Chapter 37 – Prenatal education

Chapter 37 – Prenatal education


Jian Luo was now more comfortable with his situation, so if something happens, he will not be afraid. But now there is a problem in front of him he has to figure out first.


“Mom.” Jian Luo thought about it for a long time before asking, “As far as you can remember, is there any difference in my body… compared to before?”


Su Liang was taken aback: “There’s a difference?”


It seems that his hint was not working.


He had to find out if he actually transmigrated with his own body.


“Yes. When I was in a coma, did my body change after I came back?” Jian Luo said quickly, “For instance, there is something different from before, like a different mark or something.”


Su Liang froze, looking at Jian Luo in disbelief.


Jian Luo was flustered by the look in her eyes, so he said stubbornly, “I don’t mean anything by that. I was just asking.”


Su Liang lowered his eyes: “Luoluo, why are you suddenly bringing this up?”


“I…” Jian Luo racked his brain: “I think from that day onwards, my body feels a little wrong, so I wanted to ask you. You are my mother, so you must be more familiar with it.”


The two looked at each other.


There was a moment of silence in the air.


Half a second later


Su Liang sighed softly: “If you want to talk about what’s changed, there are indeed a few.”


Jian Luo asked her thoroughly: “What is it…”


“You didn’t have that birthmark on the front of your neck.” Su Liang thought for a while and then said, “You also used to like walking with your toes pointed inwards, but now you’ve changed.”


It was as he expected.


Mothers sure do know a lot more in detail.


It seems like he should still be in his real body. 


Jian Luo pursed his lips and said with difficulty: “Mom…”


“You’ve had an accident.” Su Liang was able to find more explanations than him: “It’s okay, whether it’s a problem or a small deal, just live a good life now.”


Jian Luo internally sighed, and he took Su Liang’s hands: “Mom, about my secret, on brother’s side…”


Su Liang understands: “Don’t worry about it. He lives on campus, so let’s hide it for the time being, or else I’ll have to think about it. Although there will come a day where we won’t be able to hide it.”


Jian Luo sighed: “That’s the only way.”


He still remembered that his younger brother said that he would become a soldier later, but his older brother slept with the military chief, which was supposed to be a good thing, but now that the matter has passed, it is useless to mention it anymore. After thinking about it, Jian Luo went back to his room. It is summer now and Peace Paradise is different from Sky City. It was on the ground, so there were a lot of mosquitoes.


Jian Luo peeled a plate of holy dragon fruit, lay down on the sofa, and checked some information while eating.


Suddenly, he received a message from Lu Shifeng: “What are you having for dinner?”


“Holy Dragon Fruit.” Jian Luo replied, “You don’t have to worry about my lack of food, I specialize in cooking.”


Lu Shifeng frowned: “You’re just eating that?”


Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “The holy dragon fruit is quite nutritious, and, Marshal, do you dislike the fruit from the Dragon Valley so much?”


Lu Shifeng didn’t reply.


Jian Luo simply closed the dialog box. The toy he picked up during the day was a little rabbit. It was cute and was like a small pillow, so he simply took it and held it in his arms.


“The composition of the nutrient solution…” Jian Luo quickly read the message: “Could it be caused by the nutrient solution?”


The lightbrain said: “Nutrient solution is a universal high-nutrient liquid in the universe. Humans also take it.”


Oh yeah.


But humans are not facing infertility.


Jian Luo tapped his chin: “I’m afraid this is a bit difficult to solve.”


Thinking about it, there was a mosquito lying on Jian Luo’s shoulder, sucking his blood happily. Jian Luo slapped it without looking at it.




The mosquito went silent.


Jian Luo sighed slowly: “Wherever I go, I can’t seem to evade you.”


After muttering, a video request was sent to him. Jian Luo’s hand shook, he panicked and pressed to answer the call.


Lu Shifeng’s face appeared on the screen


Jian Luo exhaled: “Why did you call me so suddenly?”


“Suddenly?” Lu Shifeng sat on the chair, resting his chin with one hand. There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth: “It seems that you didn’t read the message I sent you at all.”



Well, I closed it early.


Jian Luo coughed lightly: “What’s the matter?”


