(Vol.2) Chapter 5 – The Xing Family

Chapter 5 – The Xing Family


Xing Zhongwan subconsciously shrunk inside his own mind and most of his consciousness was stuck inside. Sure enough, even though Qi Yun had already recovered, he still looked like he was going to die if anyone got close to him. With him at the center, no strangers would be able to come near him.


Xing Zhongwan took a closer look to see that Qi Yun’s leg was still a little lame and it seemed that he had not fully recovered. That cold face was icy cold and Xing Zhongwan was worried that the people who followed him would freeze to death. His entire body was still thin. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but judging from his face, it seems that he became even thinner than when he first left two years ago.


Xing Zhongwan smiled. He was very busy, after all. It took him two years to climb to his current position and it would be impossible to do so without putting in the effort.


Xing Zhongwan was far away from him. The distance between him and Qi Yun in the huge banquet hall was just a diagonal line and it was a good thing that his eyesight was not too good. Xing Zhongwan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zhong Gang.


Zhong Gang was taking Emma to meet with other people. He was the one responsible for Qingyuan Capital. He has held the title of being the person in charge for many years and there were many people who wanted to curry favor with him. She was sent to him today with a smile on her face. He looked at the assistant who just started reporting to him today. She was a shrewd, strong, and very beautiful Caucasian beauty…


Was she really a foreigner? Who the hell was she to be able to speak much better Chinese than him? However… This person, who was recommended to him by the boss, was really good… Emma’s ability to learn was very strong… Seems like he’ll be able to go back to the head office to pursue Zhengzhe…


Just as he was thinking, his phone began shaking in his pocket. Zhong Gang took it out and glanced at it before frowning slightly. He was just about to tell Emma that they should go until a young man suddenly stopped in front of him, “Hello, Dong Zhong from Qingyuan Capital. I’m Shen Congxin.”


Zhong Gang looked at the handsome man in front of him who was much shorter than him. Shen Congxin? The little vice president of the Shen family?


Zhong Gang straightened his body that he had just turned around because he was about to leave. With a smile on his face, he greeted him, “Hello, Vice President Shen.”


Qi Yun’s appearance caused a commotion and many girls hid to look at him quietly. His appearance made many people jealous and stunned stupid. As the head of the Qi family and the Shen family, just one of those titles was enough to attract people. What’s more was, since he recovered from his illness, Qi Zongcheng used all his resources to support him. It can be said that he will soon rise to the top. Some people even said that in a few years, Qi Yun will likely participate in the general election as well. The women didn’t give much thought to these things. They were looking at taking the position of young madam Qi. After all, Qi Yun, who was in his thirties, was not married yet.


There are countless people who openly or secretly agreed with his current position. It was just unfortunate that Qi Yun had no elders. The public was told that his mother was recuperating in a sanatorium. There was no one who didn’t know that Guan Yang went crazy. Qi Zongcheng was now paralyzed on the bed and couldn’t take care of the business anymore. As for the Shen family… Let’s not mention them anymore. Qi Yun was the only one left from there. There were also people who relied on Shen Congxin to pass on a few good words about them to Qi Yun, but they don’t know that this little deputy played dumb, always saying, “I already have a cousin-in-law already, don’t ask again.”


If you want to start from the inside of the Shen family, Shen Qinghong’s confidant may be able to speak in front of Qi Yun back then. But now, the Shen family is even more impregnable, so if you ask, they will tell you that the position of our Shen family’s young madam is something you can’t afford to covet and to stop dreaming.


In fact, they all know that there is already someone in Young Master Yun’s heart. They have always had a young madam, but the young madam ran away and Young Master Yun had been looking for him for two years. It is estimated that he will not be able to find him in this life and that he will die alone.


Everyone was thinking about it. Qi Yun was right in front of them, but no one dared to go up and talk to him. Originally, he was not easy to approach. But now that he was healthy, he was even colder. Just a glance at him would make one’s back go cold. Becoming young madam Qi was not an easy thing to do. They really didn’t have the courage to even talk to him.


Deputy Director Chen of the Shen family was Shen Qinghong’s confidant during her lifetime. Seeing that Qi Yun had come, he leaned over cautiously, “You’ve arrived?”


