(Vol.2) Chapter 2 – I’m here, but where did you go?

Chapter 2 – I’m here, but where did you go?


Shen Congxin has already eaten two bowls of rice and had a look of satisfaction on his face, “Uncle, the dishes you cook are really delicious. This shrimp looked so bland, but I didn’t expect it to taste so exceptionally good.”


Uncle Zhong said with a smile, “Then eat more.”


Qi Yun looked at Uncle Zhong who had been standing at the table and pulled out the chair beside him, “Old man, you can sit and eat too.”


Uncle Zhong waved his hand, “The Xing family has strict rules. The servants are not allowed to eat at the table.”


Shen Congxin ate another half bowl of rice in one breath, “What age is this? You’re still talking about old feudalism.”


Qi Yun glanced at him and pointed to the outside, “Go out the door to eat.”


Shen Congxin immediately lowered his face and held his rice bowl. Before he left, he grabbed half a bowl of vegetables and went to the door obediently.


Only then did Qi Yun speak to Uncle Zhong, “This old man should know the purpose of my visit today.”


Uncle Zhong’s eyes swept across the string of beads on Qi Yun’s wrist.


“The young master left you this string of beads. I think he meant for you to let go of your obsessions. Everything has a predestined law, so why should you be so persistent, sir?”


Qi Yun stroked the string of beads on his wrist, “I asked for many things in the first half of my life, but none of them were what I thought they would be. There is only one person who is in my heart and will never be forgotten.” 


There was a sudden thundercloud in the sky as Uncle Zhong looked at the dense clouds outside.


“In this season, there are always many thunderstorms. The wind and rain will be heavy. If you don’t mind, you should stay here for one night.”


Old Uncle Zhong took Qi Yun and Shen Congxin into the inner house. All the people Qi Yun brought were sent away by him, but they stayed at the door of Xing’s house and refused to leave.


Shen Congxin opened his mouth and his eyes were full of surprise. “Uncle, this house must have been around for hundreds of years, right? It is so big. Is it the mansion of some prince and noble family? “


Uncle Zhong nodded, “The old man bought it from a nobleman from the previous generation. It was the mansion of a prince of a certain dynasty in the olden days. “


“Do you usually live alone?” “Shen Congxin looked around the place filled with antiques.


“Someone else takes care of it during the day. I’m the only one guarding the house at night. In the front is the yard where the young master always stayed. I clean the place every day, sir. Here is where you’ll rest tonight.”


After speaking, Uncle Zhong pushed open the courtyard door. Qi Yun’s feet froze. When he stepped in, the hand that was beating on his side tightened indistinctly.


Uncle Zhong led them into the main house and as soon as they entered, Shen Congxin covered his mouth. The outer wall of the main house was covered with musical instruments and a few costumes.


Old Uncle Zhong pointed to the top, “The miss was proficient in various musical instruments during her lifetime. After the young master was born, he was taught by the young lady. The old man was a fan of theatre before his death. The young master studied dramas for many years in order to make the old man happy. He is talented and very smart. He always learned things quickly. “


Qi Yun dragged his hand across the spotless desk to feel it. No, Wanwan has always been very smart. A smile was unconsciously brought to the corner of his eyes as he thought of Wanwan. Shen Congxin quickly asked Uncle Zhong, “Uncle, where do I stay?” 


Uncle Zhong smiled, “Sir, come with me.”


Uncle took Shen Congxin out and there was only Qi Yun left in the room. Qi Yun went through the screen and went around into the inner room, which was very simply furnished with a canopy bed and a low table. There was a pipa hanging on the wall. Qi Yun took a closer look at everything in the room. His legs that had not fully recovered were a little sore. He walked slowly to the bed and sat down. The bedding was new and had a sunny smell. A hand-made doll was placed at the corner of the bed. Qi Yun picked up the doll and raised his hand to gently touch it before finally flicking the doll’s forehead.


Don’t be naughty, Wanwan. Come out, don’t hide from me.


Qi Yun’s eyes dimmed as he looked at the doll in his hand, fascinated.


Shen Congxin followed Old Uncle Zhong to another room in the courtyard and was about to enter the door when Shen Congxin suddenly stopped at the door of the room, “Uncle, I know you are a good person. Please overlook my cousin who looks like he is going to die. After looking for my cousin-in-law for half a year, he almost went crazy. In order to find him, he is constantly going through rehabilitation. He came here as soon as he got the news that you are not well. If you have news about my cousin-in-law, please let me know. Please, it’s not easy for him these days.”


Shen Congxin was really in a hurry after he came all the way here.


He saw Qi Yun’s struggle. During the day, he went through rehabilitation like he didn’t care about his own life and at night, he stared at a photo that he’s seen many times in the past, in a daze. When he took a peek at it, it was his cousin-in-law in the photo who was still an infant.


Once, he held down his fear and asked Qi Yun, “He’s still a baby, plus you can’t even see his face clearly. What are you looking at it for?”


