Chapter 32 – The Entire Planet's Hope

Chapter 32 – The Entire Planet’s Hope


Jian Luo was very grateful. He sighed sincerely: “Thank you Secretary Jin. You are such a good person!”


Secretary Jin was shy: “You’re welcome.”


Now I’m waiting on you, Mr Marshal. Just remember to give me a promotion and a raise.


Now that Jian Luo’s goal has been achieved, he is at ease. He doesn’t want to do anything now, all he wants to do is just get the holy dragon fruit and go home to eat it happily.


It’s a pity that Secretary Jin didn’t intend for him to do so.


Secretary Jin said, “Luoluo, shall I take you to get the fruit?”


Jian Luo nodded: “Okay.”


Secretary Jin quickly calculated sneakily in her heart, and if she was correct, the commander should be training the dragons at the moment.


The youngest dragons of the Dragon Clan were now three hundred years old. They were the last batch of genetically compatible test-tube dragons.


After 300 years, no dragons have been reproduced again. With the intention to keep these batches of dragons healthy for long, the marshal will always take time to train the dragons to ensure that there will be some dragons available when they go into the battlefield in the future. The small dragons have sufficient ability to defend themselves.


Dragons are not afraid of death. They are not afraid of fighting because of the scarcity and frailty of their offspring, which only encouraged them to make themselves stronger, invincible and fearless.


“Secretary Jin.” Jian Luo asked her as she walked, “Aren’t you going to send the meal to the marshal first?”


Secretary Jin was taken aback: “Huh?”


‌Aren’t you going to deliver food?


It’s just that you just passed him by along the way.


“Hey, don’t be in a hurry.” Secretary Jin was anxious but she was smart: “The Marshal has a lot of official business to deal with every day so he is busy now. Even if we send it, he won’t be able to eat it.”


Jian Luo nodded in understanding even though he did not understand: “He often goes out to war, right?”


It was a high-risk occupation and countless men wanted it.


Secretary Jin thought about it: “He used, but now they’re basically defeated, there are very few wars now.”


Jian Luo was a little relieved.


The two of them walked forward. Further ahead was a military restricted area. Jian Luo still knew the rules very well so he asked: “Do I have to go further into the Dragon Valley or should I wait here?”


Secretary Jin smiled: “It’s okay, it’s not a core area. You’ll be fine in the periphery.”


Besides, you are close to the most important figure in the entire military, so what was there to be afraid of? There was nothing to be afraid of at all.


Jian Luo could only agree: “Okay.”


Secretary Jin praised her own wit. As long as she was smart enough, she can bring Luoluo to the marshal in a natural way. Just as the marshal trains the small dragons, she will let Luoluo see what a cool and amazing tyrant the marshal was. Then, won’t Luoluo fall in love with the marshal by then?


Plan approved, let’s go!


Jian Luo felt that Secretary Jin seemed to be a bit off, but decided to endure it for the sake of the holy dragon fruit.


The two walked to the floating training platform, and Secretary Jin’s eyes lit up: “Luoluo, look!”


Jian Luo was caught off-guard. Looking sideways, he saw a red dragon spreading its wings and  circling the sky. It raced towards the ground, where a young man was. There was a huge contrast in size between the bodies of the two parties. A person could tell at a glance that the young man had a cold demeanor.


The red dragon approached aggressively, but just as he was about to get closer, the young man jumped into the air lightly, stomped on the red dragon’s head and flipped onto the dragon’s back in mid air. The red dragon was obviously a little flustered. It looked back and saw Lu Shifeng taking out a sharp blade from his belt before throwing it directly at its eyes. Just looking at it would make one’s eye bleed!




Before the red dragon could wail, Jian Luo suddenly covered his face. He was so nervous that he didn’t dare move.


Secretary Jin quickly pulled on him: “Luoluo?”


Jian Luo bitterly said, “Your training is too violent…”


Oh my god!


Lu Shifeng, why are you so cruel to the little dragon cubs?


Secretary Jin comforted him: “It’s okay, it’s okay. The marshal has already calculated it. He was trying to scare it. As they can’t turn their back in battle, he is just trying to teach the dragon that their eyes are very vulnerable.”


The battle not far away was also over. The little red dragon was really frightened, whimpering aggrievedly, wuwuwu, you really scared this dragon to death…


Lu Shifeng jumped off its back and looked at Jian Luo before looking at it: “Do you know what went wrong?”


