Chapter 34 – Can’t you like me a little too?

Chapter 34 – Can’t you like me a little too?


Chen Ying pushed Qi Yun into the room. Closing his eyes, Qi Yun then allowed him to walk out. After waiting for the other to walk away, Qi Yun opened his eyes and rubbed his aching forehead. His headaches have been getting worse recently. It seems that the surgery must be done as soon as possible.


Suddenly a pair of warm hands touched Qi Yun’s forehead. Qi Yun suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed the hand of the person who came, “Who are you?” 


The cold voice made the person behind Qi Yun pause for a moment while the severe pain in her hand made her cry out, “Third…Third young master …I…I, I…I’ll wait for you…To wash up…”


Qi Yun violently shook off the woman’s hand, “Go away!”


The woman’s frightened voice was unsteady, “Third young master, I…”


“Go away! If you make me say it again, you are going to leave the door sideways1Usually people walk upright. To leave side ways is like being carried out on an EMT stretcher. Not in a very good condition, I bet.!” 


The woman lowered her head and cried softly before walking out from the door in a panic, bumping into Xing Zhongwan who just came back. He raised his head and glanced at her red, tear-stained face.


Xing Zhongwan was confused and pointed in the direction the woman ran away, “What’s wrong with her?”


Qi Yun said with a dark face, “She said she wanted to bathe me!”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned, but he couldn’t help but start laughing, “Hahaha, that’s so lively, third young master. Can’t help that you’re too attractive.”


Qi Yun’s face became even worse, “You’re still smiling? Come here quickly. I want to take a shower.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, closed the door, and went to the closet to get him a change of clothes, “I have something to tell you. I will fly back in two days as there are some things I have to do. I will come back when I am done.”


Qi Yun couldn’t react for a while, “You want to leave?”


Xing Zhongwan put his clothes on the bed, “Yes, it will be very soon, and I will be back as soon as I can.”


Qi Yun’s voice was a little muffled, “Can you tell me what’s going on?”


Xing Zhongwan walked up to him and squatted down, “I want to take my mother’s ashes back.” Qi Yun was startled for a bit, but then the expression on his face relaxed, “Do you need my help? I mean, it’s almost Qingming 2An annual day for grave-sweeping. We prepare a lot of food that the deceased liked. There must traditionally be a roast chicken, and chinese wine. We also burn paper money (hell currency) and pray to give our respects.and I also want to go to your mother’s place to pay my respects.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “No, I’ve already arranged everything.”


Qi Yun turned his head and said ok as he listened. He could see Xing Zhongwan’s refusal to bring him although he did not clearly say it in words. He did not want him to be involved in his family affairs, and therefore still did not accept Qi Yun fundamentally. Qi Yun gradually tightened his hands on both sides of the wheelchair. Xing Zhongwan saw him tense up his body and knew that he was not happy again so he patiently said to him,


“I’m very glad that you want to help me, but I want to solve my mother’s affairs on my own. Another thing, on the days when I’m not here, you have to let Chen Ying pay more attention and not let this kind of thing happen again. I don’t want that woman’s belly to get bigger when I come back.”


His joke made Qi Yun’s face turn dark instantly, “What do you think of me as, am I so… so…”


This inexplicably aggrieved tone made Xing Zhongwan laugh, “Oh, it’s not good to joke with you. Just look at you in a panic. Let’s go take a shower.” 


The bathroom was specially remodeled for Qi Yun. With Qi Yun now sitting stably. Xing Zhongwan took the bath lotion and applied it on him. Looking at the red patches on his body, he thought that they would turn dark again tomorrow.


“Don’t train too hard. Take it step by step. You can’t be impatient. The doctors say you’ve made great progress. And that’s amazing, Qi Yun.”


Qi Yun grabbed Xing Zhongwan’s hand holding the bath towel, “If I don’t hurry up, what should I do when you run away?” 


