Chapter 5

       Hope always took a turn for the worse against our expectations the second before it turned for the better.

       Suo Yang left and the rain was still raining outside. Shen Huiming sat there and continued to drink his wine with a napkin with a series of numbers written on it was laid on the table in front of him. Even on the soft napkin, he could see clearly that the man had good handwriting.

       After the last sip of wine, Shen Huiming smiled and put the number in his mobile phone, then carefully folded the piece of tissue paper and put it in his suit pocket.

       He took a taxi back to the hotel and sent Suo Yang a message before going to bed: Good night.

       When Suo Yang woke up in the morning, the first thing he saw was Qiu Chao who hadn’t even changed his clothes.

       The man drank a lot last night and was lying on the bed as soon as he returned. Suo Yang didn’t care about him and didn’t even help him take off his shoes, because it was unnecessary. If you drink by yourself, you should bear all the consequences yourself, and no one was obliged to take care of you. Suo Yang just closed the curtains, took another shower and slept comfortably.

       Because of the late night yesterday and the return flight in the morning, the group hadn’t actually slept for a few hours.

       Suo Yang got up and cleaned up and patted Qiu Chao, who was still drowsy, and said mercilessly, “I’ll leave you here if you don’t get up.”

       With a jolt, Qiu Chao sat up from the bed and dazedly went to clean up, like a wind-up toy.

       Suo Yang ignored him, sat while drinking coffee and picked up his mobile phone. Only then did he see the message that Mr. Shen sent him at three o’clock in the morning yesterday.

       Almost no one sent text messages these days, and almost all his messages in the box were system messages, but Suo Yang was indeed a bit compulsive in this regard, and will not let any “red dots” linger on his phone for too long.

       He actually didn’t realize who sent the text message at first. After all, a string of unfamiliar numbers could be anything.

       But he suddenly remembered the mobile phone number he left for the man when he left last night and guessed that it should be the other party.

       He didn’t save or reply to the message. After taking a look at the weather today, he finished his coffee and waited for Qiu Chao to go out together.

       It was still 19 hours back, and when they landed on the territory of their motherland again, they even had to make a point of looking at the date to be sure what day it really was.

       Qiu Chao yawned and walked beside Suo Yang and said, “Yang ge, I really admire you, you don’t get tired from all the tossing.”

       Suo Yang smiled and said, “Drink less wine and dance less, so you are not tired.”

       Qiu Chao laughed, “I’ve learned it!”

       In fact, it was impossible to say that he was not tired. Suo Yang, who was seriously lacking in sleep, went home and went straight to the bathroom, almost falling asleep in the bathtub.

       He came out of the bathroom after washing and heard the phone ringing.

       “Yang ge, don’t forget the day after tomorrow!”

       The person who called him was called Zhoumo, and he used to work for their company too. Back then, they were in the same group, and they often flew on the same line.

       Suo Yang was not a person who liked to make friends. He grew up with few close friends and kept in touch with each other. He was one of those people who only had one or two close friends at a time, but when they moved on to the next stage of their lives, they stopped seeing each other every day and gradually broke off contact.

       Back when they were still in the company together, the two of them had a good relationship. At that time, Suo Yang hadn’t bought a house yet, and Zhou Mo was still single. The two rented a two-bedroom apartment near the highway intersection together and became roommates for a while.

       Later, Zhou Mo began to talk about a boyfriend and they met on the plane. The two decided to live together shortly after they were sure of their relationship. In order to for Zhou Mo to spend more time with his boyfriend, he finally decided to change careers.

       Zhou Mo’s current job was introduced by his boyfriend. At first, he was the lobby manager of a five-star hotel, but he was promoted last year. After all, he was also on an international flight crew at the beginning. His English was good enough, and Zhou Mo was able to speak fluently. Now he was the sales manager of their hotel, specializing in some joint overseas sales jobs, and the salary was already beyond Suo Yang’s expectations. At the beginning of the year, Zhou Mo called Suo Yang to ask if he wanted to change careers. After all, a career change was the general trend for these people. At that time, Suo Yang refused, on the grounds that he had not flown enough.

       As Zhou Mo was one of the few a friend who kept in touch with Suo Yang after resigning, it was natural for Suo Yang to be there for his birthday the day after tomorrow.

       Suo Yang was quite willing to go. He rarely attends these gatherings. It’s better to relax, but one could never really refuse to socialise.

       “I didn’t forget.” Suo Yang said, “I have prepared a birthday present for you.”

       “What gift?” Zhou Mo was full of excitement, “A macho man?”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Don’t let Mr. Cheng hear you.”

       “It’s alright, I’ve been trying to persuade him to invite a striptease boy band to dance for my birthday,” Zhou Mo said with a smirk, “It’s a birthday party, you must liven it up.”

       Suo Yang laughed helplessly and said nothing.

       “Okay, anyway, don’t forget about this. There are a lot of people here, all of them are serious and close friends. My old Cheng has two friends who are also gay, and their circumstances are good. I’ll introduce you to them when the time comes and you develop some relationship.”