The little red dragon nodded his dragon head lightly.


Lu Shifeng walked to the ground and pulled out the dagger that cut deep into the hard concrete. He raised his hand as the little red dragon leaned over to nuzzle it. Its red scales became a little hot from the fierce battle just now. Lu Shifeng lowered his head. From the side, his face was sharp, but his eyes looked a little gentle when he looked at the small dragon. He said in a deep voice, “Pay attention next time.”


The little red dragon behaved well and rubbed itself against him again.


On the other side, Jian Luo was ready to run away. He quietly said to Secretary Jin, “Aren’t we going to get the holy dragon fruit? Let’s go.”


Secretary Jin looked at him suspiciously: “Since we’ve already seen the marshal, pass him the meal first.”




After seeing him, I feel nervous.


Jian Luo had ten thousand complaints in his heart, but he couldn’t just take other people’s holy dragon fruit and then beg to leave quickly, right?


Thinking about it, he could only resign and nod: “Okay.”


Just as he was talking, Lu Shifeng stepped onto a suspension bridge in the air and came over. The man may have just had a spar so there were still a few dragon scales on his neck that have not completely faded away. Seeing the scales, Jian Luo recalled the other night, which made him feel a little panicked.


Lu Shifeng’s eyes fell on him: “Do you feel it difficult to come meet me?”


Jian Luo shook his head determinedly: “No.”


“Are you in a hurry?” Lu Shifeng stood in front of him with his military jacket dr4p3d over his strong arms. He looked at Jian Luo: “You seem to want to leave quickly.”




Where did you hear that from?


Jian Luo bit the bullet: “I’m afraid of disturbing your work. My presence here is also not very good.”


Lu Shifeng flickered his eyelids to look at Secretary Jin.


Secretary Jin felt the murderous aura immediately. Now, she was the one in a hurry as she said quickly, “It’s because Mr. Jian insisted on coming to bring you your meal, that’s why I let him come!”


I’m sorry, Jian Luo!


This is for the greater good!


Jian Luo was stunned when he heard Secretary Jin’s words. He blinked as Lu Shifeng looked at him in a relaxed manner: “Were you the one who requested so?”




I didn’t.


But in the current situation, it was better to admit it so Jian Luo endured the humiliation: “Yes.”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile. His smile made Jian Luo and Secretary Jin both breathe a sigh of relief, but before that sigh could fully be relieved, they heard the man say, “If it’s the case, then stay back and accompany me to eat.”


Jian Luo blanked out for a moment.


On the contrary, Secretary Jin was very relieved. He didn’t expect that the old marshal would suddenly know how to flirt. Seems like he still knew how to make other’s stay. She was about to shed tears.


Jian Luo quickly waved his hand: “No, I have to go back to work later.”


Lu Shifeng: “At Moonlight?”




“Do you have a hobby of changing jobs?” Lu Shifeng frowned: “It seems that your job is different  every time I see you?”


Jian Luo: “…I didn’t change jobs.”


Seeing Lu Shifeng still looking at him, Jian Luo felt that it was necessary to clarify himself: “I was sent by Moonlight on a business trip to cultivate seeds at the seed base.”


Secretary Jin’s eyes lit up: “Luoluo, you sure know a lot!”


Jian Luo was a little embarrassed: “It’s okay, I don’t know much about it. I’m only a little better than others at cooking. As for other stuff, I might not be too good at it.”


Lu Shifeng’s tone was very strange: “At Phoenix Stage?”


“It seems so. I heard that the high priest is also nearby.” After seeing some sweat on Lu Shifeng’s face, he took out a clean cloth from his pocket: “Do you want to use this to wipe?”


Secretary Jin’s heart skipped a beat.


After all, she knew that the marshal never used the items offered by outsiders!


Stay cool, Jian Luo.


As she was about to get nervous, Lu Shifeng took the handkerchief. There was a small golden sun embroidered on the handkerchief and a bright little face on the sun. It looked cute and beautiful. He asked in a deep voice: ” You made this?”


“I drew the design.” Jian Luo took no credit: “But my mother embroidered it.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t say anything and accepted it.


Jian Luo was still thinking about the holy dragon fruit and was a little anxious. After all, he was still in a hurry to go back to work, so he looked at Secretary Jin and blinked non-stop, crazily hinting at her.


