Chapter 31 – If not, let's have a showdown

Chapter 31 – If not, let’s have a showdown




I’ll give you this bundle of joy instead, do you want it?


Jian Luo’s mood was very complicated now, and it became even more complicated after learning that there were more than two of them. There was still a question he had left: “How do you know they are dragon cubs?”


After all, the Dark Stars were not made up of just dragon creatures. He heard that there were also phoenixes, even though he, unfortunately, hadn’t seen them before.


The old man said cheerfully: “Last time Marshal Lu visited the cultivation base, weren’t you following beside him? Even I saw it.”




Jian Luo still wanted to argue with him to the very end: “That doesn’t mean I got involved with him.”


The old man asked back, “Then you’re not pregnant with dragon eggs?”


Jian Luo choked again.


The old man did not intend to expose him. Instead, he started to help him think: “I know what you are most worried about right now, but you still need to think carefully. The high priest of the empire is very powerful.”


There was a strange phenomenon in this world.


He has never heard this word before. However, after he heard of it once, it seems that the word kept popping up all day after he first heard it. 


Thinking of this, Jian Luo finally decided to ask, “What does the High Priest do?”


“You don’t even know that?” The old man looked at him as if he was mentally retarded: “How come you don’t even recognize the high priest?”


Jian Luo was resigned: “My village had recently just been connected to the internet.”


“We are from the same village.”




The eyes met and there was silence.


Half a second later.


The old man finally decided to let it go and said solemnly: “The high priest Zhan Wentai, formerly known as Zhan Fengtai, is the last of the Phoenix clan and he is the only pure-blooded phoenix. The Phoenix clan people are psychic and very prosperous. However, one day, the clan leader predicted that the Dark Stars will usher in a catastrophe, causing the annihilation of their clans.”


Jian Luo felt like he was listening to a story: “Then what?”


“At that time… Naturally, no one believed it.” The old man picked up the teacup and drank some tea: “Think about it. The Dark Stars are the powerhouses in the universe. They are born to be favored by the heavens and no one dares oppose them. This kind of race, if one were to say they will face extinction, would you believe it yourself?”


Jian Luo agreed very much: “Every one of them are reaching 250 years. Except for their own clansmen, they think that everyone else is a weak chicken. Their sights are set so high that they don’t put anyone in their eyes. Plus, they think they’re so amazing every day.”


The old man said, “Other than that, they think they are so amazing.”




That’s enough.


Let’s stop talking about the obvious.


“So at that time, the Dark Stars didn’t take it seriously. After a hundred years passed, the fertility rate started to decline year by year. At first, no cubs were born in the dragon clan. Later, more from the blood clan, the pixiu clan, and other leading noble clans also had no children. Much later, this happened to those who weren’t even half-beasts too.”


Jian Luo wanted to ask why.


In fact, he had always thought that it was weird to ask but how could there be a planet where all the people lost their fertility at the same time?


Either way it’s too mysterious!


The old man stroked his beard and sighed: “The moment a flower blooms the most beautifully is when it is about to wither. This has been the case since ancient times. The day when mankind was on the verge of extinction was also the year when technology and our people were the most prosperous.”




Jian Luo fell into silence.


To be honest, he thought so too so he didn’t refute the old man’s remarks. Prosperous nations will eventually face decline, as they should one day.


But according to this logic, the extremes of decline can also be reversed. Humans and Dark Stars are two races that are on the decline, but who was more pitiful than the other? Back then, maybe it was because of this that the Dark Star accepted humans.


Thinking about it carefully, although the Dark Stars despise human beings, they have never done any actual oppressive acts. They gave the humans jobs, a place to live and procreate. In conclusion, they have given up their resources for humans.


If it weren’t for them, what humanity would ultimately face would be the demise of their entire race.


Jian Luo scratched his head: “According to what you said, the Dark Star people don’t seem to be so hateful anymore.”


“There is no absolute right or wrong.” The old man gave him a meaningful look: “If we have to discuss something, it is why you can get pregnant.”




You’re asking me?


Jian Luo choked: “I don’t know.”


“I found out when I checked your pulse.” The old man squinted: “Your body is not the same as the human beings in Peace Paradise.”


Jian Luo was slightly surprised: “What’s the difference?”