       “Come on, I’m so busy, I don’t want to hurt people.”

       “Busy is not an excuse!” said Zhou Mo, “It depends on whether you have the intention or not. Look at me, weren’t we just as busy at first? And what happened? I met my true love on a plane!”

       Suo Yang sat on the sofa and laughed as he wiped his hair, saying that Zhou Mo was just lucky.

       “It’s destiny, and I can’t stop it. Maybe your destiny is at my birthday party, so you should dress better then.” Zhou Mo paused and said, “Forget it, you’re usually handsome enough. Don’t be too handsome the day after, and don’t overshadow me or I’ll hold a grudge against you!”

       “Who can overshadow you,” Suo Yang smiled, “Aren’t you the dancing queen? I can’t compare.”

       The two ended the call with Zhou Mo’s triumphant laughter, Suo Yang flipped through his schedule again and reconfirmed that he didn’t have a job that night.

       After flying back from New York, he took a day off before continuing to fly.

       It was a short trip this time, and although it wasn’t much easier, at least he could go home and sleep at night.

       On Zhou Mo’s birthday, he had a flight arrangement in the morning and arrived home after three o’clock in the afternoon.

       He cleaned up the house, took a shower, had a quick bite to eat and was out the door by 6 pm.

       He knew very well that he was going to drink this night, and he was afraid that he would get drunk soon if he didn’t fill his stomach in advance. Zhou Mo was a man who loves to party. It was his birthday, and his boyfriend must have let him get away with it, and from past experience, no one was likely to leave until they were drunk.

       So Yang didn’t drive because he knew he was going to drink, so he took a taxi to the nightclub the birthday boy had booked, with a present for him.

       Zhou Mo’s boyfriend was a businessman, and although the word immediately conjures up images of a middle-aged man with a pot belly, in fact, his boyfriend was young and promising. He was in his early thirties and he was unbeatable in every way. At the end of last year, he took Zhou Mo abroad to get married.

       It was said that every man has his own life, and this was absolutely true.

       Sometimes Zhou Mo found it unbelievable that Suo Yang, a handsome guy who made people drool every time he stood, was still single after all this time. He always sighed, “If it were not because you were taking care of me, I really wanted to pounce on you.”

       Suo Yang knew it was a joke, Zhou Mo and Cheng Sen were too good to not be together.

       Halfway through the drive, Zhou Mo phone call came again.

       “My Yang ge! Where are you, old man?”

       “Almost there,” Suo Yang glanced at the driver’s navigation, “Six hundred metres to go.”

       “That’s really fast,” Zhou Mo said, “It’s okay, there’s no rush. I’m just asking, the people are not all there yet, it’s my stripper group that’s already waiting. I’m thinking about taking you to feel what sexy muscles are first!”

       Suo Yang laughed, “You can’t keep taking advantage like that, don’t make trouble.”

       “You don’t understand, these guys are having a lot of fun being touched by me.” Zhou Mo couldn’t help laughing, “Okay, okay, I’ll pick you up at the door, see you later.”

       Within minutes of hanging up the phone, Suo Yang arrived. He paid the money and got out of the car. Before he could stand still, he heard Zhou Mo’s voice.

       “Yang ge! Long time no see!”

       It had indeed been a while since they saw each other. Last month, on Suo Yang’s birthday, the two originally planned to have a meal together, but there was an emergency over the weekend, so they hadn’t been able to make it.

       “Happy birthday.” Suo Yang handed him the gift, “I’m not too late, am I?”

       “No! Come on, let’s go in first.” Zhou Mo took Suo Yang inside, “Today, old Cheng took care of everything in this place. Feel free to make a scene, don’t worry.”

       He looked at Suo Yang and added, “Okay, I guess it’s someone else who will make trouble for you.”

       After they entered, Zhou Mo took him in and pushed the door into the huge innermost room, and Zhou Mo said mysteriously, “Old Cheng brought him here. It’s the childhood friend I mentioned to you before. I think he’s good. You can pay more attention and give it a go.”

       He said with great excitement, then pushed open the door, “Everyone! Here comes the most handsome flight attendant in our industry!”

       There must be a dozen or so people present at the moment, Suo Yang went in and said hello to Cheng Sen, and then he was pulled aside by Zhou Mo, “Come, come, sit here!”

       At this moment, Suo Yang saw Shen Huiming sitting on the sofa while drinking and chatting with people. He felt a bit unbelievable. Two people met three times in one week, isn’t this a bit too…

       Suo Yang thought: Could this Mr. Shen be Cheng Sen’s childhood?

       If it was, that was quite a coincidence.

       However, life was always very full of drama. Shen Huiming was indeed Cheng Sen’s friend, but he was not the legendary childhood friend.

       Zhou Mo pulled Suo Yang to the man who was chatting with Shen Huiming, and introduced him, “Jiang ge, here he is, this is my good friend, Suo Yang!”

       Shen Huiming raised his head and was stunned when he saw Suo Yang.

       The man sandwiched between Shen Huiming and Suo Yang smiled and said to Suo Yang, “Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you, my name is Jiang Tongyan.”

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