Chapter 36 – Be good and follow the marshal

Chapter 36 – Be good and follow the marshal


Jian Luo finished counting and came to a conclusion: “There were probably three.”


Lu Shifeng sneered: “That little?”



After hearing that tone, Jian Luo felt the need to look up. When he looked up, he saw that Marshal Lu was looking at him with a half-hearted smile. Although he was not angry or murderous, he still made Jian Luo feel like a threatened small animal.




Did he rub salt into a wound?


After thinking about it, how could a serious man like Lu Shifeng have someone adequate for him as his match? He probably did not rub salt on his wound, right?


Thinking of this, Jian Luo hurriedly changed his words: “It’s a lot. I think it is enough.”


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “Three is enough?”



Those were some threatening words.


Jian Luo felt stressed, so he bit the bullet and said, “But in the end we all broke up.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him and Jian Luo hurriedly lowered his head to eat the cloud fruit, pretending that nothing happened, in an attempt to get this over with.




Lu Shifeng felt that it was necessary to explore the inside life of his junior.


Jian Luo didn’t expect the marshal to be quite gossipy, but it was nothing so he said bluntly, “Because of my family situation.”



His family was from the countryside, but after that, he secretly broadcast live to make money, so he delayed his studies.


Jian Luo’s appearance is not bad. His cooking was also not bad, and his temperament was good too, so he is naturally quite popular, but no matter who it was, once they knew his poor family’s origins, who would be willing to be with him and settle down?


After one or two times, Jian Luo himself figured out that sweet love cannot change his situation at all, so the most important thing was to make money.


Lu Shifeng’s voice went lower: “Did you date dark stars?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo was stunned for a moment, before nodding foolishly: “Forget it, you also know the conditions of my family. It’s like that. It can’t be changed.”


Lu Shifeng gave him a deep look.


Jian Luo still lowered his head and continued to eat the cloud fruit with a handsome face full of satisfaction and all his concentration on his food. There was no other expression on his face. Inexplicably, Marshal Lu felt that he should say something.


“If you can’t change others, you can change yourself.” Lu Shifeng led him to a bustling street in the shopping mall: “When you can rise beyond your family status, you will not be restrained by it.”


Jian Luo smiled: “People’s discrimination against other races can’t be changed no matter how good you are. For example, Marshal, if it were between you and me, don’t you mind?”

He only asked half-jokingly.


He didn’t expect an answer.


A child ran past them playfully in the mall, almost bumping into Jian Luo. Lu Shifeng quickly pulled him by his side.


The cloud fruit in Jian Luo’s hand fell.


As the snow-white cloud fruit fell to the ground, a robot not far away came over to clean it up automatically and then left on its own.


Jian Luo sighed, “What a pity.”


Lu Shifeng pulled him away: “I will buy another one for you.”


“No need.” Jian Luo stretched his waist: “It’s good to just have a bite. It tastes like cotton candy, not bad.”


Lu Shifeng didn’t ask what cotton candy was.


The two quickly went to a clothing store. Jian Luo didn’t plan to go in, but Lu Shifeng led him in.


There was a dazzling array of clothes in the store and clothes for all ages and styles. The dark stars were generally tall and big, so the size of their clothes were also similar. The dark stars also had another strange quirk, they liked red. The color purple mades the clothes in the store more striking to the eyes.


The server greeted him: “Hello, welcome.”


Lu Shifeng said, “He is going to choose.”


“I’m choosing?” Jian Luo and Lu Shifeng looked at each other. He sighed after confirming that the man wasn’t joking, “Okay.”


He turned around and his eyes fell on a suit.


The colors available for this suit were plain black or white. The black one was bigger and looked upright and serious, while the white one was much plainer. However, because it was a small size, it was almost just right.


Jian Luo pointed to the white: “I want to try that one.”


The server was slightly surprised and repeatedly confirmed, “Are you sure you want that one?”


“I can’t?”


“It’s not like that…” The server smiled awkwardly: “That pair of clothes should be a parent-child outfit.”



The atmosphere fell silent.


He felt offended.


Not far away, the lazy marshal’s mouth curled into a smile: “The parent-child outfit is good, let him try it.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched.


The server obediently walked over and took off the white suit and handed it to Jian Luo: “Go to the fitting room and try it on.”


Jian Luo responded: “Okay.”


She quickly came back wearing a new white suit. The small shirt was small and fitted him. The fabric was comfortable. Jian Luo smiled with his red lips and white teeth. He looked younger. After wearing it, he seemed to have lost several years.


“It’s very beautiful.” The server complimented him beside him: “You wear it well.”


Jian Luo also thought it was quite fitting, so he asked, “How much is this?”