The old man smiled and said: “Your body structure is a little different, that’s why you are able to get pregnant. For a few days, I’ve been thinking about the reason before I suddenly realized that it was related to your diet. Your body, you did not grow up drinking nutrient solution since you were a child, right?”


Jian Luo’s eyes widened as he retorted: “How can that be?!”


But after thinking about it, he was silent again, because he thought of something even more terrifying and somewhat unacceptable.


‌Could it be – it was not his soul that was replaced at all!


It was possible that the car accident brought his entire body here directly. The environment where he grew up was on earth and the food he ate as he grew up were rice and vegetables. He also drank boiled water and wasn’t a poor child who grew up in harsh conditions and nutrient solution at all!


The old man looked at his difficult expression and smiled slightly: “You brat, you should think about it as soon as possible. If not, you’ll later be malnourished and it will bring harm to your life.”


Jian Luo came back to his senses and pursed his lips: “I want to ask… Dark Stars seem to be quite sensitive to smells. If I have this one in my stomach now, will it affect me?”


The old man shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. The dragon cubs are growing very fast. At this stage, they don’t have any needs yet. When they grow older, they will long for the scent of their father. If you don’t look for him now, you won’t be able to bear it either later.”






Jian Luo walked back home from the small medical center and felt that his entire body became very tired, hungry and sleepy but he didn’t want to pay attention to such things at all.


When he got to the door, he saw several people standing there.


Jian Luo was stunned. In his experience, once someone came in, they definitely didn’t come with good intentions.


“Yo, isn’t it Luoluo!”


A woman looked over.


Jian Luo had no impression of her at all: “Who are you?”


“Oh, my Luoluo.” The woman twisted her hair and came over to grab Jian Luo’s hand kindly: “Why did you forget me? I’m your aunt. I carried you when you were a child.”


Jian Luo smiled: “That’s why only the child-me knew you.”


The woman’s face changed: “Child, you are so funny. You saw me two years ago, have you forgotten so soon?”




So why are you here? 


Just as Jian Luo was thinking, Su Liang came out and took a step back: “Mom, who is this person?”


Su Liang looked embarrassed: “Luoluo, it’s your aunt Su You. Something happened to her, so she wants to come and stay with us for a few days.”


Jian Luo’s head hurt: “What happened?”


Su You sighed: “Outside’s not the place to talk about it. Let’s go in and discuss it?”


Jian Luo actually didn’t want to go in with her, but he really didn’t have any memories of this aunt, so he decided to wait and see before he formed any opinions.


Everyone entered the house.


Su You looked around and raised her voice: “Aiyah, Ah Liang, the conditions in your house are good. It’s so clean. My God, is there food on the table? You can afford to eat this?”


Jian Luo rubbed his brows.


Su Liang hurriedly said: “Sister, keep your voice down. Luoluo just got off work so he’s tired. Don’t be noisy.”


Su You ‘tsk tsk-ed’ before saying;  “Aren’t I only saying a few words? How is my voice loud? Hey, I heard about you working in Sky city and making money. I heard that someone saw you a few days ago, that you managed to actually buy rice and it was delivered by the cloud express. Sigh, now that I find out that it was real, that you’re making money here. Don’t you even recognize me as your big sister?”


This time, Su Liang didn’t speak. Jian Luo opened his mouth first: “Auntie, are you my mother’s big sister?”


Su You nodded: “Yes.”


“Oh. Then since my mother is your little sister. As a big sister, you should help out your little sister, right?” Jian Luo smiled: “You know my mother has been laid off, so you can lend us money?”


Su You’s face changed: “You brat, why are you mentioning money when you open your mouth?”


Jian Luo raised his eyebrows: “Am I deaf? I remember that you mentioned it first, auntie. So when did I start talking about money?”




Su You glared at Jian Luo.


The woman was rude so she just sat down directly at the table: “Ah liang, your Luoluo has a huge temper, but I also know that it must not have been easy for you to raise children alone for so many years, so it cannot be compared to anything. I’m hungry, can I eat some of these dishes here?”


Su Liang had a headache.


Her eldest sister was actually not a bad person, but she liked to take advantage of her.


He must have heard some rumors somewhere and came to the door. If he doesn’t deal with it, maybe he will be entangled in the future.


Jian Luo sat down at the table: “Auntie, if you’re hungry, eat it.”


Su You’s eyes turned bright. With a smile, she said: “You’re still sensible. Auntie didn’t hurt you when you were younger. I even gave you some of the clothes you have.”