Qi Yun was a little lacking in interest, so he raised his eyes and nodded slightly. The other was so stunned that his forehead started sweating.


After so many years, he has really lived his life lying down with his belly facing up like a dog. Every time he saw Qi Yun, the first thing he felt was fear. He would even become the servant of his son.


“Thank you for coming today.”


The secretary beside him handed him a glass of warm water, “I wouldn’t have to come here if you pulled Shen Congxin up earlier.”


There was some sadness in Deputy Director Chen’s heart. You think I don’t want to? It’s hard to pull that stinky boy up too. Qi Yun swept his eyes and saw that Shen Congxin was talking to a tall man not far away. His excited expression was very rare. Looking back, he happened to meet the woman who was looking at him. The woman blushed but did not avoid his gaze. Qi Yun looked at her eyes with no emotion and indifference. The woman’s red face gradually turned white, before her eyes finally turned red fast. She looked away and walked quickly towards a middle-aged lady. When the lady looked back, she saw that her daughter was so pale that she was about to cry. She was shocked and asked, “What’s wrong?”


“He’s scary, mother. Let’s go.”


The lady was frightened by the expression on her own daughter’s face. What’s the matter, you haven’t even met him, but were frightened to this extent?!


Xing Zhongwan sat in the corner and saw it all clearly. Looking at the girl with this kind of expression, he predicted that the girl will have a nightmare when she goes back. Xing Zhongwan looked at his phone. What happened to Zhong Gang?  Xing Zhongwan couldn’t sit still and wanted to leave before he came back. Qi Yun’s eyes drifted over here several times and several people have already noticed him so staying here like this is not the way to go.


Xing Zhongwan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Zhong Gang, “I’ll go to the airport first. I’m leaving Emma to you. See you later.” 


After sending the message, Xing Zhongwan got up and prepared to leave.


Qi Yun also planned to leave. He only came here today to show his face and he didn’t want to stay any longer after showing the Shen family some courtesy. The secretary behind him handed him his phone. Qi Yun took a look. Shen Congxin secretly sent him a message at some point, asking him to come over to support him. Qi Yun frowned and was very upset. He really didn’t know how Shen Qinghong fell in love with him back then? Without any enthusiasm at all, Qi Yun got up and looked at Shen Congxin who was beckoning at him. He wanted to turn around and walk away, but after thinking about it, he changed his direction and began walking towards them.


Xing Zhongwan never thought that Qi Yun would walk towards him, but he was already walking towards the middle. It would be too obvious to turn around now. Someone just happened to pass by him and Xing Zhongwan and Qi Yun passed by each other. At the moment when their shoulders passed, Xing Zhongwan exhaled and walked straight to the door without looking back. Qi Yun’s steps suddenly stopped. It was a familiar smell! Suddenly turning his head, there were countless figures and faces behind him, but the scent of the pine wood became clearer and clearer in his mind. Qi Yun’s cold and white face became more solemn as he pushed aside the entourage behind him and walked out quickly. Shen Congxin waved at the back of Qi Yun who was leaving resolutely. What happened to his big cousin who turned around suddenly when he was almost here?


“I’m sorry. It seems that our chairman has something to do. I can’t introduce you to him today. I’m very sorry.” Shen Congxin kept a smile on his face, and Zhong Gang smiled indifferently, “It’s okay, it’s my honor to meet Mr. Qi. If I don’t get to meet him this time, there will always be a chance next time.”


Zhong Gang’s words were only said as a courtesy. He had wanted to know Qi Yun for a long time, but unfortunately it was difficult to meet him. It’s a pity he wasn’t able to see you today.


Xing Zhongwan came out of the door and stopped a taxi. He watched Qi Yun come out of the door in a panic, as if looking for someone. Was he recognized? That’s impossible! It must’ve been the smell on his body. He had sprayed his cologne today, which was really a misstep. Xing Zhongwan ordered the driver to drive away as he inadvertently saw Qi Yun panicking on the other side. If he guessed correctly, he was shaking. Xing Zhongwan stopped looking at him as he laid back on the chair, “Please drive to the airport.”


“Big cousin, what are you looking for?” Shen Congxin came after hearing the news. He had not seen Qi Yun so complacent for a long time.