Lu Shifeng looked at his hand and frowned: “What’s in your hand?”


“Huh?” Jian Luo looked for the paper, wiped it lightly, and explained, “It’s just a mosquito, I just got bitten.”


From the video communication, he could clearly see Jian Luo’s upper body, and his pale shoulders were red, which must be caused by the mosquitoes.


Lu Shifeng frowned slightly: “There are mosquitoes in your house?”


Jian Luo wiped his hands clean and responded casually and confidently, “It’s summer now, isn’t it very common to have mosquitoes?”


He is used to living here, because it is almost impossible for Sky city to have mosquitoes. It is built mid-air. So not to mention mosquitoes, there are not even birds.


Lu Shifeng tapped the table with his fingertips: “Come here in two days.”


“…Do you have to move there?” Jian Luo wanted to struggle a little more: “It’s pretty good here, didn’t you say that the dragon cubs are very strong, and it can’t be hurt by a little trouble at all? Not to mention a bit of blood sucked by mosquitoes.”


Lu Shifeng said in a low voice, “If you move here, you can apply for a Dark Star household registration.”


Jian Luo’s face changed within a second and his attitude was good: “I’ll pack my luggage for every day.”



Lu Shifeng looked at Jian Luo with his eyelids low. He took a few glances and thought he was a bit interesting. If nothing else, he really likes Jian Luo. He knows about current affairs, has an edge above others and has a small temper, but when he sees something, he has no ambiguity in the matter.


This kind of person was an excellent choice, whether as a subordinate or a…


Jian Luo yawned: “I’m going to sleep.”


“En.” Lu Shifeng told him, “I’ll ask Secretary Jin to pick you up after work.”


Jian Luo responded casually: “Okay.”


Ever since he became pregnant, he has been particularly fond of sleeping. He didn’t seem to have done anything, but somehow he felt sleepy and tired.


Lu Shifeng watched him without turning off the video, as if waiting for Jian Luo to ask something.


Jian Luo just asked, “Aren’t you sleepy?”



Lu Shifeng was silent for a while: “Just go to sleep.”




The next day.


The weather was sunny and Jian Luo, who didn’t sleep very well, woke up before dawn. He should have been in bed until 7 o’clock, which is when he went to work. It is now only 5 o’clock, but he is no longer sleepy.


Jian Luo resigned himself from the bed and decided to start a live broadcast and make his own rice crackers.


It was not yet bright outside, and the rice was steaming in the pot with a pre-set timer. When Jian Luo opened the pot, he could smell the fresh aroma of rice.




The small ball for the live broadcast was placed under the cabinet. He bent down and took it out, adjusting the position of the small ball, and once again started to broadcast without any prior notice.


‌Early in the morning, when the live broadcast room first opened, there were only a few people:

“Anchor, I miss you!”

“It’s been a long time, I almost quit.”

“You are too much!”

“If you don’t livestream, we can’t buy what you make.”


Jian Luo once changed the products on the live broadcast room to be available for purchase within a time limit while viewing him online, so many customers who want to buy his products can only wait day and night for the anchor to start the broadcast.


Speaking of other anchors, they all start their broadcast on time every day, but Jian Luo is different. He did not do so on time every day, so it depended on luck whether one could enter his live broadcast room or not.


“Good morning to those at home, have you had breakfast?” Jian Luo waved to the live broadcast room: “Isn’t it right, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time. Today we are going to eat rice crackers.”


The number of people in the live broadcast room slowly increased:

“What’s a rice cracker?”

“Is it a firecracker?”

“No, can a human stomach swallow a firecracker?”


Jian Luo almost died of laughter when he saw the barrage. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “We’re not eating firecrackers, it’s rice crackers, um… In short, it’s a kind of rice, I’ll make it now.”


He shoveled the rice out of the pot, took some flour from the counter and went to the refrigerator to look for eggs. Last time, he bought a lot of ingredients, because he had looked around and found that there was only one egg left, and it was not enough. Fortunately, he was fine now and could use it.


“The rice should be mixed with the flour.” Jian Luo poured the wheat flour into it: “The amount of flour is also important, and this is enough.”