Jian Luo said, “Auntie, you haven’t told us why you came here.”




Su You pursed her lips angrily: “Why can’t I come and see if you’re alright? Your mother and I are blood-related sisters.”


Jian Luo curled his lips and smiled sarcastically.


Su Liang has been suffering for so long, but he didn’t see her sister come knocking on their door. However, as soon as she saw them buying rice, their sisterly relationship was suddenly magically restored.


Su Liang came out from the kitchen and served them all a hot meal. Today, she specially boiled a pork rib soup, which was salted as Jian Luo had taught her, so it still tasted okay.


Su Liang put the soup bowl in front of him and said softly, “Luoluo, you’ve worked hard these few days. Mom cooked it for you, eat more.”


Jian Luo nodded: “Thank you mom.”


Although he was very hungry, he now only wanted to eat holy dragon fruit, and he was less interested in other meals.


But he still has to eat. If he doesn’t eat, it’s not that he won’t be able to bear it, even the little cubs won’t be able to bear it.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo still picked up the spoon and started eating.


Originally, Jian Luo wanted to eat a piece of pork rib, but when his mother cooked the meat, she didn’t cook it thoroughly enough, so when he bit into it, a fishy smell came out jarringly, forcing the nausea in his stomach to surging violently: “Urp…”


The spoon was dropped with a clang and Jian Luo rushed out.


Squatting in the bathroom and throwing up gastric acid, Jian Luo leaned on the sink to rinse himself off as Su Liang’s voice came from outside: “Luoluo, are you alright?”


Jian Luo rushed outside and said, “I’m okay.”


After tidying up his appearance, Jian Luo walked out the door, opened the door, and greeted the two pairs of a total of four eyes staring at him.


Su Liang hesitated: “Luoluo…”


“I’m really okay.” Jian Luo smiled at Su Liang: “Didn’t I tell you, my stomach has been uncomfortable for a few days.”


Su Liang’s furrowed brows remained furrowed.


For a few days, Jian Luo’s changes have been observed by his mother. Her child has lost weight too fast. He must be hiding something from her.


Jian Luo went back to the dining table. Looking at the pork ribs made him lose his appetite.


Su You glanced at him and asked proactively, “Luoluo, if you don’t want to eat, why don’t your aunt eat it for you?”


Jian Luo nodded his head and didn’t refuse.


Su You took away his bowl with the spare ribs. As she ate it, she said, “If you have a stomach problem, I’ll take a look. I didn’t have a good stomach when I was young.”


Jian Luo decisively refused: “It’s alright. It’s not a big deal, auntie. You can eat first and then go back after eating.”


‌He was chasing her away.


Su You frowned: “Luoluo, are you driving auntie away?”


Jian Luo wanted to nod. However, after realizing that it was not too good to do so, he just said, “Are you going to live here?”




Su You pouted: “I’ll only stay for a few days. Your family was so poor that you can’t even afford food. It was me, I was the one who brought food to your family then. Do you have any conscience when you say this now?”


Su Liang next to him couldn’t listen anymore: “Big sister, are you shouting at Luoluo? How would he know about what happened before he was born? I’m very happy to see you, but if you come to quarrel with my son, I won’t let you stay here anymore.”


It became quiet inside the house.


Jian Luo didn’t expect his soft-tempered mother to have some pride and was surprised for a while.


Su You was also stunned and only retorted: “I won’t say anything anymore, alright?”


Seeing them talking, Jian Luo also felt that he shouldn’t didn’t think about it. He put down the cutlery and went to wash up before going back to the room to rest. He was really tired every day.


Unexpectedly, as soon as he left, Su You waved to Su Liang: “Come here.”


Su Liang wondered: “What’s the matter?”


“Your Luoluo looks like you when you had it.” Su You lowered his voice: “Believe me, there is nothing wrong. I gave birth to three children, so I have seen it before.”


Su Liang frowned and retorted: “Big sister, you’re speaking nonsense! My Luoluo doesn’t even have a partner yet. How can he have children? Besides, even if he is with child, he will marry a girl from our village!”


Su You pouted: “I’m speaking nonsense? I’ve heard that Dark Stars can make men pregnant. Your Luoluo works every day in Sky city, isn’t that enough of an explanation?”




Su Liang was silent.


The next day.


