Chapter 6 – Jingling bells*

Bathtime play*

*Contains NSFW content.

After Uther and Eudora got together, they had a discussion with the emperor and his wife. Although Eudora was known as a princess, it was now his responsibility to reveal and restore his original identity so he could prepare to rule over his kingdom. The dragon assured the emperor that he would stay with Eudora until the next successor appeared. He was willing to spend the rest of his life with Eudora, and only when the successor had become a competent ruler will he then take Eudora back to the other side of the sea where they will live together thereafter. Dragons have always been monogamous and loyal towards their partners and he was the same. He especially had a great desire for exclusivity towards his partner, seeing as he agreed to stay here with Eudora. This required a lot of restraint as he had to control himself and refrain from taking back the important treasures in the castle to hoard it in his lair and keep them to himself.

After reaching a consensus, the dragon started living a new life as Eudora’s personal knight, accompanying him to deal with various duties in the day, and pressing him to do all kinds of shameful things at night. Soon, Eudora was crowned Emperor and things became even more hectic after that. Feeling sorry that the other was always tired during the day because of him, Uther restrained himself at night. Only God knows how hard it had been for him to just go to sleep with his arms around him without doing anything else. After a while, Eudora adopted one of his relative’s children who had been orphaned and raised him as his own, training him diligently.

Today, Eudora had just sent his finance minister away to handle some government affairs . Realizing that he had some time to spare, he left for the side courtyard where Uther was carefully teaching Zeno, his adopted son, swordsmanship near the grass patch. Seeing the lustrous sun of his life, Eudora coming over caused him to throw his sword and rush towards him yelling: “Papa!” as he gave him a hug. Eudora gave him a pat on his head while asking him about his progress. Uther also came over and pulled Zeno out of Eudora’s arms before lifting him up to sit on his shoulders. “Alright little guy, let’s go find some shade under a tree so we eat while we talk to papa okay?” The kid, however, can’t stop talking once he’s started, speaking about a range of topics for a very long time. The growing kid began to share his half-baked and strange ideas, albeit not having the intention to take up all of his partner’s attention.

The feeling of him sitting on Uther’s shoulders was strangely novel. When Uther suddenly broke into a run, the boy who was seated between his shoulders grabbed onto his hair and giggled. Eudora who followed behind them and couldn’t help bursting into laughter. “Run slowly, don’t fall.”

This spring afternoon, the family was sitting on the grass listening to Zeno talk about his latest milestones in learning.The child seemed to be filled with boundless energy, and even asked Eudora to teach him a new style of swordsmanship. This made Eudora feel that no matter how exhausted he was, all his work would be worth it in the end, not to mention that he also had Uther with him. Thinking of this, he raised his head and glanced at Uther, realizing that the other had already been looking at him. Since Zeno was still a young child, they could only exchange some deeply longing gazes at one another.

At night, Eudora stayed by Zeno’s bed. After reading a bedtime story for him, he managed to put him to sleep before returning to his bedroom. Uther was lying on the bed whilst looking at a collection of poems when he opened the door and came inside.

“Has Zeno fallen asleep?”

“Yep, just a few minutes ago. He’s still asking when you’ll give him swordsmanship classes tomorrow.” As soon as Eudora got close to Uther, he was pulled underneath the other. Uther’s low voice came from behind him, “This little guy here is very interested in swordsmanship himself, and he’s serious in producing a hard-working successor.” With a naughty hand, he slipped his fingers under Eudora’s clothes, pinching and rubbing the small nipple on his chest.

“Hnn… don’t be too hasty… I haven’t… taken a bath yet…” Eudora pushed Uther away, who had been kissing and licking his neck. He knew that he has been busy and hasn’t touched Uther in a long time so he wouldn’t be able to escape today. At least there wasn’t anything big happening the next day so it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea at all to ‘feed’ the other.

“Shall we go wash up together?” Uther got up and carried Eudora as he walked them both into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, their clothes were piled up together on the ground as steam drifted in the air. The jade tub was already filled with water when Uther sat inside the tub with Eudora, the water just barely above both their chests. Eudora placed his arms around Uther’s neck. His legs were also wrapped around Uther’s waist as his entire body clung onto Uther’s body. Both their tongues were intertwined as their lower bodies rubbed against each other. Uther fiddled with the buds on his chest while using his other hand to spread open Eudora’s ass. The warm water followed his fingers in and out of his hole as it clenched and unclenched. After separating from their kiss, Eudora tilted his head back and gasped for air. “Ah…” Uther licked a stripe along his neck, sucking his Adam’s apple before nibbling on it. It didn’t take long before the fair and smooth neck was filled with cranberry-colored marks as Uther shifted his attention towards his chest instead.