“Wanwan was here. There was his smell, he’s back.”


Qi Yun supported his aching leg. He would never forget that smell. Who was it? Where did they come from? Qi Yun’s eyes were red and he looked a little crazy. Shen Congxin saw him and knew something was wrong, “Don’t worry, I’ll look for him.”


Qi Yun suddenly remembered something, “Give me today’s guest list, hurry up!”


Qi Yun looked at the list in his hand name-by-name and Shen Congxin couldn’t bear to see his focused look, “Big cousin, you must be mistaken. Almost everyone in the banquet hall used perfume. With so many fragrances all together, how can you recognize it? If you smelled something, you must’ve been hallucinating because you thought too much.”


Qi Yun ignored him. He was not wrong, he wouldn’t remember the smell of Wanwan wrongly.


Shen Congxin was lying on the desk helplessly as his elder cousin went crazy again. In fact, it was not that he never thought about finding clues from the perfume field before, but there were thousands of pine fragrance perfumes on the market. Shen Congxin didn’t know how many domestic and foreign manufacturers they had seen, but Qi Yun had rejected them. Later, a person in the industry told him that it may be a customized product that was not available in the market. Shen Congxin also investigated this lead, but there was still no clue at all, so he gave up on this, but he didn’t expect…


Shen Congxin still wanted to persuade him as it was already midnight. Will Qi Yun want to stay up all night again?


The phone on the desk rang, but Qi Yun didn’t answer. After a while, the secretary knocked on the door and came in,


“The house in Jiangnan was donated.”


Qi Yun’s hand stopped turning the list over as he slowly raised his head, his eyes solemn.


“What did you say?”


Most of the old objects in the Xing family’s old house in Jiangnan were still there, but a few musical instruments and costumes in Xing Zhongwan’s yard were now gone. Qi Yun stared blankly at the empty old house. At this time, he was finally sure that Wanwan had really come back. It’s just that the news came to him too late. The old man’s death and burial were quietly hidden from everyone. It was also him who had appeared at the banquet. Maybe this was how they were meant to be, just passing by each other.


Thinking of this, Qi Yun felt a pain in his heart that had not been turbulent for a long time. The pain suddenly made him find support on the pillar next to him. Why didn’t he recognize him?


The moment the question came up, Qi Yun laughed, and the bitterness and sadness poured into his chest. He was so determined to leave, so how could he have recognized him? He was in such a rush to hide.


Qi Yun’s secretary held a transfer document and a check.


“Master likes this house very much, so I hope the curator can give up his love.” The curator looked at the amount on the check and asked in disbelief, “This is too much.”


“This house is priceless in the master’s heart. The money was donated by the master, and it can be regarded as the support of the Shen family for the protection of cultural relics.” 


The curator was stunned for a moment and he was a little uncertain, “The Shen family, is it the one from Haiyuan?”


“Exactly.” The curator gasped. After breathing again, he could only accept the check.


There was something missing from the canopy bed and Qi Yun noticed it at a glance. The doll was gone. The secretary came in and handed a mobile phone to Qi Yun. Shen Congxin spoke cautiously on the other end of the phone, “Big cousin, I checked everything according to what you said. I checked the guest list and the entry and exit status of the past few days, none of the identities match the right person.”


Qi Yun’s face sank quite a bit, “How about last night’s entry and exit records?”


Shen Congxin took a deep breath, “This is what I wanted to say, big cousin. I can’t find anything. We do not have enough authority. I also called the Foreign Affairs Office, and they replied that we did not have enough authority.”


Still not enough authority! Qi Yun silently hung up the phone and sat down on the canopy bed a little dejectedly.


Shen Qinghong’s words before his death once again left him at a loss.


“If you want to get him back, your current position is not enough. You have to continue to climb up.”


 “The Xing family’s influence overseas is not that simple. If he wants to hide from you, it will be easy.”


Qi Yun punched the shelf.


When he returned to Qi’s house that year, Qi Zongcheng vomited blood on the spot when he saw the stack of materials, as he pointed at him and scolded him three times. Qi Yun was unmoved. Qi Zongcheng asked him what he wanted. The Qi family was so tormented by him, did he come back to threaten them now?