The people in the barrage felt dissatisfied:

“Waste of rice.”

“Anchor, why do you always make weird dishes?”

“Don’t talk, just watch.”


There were a lot of discussions in the barrage, but Jian Luo focused on cooking. His hands were slender and clean. After washing it, he began to add water. He stretched out his hands and began to knead the dough: “Wheat flour is supposed to complement this dish. If you are very particular, friends, remember to wear gloves.”


His hands were kneading the dough flexibly. When Jian Luo lowered his head, his face was clear and fair. With a clear voice: “It’s good to knead it into a ball.”


The sensory sharing for the live broadcast room opened and other viewers could naturally feel the sticky and greasy dough, which was very unbearable:

“I don’t eat these kinds of things.”

“It doesn’t look like it tastes good.”

“Forget it, I’m not watching.”


Jian Luo ignored them and continued to knead the dough. He was very hungry after working now, so he had already taken something out and put it aside to eat it for breakfast.


This morning, he was having the latest breakfast cake from Moonlight. It was only a little sweet and not particularly delicious, but it relieved his hunger. Jian Luo’s hands were busy, so he liked to lean down and take a piece using his mouth to chew slowly. It was quite hard.


The audience naturally noticed:

“What cake is this?”

“It looks delicious.”

“The taste is only a little sweet, but the anchor seems to be very hungry. When I am hungry, the food tastes more delicious, which makes me think it is delicious.”

“Asking for the link from the anchor!”


After taking a bite of the cake, Jian Luo looked back at the screen, and was surprised by a whole page worth of “send the link”.


“That.” Jian Luo explained dumbfoundedly: “I was not the one who sold this.”


The audiences asked where he bought it:

“It must be cheap, since humans can eat it.”

“I’ll buy two boxes.”

“I will go to the place and reluctantly try one.”


Jian Luo smiled, but he was not annoyed: “It’s Moonlight’s new product. Those who want to eat it have to buy it themselves. It’s still on the menu now.”



There was a moment of silence between the barrages.


There was no one who did not know where the Moonlight was. Even if you only drank a glass of water, it will set you back by four-digits.


Soon, some good people went to Baidu’s official website to check the price of this cake and got the shock of their lives:

“Friends, this cake was newly released yesterday!”

“It was still on pre-sale yesterday.”

“The anchor ate it today!”



Jian Luo didn’t watch the barrage, his crackers were about ready to get into the pot: “Let’s cut these doughs into about 30 grams each. Cut them into small pieces, or if you’re someone who likes to eat them as is, just press it with your hands.”


While talking, Jian Luo also used his fingers to give an example.


The oil in the pot was ready, so he moved a little further away before he poured all the cut parts of the dough down.




The heat and splashing of the oil made others nervous. Jian Luo took the spatula and stirred it up: “It will be ready in a while.”


The audience in the barrage has already begun to analyze:

“I don’t know if you have noticed, but the place where the anchor broadcasts has changed twice.”

“Yes, twice!”

“Has anyone saved a screenshot?”


The audience began to guess randomly, and even guessed which cook Jian Luo had an affair with. Originally, everyone’s attention lingered here, but suddenly, an aroma came through.


The aroma of fried food was always piping hot and fiery, and it hit one’s stomach directly, like an unstoppable and open seduction.


Jian Luo smelled the greasiness and his stomach felt a little uncomfortable, but this feeling was fleeting and it was soon over. It seemed that small dragons were a little sensitive, so he coughed lightly: “It’s going to be ready to take out of the pot soon. Do you want me to put it on the online shop?”


When he finished his sentence, who can control the moonlight on the barrage:

“Suddenly, the barbecued meat in my mouth is not tasty anymore.”

“Put it on the shelf! I want to order it from the shelf!”

“This damn firecracker looks delicious as it is.”



Jian Luo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “It’s rice cracker.”


If one ate too much fried food, they will get tired, so Jian Luo has always limited the purchase amount. Some things are more fragrant if you can’t have them.


The rice cracker in the pot has already been completely fried.