The two buds on the front had become swollen as pomegranate seeds because of prior teasing. Uther lowered his head and held one of them in his mouth, using his tongue to tease the hard, protruding things. After he had finished stretching Eudora out, Uther thrusted his c0ck all the way inside.

“Ahh…!” The feeling of fullness which he hasn’t felt in a long time caused Eudora to cum immediately. The milky fluids slowly dispersed in the water and the scent of semen aroused Uther further, leading him to hold Eudora tightly by his waist, lifting him so the huge c0ck only exited slightly each time before it was stuffed back inside. Their movements caused the water to splash so hard that it spilled out of the tub and Eudora could only inadvertently moan as he was taken. The bulge rubbed at his insides, causing waves of pleasure to crash over him. His insides began to suckle at Uther’s c0ck. As he tightened around the c0ck, Uther grew harder and couldn’t help but speed up his thrusts.

“Ahn… ah…! Ah… ahh… slow down…”
“How… are you so… big?… The water… came inside too… it’s so hot.. um…!”

Even though he had already cum before, Eudora’s front end slowly began to stand up again.

After Uther thrust inside him for the nth time,  Eudora had the faint feeling that he was going to cum again and began to shake his hips and move along to Uther’s rhythm, clamping onto Uther’s waist with his legs and slightly clenching down to squeeze his hole as Uther was thrusting it in so that his thick c0ck could stir him up more deeply.

“Hiss… Baby, not so tightly…”

“Ah..! Keep going… harder inside me…Ahh! Deeper…? Ahh..! I.. wanna to cum…”

When Eudora was lost in pleasure, he was particularly bold. He didn’t seem to know what he was talking about and looked like an incubus that was about to eat people up.

Uther saw that Eudora was pleasantly dazed again so he held him close and began to pick up the pace. His muscle tensed as the fat, heavy sacs slapped against Eudora’s butt vigorously, the sound of splashing water covering up Eudora’s moans. He thought to let Eudora cum first as the night was still young and that he was going to have more opportunities to eat his fill.

“Ahh…! It’s so big… too fast… gonna… cum soon.. Ah…!” The c0ck inside his body began twitching before shooting a lot of semen deep inside him. Uther pulled out after spilling messily inside, causing the warm water from the bath to rush inside the sloppy hole. Uther hooked his fingers around the ring of muscle, stretching the entrance as he felched more globs of semen out.

Still been dazed from his recent orga-mic high, Eudora who had just came had suddenly began squirming from under him, wanting to escape from Uther but he only hugged his waist firmly and wiggled his fingers more strongly, to which Eudora could only silently try to endure his ministrations.

Warm water flowed into his still-sensitive passageway as he felt Uther heavily prodding a bump inside him, rubbing the same spot with his fingers fervently and pressing down on it harshly from time to time.

‘Ah… Ah..! Don’t… do that… it feels strange…” The pleasure of being rubbed inside made him want to cum again but his d1ck couldn’t muster the strength to stand up again so soon. Unable to find release, he could only squirm around uncomfortably. Uther removed his hands from Eudora’s hips, and used them to rub his member and the cute balls below, occasionally digging his nails into the slit of the c0ckhead. The stimulation from both the back and front caused Eudora to lose it. With the pleasure causing more blood to rush towards his front, his member felt increasingly sore and agitated. Soon, Eudora couldn’t hold it in anymore and his tormented insides finally let everything out, causing him to excrete all over.

“Hah… hah.. Ah..” The urine quickly dissipated into the bathwater, mixing together like pigment in liquid. After peeing, Eudora felt weak. Slightly twitching as he leaned on Uther, tears inadvertently streamed down his face. Uther quickly supported him, placing his arms around the other so he wouldn’t drown and gently stroked his back to help him breathe. When most of Eudora’s awareness had begun to return, he realized what he had just done and started crying. “You.. you went too far… how can you treat me like that, that was so filthy… Why have I become so lewd.” Eudora felt so embarrassed that an adult like him could be made incontinent.

“Baby, it’s alright. Don’t be ashamed. No matter what you do, I won’t despise you. When Uther saw the other, he started coaxing him, holding Eudora in his arms and saying only the sweetest things. Halfway through, he picked Eudora up and sat him down by the tub, placing a towel underneath him, draining the dirtied bathwater before refilling it. Only then did he return the other back inside his embrace, washing him cleanly without doing anything else naughty.


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