(Vol.2) Chapter 1 – I’ve been waiting for you for a long time

Chapter 1 – I’ve been waiting for you for a long time 


In the ward, Shen Qinghong looked like she was in good spirits, lying on the hospital bed looking at Qi Yun in a wheelchair. She was treated several times after being critically ill. Even the doctors had to sigh as the patient’s will to survive was very strong. Today’s Shen Qinghong was like a candle wick, burning till the end after returning to the light.


There were only Shen Qinghong and Qi Yun in the ward. Qi Yun looked indifferently ahead. No one knew what he was thinking. Shen Qinghong coughed twice, “I’m very happy that you came to see me.”


Qi Yun set his eyes on Shen Qinghong. It was not obvious, but the haggard outline and the scent of death were both very familiar to Qi Yun. He once smelled this kind of scent on himself and thought he would die, but he was pulled back abruptly.


“Where can I find Wanwan?”


Shen Qinghong was stunned for a moment, before she laughed twice, “I can’t find him, Yun’er. You’ve been calculating and thinking about everything, but there is one thing that you haven’t figured out yet, that emotions cannot be calculated.”


Qi Yun’s body started trembling without a trace as his hands clenched onto the blanket on his knees. This series of actions were all seen by Shen Qinghong’s eyes.


“If you came to ask me, you must already know his true identity. Yun’er, did you know why the Xing family collapsed so badly after Xing Yanyin died? It was only in Xing Yanyin’s grandfather’s generation that he moved to the south of the Yangtze River. He had gotten such influence in a short period of time, so the dark secrets buried in the country were deeply rooted before reaching their peak in Xing Yanyin’s generation. That’s why Qi Zongcheng would ignore Xing Zhongjie’s marriage contract in those days. Cough cough.”


Shen Qinghong took a deep breath and slowed down, “With such a family background, how could they possibly become weaker? One of the reasons may be Xing Zhengping’s poor ability, but the root cause of it is the most important one.


The reason for this is, before Xing Yanyin died, the assets of the Xing family in China were transferred and Xing Zhengping might not have even received one-third of the original Xing family’s fortune. What do you think Xing Yanyin did this for? Ahem. Of course it was for his only son. “


Qi Yun asked in disbelief, “Son?” Although he had his own answer in his heart, the answer was too shocking.


“That’s right, son.” Shen Qinghong took a photo from the bedside and stretched out her hand. Qi Yun rolled his own wheelchair and slid forward before taking the photo.


Qi Yun couldn’t see clearly, but there were vaguely three people, and one of them was a baby?


“You probably know something about the previous generation of the Xing family. Xing Zhongwan’s mother was the adopted daughter of Xing Yanyin. Qian Yi was 8 years old when Xing Yanyin adopted her. You haven’t seen Xing Yanyin when he was young, so you don’t know how sensational his appearance was in the circle back then. Originally he was of mixed race, so those slightly bluish eyes have attracted many men and women. But he never got married all his life, and for whom? For the girl he picked up in Jiangnan. In the early years, he loved her and wanted to give her an identity, so he let her enter the Xing family’s tree, but he did not expect that this decision would become a shackle for their whole life. “


Shen Qinghong wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, “Qian Yi never wanted to call Xing Yanyin’s her father. I thought Xing Yanyin was too young and the ten-year age gap between them was not much between them. I told her to find another way out but she became pregnant. I didn’t know who the child was when the news came out that she and Xing Zhengping were engaged. Qian Yi did not seem happy. After all, how could such a man be worthy of her. After the child was born, I still remember those eyes full of shock and stinging pain at that time. It was the despair and pain in Qian Yi’s eyes which made me realize everything. I knew everything but I could only bury it in my heart. I couldn’t communicate with the Xing family and was sent abroad by your grandmother. When I got the news, Xing Yanyin was already dead while Qian Yi and her child were expelled from the Xing family. The reason is that the child was born from an unknown father and the parent-child test was an ironclad piece of evidence. Did you know what I thought when I heard the news? It really fit her personality, that she would rather be stigmatized by everyone than let anyone have a chance to slander Xing Yanyin.”


“Regardless of your grandma’s obstruction, I wanted to take the mother and son pair out of the country. However, I didn’t expect to be a step too late. When I came back, the mother and son had already arranged to go abroad. Your grandma said that everything happens for a reason and that I shouldn’t be obsessed, but I still don’t understand it. It was not until a few days ago that Xing Zhongwan used his hidden connections buried deep in the country for you that I suddenly realized that Xing Yanyin had already arranged a way out for the mother and son pair. Them being kicked out of the Xing family was a good opportunity for them to stay away from the tough decisions of being in the circle. He has already arranged everything for his favorite woman and child abroad.”


