Chapter 129 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 129: Unveiling Together (2)


When he saw the vast fleet appearing in the sky above the planet, Cen Junfeng was on the verge of tears from overwhelming joy.


Whether it was due to spending too much time with Lu Jingning or perhaps because of their underlying camaraderie, he couldn’t wait for Wen Xingchen to disembark from the battleship. He rushed up without any reservation, filled with pent-up frustrations: “I’m not kidding, Admiral, could you please take better care of your Omega? Running around aimlessly all day long, who could endure that? Seriously, who could?!”


Whether other crew members thought Cen Junfeng had gone mad, they knew one thing: his incessant chatter was close to driving them insane.


How else could these people be from Admiral Lu Jingning’s team? Being able to speak so freely to their commanding officer, it was akin to disregarding their own lives!


Wen Xingchen’s gaze swept towards the seemingly bottomless abyss, interrupting Cen Junfeng’s incessant rant with an expressionless face: “How long has he been down there?”


Cen Junfeng counted on his fingers: “Five days…”


A faint press of Wen Xingchen’s lips showed a hint of seriousness. He shrugged off his coat and casually tossed it to a crew member: “I’ll go check.”


Cen Junfeng: “Huh?”


“You don’t need to come along.”


Before anyone could react, without giving a moment for response, Wen Xingchen effortlessly stashed an energy gun into his pouch, took the sword handed to him, and walked away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


Cen Junfeng: “??!”


He held back but couldn’t contain his outburst: “What the heck?!”


They say, “Different families have different rules,” but what were the quirks with these two?


Compared to Lu Jingning’s crew, who had weathered many storms, one crew member asked calmly, “Sir, what should we do now?”


A sharp tug at the corner of Cen Junfeng’s mouth ceased any further hesitation. Swiftly, he armed himself and hurriedly followed, leaving behind a final instruction: “I’ll assist! Keep watch up here, don’t let those insectoids escape!”


The group responded solemnly, “We’ll ensure the mission is completed, Sir!”



After several days, under Lu Jingning’s decisive methods, even the cunning insectoids were turned upside down by him.


Completing the last stronghold, he clapped his hands contentedly and let out a long sigh.


Ah, finally, everything was taken care of!


The efficiency was satisfactory, though he wasn’t sure how much time had passed. Yet, roughly estimating, the mission should have ended on time.


With the task completed, he felt an instant relief. Glancing around, he casually picked up a rare metal rod and prepared to return the way he came.


The terrain below the abyss was somewhat intricate, but he had marked his path, making it easy to find the way back.


As Lu Jingning walked, his mind wandered.


So, how should such a special anniversary be celebrated? That was indeed a question…


Lost in thought, his steps didn’t falter. However, as he took a step, an instinctual sense of danger sent a slight chill down his neck, causing him to pause momentarily.


What’s wrong? Could there be remnants?


While the thought flashed through his mind, Lu Jingning didn’t hesitate. Almost instantly, he swung a rod towards the source.


The sharp sound of rare metal striking pierced his ears.


Unexpectedly, the opponent managed to catch his strike bare-handed. Before Lu Jingning could feel surprised, a familiar voice echoed from afar: “Don’t move, friend!”


Recognizing Cen Junfeng, Lu Jingning hesitated for a moment, halting his intended second attack.


When he turned around, he met a pair of unreadable eyes.


Lu Jingning’s movements seemed to freeze in that instant: “Brother Wen… Why are you here?”


Wen Xingchen looked down at him, a faint smile playing at his lips: “Why do you think I’m here?”


Lu Jingning remained silent for a moment, then turned, glaring fiercely at Cen Junfeng.


Cen Junfeng pretended not to notice and whistled innocently: “Uh, I’m here to keep watch for you guys!”


Chapter 129: Unveiling Together (2)


Finishing his words, he swiftly bolted away without a glance back, leaving no chance for any cover-up.


His decisive reaction was so adept that it made one feel sorry for him.


With the troublesome third wheel gone, the surroundings immediately quieted down completely.


For a moment, they could even hear each other’s breathing.


