Chapter 4 – Confession


When night fell, Uther used his magic to avoid the detection of passers-by as he sneaked into Eudora’s room through the windows. Eudora had taken a shower and was dressed in loose pajamas. He had picked up a book to distract himself after he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he missed Mr. black dragon. After reading less than two pages, the person he had in mind suddenly jumped in from his window. This made Eudora wonder if he was starting to hallucinate from yearning too much. Fortunately, Uther didn’t let him stay stunned for very long, speaking to him directly: “Eudora, I have something to tell you. I like you, can we be together?”

Plop… Eudora didn’t notice as his book fell to the ground. He was too shocked by Uther’s sudden confession. Uther, on the other hand, was filled with regrets. He thought that he should’ve been more careful and prepared, and that he should’ve brought a bouquet of moonflowers or various gems, but he couldn’t hold on any longer. Eudora had returned to his rightful home and there was no reason for them to stay together anymore. When he stayed at the guest room prepared by the emperor and his wife, he realized that he was not used to sleeping alone. This anxious feeling ate at him, long into the night. No longer able to bear this feeling in his heart, he rushed to Eudora to express his thoughts that had long plagued his mind.

Silence befell upon the two in the bedroom and Uther was starting to regret his crude confession, but Eudora himself did not react. “Will you promise to be my mate?” Uther asked again after seeing Eudora frozen there. Eudora snapped back to the present afterwards, lowering his head, whispering his willingness to accept. After all, it was a happy thing to be confessed by the one you liked. It was great that the gentle and powerful Mr. black dragon liked him back.

“I love you, Eudora.” Uther hugged Eudora after hearing his reply. “Unfortunately, I didn’t prepare anything… Not even flowers, so I must make it up to you next time, I promise I will. Eudora said nothing about this, but Uther took his promise to heart. From then on, for each day they were together, Eudora would always receive flowers from Uther.

“By the way, I still have something to tell you. Do you remember the dragon couple that came to you when you were much younger?” Uther asked Eudora, who let go of his hands. “It was them who proposed that I pretended to be a princess to avoid the curse caused by black magic, or so I heard from my parents. It was thanks to them that I could grow up healthy. What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly ask about this?” Eudora was puzzled.

Uther replied, “I recognized your parents after entering the palace. As a child, I had accompanied my own parents to this place before. At the time, you were still in your infancy but I thought you looked beautiful even then.”

“Was that dragon couple your parents? Were you the one who had given me dragon scales?” Eudora was surprised.

“Yes, it seems that we were destined to be together for a long time. When I was a child, I must’ve somehow known that you would be my fated mate so I gave you my scale.” Uther started to speak nonsensically. “It was also possible that this dragonscale brought you to me, which shows that you were also destined to be mine.”

Eudora retorted. “What nonsense, how can there be such abstract things like that? I was so young then, it’s not like you were able to foresee all that.”

Uther replied seriously, “Er, to be frank, I always thought that you were a girl, but nevertheless, I’m really grateful to have given you my scale so that time could bring you back to me.”

Eudora thought about his words for a moment and felt that there was some truth to it. If he hadn’t kept the dragonscale close with him, maybe he would’ve died at sea and never had the chance to meet Uther. Fate really was amazing, and Eudora feels warm when he thinks of this.

The atmosphere was just right and it was unclear who made the first move, but they kissed each other naturally. Their tongues entangled, exchanging their love for one another. Just outside the window, the stars were shining brightly as a breeze blew into the bedroom, knocking the stack of papers filled with poems onto the ground as the room was filled with lewd, wet sounds and faint breathing, for a new chapter in their story had just begun. 


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