Jian Luo went to the seed cultivating base very early.


The seeds of chili peppers take 5-6 days to germinate, which is a bit long as it also requires much care.


During lunch break at noon, Wang Heng said, “I just came to inform you, because you are human, unlike us, you can have a 2-hour lunch break.”


Jian Luo was stunned: “What?”


“Don’t get carried away.” Wang Heng was very unhappy: “It’s just because you are too weak, so I applied for special care for you.”




Needless to say.


In those 2 hours, Jian Luo hesitated before thinking up a wonderful solution. Didn’t he still owe Lu Shifeng a meal? He could contact Secretary Jin around this time and go to the military. Then, no matter how, he will find an excuse to go to the Hanging Garden. He heard that there was where the holy dragon fruits were. Later, he will think of a way to get some.


Secretary Jin wasn’t a stingy person, right?


For the cub in his stomach…


Jian Luo has been thinking about this for a few days. His rationality is telling him to abort them but he has a hunch that if he aborts the child, his life will be turned upside down.


But is it alright to pick up the pace and move things forward a little?


He was hungry now!


Thinking of this, Jian Luo couldn’t care anymore and sent Secretary Jin a message: “Secretary Jin, are you there?”


On the other side.


Secretary Jin was processing the mail to the marshal from various newspapers.


“Ding ding.”


When notification came, she quickly opened it and saw Jian Luo’s message. After reading his words, Secretary Jin felt tense all over.


To be honest, she found the field marshal blindly asking her these questions occasionally:

“Did anyone contact you?”

“Is no one’s looking for you lately?”

“Have you checked your messages?”




So what was the message?


She was just a weak, pitiful and helpless little assistant!


Now that Jian Luo has suddenly come to her with a message, the astute Secretary Jin immediately noticed that something was wrong. According to the scene of Jian Luo coming out of the marshal’s room last time, the situation became very clear. The two were most definitely involved with each other.


The marshal always asked her and although he didn’t say it clearly, she knew it!


Thinking of this, Secretary Jin’s attitude was extremely polite: “Luoluo, what’s wrong, is there something wrong?”


“It’s like this.” Jian Luo briefly retold her about today’s events: “I’m free now so can I borrow your cafeteria and use it to make the marshal a meal?”


Secretary Kim was very happy


‌What a coincidence!


Secretary Jin was also in a hurry to call for a car: “Public transportation will be slow, so how about you take our military’s car? It’s more convenient.”


Jian Luo thought it was because of her limited lunch break time and agreed to it.


The military car was really fast and it arrived in no time. When Jian Luo got out of the car, the canteen was unexpectedly close by. The chauffeur was very polite: “Secretary Jin has already arranged this with me.”


Jian Luo said thank you and left the car.


In fact, when he cooks for Lu Shifeng, he still doesn’t know much about Lu Shifeng’s palate. However, he still remembered that he was hired after making potato stew, so he was going to make that today.


The uncle in the kitchen was very happy when he saw him: “Luoluo?”


Jian Luo smiled: “How are you?”


“Where did Luoluo go?” The uncle in the kitchen sighed deeply, “I miss you.”


Jian Luo came over to find the ingredients: “I also miss you. I still remember that you like potato cakes. I’ll make them for you when I have time.”


The kitchen chef was grateful: “‌‌‌Good good.”


Jian Luo’s tenure was a really happy period in the chef’s life. The child would cook a lot of food, and because he had nothing to do every day, he would change his style. The uncle thought that those days would continue, but who knew that Jian Luo would leave suddenly.


“Uncle.” Jian Luo called out while taking vegetables from the freezer: “I heard that the military has recalled all of the holy dragon fruit, do you know why?”


The uncle was still at ease: “I don’t know about this matter very well, but I just heard that it has something to do with the mother tree?”


Jian Luo: “Mother tree?”


“Yeah.” The uncle explained: “In our military, half of them are half-beasts from the dragon clan. The military is actually built on the Dragon Valley and another reason why the dragons have been entrenched in it for generations is because the mother tree is also here. The mother tree is the originator of tens of thousands of dragons and the foundation of the dragon family.”


Jian Luo still didn’t understand: “What does it have to do with the recalling of all the holy dragon fruit?”


