Apart from at the company, Suo Yang rarely ate with others, and he was never one to call people his friends either. After Zhou Mo moved out, he mostly kept to himself.

       Therefore, Suo Yang would still feel somewhat uncomfortable sitting face-to-face and eating congee with someone he didn’t know very well like this.

       Fortunately, Shen Huiming acted very naturally and did not pay too much attention to Suo Yang.

       He would take care of Suo Yang, but he would not be too deliberate. Suo Yang could do things like taking a spoon and a tissue by himself.

       As the two of them ate, they chatted softly one after another, not going too deep into the conversation, but just commenting on the taste of congee and the way the dishes were prepared.

       Suo Yang smiled, “I didn’t expect you to know how to cook congee.”

       “I don’t only know how to make congee.” Shen Huiming said with a smile, “When I was studying in New York, I didn’t learn much from a proper course, but my cooking skills were quite good.”

       Suo Yang thought about his cooking skills, smiled, and continued to eat his congee without saying anything.

       Shen Huiming really wanted to show his skills to Suo Yang. Although he was not sure if the saying “to capture a man, you have to capture his stomach first” was true, but it was certainly true that if you liked someone, you wanted to show everything you were good at in front of them.

       However, even though Shen Huiming had some free time and wanted to show off more, he couldn’t open his mouth to invite the other party to his home.

       There would always be opportunities in the future.

       Shen Huiming comforted himself with this.

       After the two of them finished eating, Suo Yang still felt uncomfortable and walked out of the restaurant with a frown on his face.

       When he saw Suo Yang like this, Shen Huiming couldn’t bear to force the other person to accompany him, so he asked him if he wanted to go back to rest first.

       His approach made Suo Yang feel quite good. Shen Huiming knew the right balance and it was not that much of a burden to get along with him.

       The two walked out, but Suo Yang suddenly felt like vomiting, and subconsciously grabbed Shen Huiming’s wrist.

       Shen Huiming responded quickly and asked him if he wanted to vomit.

       Suo Yang closed his eyes and nodded gently with an ugly expression on his face.

       Shen Huiming directly pulled his wrist and led him towards the nearby shopping mall, and he found the restroom without a hitch.

       Suo Yang went in and vomited secretly. He leaned against the wall of the cubicle and thought that it was really embarrassing. He thought he would feel better after coming out of the house to get some fresh air, but to his surprise, he threw up again.

       So, at the end of the day, he shouldn’t have had those few drinks last night.

       When Suo Yang came out of the cubicle, Shen Huiming was already waiting for him outside with mineral water.

       “Rinse your mouth.” Shen Huiming looked at him with some concern, “Should I not have taken you to eat?”

       Suo Yang forced a smile out and unscrewed the bottle cap to rinse his mouth.

       When it was cleaned up, Suo Yang let out a long breath of relief.

       After throwing up, he was eased a lot, and his whole body was not as heavy-headed as before.

       Suo Yang rubbed his stomach, feeling uncomfortable in his stomach, and said casually, “I want to eat frozen yoghurt.”

       Shen Huiming was startled for a while, then smiled, “Let’s eat it, there should be some in this mall.”

       He didn’t expect that Suo Yang also had a childish side, wanting to eat something and when he said it, he was a bit aggrieved, which was oddly cute.

       Suo Yang’s original intention was not to pretend to be aggrieved to seduce Shen Huiming, he just thought it would be more comfortable to eat something cold.

       Suo Yang didn’t like sweets, and pure ice cream was too sweet for him, so frozen yoghurt was just right. It was just the right amount of sweet and sour, with a bit of fruit thrown in to be eaten.

       The two walked out of the bathroom, and Shen Huiming asked him, “Do you feel better?”

       Suo Yang nodded, “I feel much better after vomiting.”

       Shen Huiming could see that Suo Yang was a little embarrassed, and deliberately said his embarrassing story to make the other party happy, “Last month I had some talk about a business deal, you know it, how can I not go to drink when I talk about business now? From the restaurant to the bar, the old Russia big brother, their drinking capacity is really not blown out of proportion.”

       Suo Yang turned his head to look at him with a smile, “Got you drunk?”

       “I got so drunk that I threw up seven times a night.” Shen Huiming shook his head, “After that, I had to lie in bed for two days before I recovered.”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Business talk is not easy.”

       “Yeah, some people look as if they are shiny and bright, but in fact, they secretly got stomach perforation so fast when they drink.” Shen Huiming laughed, “I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about myself.”

       Suo Yang also looked at him and smiled, and then replied, “The stomach perforation is very serious, so you still need to pay more attention to it in general.”

       Suo Yang turned forward when he spoke, Shen Huiming turned his head to look at him, and could only see the high bridge of his nose and the slightly quivering eyelashes.

       The two walked slowly and leisurely in the mall. The mall was rarely crowded on a weekday afternoon, even the shop assistants of each store were lazy.

       The two of them walked around and found a shop selling frozen yoghurt.

       Shen Huiming said, “What’s the difference between this and yoghurt?”

       Suo Yang was a little surprised, “You’ve never eaten it?”

       “Would it make me look stupid if I said I hardly ever come to the mall, and have never seen or eaten anything?”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, then ordered two servings and let Shen Huiming choose the fruit by himself.

       “It’s on me,” said Suo Yang, “to show you the world.”

       The two big men each took a frozen yoghurt and sat down on a small chair in the shop.

       Suo Yang said, “The first time I had frozen yoghurt was when Zhou Mo bought it, and I had a hangover the night before. We went out looking for something to eat the next day, and he bought this for me.”

       Shen Huiming took a small plastic spoon and scooped the white piece into his mouth. It was cold and sweet and sour, “Well, it tastes good.”

       Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, “You don’t have to force yourself if you don’t like it.”

       “Then you really misunderstood me,” Shen Huiming said. “People like us, in order to maintain dignity, even if we eat the best food, we have to act calm and reserved in order to maintain our decency, after all, we are a boss, we can’t act so ignorant.”

       Suo Yang was so amused by his words that he burst out laughing.

       Shen Huiming was quite amusing, Suo Yang thought, more amusing than I thought.

       Suo Yang lowered his head and laughed softly as Shen Huiming poked a piece of fruit with his fork and brought it to his mouth.

       He took a bite of the mango, which was also slightly cool and delicious, with a touch of sweetness, a bit like the feeling Suo Yang gave him at the moment.

       Maybe it was because the two had become familiar with each other after a few meetings, or maybe it was because he had just seen Suo Yang broken down, so the person in front of him seemed to have finally taken off his armour temporarily, no longer hiding his fatigue.

       Suo Yang’s face was pale and he sat there quietly eating frozen yoghurt. Shen Huiming looked at him and wanted to say: Why don’t you lean on me?

       “What’s the matter?” Suo Yang found him staring at him, no longer pretending not to know, but turned to ask.

       “I was thinking, what kind of people would you be attracted to,” Shen Huiming said. “What kind of person would make your heart flutter?”

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