Secretary Jin: “…Luoluo, are your eyes uncomfortable?”


Jian Luo fell silent.


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth evoked a meaningful smile: “He wants you to take him to get the fruit.”


Secretary Jin was stunned.


Jian Luo was also a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect that Lu Shifeng not only heard it, but also understood him comprehensively.


“Most people don’t like the taste of the holy dragon fruit’s flesh.” Lu Shifeng’s eyes swept around Jian Luo’s stomach, whether intentionally or unintentionally: “Do you like it?”


Jian Luo bit the bullet and said, “Human’s preferences in tastes are different from yours.”


Lu Shifeng was silent for a while before finally saying to Jian Luo, “If you can’t carry it back, I’ll have someone send it to your house.”


Although his voice was indifferent and ruthless, Jian Luo heard a hint of emotion when he listened. He nodded: “Okay, I’ll go back to work first.”


Lu Shifeng: “Go.”


Jian Luo just ran away. He couldn’t run very fast, but his short legs were still able to pull themselves together. Watching his back as he left, Secretary Jin was a little dazed until she heard Lu Shifeng say in a low voice, “What are you looking at?”


Secretary Jin abruptly closed her eyes and hurriedly said, “No, not looking at anything.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at her with a little disgust in his eyes. In the end, he didn’t strike the secretary, only speaking in a low voice, “Go find a human.”


Secretary Jin wondered: “What for?”


Lu Shifeng lifted his eyelids and glanced at her: “Let him try a holy dragon fruit.”




When the two pairs of eyes met, Secretary Jin’s eyes slowly changed from doubt to shock.


Then, her whole blood seemed to boil as her golden dragon scales emerged uncontrollably. She stammered, “You, do you mean…?”


Lu Shifeng played with the handkerchief Jian Luo gave him in his hand and said in a low voice, “Go pick him a good box of fruits and send it to him. Don’t starve him.”


Secretary Jin stood at attention and saluted, with a high voice she said: “Yes!”


Hey, forget a box. Even if the cubs want to eat the fruits in the entire Holy Valley, they will all be harvested. Regardless, the mother tree will not starve the cubs!


On the other side


Jian Luo squatted next to where the pepper seeds were planted and looked at the sapling.


Wang Heng next to him sneered: “Without nutrient water, the seedlings will not get any nutrition at all. But you were too brave.”


“Nutritional water is definitely good.” Jian Luo sat cross-legged on the small rocking chair: “But nutrient water only promotes the growth of the seedlings. The real good seedlings should be left to germinate in the soil and overcome difficulties with their abilities. Only the ones that germinate and sprout out are the ones that should be allowed to grow tall.”


The corners of Wang Heng’s mouth were twitching: “…such an absurd reason.”


Jian Luo decided not to care about him.


When he was a child, his family lived in the countryside. He was picked up by his adopted parents. He heard that he had been thrown on the side of the road and was almost bitten by a dog. Fortunately, he was brought back before he was bitten.


He had four siblings in his family and he was the youngest, but also the one who worked the hardest.


Luo, not as in descended onto land, but fallen down1Jian Luo is now telling the story of how he got his name in the first place.

Because Jian Luo’s name is 简落 in cn. So the cn character 落 (Luò) can carry multiple meanings.

落地 – descend to the ground (god-sent from above)
落下 – fallen down (failure).


At this time, some of the words he often heard were nothing more than the occasional:

“Get up and cook!”

“Why is it so difficult for you to cook some food!”

“Going to school? Do we look like we have money at home?”


From childhood all the way to adulthood, Jian Luo was best at dealing with meals. It was only because he was able to cook well that he could have a bite of food and not be beaten.


People who grow up in this environment were either willing to degenerate into obscurity or strive to climb up. The cultivated seedlings also followed this line of reasoning.


Jian Luo looked at the seedlings in Wang Heng’s glasshouse: “You are growing Chinese cabbage, but the temperature is a bit high. Chinese cabbage is suited to temperatures at least 25% cooler.”


Wang Heng sneered: “Have you ever planted it? Your tone of voice is very confident.”


Jian Luo, who was on the rocking chair, rocked back and forth as he nibbled on the roasted sweet potatoes he brought from home: “You think I’m trying to boss you around, but I just don’t want another vegetable variety to be extinct because of you.”