“Yun’er, the power of the Xing family is by no means as simple as you think. After operating overseas for many years, Xing Zhongwan won’t make it easy for you to find him. After all, it was you who made a mistake first. That child came back to repay your grandmother’s kindness. He has contributed a lot and now that you are well, him leaving was for the best choice to make for him and you. Why are you still being so persistent?”


Qi Yun’s back stiffened, he knew that Shen Qinghong was telling the truth. These days, he had secretly searched for a long time but there was no clue, which made him very panicked. How could a real living person just disappear?


Qi Yun suddenly slumped his shoulders angrily, “I love him.”


Shen Qinghong was stunned for a moment, but suddenly her heart became clear as her smile was bitter.


It was really predestined. Perhaps in the early years, after Xing Yanyin had sent the bracelet, their fate was firmly set in stone.


Well, it was all unexpected.


“Yun’er, I know you don’t like me, but I still want to tell you that if you still want to find him, your current position is not enough. You have to continue to climb up. The Shen family is not the most suitable springboard. Go back to the Qi family. The Qi family is in chaos now, but your body is gradually recovering so Qi Zongcheng will help you.”


She took out a document that had been prepared a long time ago and handed it to him, “Give this to Qi Zongcheng. You are the rightful heir of the Qi family.”


Qi Yun took it, “What is it?”


Shen Qinghong said, “His leash. I have been investigating this secretly for so many years. No matter how careful he is, he will give way.”


“Why are you helping me?”


Qi Yun held the thick stack. He clearly understood what he could get in exchange for this, but why was Shen Qinghong doing this for him?


Shen Qinghong closed her eyes, a little out of strength, “I adopted a child in my early years and I hope you can take care of him after I die. He is a simple child and won’t threaten your position. Since you won’t use Chen Ying again and now, you still need a trustworthy person by your side.”


Qi Yun’s ears were constantly filled with the sound of coughing. Her dying breath was getting heavier and heavier. In his mind, Shen Qinghong was beautiful and powerful, not someone who lay on a bed, dying now.


“I promise you.”


The unimportant words made Shen Qinghong’s heart fall to the ground.


“Go ahead. If you ever get a chance to meet that kid again, give him this picture.”


Qi Yun put the photo in his hand in the bag on his chest. When he turned the wheelchair to go out, he asked, “At that time, when you were hiding my illness. Did you really want me to die?”


Shen Qinghong behind him chuckled and he didn’t get an answer for a long time.


Qi Yun walked out of the door of the ward and the entourage behind him immediately followed. Qi Yun closed his eyes. His father died when he was very young. At the time, he hid in the corner and cried alone. No one found him, and only Shen Qinghong noticed him.


The small boy was picked up and the woman looked at him very seriously, “Why are you crying? Tears can’t solve any problems.”


“Dad is dead.” The young Qi Yun wiped away his tears that flooded his eyes.


Shen Qinghong laughed suddenly before patting his head, “You still have an aunt.” 


There was a sudden commotion around him as the doctor and nurse anxiously ran into the ward he just came out from. Qi Yun opened his eyes and put his right hand on his heart where the photo was.


Shen Qinghong was dead. At the funeral, a young man in his twenties burst into tears while holding her portrait as Qi Yun sat in a wheelchair in a black suit without saying a word.


From this moment on, the Shen family’s huge family business has switched to a new owner.


Sitting in a wheelchair, Yi-n Yu Qing Leng looked at the brand-new tombstone and placed a bunch of daisies in front of him. 


After coming out of the cemetery, the young man wiped his tears and followed Qi Yun who glanced at him.


“What’s your name?” 


The young man was stunned and did not dare to look at him. “Shen Congxin.” 


The attendant opened the car door, but Qi Yun did not look back, “Follow me.”


Shen Congxin was stunned for a moment, before crying out with a sad face, “Big cousin!”


Half a year later.


The old house of the Xing family in Jiangnan welcomed a special guest. Uncle Zhong opened the door and looked at the man standing in front of the car. Although he was leaning on crutches, he was standing tall, straight and handsome. That face made Uncle Zhong stunned for a moment. He was really good-looking, especially his eyes, and they were bright enough to shine into people’s hearts.


Old Uncle Zhong smiled, suppressing his hostility.


“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

T/N: 2nd season of Forced into the Deep commence!! I hope you guys didn’t use too many tissues during the previous season’s finale~~ Many secrets buried deeply were revealed, and there is more to come!!


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