Chapter 3

       How many times had this been?

       Soyo couldn’t remember how many people had asked him for his contact details, not that he was being presumptuous, but he could almost confirm that this man’s intention was not a simple ‘thank you’.

       Although Suo Yang dared not say that he has read countless people, but he understood the implicit meaning in human beings very well.

       People were not as good at concealing their desires as they thought. Some people write desires on their faces, and some on their eyes.

       This Mr. Shen in front of him seemed to be more sincere and a little more intelligent than some of the people before, and his method of asking for contact information was more sophisticated. In this way, even if he was rejected, it would not be too awkward.

       Neither of them would be too embarrassed.

       Suo Yang was still polite and thoughtful, and said with a smile, “You’re too kind. I’m just doing what I should do.”

       After that, he wished Shen Huiming a pleasant journey once again, before he turned around and left.

       Shen Huiming stood at the same spot without rushing to leave. His fingers gently rubbed the cut on his airline ticket holder again, his gaze kept falling on the man who had already walked away.

       Suo Yang was not short. Standing in front of Shen Huiming, who is 1.87 meters tall, he could almost see him at eye level. The appearance of the other party in uniform reminded Shen Huiming of pygmy bamboo1. Even just looking at the back of the other party made Shen Huiming feel relaxed and it was enjoyable.

       Is this the legendary pleasing to the eye kind of person?

       Shen Huiming smiled and thought that this airline was quite good at selecting people.

       Suo Yang had already drowned in the crowd of people at the airport. Shen Huiming, who failed to strike up a conversation, didn’t feel too disappointed and turned back to wait for the arrival of his luggage.

       He secretly set a romantic definition for this flight—as a trip fling.

       Although it was only his one-sided affair.

       This is quite interesting, Shen Huiming thought as he dragged his suitcase out. A rose suddenly bloomed in his dull life. Although it was only a mirage that dissipated in the blink of an eye, his fatigue was swept away and he could go to the meeting in full energy.

       Shen Huiming’s company had encountered some difficulties recently. Although it was not a matter of life and death, if this partnership could be obtained, there was no need to be nervous even if they did not take on new projects in the next few years.

       But if the deal didn’t go through, then this project would fall into the hands of the competitors, and they would probably be suppressed for a long time.

       It was precisely because of this importance that Shen Huiming came to talk in person.

       Before he came, he knew which leprechaun he was going to deal with. Although he had a headache, he was well prepared.

       Shen Huiming was taken to the hotel by the assistant who came to pick him up at the airport. He washed off his dusty body and changed into a decent suit. He looked calm and poised.

       The two set off for the venue.

       The assistant said, “Mr. Shen, are you sure you really don’t need to rest for a while?”

       “No,” Shen Huiming said, “I understand that guy. If I don’t meet him first when I come, he’ll make sure to take advantage of the situation.”

       Who was the target of the negotiation?

       It was a classmate from his undergraduate days, someone who had once treated him as an imaginary rival in love.

       Shen Huiming felt that he was wronged. At that time, he lived a little far from the school, and he drove to and from school every day, picking up other students on the way.

       At that time, there was a boy who was quite close to him, but no matter how close they were, he was only a friend. Shen Huiming had no intention of being in a relationship at that time.

       He had no intention, but the other guy had an intention.

       Unexpectedly, it attracted the dissatisfaction of the rival.

       Everyone was in their twenties when they were students. No matter how precocious they were, they were still young and naive compared to today.

       Back then, Shen Huiming was not as calm as he was now. He was annoyed by a few words and fought with the other party.

       It was the first and only time in his life that he had fought with someone. The two of them had a tie, and neither of them got any advantage.

       Later, although the two were still classmates, they were almost on the opposing side.

       The guy who was the main cause of the argument between them didn’t end with either of them later. In their junior year, that guy made a white boyfriend, saying that he enjoyed some fine lovemaking.

       Shen Huiming smiled at this, but the ‘rival in love’ who had fought with him felt that he was offended. At lunch one day, he sat in front of Shen Huiming with a dinner plate.

       The other said, “I’m actually not smaller than a white man.”

       Shen Huiming looked at the other person in surprise and then both of them laughed.

       Later on, they unexpectedly become friends, and the other party learns that Shen Huiming had no intention of being a rival in love with him at all.

       If that was the end, then today’s cooperation was actually quite easy to talk about. However, the problem was that they then fell out again.

       Like God’s will, whoever that person liked would take a fancy to Shen Huiming.

       It was not that the other party’s conditions were much worse than Shen Huiming’s. On the contrary, Shen Huiming always felt that others were more popular than himself, but he couldn’t escape this curse.

       Once after a drink, the two of them disagreed, but they didn’t quarrel, but the conversation fell apart and they never spoke to each other again.

       That was undeniably childish indeed.

       After that, the two hardly contacted. Shen Huiming heard that the other party had been staying in New York, but he just heard about it. He didn’t expect the world to be so big and yet so small that they would meet again at the negotiating table.

       When Shen Huiming walked into the building, he thought to himself that a fierce battle was about to begin.

       Suo Yang and the others had a layover in New York and flew back the next morning.

       In the first year or two, people regarded this as a so-called ‘company-paid travel’, where they could play wherever they stopped, but gradually, they began to prefer to rest in hotels rather than go out to play.

       They didn’t toss and turn anymore.

       When they arrived at the hotel, Suo Yang shared a room with a colleague. He was a young guy in the economy class, and his name was Qiu Chao, who also came last year, with He Tian.

       This young guy was fun-loving and talkative. He usually talked a lot, but he was not a bad person by nature.

       As soon as he put down his suitcase, Qiu Chao said excitedly, “Yang ge, do you want to play later?”

       As Suo Yang changed his clothes and prepared to take a bath, he said, “Go ahead, I can’t toss around.”

       “No!” Qiu Chao followed him to the door of the bathroom, “If you don’t go, I’ll be the only guy, I’m shy!”

       Suo Yang laughed, “You’re still shy?”

       “Why not! I’m super shy!” Qiu Chao leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and begged him, “Yang ge, let’s go with me, or else the girls won’t like to take me.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, smiled helplessly, and finally nodded.

       “Ouye!” Qiu Chao cheered directly at the door and was immediately locked out.

       Suo Yang was really not a frequent visitor to a place like a bar. If he didn’t have friends and colleagues to show up, he would never come himself.

       It wasn’t that he had anything against such places, he was just lazy.

       And he didn’t know if it was because he had really gotten ‘old’ in the past two years. He began to prefer to stay at home quietly. Usually, he was busy and tired from work, and it was better to rest at home if he had time.

       He followed the noisy handsome guys and beauties into the bar, most of them were blonde and blue-eyed white men and women as far as the eye could see.

       Suo Yang walked last and sighed softly.

       Even if he was going to a bar, he should have gone to a gay bar.

       With a wry smile, he continued to walk in.

       A few people came over, some for drinking, some for dancing, and Suo Yang was purely to accompany the guests.

       He sat there casually looking around, drinking a drink that feel like much.

       Occasionally someone came to strike up a conversation, it was all girls, and he politely refused.

       In the second half of the night, it was too stuffy and tiring. Suo Yang couldn’t say he wanted to leave first, so he had to find an excuse to go out and get some air.

       He went out of the bar and stood on the side of the road blowing wind.

       It was September, and there was a cool light rain.

       He walked along the street in boredom. There were far fewer vehicles and pedestrians on the road at this time.

       “Suo Yang?”

       His name was suddenly called, and Suo Yang turned around.

       He was surprised as the man get out of a car, and vaguely remembered that the man’s surname was Shen.

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