The server said with difficulty: “Because it is a set, we can’t sell it separately. If you want to order one, you may have to buy them both together.”


Jian Luo nodded and understood, he said, “How much are the two together?”


“It’s not expensive.” The server smiled: “The total price of this set is 160,000 star dollars. Do you want to swipe your card?”




Jian Luo said in a deep voice, “Does your white suit come in purple?”


The server nodded her head: “Yes.”


“How about green?”


“We have it.”


“Are there any multi-colored ones?”




Jian Luo was satisfied: “I just want to buy multi-colored ones. Since you don’t have them, it’s a pity. Let’s talk about it next time.”




While Lu Shifeng was handling his own official business, he listened to Jian Luo’s silly remarks not far away. The man lifted his eyelids and said to the server, “This set, wrap it up.”


Server: “Okay!”


Jian Luo was stunned. He trotted over and whispered into Lu Shifeng’s ear: “Forget it, it’s too expensive, I know a place that is cheaper.”


Lu Shifeng put away the information screen in front of him: “No need, we’re getting this.”




How capricious.


Jian Luo felt stuffy. Seeing that the man in the strict military uniform suddenly had another idea, he smiled slyly: “Hey, did you hear? She said that it was a parent-child outfit just now.”


Lu Shifeng looked at him sideways: “I will have to buy the small dragons clothes at some point.”


“I don’t mean that!” Jian Luo felt that he had to be straight with him: “I mean, why don’t you try the black one?”


Lu Shifeng refused: “Do you think I might need a suit for some occasion?”


It seemed to make sense.


The marshal won’t need to wear casual clothes.


But Jian Luo still wanted to try a little harder: “Then, if you don’t need it, why did you come shopping with me now? Just change up your style, you’ll look friendlier.”


Lu Shifeng narrowed his eyes: “I don’t look friendly?”




What a tricky situation


The enemy will cry if they heard this. Secretary Jin would be silent.


Jian Luo bit the bullet, ignoring his conscience: “Kind, you definitely look kind, I mean. But you will look more kind. If you don’t like it, forget it. I can’t wear it anyway, I’ll give it to someone else next time.”


He meant to give it to Jiang Jiang, or to Wang Heng?


Unexpectedly, after Lu Shifeng listened, his breathing became even more tense. The man sneered: “To whom, your boss, or to that old phoenix?”


Jian Luo was taken aback: “Who?”


There was an unknown bitter scent in the air.


Lu Shifeng stood up and walked in front of the server. Even though he only walked normally, he held the same pressure he used to go into battle and kill the enemy. The server shivered, “D-do you need anything else? “


“The black one.” Lu Shifeng pointed, “Give it to me.”


The server quickly handed it over.


After Lu Shifeng took it, he turned around and entered the fitting room. The marshal has appeared in various places for so many years. But none of them was without his usual military uniform.


But how powerful was this little human being? After only a few words, the marshal went to change his clothes.


Jian Luo sat in a chair and waited for some response.


After a while, the curtain was opened and Lu Shifeng walked out. The marshal changed his old-fashioned military uniform and wore a black long-sleeved sweater, which looked very fashionable. He was usually lazy and complacent. Now that his usual and stereotypical military uniform was gone, they both felt somewhat closer.


Jian Luo’s adam’s apple bobbed up and down: “So handsome.”


Lu Shifeng put his general outfit in his storage bracelet and walked in front of Jian Luo: “Are we closer now?”




It can’t be that all this time you were after this!


Jian Luo took a second look at the beautiful sight and swallowed: “Close, very close.”


There were other clothes in the store that had not been tried on. The server could now see who the one holding the gold was, so she said to Jian Luo: “Do you want to try other styles? It will suit you very well.”


Standing in front of the chairs, the two people in parent-child suits, one tall and one short, turned around at the same time.


Before Jian Luo could speak, he heard Lu Shifeng say, “For the suitable ones, send it to an address, directly to me. You don’t need to try it on.”




Jian Luo was shocked.


Lu Shifeng just looked down at him: “Let’s go.”




The two of them walked out. The mall is very lively. Many people came and went in pairs. Naturally, there were also many small games that attracted people’s attention.


When passing a stall, Jian Luo unconsciously stopped.


There were a lot of cute little toys hanging in the shed. Jian Luo stopped: “What is this?”


With one glance, the stall owner saw this gullible customer and said brightly: “Do you want to come and play?”


Jian Luo was very curious: “How do you play this?”


“It’s very simple, do you see the gun next to you?” The stall introduced brightly: “As long as you can hit all the balloons on the wall over there with your gun, you can choose a toy from us.”


Jian Luo had a hard time: “But I don’t need it.”