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At that moment, Lu Jingning seemed like a student caught red-handed by the principal, quietly looking down at the ground, rare hints of guilt showing on his face.


He hadn’t forgotten his firm assurances when Wen Xingchen had left. However, this was a special circumstance, right? It couldn’t all be blamed on him, could it?


Wen Xingchen had come a long way, presumably harboring a lot of anger. But for some reason, seeing the person in front of him looking so remorseful, he suddenly felt uncertain about how to react.


After a while, he managed to lower his voice as much as possible and asked, “Why so quiet?”


Lu Jingning quirked a brow: “You go first.”


Hearing the use of respectful language, Wen Xingchen almost chuckled. He reached out, forcefully lifting Lu Jingning’s chin, forcing him to meet his eyes: “Running around everywhere, and I should speak first?”


Lu Jingning could see the restrained anger in those eyes, and seeing the disheveled appearance of the man before him, he knew what had happened. Unusually, he didn’t retort but promptly admitted his mistake: “Wen Ge, I know I was wrong.”


Wen Xingchen had intended to scold him properly, at least to give this troublemaker a bit of a lesson. However, hearing such a soft tone, he found it hard to maintain his stern expression.


Struggling to suppress the curve of his lips, he glanced deeply at the person before him: “You said the same last time.”


Lu Jingning keenly felt a slight relaxation in the atmosphere and, seizing the opportunity, leaned in, gently pecking Wen Xingchen’s lips: “This time, I truly know I was wrong.”


Wen Xingchen’s emotions, carefully brewed for a while, shattered with this unexpected kiss.


Initially intending to say something, Lu Jingning found this tactic particularly effective and intensified his efforts.


Planting kisses one after another, he earnestly reassured: “My dear Wen Ge, I’m truly sorry, won’t dare again.”


They hadn’t seen each other for quite a while.


The cold and distant atmosphere was not suitable for a reunion, but under Lu Jingning’s provocations, it brought forth an overwhelming longing.


Initially just a one-sided attempt to please, under the uncontrollable emotions, Wen Xingchen’s brewing feelings of anger dissipated completely during the return journey.


Eventually, the two found themselves locked in each other’s arms, a brief touch turning into a deep and lengthy kiss.


After a long while, having vented all their emotions thoroughly, they reluctantly separated.


Wen Xingchen looked at the watery eyes of Lu Jingning, neither smiling nor scolding, finally asking helplessly, “So, why were you in such a rush to finish here?”


Unexpectedly, Lu Jingning didn’t answer, instead casting a reproachful glance and sounding displeased: “Have you forgotten?”


Wen Xingchen was slightly taken aback: “Forgotten what?”


Lu Jingning shrugged: “If you’ve forgotten, forget it.”


Wen Xingchen, grasping the random statement, suddenly realized: “You mean our wedding anniversary?”


Lu Jingning, with a touch of irritation, glanced at him: “What else?”


Such an important day was marked by both of them every year; it was impossible to forget. Yet, Wen Xingchen hadn’t expected Lu Jingning to be so reckless, all in an effort to make it on that day.


He couldn’t quite describe his feelings, but he felt a sudden softening of his tensed heart.


Wen Xingchen gazed at Lu Jingning for a long time, his lips finally twitching faintly. However, his words remained strict: “Whatever the reason, it’s not a reason to venture into danger alone.”


Lu Jingning, caught off guard by Wen Xingchen’s firmness despite his own guilt, could only mutter reluctantly, “Then what do you want?”


As the words fell, he suddenly felt lighter as Wen Xingchen hoisted him up by the waist.


A look of surprise flashed in his eyes, as Wen Xingchen’s deep and magnetic voice landed softly near his ear: “When we return, see how I’ll punish you.”


Such words, if heard by other crew members, would surely shock them. However, in the current ambiguous setting, these words held a different, profound meaning.


Rarely feeling his cheeks warm, Lu Jingning didn’t struggle but instead snuggled into the familiar embrace, letting himself be carried away.


Words were said in a civilized manner, but what other punishment could there be?


Tsk, coming back and finding excuses to act naughty, shameless!

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