The fragrance is overflowing, Jian Luo fished it out with a spoon, waited for it to cool, took a bite, it was crunchy and fragrant, the taste buds on the tip of the tongue seemed to be bathed in an extreme enjoyment, and the mouth would chew it repeatedly when chewing. This aroma, just one sip, is intoxicating.


The people in the barrage were almost going crazy:

“It smells good.”

“Don’t limit the purchase of rice crackers.”

“Wait, how did this thing come about, ah ah ah, it’s all your fault, I don’t remember it at all.”

“Don’t worry, there is a replay.”

“What’s the use of playback? My eyes say I understand, but my hands don’t.”


Jian Luo ate a few more before stopping. This kind of rice cracker is supposed to be an appetizer. It can’t make one full. If one eats too much, it’s like potato chips, it’s easy to get tired of it.


“I’ve put the flavour for testing on the shelves.” Jian Luo looked at the barrage: “Does anyone want to eat it? The postage is very expensive.”


The audience said they were not afraid of expensive things.


Jian Luo was shocked by their enthusiasm, so he had to say, “Well, then, shall I pick someone from today’s viewer list?”


The audience was shocked:

“Anchor, please wait.”

“Yes, yes, I’m going to top up some money and come back right away.”

“Anchor, you got my attention.”


As a result, early in the morning in Jinjiang, there was an inexplicable increase in the wave of top-ups, and many people fought hard to appear at the top of the lottery list.


One of the more important points Jian Luo mentionned was that he was only going to draw names from the gift list in order to attract people to donate money. Did that also mean that even if they donated just a little, they could also stand a chance at being chosen?


At this time, even people who had no money rushed to donate a few dollars:

“Wait, why can’t I enter the recharge page?”

“I’ve been spinning in circles, too.”

“It prompted me to a refresh failed page.”

“Why is Jinjiang so laggy?”


Early in the morning, before Jiang Jiang went to work, the server started ringing. It crashed when a streamer wanted to draw a lottery.


Jiang Jiang: “……”


I’m screwed.


No one was satisfied about the chaotic lottery draw. Jian Luo finally chose a person, asked the other party for their address and planned to mail it when he went to work today.


As soon as he went out, there was a car parked outside.


The driver was a soldier. He said, “Hello, Mr. Jian Luo. I’m in charge of escorting you today.”


Jian Luo was shy: “Why are you serving me?”


“It’s only natural,” the driver said. “I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”


Jian Luo got into the car and asked, “Then can you help me send something? Or you can just drop me off after you send me to the post office, and I’ll go by myself.”


How could the driver let him go by himself? He quickly said: “It’s all right, just give it to me, I’ll help you!”


This object of the marshal’s must be something important to be mailed.


This is undoubtedly out of trust in him. There was no doubt that high hopes had been placed on him.


With a smile on his face, Jian Luo handed over the rice that he packed long ago: “Well, this is it. It’s to be sent to my fans. Sorry for your troubles.”




At the seed cultivation base.


It is estimated that the chili peppers should have broken soil today. Jian Luo wandered in early in the morning and saw Wang Heng squatting on the ground like he had not woken up, which was very scary.


Jian Luo raised his voice: “Why are you squatting there!”


Wang Heng was shocked and jumped up like a thief, annoyed: “Aren’t you the one walking silently? You shocked me.”


Jian Luo ignored him: “What are you doing sneaking around?”


“What can I do?” Wang Heng glanced at the ground: “Well, your peppers have sprouted.”




Jian Luo didn’t care about him anymore. He trotted over and squatted by the dirt, looking at the small sprouts, with a smile on his face: “It’s time to adjust the temperature.”


Wang Heng was finally convinced: “I read the information that this thing is red and shriveled. It should have no edible value. Why did you have to cultivate this first?”


“What do you know?” Jian Luo said while adjusting the temperature: “It does have no edible value, but without it, everything with edible value will be tasteless.”



Wang Heng really didn’t understand.


Jian Luo explained more about the pepper: “It will become more critical now. I’ll go get some fertilizer.”


The seed cultivation base is very large, and it was also used by many different departments. For example, Jian Luo’s group cultivated the seeds of human beings. It didn’t receive a lot of attention, but the other groups are also just relatively good. Just spill, with what kind of new planting seeds are being cultivated, how powerful can the chili peppers be?