He naturally thought about this situation and explained: “Just take this to aim. Pull the trigger and you will be able to use it, it’s quite simple!”


“Really?” Jian Luo was moved, he looked at Lu Shifeng: “Let’s go play!”


Lu Shifeng casually said, “En.”


Marshal Lu was sitting on a chair not far away. His child in the parent-child suit happily took up a gun and aimed it at the balloons.




A shot went off but the balloons did not pop.


Jian Luo was stunned. He felt that he had clearly aimed properly so how could it have missed. Not even once did it hit.


He thought of trying it again. Maybe it was just a coincidence.


Thinking of this, Jian Luo carefully picked up the gun. This time he was very focused when he aimed at the balloon. Calmly, after taking two breaths, he finally pulled the trigger.




Another crisp gunshot rang out.


After everything calmed down, the balloon, which was still unharmed, was still properly hung on the wall, as if mocking Jian Luo silently.


Jian Luo pursed his lips and relentlessly fired a few more shots. After a while, there was no  more balloons as the time was over.


The stall owner shouted: “If you want to play, you have to pay more to renew the time.”


Jian Luo said quickly, “I don’t want to play anymore.”


“You can try again.” With a greedy smile on his face, he didn’t forget to say, “It’s good to try again, isn’t it?”




Forget it, I’m afraid it won’t work.


Jian Luo put the gun back, returned to Lu Shifeng’s side dejectedly, and sat down with a sigh like a depressed puppy.


Lu Shifeng looked at him from the side: “Don’t want to play anymore?”


“What is there to play?” Jian Luo pouted: “The balloons are too hard to hit.”


I don’t know if it was his imagination, but Lu Shifeng seemed to have a smile on his lips. He slowly thought about it, feeling that this was not a normal occurrence at all.


Jian Luo was depressed: “Let’s go.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the two dark stars not far away walked to the console, muttering something:

“Did you see that person just now?”

“He was so bad, I’m not too shy to say it.”

“It was so terrible that it’s shameful.”


Jian Luo looked over in disbelief. He was in a very depressed mood at first, but he never thought that she would be slapped by other people’s words.


Lu Shifeng originally had a smile on his face, but after listening to the conversation, his smile gradually cooled.


Jian Luo didn’t want to stay here anymore, so he said, “Well, why don’t we…”


Originally, Jian Luo wanted to persuade the marshal to leave, but who knew that Lu Shifeng stood up, went to the stall, paid the money, and walked directly to the console.


The two dark stars who were talking were picking the guns. One of them was a fat man. He looked at one of them and just as he was about to reach for it, it was taken by someone else first.


“Hey, you, didn’t you see that it was supposed to be my pick?”


The fat man was muttering, but as soon as he raised his head and met Lu Shifeng’s gaze, those extremely cold eyes, looking down from high up, seemed very oppressive.


“You, you…” The fat man stiffened: “M-Marshal?”


Lu Shifeng skillfully assembled the gun and responded lightly.


The fat man didn’t notice Lu Shifeng just now, so he stammered: “Do you want to play? You should go first.”


Lu Shifeng lifted the gun. The man’s posture was steady. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the balloon on the wall not far away. There was a long distance between them but he didn’t need to hesitate at all.




Several gunshots cut through the air, attracting others to stop and watch.


No bullets missed and almost as long as the bullets were fired, all the balloons burst in response. The excellent results were astounding. Lu Shifeng put down his gun.


The fat man next to him complimented him: “You are too good.”


“Not at all.” Lu Shifeng’s mouth curled into a sneer: “I’m so bad. I’m not too shy to say it.”


As soon as these words were said, the fat man subconsciously looked not far away and saw Jian Luo sitting on a chair. His head buzzed on the spot. Jian Luo was not standing with Lu Shifeng just now. But after piercing it together, he didn’t think that they both knew each other!


Lu Shifeng said in a low voice, “What are you looking at?”


The cold sweat behind the fat man came, and compared to Lu Shifeng unless he was crazy, the man stammered: “Do, do you know him? What’s your relationship?”


You have to die to find out.


Lu Shifeng raised his eyebrows noncommittally and asked slowly, “Didn’t you see our matching clothes?”





P-parent and child?


The fat man looked at Lu Shifeng in disbelief and said cleverly, “Yes, I’m sorry.”


Lu Shifeng turned away without looking at him.


Jian Luo sat on the chair and waited. Seeing him coming back, he praised him familiarly: “You were so handsome just now!”


Lu Shifeng smiled and said nothing.


“But there’s no need for it.” Jian Luo sighed: “Even if you help me, he still thinks I’m bullying him. He doesn’t really know what he did wrong.”


Lu Shifeng’s footsteps stopped and the man looked at Jian Luo meaningfully.