Qi Yun was silent for a long time before he said a sentence without a proper beginning or end. Only by looking at this could he be sure that he really existed. There was a time when Shen Congxin felt that he was really going crazy. It’s not that he didn’t meet the people who had seen Xing Zhongwan before to recount his appearance. He even found many famous painters, both locally and abroad to draw. However, when they did, Qi Yun said, “It’s not like my Wanwan.”


Every time Shen Congxin went to pay homage to his godmother, he was about to cry. His big cousin was not crazy yet, but he was going crazy. He was told to take care of his big cousin carefully, but did his big cousin need to be watched over? His life was filled with more self-discipline than him. However, as long as it involves his big cousin-in-law who he has never met, he becomes abnormal.


Old Uncle Zhong patted him on the shoulder, “You are also a good boy, so try to persuade him not to be persistent on everything.”


After leaving this sentence, a thunderstorm passed by and the downpour came as soon as he said it would and the rain enveloped the sky and the ground. When Shen Congxin regained his senses, Uncle Zhong had already left with an umbrella.


Wanwan, don’t go! On the bridge, a tall man’s back could be seen walking ahead. Qi Yun wanted to catch up, but every time he was about to reach him, his back disappeared.


Qi Yun looked at the ghost that disappeared right in front of his eyes, along with the words filled with a soft Jiangnan accent in his ears. Qi Yun, why did you lie to me. You won’t be able to find me, won’t find…


“No, I didn’t want to lie to you. I was wrong, Wanwan!”


When Qi Yun suddenly opened his eyes, his body was soaked wet. His flustered eyes gradually regained their clarity as he slowly sat up. There was heavy rain outside the window and the occasional thunder. Even after wiping his sweaty forehead and burying his head between his knees, the cold all over his body seeped into his bone marrow. The person who could help him drive away the cold no longer wanted him.


It was sunny the next morning, as if the rainstorm had never happened last night. Old Uncle Zhong took Qi Yun to the door and handed him a packet of tea, “I grow it at home. If you don’t mind, take it back and try it.”


Qi Yun gave it to Shen Congxin, who was standing to the side, “Since the old man is old. If anything happens in the future, you can find me.”


“You don’t have to, sir.”


Qi Yun said, “Wanwan is not in the country, so I should take care of you on his behalf.”


Uncle Zhong was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t say no.


After speaking, Qi Yun got into his car and carefully looked at the centuries-old house again. After closing the car door, Uncle Zhong bowed down until the long motorcade disappeared in front of him. The old man sighed. The glimmer of hope in the eyes of that gentleman when first arrived disappeared today.


In the car, Shen Congxin asked Qi Yun if he was going to the airport. Qi Yun looked out the window and did not speak. Shen Congxin told the driver to drive slower. Qi Yun suddenly said, “Is there a famous bridge here?” There were several people in the entourage from Jiangnan and as soon as Qi Yun spoke, someone replied that what he said was true indeed.


Qi Yun thought for a while, “Let’s go and have a look.” 


There were not many tourists in early summer. Qi Yun was sitting on the boat alone. That person was no longer there. He couldn’t see it back then, but now he couldn’t see the same scenery as that person.


It’s not that he hasn’t found Xing Zhengping, but coercion and inducement won’t pry his mouth open. He only got the same one sentence every time, that the Xing family tree does not have a Xing Zhongwan as a third young master, after saying that he’s got the wrong person.


Qi Yun got off the boat and got onto the bridge. When the pedestrians walked past him, there were always people looking back at him. The surrounding bodyguards swept over and held up an umbrella for Qi Yun to block the sun and others’ curious eyes.


After saying that he was the only one left, Qi Yun made a stop gesture to the bodyguard behind him and walked slowly to the middle of the bridge by himself, feeling unusually calm.


Jiangnan in early summer was a bit sultry and Qi Yun was sweating a little in his formal shirt. Standing in the middle of the bridge, he suddenly felt at a loss. His only clue ended here. The old man refused to tell him anything and Qi Yun could not force him, as he could not do anything else that would make Wanwan unhappy.


Qi Yun’s eyes fell on the Buddha beads on his wrist.


Wanwan, I went back to Qi’s house. Shen Qinghong said to me that only by climbing to a higher position, will I be able to find you.


In the past, I was not following my heart in order to fight for fame and fortune. But now, I will do it to find you.


Qi Yun put his hand on the stone fence of the bridge. Its surface was a little hot from the sun.


The bodyguards followed behind him, neither far nor near.


Yes, there are still a lot of people around me. But they are here for my name and profit. It’s because of fear. Even if it seems like it is very lively by my side, once everything attached to my name on the surface disappears, I’m still all alone.


Wanwan said, “Qi Yun, smile more, you look good when you smile.”


The corner’s of Qi Yun’s mouth twitched with difficulty. After Wanwan left, he never smiled again as the joy that came from his heart was gone.


Qi Yun closed his eyes mockingly and stretched out his hand to feel the warm wind in the past.


I’m here, but where did you go?


T/N: wHERE iNDEED qI yUN?? Hmph, you deserve it for treating our Wanwan badly! Gotta learn ur lesson.


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    One have to go through pains to change theirselfs to go ahead.

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