Chapter 6

       Xi Feng helped He Yunsheng to push the car to the parking area on the side of the road. In the end, He Yunsheng still couldn’t start the car successfully.

       When He Yunsheng got off the car again, he took an umbrella in his hand, opened it out. He walked to Xi Feng’s side and hold the umbrella for him, and said, “Let’s find a place to take shelter first.”

       The two ran back to the front of the company with an umbrella. In reality, the umbrella is no longer useful since both of them were completely drenched.

       Xi Feng’s wet hair was stuck on his cheek, and he looked at He Yunsheng.

       However, He Yunsheng avoided his eyes, and looked at the heavy rain that was still pouring on the street.

       The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

  Xi Feng looked blankly at the heavy rain on the street, and when he turned his head, he noticed that He Yunsheng’s skin had been drenched by the heavy rain and was somewhat pale. It’s so pale that it almost looked transparent. His breathing seemed a bit brisk, and his drenched clothes stuck to his body. He could clearly see the curvature of his chest rising and falling, the sharply contoured collarbone, and his prominent adam’s apple.

       Realizing what he was looking at, Xi Feng snapped back to his senses, as if he had been burned by fire, and ran forward regardless of the heavy rain out there.

       He Yunsheng was stunned for a moment, but he did not stop Xi Feng, and just watched him run away in the heavy rain, as if he was avoiding a plague. He Yunsheng then turned around and went back to the company.

       He has clean clothes in the office. He couldn’t stand going home soaked.

       In the evening, Xi Feng took a shower and changed into pajamas, and sat down quietly on the bed. He recalled what happened in the afternoon, and reached out and hold his head.

       He felt that he was getting obsessed with He Yunsheng, because he didn’t know how to face He Yunsheng, and he couldn’t even understand his emotions towards He Yunsheng, which made him look like a fool when he faced him.

       When he went to work the next day, Xi Feng paid special attention to the place where He Yunsheng stopped yesterday and found that the car had already driven away, not knowing when he got someone to tow it away.

       Walking to the office, Xi Feng found that there was a pot plant on his desk, which he didn’t have yesterday. He looked around somewhat bewildered, and when he walked back to his seat and sat down, he noticed the ribbon bow tied on top of the flower pot.

       It was a potted gift.

       Almost instantly, Xi Feng remembered He Yunsheng. He thought it was a gift from He Yunsheng for what happened yesterday. Suddenly, Xi Feng’s mood jumped up, and at the same time he subconsciously wanted to put the flower pot away, afraid that others would see it. He didn’t want any colleagues to misunderstand the relationship between him and He Yunsheng.

       He took out his cell phone and hesitated if he should send a text message to He Yunsheng to ask. After typing several words, Xi Feng felt a little stupid, and so he put the cell phone aside.

       He looked down at the flower pot he received by his feet. The plant in the pot was bright green and tender. He suddenly realized that the lack of sunlight in this place would cause the plants to wither. He wanted to pick it up, but he didn’t want others to see it.

       While Xi Feng was hesitating, a person stood beside him and called him, “Feng ge*.”

       Xi Feng raised his head and saw a young female intern. The intern’s name is Xu Qing, and she studied at the same school with the female intern Xi Feng wanted to pursue before. That girl has left, while Xu Qing stayed in the company.

       In order to pursue that girl, Xi Feng asked her to eat many times, and almost every time, the girl would call Xu Qing, so the two gradually also became acquainted.

       Xu Qing is not as beautiful as her friend, but she also looks beautiful and delicate. At this time, she smiled slightly and stood at Xi Feng’s desk and asked, “Did you see the plants I gave you?”

       Xi Feng was taken aback when he heard the words, “You are the one who gave me this?”

       Xu Qing lowered his head to see him closing the plant by his feet, and quickly said, “Don’t put it there, there is no light at all.”

       Xi Feng had to take the flowerpot up.

       Xu Qing stroked the leaves, and said to Xi Feng, “Didn’t you ask about the plant on my desk before and said you want a pot?”

       Xi Feng himself almost couldn’t remember this matter, and now she mentioned it, he remembered the girl was also there at that time. Xi Feng was just trying to find something to talk to them, and were just mentioning it casually. But he didn’t expect Xu Qing to really take it to heart.

       Xu Qing smiled and said, “How about it? Are you going to invite me to a meal later?”

       Since the girl made such invitation, of course Xi Feng could not refuse. He could only smile and say, “Of course, I should.”

       Xu Qing is probably interested in Xi Feng.

       When Xu Qing left, someone sitting not far beside Xi Feng smiled and winked at him, but Xi Feng just barely smiled and was not very happy. At this time, he surprisingly found himself thinking about the fact that He Yunsheng wasn’t the one who gave him the pot.

  In fact, Xu Qing’s circumstances are pretty good. Although she is not beautiful enough, it would be impractical for a young man like Xi Feng who just entered society, with no car and no house, to have to go after too beautiful girls. You can see that the girl before has kept calling him ‘Feng ge’ repeatedly only to walked cleanly after the internship was over, and didn’t have much contact with him.

       If Xi Feng is serious about having a relationship that might blossom, Xu Qing, a small family girl, is more suitable for him.