Jian Luo was stunned. He hesitantly looked at Lu Shifeng and sighed: “Why, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”


The corner of Lu Shifeng’s mouth twitched into a smile and the man said slowly, “The ability to bully others also comes with power.”




I thank you.


In the end, Jian Luo got his own little toy. He was not so naive. He just remembered when he was a child, his family was poor. When he picked up a toy on the roadside, after just having it for a while, it was snatched away.


He had a younger brother and sister at home.


His adoptive mother always said this one sentence: “What about your younger brother and sister, go to work!”


It was difficult for others to understand.


It may be impossible for one to completely forget their painful childhood.



In the evening.


Sitting in the car, Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “I haven’t been home for several days. I want to go back and take a look. I didn’t know what happened to my mother after we were separated.”


Lu Shifeng said to him, “I asked her to come to Sky city but she doesn’t want to. She wants to live in the same place.”


Jian Luo was stunned.


Thinking about it, Su Liang may not feel safe there either.


“I want to go back and see her.” Jian Luo looked sideways at Lu Shifeng: “Can I?”


Lu Shifeng was easier to talk to than Jian Luo imagined. The man said, “Yes.”




How good.


Jian Luo laughed: “I thought you wanted to say no because you’re afraid that I’ll walk around and have a miscarriage or something.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the man gave him a cold glance.


Lu Shifeng said slowly: “Dragon cubs have strong physiques even in the embryo. You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you don’t commit suicide or go on a hunger strike, they won’t die.”




No wonder.


No wonder the lightbrain said before that even if the little dragon is hungry and has nothing to eat, they can still rely on his blood to support themselves and continue to survive. The fact was clearly in front of him, even if his body was fragile, the dragon cub will be fine. Others were doing well. They still had blood to drink and are very tenacious.


Jian Luo sighed.


Lu Shifeng said to the driver, “Go to Peace Paradise.”


The driver responded, turning around decisively and heading for Peace Paradise. The luxury car drove very steadily and Jian Luo was about to fall asleep again.


At this time, his sleeping appearance was slightly worse, with his head leaning to one side, quite rhythmic bumping up and down.


Lu Shifeng watched, before simply stretching out his hand to hold Jian Luo’s head so that the young man could lean on him and sleep more peacefully.


“We’ve arrived.”


The driver in front spoke.


Jian Luo, who was awakened by the sound, sat up at once. He looked out through the window of the luxury car and found that they were indeed at Peace Paradise. He was relieved.


Lu Shifeng said: “I’ll keep my people here. Just call if you need them.”


Jian Luo looked around suspiciously but didn’t see anyone.


“When you need them, they will appear.” Lu Shifeng seemed to see through his thoughts: “Of course, you can also contact me through the bracelet.”


Jian Luo nodded his obedient head.


He got off and waved goodbye to Lu Shifeng before entering the house. The small yard looked the same as before. He pushed open the door and walked in as usual: “Mom?”


After a long while.


A woman came out from the bedroom. Su Liang looked at him in surprise: “Luoluo.”


“Mom.” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “I’m back.”


Su Liang pulled him, looked at him up and down before finally heaving a sigh of relief: “Child, you really worried your mother to death. Why are you only coming back now?”


Jian Luo sat down on the sofa: “It was too late to come home yesterday. I was worried about disturbing your rest.”


Su Liang sighed, obviously thinking about something else.


“Luoluo.” Su Liang held his hand: “Is it true, between you and… the marshal?”


Jian Luo didn’t want to lie to her: “It is true.”



The room fell into silence.


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “I’ve figured it out already. He only likes his children and he just wants his children. I’ll leave when the cub issue is over.”


Su Liang’s eyes were red.


“Oh, don’t be like this.” Jian Luo pretended to be relaxed: “Don’t you think I’m fine?”


The two of them knew that this matter was not simple. After all, the dark stars would definitely not let him go easily. If no one else could conceive a child, the consequences might be more severe than anyone could imagine.


Su Liang was also sensible. Before, she persuaded Jian Luo to leave Lu Shifeng, and he promised, but now she said, “Luoluo, you can’t leave.”


Jian Luo was silent for a moment.


“You have to be good and follow Marshal Lu.” Su Liang said softly, “I can see that he is not the kind of person who is unwilling to take responsibility. As long as you can get him, there will be no more danger in the future!”




Really? Even my mother.


Jian Luo thought about it and finally said slowly, “I have to think about it.”


It seems that even if he doesn’t want to, he has to actively act like an enthusiastic citizen and help the dark stars to recuperate their bodies. As long as their infertility is cured, everything can be solved.


Of course, before that, he still has one thing to solve.

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