get in your way.”


Xing Zhongwan chuckled, “I’ll just look down on you!”


T/N: Owo Qi Yun, you better stop being cold and making waifie mad or else waifie is gonna leave you for real ahahaha…Also, isn’t Xing Zhongwan being just a tad bit a little too cold? owo ur hubby is still sick, show him some leniency hehe. All in all, a rather dramatic chapter, hopefully things cool down soon… See you in the next one!

Also, if you like rather angy, smol but cute ukes, do check out Perfection! The uke’s personality there is also very adorable, almost as adorable as his little secret and his tiny peen owo. More on the plot of that novel at seven in the next chapter ahaha. Did I mention that it’s fully translated too?

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  1. Baisha

    Actually ml’s behaviour towards mc can be explained. For a year not a single soul genuinely cared for him.Even his mother don’t give sh*t about him.They are not treating him, they are letting him rot there. So suddenly when a person came in his life & sincerely taking care of him without any benefit ,,, I think now he is confuse, doubtful,, he just can’t believe & accept mc’s kindness.

    Thnx for the translation ❤️😘

  2. Peachy

    This is very interesting. Please keep translating. Thank you! ^-^


    Very interesting. Can’t wait to see where this leads. Thanks for the translation.

  4. Freyresia

    Thank you for picking this novel! It’s so interesting so I want to read more! I’ll wait for the next chapter~


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