Xing Zhongwan was suddenly caught and the hand that was on his legs suddenly stopped moving. Qi Yun’s hair was wet and his lips were rosy as the crystalline water droplets ran down his face beautifully. It dribbled from his eyebrows down his blushing lips, along the bridge if his beautifully sculpted nose. Xing Zhongwan looked dumbfounded. When he realized it, he wanted to shake Qi Yun’s hand of, but he didn’t. Qi Yun kissed his lips as Xing Zhongwan looked at his turbid eyes. When he suddenly stopped responding, his lips were slightly opened so Qi Yun took advantage of it. His tongue nimbly penetrated Xing Zhongwan’s mouth and lightly licked the inside of his cool mouth. Xing Zhongwan’s felt like his entire body had been electrocuted. Qi Yun’s kiss was actually very amateurish and it faintly felt like a child who just tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time after cautiously approaching his sweetheart. When Qi Yun left Xing Zhongwan’s lips, a thin silver thread hung between those bright red lips. Xing Zhongwan asked in a daze, “What are you doing?”


Qi Yun held his face with both hands like he was holding treasure, “I’m kissing you, Wanwan, I like you, do you like me?”


As though there was thunder that suddenly hit the ground around them, Xing Zhongwan suddenly snapped out of it. He threw away the bath towel in his hand and wanted to leave but was pulled back by Qi Yun. But because his center of gravity was unstable, Xing Zhongwan fell into the bathtub with a splash. Xing Zhongwan said angrily, “Qi Yun, you are crazy!”


While speaking, Qi Yun had already sealed his lips and grabbed his hand to feel his already hardening crotch. As if had just been pricked with poison, Xing Zhongwan quickly retracted his hand but was held down by Qi Yun, who sucked Xing Zhongwan’s lips and tongue with a force that seemed like it was going to swallow him whole. Xing Zhongwan was afraid of hurting him so he didn’t dare to exert any force. The two of them were entangled in the bathtub and soaked all over. 


Xing Zhongwan sat astride Qi Yun’s waist. As Qi Yun’s hardened member rubbed at Xing Zhongwan, who was wearing thin sweatpants that were soaked, it was easy for a man to react when he was rubbed on his sensitive parts in the same way when he is not wearing pants. Xing Zhongwan became hard. Qi Yun stuck his tongue deep into Xing Zhongwan’s throat, holding his firm buttocks tightly with both hands. Xing Zhongwan thrusted up hard against his abdomen and Qi Yun was stunned but he became even more excited so his hands gripped his abdomen more tightly. He couldn’t help but shift it down and tighten his grip. Xing Zhongwan paused before pushing Qi Yun away abruptly and slapping him in the face.


There was a crisp sound and Qi Yun was shocked. Xing Zhongwan came out of the bathtub panting. The redness on his face gradually faded as he opened the bathroom door and went out without saying a word.


Qi Yun sat in the water. His eyes gradually turned red. Was it still impossible? Impossible for us both? Wanwan! He closed his eyes and slammed his fist into the water.


Xing Zhongwan leaned against the door and breathed slowly to calm down as he watched himself slowly become soft. He slapped his own cold cheeks. Xing Zhongwan didn’t dare think of what would have happened if he hadn’t slapped him.


He took off his clothes and threw them on the ground before changing into a random one from the closet. He sat on the bed with a chaotic state of mind. He didn’t know how long he sat down for until he suddenly remembered that Qi Yun was still in the bathroom. Quickly, he got up to look for Qi Yun.


Qi Yun sat dazedly in the cold water. Xing Zhongwan carried him out without saying a word and wrapped him in a dry towel. Qi Yun’s body was as cold as a dead person’s.


Xing Zhongwan was a little remorseful. Even if he was angry, he couldn’t just leave a patient in the bathtub. He quickly helped Qi Yun change into clean clothes but saw that he was still shaking. Xing Zhongwan’s bitter heartache came back after seeing his pale lips and thin body shaking, so he simply hugged Qi Yun as the two of them laid down. He wrapped himself in the quilt and wrapped his own feet around Qi Yun’s cold legs to keep him warm.