       For so long before, Xi Feng had repeatedly fought and failed on the road of love. Now that such a girl takes the initiative to express her affection for him, it stands to reason that he should not hesitate to try to get along with her for a while.

       He doesn’t know why, but Xi Feng is a little hesitant now, or it should be said that he is a bit absent-minded.

       They had meal at lunch, Xi Feng took Xu Qing a little farther away to a small restaurant where it was not easy to meet company colleagues, and the two of them had a meal in a good atmosphere.

       Xu Qing did not say anything explicitly, but her attitude was already obvious. She liked Xi Feng after getting along with him for some time. Although Xi Feng still looks a little fussy and is not economically stable yet, it’s only because Xi Feng is still young, right?

       When they went back after the meal, Xi Feng and Xu Qing went to the elevator talking and laughing. Xu Qing walked in front, and Xi Feng followed her. He didn’t see He Yunsheng was also inside the elevator until he got in.

       He Yunsheng probably came one step ahead of them, standing against the wall, and did not look at Xi Feng more.

       Xi Feng’s smile suddenly tightened up.

       Perhaps his expression was too obvious, Xu Qing glanced at He Yunsheng with some confusion, then asked him softly, “What’s wrong?”

       Xu Qing had never heard about the rumor of He Yunsheng had a crush on Xi Feng when she was an intern. Although she stayed, the rumor between He Yunsheng and Xi Feng has faded, so she didn’t know.

       Xi Feng shook his head when he heard the words, and said, “It’s nothing.”

       The elevator moved up slowly.

       He Yunsheng suddenly raised his hand to cover his mouth and coughed a few times.

       Xi Feng couldn’t hold back and asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

       He was caught in the rain yesterday. Although He Yunsheng came back to dry off and change his clothes, he was probably a little tired recently and his immune system was low, so he didn’t expect to catch a cold after he returned.

       After all, Xi Feng helped him out in the rain yesterday, and now he is expressing concern. Although He Yunsheng did not want to talk to Xi Feng, he still said, “It’s nothing, it doesn’t matter.”

       Xu Qing stood to the side, silently surveying the two of them, and seeming to find the atmosphere slightly awkward.

       The atmosphere was indeed awkward. Xi Feng found that He Yunsheng didn’t even look at him when he was speaking. He didn’t know whether he should continue speaking, so he turned his head and looked forward.

       The smooth inner wall of the elevator reflected the silhouette of several people like a mirror. Xi Feng looked at He Yunsheng in the mirror and wondered how they had come to this point.

  If he really wanted to trace back seriously, he could probably only blame himself. But he will repeatedly make excuses for himself. For example, it’s because He Yunsheng didn’t confess about his sexuality at the beginning, or another example… It was because He Yunsheng was not honest about his sexuality when they just met. Because of these, if he knew earlier, he would have let himself and He Yunsheng make appropriate contact early on, so that they wouldn’t get to this point.

  Thinking wildly in his mind, Xi Feng suddenly noticed that He Yunsheng was glancing at Xu Qing.

  It was a look as if he’s evaluating her with some scrutiny. Why did He Yunsheng look at Xu Qing? If it’s an ordinary man there should be nothing wrong with looking at a woman like that, but isn’t He Yunsheng gay?

  What is the meaning of that look? Could it be that He Yunsheng was looking at Xu Qing because of him?

  Thinking of this, Xi Feng suddenly felt enlightened. Although He Yunsheng did not admit it, he was special to He Yunsheng all along, wasn’t he? He Yunsheng is fond of him, he felt almost certain of this.

  But He Yunsheng still wouldn’t admit it.

  It’s probably because he has hurt He Yunsheng, so He Yunsheng retracted his footsteps and refused to approach him easily again. Xi Feng didn’t remember what he did on the spring trip.

  Even if what He Yunsheng said about him kissing He Yunsheng is true, it must be because he was too drunk and treated He Yunsheng as someone else or as a woman.

  And when He Yunsheng hit him and provoked him, he must be afraid of being hurt again, right?

  Thinking of this, the things that had been confusing him for a long time finally came to light. Xi Feng wondered how could he be gay? He would not like men, and if he hadn’t been so drunk that he was not conscious, he wouldn’t have kissed a man.

  Well, it was him who was too rude at that time. Although He Yunsheng hid it from him, he was always the one who spoke badly first. He didn’t want to continue his awkward relationship with He Yunsheng, which would keep him troubled, and if he could, it would be better to deal with him as an ordinary colleague.

  He decided to admit his mistakes first, apologized to He Yunsheng, and then tried to start a relationship with Xu Qing, so as to avoid rumors, and finally everything would be solved.

  Having just made up his mind, the elevator reached the floor of Xi Feng’s office.

  Xu Qing was on the same floor with him and said with a smile, “We are here, let’s go.”

  Xi Feng glanced at He Yunsheng, and decided to look for him in the afternoon. He then left the elevator with Xu Qing.

*Ge = is the way of addressing elder brother or someone(male) older than you.
That’s it. Xi Feng have an extremely low IQ. Or this is what most arrogant males think? That no means, shy shy no?

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