The uncle chuckled: “It doesn’t matter at first if we took out a lot of holy dragon fruit for foreign trade, but it seems to make the mother tree unhappy. After all, dragon fruit is supposed to be eaten by the cubs, and for the mother tree to be unhappy, it’s a given. However, we don’t have any cubs now… alas”


Jian Luo suddenly felt guilty: “Yes, yes, isn’t it a waste not to export it?”


The uncle spoke while washing the vegetables: “Everyone thinks so. There is no way around it if we can’t sell or let it go to waste. We can only keep it. It’s fine for us from the dragon clan to eat it ourselves, we just can’t give it to outsiders.”


It’s okay if you eat it yourself?!


Jian Luo suddenly discovered a loophole!


Unable to hide his excitement, he replied: “Then, what do you think? Can everyone in our military eat it?”


The uncle nodded: “Yesterday, the marshal ordered that all the little dragons could eat it.”


That’s too good.


Lu Shifeng, your cubs are crying!


Jian Luo hurriedly asked: “Actually, I also admire the holy dragon fruit. Do you think I can try it?”


The uncle was hesitant: “It should be alright, but it doesn’t matter what I said. Aren’t you close with Secretary Jin? Ask her, she is more clear regarding this.”


Jian Luo hurriedly said, “Alright, alright.”


Secretary Jin, I really misunderstood you before. I require your strength at this critical moment!


Jian Luo, who felt that the problem was about to be solved, was very motivated. Even the cubs knew that they were about to get something to eat, so they didn’t make trouble or make him vomit, which was good.


Today’s dish was a simple potato stew with salt added. The potatoes have a strong fragrance and the meat is soft and tender. Jian Luo fried a few potato pancakes, and made a boiled egg custard and boiled egg soup along the way.


There was an enticing aroma in the kitchen.


Secretary Jin then received a message from Jian Luo: “Could you please come and pick me up?”




Secretary Jin has already thought about it. After that, she will talk to Jian Luo first before inquiring about the marshal’s affairs. Then, she will take Jian Luo directly inside before closing the door. 


It’s perfect!


Jian Luo stood in the sky garden with a lunch box and waited for Secretary Jin.


There were still many dragons in the sky garden, mostly big ones, but there were also many small dragons. He also saw the little golden dragon from last time.


The scales of the little dragon were golden and they glowed in the sun as he lay lazily on the grass with its little tail swaying slowly. When another little red dragon came from the other side, the two little dragons started playing, their wings fluttering. Occasionally, they will make a kind of baby-like cry or whine, which was somewhat different from their mighty appearance.




Jian Luo began to think about what his cubs would look like.


Would it also be a black dragon? If so, it must be very handsome. Brother Long was very cool at the time, so big and handsome.


Maybe since there were two, the two will play around like this.


Thinking about it, Jian Luo’s heart suddenly softened. The cubs were innocent. Was it fate that he came here? If he can’t get it from Secretary Jin, would he otherwise go to Lu Shifeng later?


“Jian Luo?”


As he was thinking about it, Secretary Jin’s voice came from behind.


Jian Luo turned around and saw Secretary Jin and was happy: “Long time no see.”


“Long time no see Luoluo.” Secretary Jin saw that he was looking at the small dragons: “Do you like our dragon clan very much?”




I do not dare to.


Jian Luo thought about it and changed his reply: “I heard that you have had a bumper harvest1A crop that has yielded an unusually productive harvest. (More than usual) of holy dragon fruit, which is quite strange.”


“It is indeed a bumper harvest. This year, the trees in the entire Dragon Valley have bloomed.” 


Secretary Jin smiled: “But the little dragons don’t particularly like to eat it. They generally like it when they are still inside their eggs, and after that, they don’t want to eat it as much anymore.”


Jian Luo was overjoyed and asked tentatively, “Is the holy dragon fruit yummy? I’ve heard it that it’s strange, but I wonder if there is a chance I can try it?”


Secretary Jin was stunned.


According to the marshal, it is only to be eaten by the dragon clan and was definitely to be divided among the others. She didn’t know if the mother tree would be angry.


However, she was a first-class secretary, so naturally, she was the best at solving problems for the marshal. Now that the marshal’s old tree that rarely bloomed was doing so, if he was reluctant to part with even just a few fruits, how was he to find a partner?


Yep, it’s time to perform!


Thinking of this, Secretary Jin smiled: “No problem. If you like it, I’ll ask them to pack it in a box later. It’s nutritious so you can take it after you eat some.”


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