Seeing Qi Yun’s cheeks quickly swell up as the two were under the covers, Xing Zhongwan suddenly regretted it.


Qi Yun whispered, “I’m sorry. I was too impatient.”


Xing Zhongwan was speechless. He was really angry, but even if he really wanted to scold and beat him, he couldn’t do anything. He was helpless so he only sighed, “It’s hard for me to do this.”


Qi Yun raised his hand and put his arms around his neck, “I just like you, Wanwan, can’t you like me a little too?”


Xing Zhongwan was silent…


That night, Qi Yun had a high fever and it took two days for him to recover. His face became skinny quickly and he looked extremely haggard. Chen Ying was always looking at Xing Zhongwan very strangely these days. The large handprint from the slap on Qi Yun’s face could be seen by everyone. In addition to that, Qi Yun even developed an inexplicable fever.


Xing Zhongwan was extremely depressed. Fortunately, Qi Yun soon recovered from the fever and there was news from Uncle Zhong again.


The day had been chosen and Xing Zhongwan was also too embarrassed to stay with Qi Yun, so he just flew back to reclaim the f-cking ashes.


When Qi Yun woke up, Xing Zhongwan had already boarded a private jet.


He stared blankly at the ceiling and didn’t eat for a whole morning. Chen Ying had no choice but to tell him that the young madam left a message when he left, and that he would be back in at most two days so he should eat well and keep his body healthy. Only then did he get up to eat some porridge.


Chen Ying looked at Qi Yun worriedly. Xing Zhongwan carried more weight in Qi Yun’s heart than he thought.


Although the old lady asked him to follow the owner of the bracelet before she died, to put it bluntly, she meant to follow Qi Yun, but hey… why was the young madam not a woman!


On the day that Xing Zhongwan left, Qi Yun didn’t say a word and looked as if his soul had been called back to heaven.


Qi Yun recalled the time his grandmother died when he was still young. At the time, he had just returned to his mother’s side. His biological mother was like a stranger to him. At that time, he still had fantasies about maternal love and wanted to try to reconcile and repair the bond that he had been missing for more than ten years. On his mother’s birthday, Qi Yun personally made a gift and planned to give it to her but when he met the fourth young master Qi on the way and the other insisted that he wanted his bird. Qi Yun refused as it was given to him by his grandmother. The two stood in front of their mother, his mother said lightly, “He is your younger brother so you should give it to him. It’s just a bird.”


Qi Yun held the gift behind him tightly in his palm, his sweat wetting the paper a little bit, making the handwriting inside a little blurry.


“Also, in the future, don’t come here when there’s nothing important, I’m busy.”


Qi Yun gave her mother a long look, and saw the fourth young master, Qi looking at him arrogantly.


Qi Yun went back without saying a word, tearing up the gift in his hand and burning it to ashes. The bird was drowned in the water by his own hands.


Since then, his mother’s eyes have only grown colder and colder.


Qi Yun pulled himself away from the past and suddenly opened his eyes. If he couldn’t keep what he liked, he would rather destroy it.


If you like something, you can only fight to get it for yourself, and you have to always try your best to get it. This is what Qi Yun has known since he was a child.


The door of the room was gently pushed open and a figure walked in, “Third young master, I’ll wash you up and take care of you.”


A stern look flashed in Qi Yun’s eyes, “Come in.”


T/N: I cackled a bit too much when Qi Yun said he was going to send the poor girl out sideways… Jeez, even so, I know it’s not too excessive, what he said. I think you’ll agree with me after reading the next few chapters hehe ^^


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  1. Baisha

    If he couldn’t keep what he like he would rather destroy it….
    I really didn’t like the thinking of the ml…I still liked him, but after reading it my impression of him dropped.

  2. riot2022

    I didn’t expect a bathtub scene. Love that. XZW should be careful. To everyone else it looked like he abused QY. Don’t be an abusive husband as soon as you’re married! Also, QY stop kissing him! He’ll love you when he’s ready.

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