Wang Heng looked at him coldly: “Grow your chili peppers first before spouting nonsense.”


Jian Luo saw that he didn’t want to listen, so he wasn’t going to be pushy either.


Ever since he became pregnant, he was very tired and liked to sleep. It was good that he wasn’t at Moonlight. That place was noisy, unlike this quiet place. Besides, there were only two people in the shed and Wang Heng didn’t bother with him so he was also undisturbed here. 


In the evening


Jian Luo came home and was going to start a live broadcast tonight. He was fully prepared this time. Since the dragon cub didn’t like the smell of raw food, ​​he would make something plain and eat it with rice noodles. It would be simple, convenient and also delicious.


As soon as he entered through the door, Jian Luo saw his aunt sitting on the sofa.


His aunt glanced at the door: “Hey, Luoluo came back. Auntie was just talking about you. It’s not peaceful outside now, so I’m worried about you.”


Jian Luo came in to change his shoes: “Since it’s not very peaceful outside, auntie, you should go home soon and not hang around outside.”


Su You’s face changed: “This child…”


Jian Luo was too lazy to pay attention to her, but said to Su Liang, “Mom, was there an express delivery today?”


Su Liang, who was busy cooking in the kitchen, came out and asked, “Are you talking about the two boxes? They were sent by someone and are in your room, not opened yet.”


Jian Luo responded with an ‘en’.


He went back to his room and saw a well-sealed cardboard box containing the holy dragon fruits. He never imagined that Secretary Jin would be so generous. Not only did she deliver the promised box, there were even two boxes!


Jian Luo squatted down, took a pair of scissors and started to unpack the outer wrapping. If one didn’t unpack it, the items inside remain uncertain. After unpacking, he found that the packaging was very delicate, keeping a constant temperature and acting as a fresh-keeping box. The whole box was crystal clear:

[Wonderous things can’t last for a long time, but with the Tiny Gold Box, now it can.]


Jian Luo said to the lightbrain of his information bracelet: “What is the Tiny Gold Box?”


After a quick load, the brain answered quickly: “According to the search, the Tiny Gold Box is priced at 120,000 star dollars and is used to store and transport vegetables and fruits that nobles like.” 


The lightbrain scanned again: “There are about 15 holy dragon fruits in the box. Roughly estimating, its total value is approximately equal to 80,000 star dollars based on the quality and weight…”


Jian Luo was shocked stupid, that is to say, he had casually asked Secretary Jin for a box of fruits, but came back with 230,000 star dollars?


There are two boxes, so isn’t it about 500,000?


He remembered that before, his mother, Su Liang, had farmed in the cultivation base year-round and her annual salary was only 100,000. The nobles simply handed him two boxes of fruit, but it amounted to an ordinary person’s 5 year’s worth of salary.


Damn these evil rich people.


Jian Luo took a holy dragon fruit out of it. The fruit was golden and ripe. The pulp inside was crystal clear. He took a bite out of the softness and its juice was sweet but not too sugary. It tasted like vanilla ice cream. 


“Jian Luo.”


There was a knock on the door from the outside.


Jian Luo said, “Mom, what’s up?”


“Are you going to livestream today?” Su Liang asked him outside: “If you’re going live, mom will help you clean up the kitchen and prepare things.”


Jian Luo swallowed what was left in his mouth: “I’ll be live broadcasting, mom. Help me cook some rice. I’ll go out and get it later. You don’t need to help me prepare the dishes today.”


Su Liang responded: “Okay, you just got off work, so eat and then broadcast live, don’t starve yourself.”


Jian Luo simply responded with a sound.


He found that the dragon cubs really liked this fruit. In the past, it wouldn’t matter if he was full, he would still feel crazed and uncomfortable.


But only after eating one of these, he felt full. He even felt so full of energy that he could go out and run ten laps.




Su You pulled on Su Liang’s sleeves: “I told you yesterday that you have to take this to heart. He is pregnant with children. How could you misread it? Did you not notice? Even I see it clearly. Even though there’s nothing wrong, Luoluo will always subconsciously touch his stomach. He also retches when he smells something fishy, and his walking posture too. I swear I’m right.”