When Jian Luo went to get the fertilizer, he was greeted with cold eyes: “What fertilizer does this vegetable need? Isn’t it all planted in nutrient water? You have to put it in the soil so it can survive?”


“I’m tired of the nutrient water and I want to change its environment.” Jian Luo smiled: “It’s already sprouted after all.”



Jian Luo started fertilizing the plant. Wang Heng’s cabbage from before was rejuvenated by his wonderful hand, and because Wang Heng was proven wrong, he didn’t stay in the shed and went to study.


Fertilizing was an easy job.


After all, Jian Luo only had a few seedlings to take care of.


After finishing his work, he was basically free, but he received a private message from Kazuki as soon as he came back. She asked, “Did you advertise for Moonlight?”


Jian Luo was stunned: “I didn’t.”


“What’s the matter? As soon as they opened this morning, the traffic of customers was twice as much as usual, and they only ordered a cake.” Kazuki explained, perplexed: “They said they all saw it from Jinjiang. An anchor ate it so they came over.”


When Jian Luo thought about it, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Well, that’s really my fault then.”


Kazuki smiled and said: “I didn’t blame you. I mean, you are really amazing. I finally understand why the boss was willing to support you.”




Girl, pay attention to your words.


Jian Luo replied seriously: “It’s true that I work for the boss, but I didn’t work for nothing. I wasn’t really supported.”


Kazuki smiled and said, “I understand, I understand. By the way, the boss asked me to pick you up for lunch today.”


Jian Luo thought about the table of meat, and also how Nie Yan always rambled on. Feeling a headache, he said: “I won’t go, I’ll bring my own food.”


Kazuki was stunned: “Really?”


God, she was so amused to hear the boss being rejected. Thinking that their boss was the richest man in the world. Just how many men and women wanted to be the boss’s wife?


Jian Luo simply said, “Really.”


Kazuki said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll tell the boss in a bit.”


The conversation between the two was almost over, so Jian Luo closed the communication panel, cleared up his thoughts and prepared to think about what to eat for lunch.


As he was thinking about it, a figure appeared outside. Jian Luo recognized this person, he had seen him several times.


Jian Luo smiled: “It’s you.”


Zhan Wentai nodded. The priest’s white robes seemed out of place. He said, “I wanted to talk to you.”




Jian Luo asked, “What do you want to talk about?”


“This is not the place to talk.” Zhan Wentai reached out to him: “I’ll take you somewhere else.”


Jian Luo grabbed his hand and stood up with some strength: “But if I leave my post without permission, it will not be good, let me tell the higher-ups first?”


“No.” Zhan Wentai said in a low voice, “I already told them.”



All right.


Jian Luo followed him. The seed cultivating base was not far from the temple on the priest’s side. The more he walked, the closer he was to the temple, which made him a little nervous.


Jian Luo was uneasy: “Well…what are you going to do?”


Zhan Wentai noticed his nervousness: “Don’t worry, it’s just a chat. I won’t do anything to you.”




I’m more worried now.


There were people coming and going, stopping to greet Zhan Wentai respectfully when they saw him:

“Hello, great priest.”

“Greetings, priest, your greatness.”

“Greeting the great priest.”


The more Jian Luo listened, the more wrong he felt. Originally, he felt that there were so many priests here, and the one in front of him should also be an ordinary member, but who knew that all these people here suddenly added the word “great” when addressing him?


“That.” Jian Luo secretly poked: “I want to ask, is your name Zhan Wentai?”


Zhan Wentai nodded.


“…Then you have something to do involving me?”


This turned out to be the legendary Zhan Wentai who was influential, was also a cool leader who knew astronomy and geography? Shouldn’t he have been an old man with a long, white beard?


Zhan Wentai said calmly: “I have discussed with Your Majesty, since the cubs you are carrying will be the first case of birth in thousands of years, in order to allow the child to grow up healthy and strong, I…”


Jian Luo: “What?”


“I want to give you prenatal education about the child.” Zhan Wentai’s tone couldn’t help but contain some caution: “You can relax, only I can give the child the best education.” 


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