Qi Yun replied very calmly, “I can only get what I want by climbing up.”


And what he wanted has always only been Wanwan.


Qi Yun didn’t want to talk about the hardships of the past two years. The closer he got, the more unbelievable it was. How could it be so difficult to find a person?


He didn’t even know which country he was in. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department secretly told him that they had applied for foreign affairs protection. When they had this kind of authority, generally, the identity of such a person did not even need to be seen by the director of the department to be qualified, so he advised him not to investigate further.


Qi Yun said at the time, “What level do you have to be to check this? The chief speaker? The director of foreign affairs? Or the chief secretary of the country?”


“You’re crazy for telling me this. If you let others hear it, it’ll be too incredulous. You are too popular, climbing up so high in just two years. There are many who are jealous of you. Do you know what will happen if they catch wind of this?”


“If I have to climb up till that position. No matter if it takes five years, I will even try it for ten years. “


Qi Yun didn’t say this as a joke. He’s already made up his mind. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department was much older than Qi Yun and he received the favor of Mrs. Qi in his early years, so he sincerely regarded him as a junior.


“If you want to walk this path, you should know better than me how many bloody storms there will be in the future. Whatever Mrs. Qi had seen, it will be more than that… Hey, just forget it. To be of your status is already not a simple person.”


Qi Yun didn’t answer. The firmness in his eyes explained everything. The person in charge of the foreign affairs department joked, “It’s not a blood feud, is it?”


Qi Yun glanced at him with a complex expression and melancholy eyes, “It’s me who wronged him. “


Xue Qing came to pick up Xing Zhongwan and when she saw his expression, she knew something was wrong.


“What’s wrong?” Is it because I messed with you?”


Xing Zhongwan opened the car door, “I don’t want to talk to you now.”


Xue Qing was shocked, “I have performed well recently and I have done nothing wrong.”


Xing Zhongwan closed his eyes and didn’t want to talk to her. Xue Qing thought for a second, “It wasn’t because you met Qi Yun at the banquet that you were in such a hurry to come back, was it?”


Xing Zhongwan said nothing, but the expression on his face said everything. Xue Qing patted his thigh, “What a coincidence! Fortunately, I applied for foreign affairs protection before you left the country, so he won’t be able to find out about your identity.”


After catching the flight overnight, the ten-hour trip made him feel like he was going to die.


“I know I was wrong. I won’t make you go to any banquet next time. I was wrong, don’t be angry.” Xue Qing looked at him carefully.


Xing Zhongwan took a deep breath. Seeing Qi Yun again confirmed his thoughts back then. That Qi Yun was really suitable for turning the clouds all over the world. This was what he should have been like.


Xing Zhongwan wiped his face, “I won’t be leaving for a while, what’s the next plan?”


Xue Qing blinked. She knew that she should not mention Qi Yunagain and quickly changed the subject, “There’s someone who’s been wanting to ask you out for a meal for a long time.”


Xing Zhongwan leaned back in the chair lazily, “Little Aisha… Auntie…” 


The Xing family was an immigrant in the early years and their preedcessors were very good at doing business. It was unknown which generation married a royal princess. It was almost impossible for a princess to marry a chinese person at that time, but it really happened and it was said to be a sensation. Therefore, Xing Yanyin’s blood was a bit mixed and his appearance was extremely handsome. In this instance, Xing Zhongwan looked like Xing Yanyin a 100%. Xing Zhongwan didn’t like to wear sunglasses to pretend to be cool. It was because his eye colour was a little different from ordinary people’s.


How closely related were the royal family to Xing Zhongwan, he didn’t know, but they were quite close. In addition, the Xing family has always been closely entangled with the royal family. As they have been in countless wealth for many years, the Xing family’s local status is quite high.


Xing Zhongwan was also shocked when he came to take over the Xing family’s business. Just what did his grandfather leave him? The pressure was too great…


This little Aunt Aisha, Xing Zhongwan doesn’t know how she was related to him or how she became his senior, but he doesn’t want to be entangled. He called her his aunt in name only, because she was actually five years younger than him. She was seriously still a little princess.


And every time she wanted to see him, there was only one reason. To set him up on a blind date.

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