Su Liang was still hesitant: “But…”


Su You really couldn’t wait. She heard it clearly that the Dark Stars had no cubs at all, due to their inability to breed. If Jian Luo really does happen to be pregnant, their entire Su family will follow and gain a prosperous life.


She had to make her properly understand this.


“Are you afraid that asking Luoluo will make him look bad? Or perhaps you’re worried that he won’t tell you.” Su You lowered her voice: “I have a pregnancy test sticker. It can be attached to Luoluo’s body, and it won’t take long. If Luoluo is really pregnant, the piece of paper will change color and then we will know everything.”


Su Liang thought about it, but shook her head and refused: “No, Luoluo will tell me when she wants to tell me, eldest sister. It’s our family matter so you don’t need to worry about it. I’ll take you home tomorrow. “


Su You was stunned for a moment and her face was a little ugly: “Sister, what do you mean? Is it that big sister’s words are hard to listen to? I only feel that his personality has changed. His temperament is also not the same as before, don’t you have any suspicions…”


“Big sister!” Su Liang suddenly said coldly: “I’ll handle my own son. I know him very well. Thank you for your kindness, big sister. I believe that if Luoluo doesn’t tell me anything, it’s because he’s dealing with hardship. Then, he doesn’t have to say it.”


Su You: “You…”


She wanted to say more but Su Liang had already turned away.


Looking at her back, Su You gritted her teeth as she held the paper in her hand with hatred before sneering.


Oh, if you won’t test it, I’ll test it.


Jian Luo came out of the room, walked to the dining table and sat down: “Mom, what are we eating today?”


“You don’t have a good appetite these two days, so mom will cook porridge for you.” Su Liang busied herself in the kitchen before bringing out the dishes: “Fried potato.”


Jian Luo whiffed it: “It’s so fragrant. Mom, your cooking skills are improving.”


Su Liang smiled embarrassedly: “You’re speaking nonsense.”


Jian Luo drank the porridge with a smile. Halfway through his meal, he heard a sound from the window outside and he was stunned: “Mom, is it raining outside?”


Su Liang put down what she was doing and glanced outside: “Oh, it’s true! There are still things in the yard.”


Jian Luo said, “I’ll help.”


“No, no, no!” Su Liang said, “You continue eating. There’s nothing much. Just leave it to mom.”


Jian Luo already walked there halfway, so Su You, who was behind him, came over and patted him on the shoulder: “Good Luoluo. Listen to your mother. Auntie will go out to help. You go back to eat your dinner.”


Jian Luo still wanted to go out but Su You pushed him back: “Okay, okay. We don’t need your help, just go and sit.”


“Okay, thank you auntie.”


Jian Luo went back to eat.


Su You looked at the sticker on his back and smiled: “It’s nothing, just go.”


Jian Luo was eating slowly while thinking about the content of the live broadcast for a bit. In the living room not far away, Su Liang and her aunt were squatting at the door to check on the dried fruit.


Jian Luo said, “Mom, I’ll go back to my room to change clothes and take a shower first before I come out again.”


Su Liang didn’t look back: “Got it.”


Jian Luo packed up and went back to his room to rest. As time went by, the sticker began to work. Its tentative stimulus, caused the sensitive dragon cubs to notice it at once. They thought that their mother was being threatened by the outside world and started to feel uneasy.


As soon as he opened the door, Jian Luo felt a slight abdominal pain and slammed the back of his hand onto the door with a ‘Bang!’ as he almost fell onto the ground.


On the Dark Star, most of them were beasts while the rest were half-beasts.


From ancient times to the present, Dark Stars have lived in groups. The beasts naturally relied on scent to discern others. This was especially true for high-level clans with stronger scents.


Dark Star cubs were very precious, especially ones from the dragon family. When a female is pregnant, some dragons in the Dragon Valley will assume the position as her guardian protector. Once the female or her cub are threatened, even the most premature cubs will emit an uneasy aura. This aura can spread up to a radius of ten miles to send a signal for help.


Peace Paradise is more than ten miles away from the Sky city in the upper realm, but there were still many Dark Star people who are close by:

“I think I smell a signal from some cubs. Please slap me awake from my dream.”

“I smell it too.”

“Cubs? God, whose cubs is it?”

“The scent is a little uneasy, is it in danger?”




Some irritable Dark Star smashed the table: “Who is it!? Whoever dared to harm the cubs who can’t even see yet, our entire planet will not let this go!”

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