Chapter 4

       This accidental encounter was unexpected for them. The fact that two people met in such a way in the middle of the night in the largest city in the United States really makes you think of the word ‘fate’.

       When Suo Yang turned around and looked over, he was completely surprised.

       Shen Huiming returned to his sense earlier than Suo Yang, and said politely, “I didn’t expect to meet again here.”

       Suo Yang smiled.

       Even though he had already taken off his uniform, Suo Yang still had the right smile on his face, and there was not much surprise in his tone. Compared with him, Shen Huiming seemed somewhat impulsive.

       “Good evening, Mr. Shen.” He stood up straight and looked at Shen Huiming very calmly.

       The more Suo Yang was like this, the more restless Shen Huiming became.

       He came over, regardless of whether he would disturb the other party or not, and forced himself into Suo Yang’s night

       “Why are you out alone so late?” Shen Huiming kept a distance to interact with him, not too far or near, and it was just right.

       “I’m not alone.” Suo Yang replied with a smile, “I came out to play with my colleagues, I’m getting some air.”

       Shen Huiming glanced in the direction he came from with the row of bars over there.

       At the airport, Shen Huiming had already been rejected once before, and according to his character, even if they met again, he would just exchange pleasantries and go his own way. However, when he bumped into Suo Yang, he actually said, “Want to have a drink together?”

       Suo Yang obviously did not expect this Mr. Shen to be so persistent. He could see that he was an arrogant person. Generally speaking, this kind of person would not give others the chance to reject him twice.

       “Let’s go to that pub across the street.” Shen Huiming could see his hesitation, “I’m tired from the meeting I had right after I got off the plane today, I want to drink some and relieve my fatigue.”

       Suo Yang didn’t want to go, and it was not that difficult to say no.

       But he raised his hand and looked at the time, then said, “Okay.”

       He seldom accepts invitations from others, especially from people he hardly knew.

       It was just that he was also very tired, but he thought that it would be inappropriate for him to go back to the hotel first, which would spoil the enthusiasm of his colleagues. And he didn’t want to go back to that noisy bar, so the best option was to go to a pub for a drink.

       It was just that the person he went with happened to be this Mr. Shen.

       Shen Huiming was ready to be rejected again, but he didn’t expect Suo Yang to agree.

       “Okay, wait for me a moment.” Shen Huiming turned around and went back to the car. He let his assistant go first, and said that he would take a taxi back later.

       After explaining everything, he walked back to Suo Yang. When the two walked towards the opposite side of the road, the light drizzle entangled them, and the slightly cool evening wind swept around them. Shen Huiming smelled the scent of the other party’s body, a woody scented perfume that he had also bought.

       The pub was very comfortable, and they sat by the window on the second floor.

       Suo Yang sent Qiu Chao a WeChat message, telling him that he had met a friend and was nearby for a couple of drinks, and to call him when everyone was going back to the hotel.

       Shen Huiming said, “I’m quite surprised.”

       “About?” Suo Yang’s fingers gently rested on the wall of the glass, and he wore a seemingly affectionate but detached smile when he asked.

       Shen Huiming smiled more sincerely than him, “I didn’t expect you to agree to come and drink with me.”

       Suo Yang smiled softly, “I didn’t expect it either.”

       Suo Yang picked up the wine glass, and Shen Huiming touched the glass lightly as he received the signal, and the two took a sip of wine each.

       “You’re flying back tomorrow?”

       “Yes,” Suo Yang said, “I’m flying back in the morning, 19 hours.”

       “It’s been too hard.” Shen Huiming asked him, “Have you thought about changing careers?”

       In their industry, it was true that many people changed careers after a few years, and did whatever they wanted to do after that.

       “No such plan for the time being.”

       Suo Yang spoke very little. He almost answered whatever Shen Huiming asked, and the content of the answer would never be extended, and he would not give the other party any chance to use the question to find new topics.

       This person lived a very cautious life.

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he felt that coming to drink with him was probably the most careless thing Suo Yang did.

       With this in mind, he picked up the wine glass and took a sip, and then stopped asking any more questions, and followed Suo Yang to look out the window and listen to the music in a daze.

       The late night rain continued to fall, not getting heavier, but not stopping either.

       Shen Huiming seemed to have never wasted time sitting by the window with anyone like this.

       No, that was not really the right word.

       He was indeed a person who strictly managed time and did not allow himself to waste even a single second, but during the relatively silent hour or so sitting here with Suo Yang, he hadn’t felt that time had been lost in vain.

       Although they barely spoke to each other, and even only a little eye contact. Most of the time they were mostly silent, trapped in their own thoughts, piecing together some questions that did not need to be thought about to kill this long silence, but he didn’t feel that his time was wasted in the slightest.

       He thought of the so-called ‘Romantic Fatalism’, the irresistible feeling that everyone experiences at least once in their lives, knowing that they couldn’t have it, but still falling into it.

       “Is Mr. Shen here on a business trip?” Suo Yang finally felt that his long silence was a little rude, so he took the initiative to break the silence and pick a topic to talk about.

       “Yes, there is a partnership to discuss.” Shen Huiming was very happy to chat with him about anything. “The other party is very difficult to deal with, and my head is all over the place after this day.”

       Suo Yang smiled after hearing this, “It must be very hard.”

       “It’s not easy for everyone.” Shen Huiming said, “If you want to have something in return, you have to give something. Just like if I want to make friends with you, I have to be cheeky and ask you for contact information. “

       Suo Yang didn’t expect him to mention this again and showed a rare display of embarrassment.

       He licked his lips and took a sip of wine.

       Shen Huiming said, “Just kidding, I won’t force you.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, put down the cup and said with a smile, “Mr. Shen, I’m a very boring person. Making friends with me… I’ll probably be the dullest person on your friend list.”

       “You are dull?” Shen Huiming understood what he meant, and Suo Yang was just tactfully persuading him to quit. However, he still had to say what he should say, because Shen Huiming knew that since it had reached this point today, either he would never have anything to do with him again, or he would get Suo Yang’s mobile phone number smoothly.

       The fate between people was also limited, and two people would not meet three times in a world so vast that one didn’t even know where the boundaries were.

       Twice was the limit.

       The first time, he failed. Shen Huiming wanted to forget this person from then on, but God arranged a second meeting for him. It was like preferential treatment out of thin air and felt it was a pity if he didn’t seize this chance given by God.

       “Are you saying that the plain water is dull? But there are people who have eight glasses of water a day.” Shen Huiming said, “People are different, some people like heavy flavours without spiciness, and some people like clear soup with little water. Can we say what is good and what is not? I think they are all good.”

       Suo Yang laughed softly at what he said but did not respond.

       Shen Huiming tried hard, but it seemed that there was still no result.

       This was really an iron plate, and the other party was still indifferent even if he kicked his toe bones to pieces.

       Qiu Chao called and asked where Suo Yang was.

       Suo Yang said a few words to him briefly, made an appointment for the meeting place, hung up the phone and held the cup, clinking with Shen Huiming lightly, and drank the little wine left in it.

       “Mr. Shen, my colleague is waiting for me. I have to leave first. Thank you for your wine. I had a great evening.” Suo Yang took the napkin on the table and wrote a series of numbers on it with the pencil on the menu holder, “My mobile number, good night.”

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