One of the reasons Suo Yang felt comfortable with Shen Huiming was that he was good at revealing his mind at the right time and expressing his sincerity at the right time. 

       It could be extremely uncomfortable to get along with someone who was all about so-called generic conversation topics, but it could also be annoying to be an adult who didn’t know how to be discreet or when to stop.

       Shen Huiming had a good grasp of when to advance and when to step back so Suo Yang was always in the middle of two situations when he was with him—he was in control of Shen Huiming as Shen Huiming was in control of him.

       It was like the two of them were dancing the tango, crossing their steps, moving in and out, never looking each other in the eye, knowing everything, but testing each other.

       It was somewhat amusing.

       “I want to know too,” Suo Yang said. “I’ve been waiting for that person too.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him, and was unexpectedly satisfied with Suo Yang’s answer, because at least this sentence was not for show, and it was rare to hear Suo Yang’s sincerity from it.

       “Everyone is waiting.” Shen Huiming said, “When I was a teenager, I was thinking about what kind of person I will fall in love with and what kind of person I will be with in the future. I listed a lot of criteria and reasons for loving someone. However, the more I grew up, the more I realized that love has no criteria or reasons.”

       Suo Yang listened to his words and nodded gently to show his agreement.

       “I chatted with Tongyan that day and talked about this.” Shen Huiming felt that he was not very kind and sincere. At this time he caught Jiang Tongyan and let him appear to whip him. “He said you met all his expectations for a lover.”

       Suo Yang laughed, “Really?”

       “Of course, it’s also possible that he modified his standard after meeting you.”

       Suo Yang laughed softly when he said that, and he was in a good mood, not as uncomfortable as before.

       Shen Huiming liked to see Suo Yang laugh like this, there was a kind of heartwarming feeling that made people pity him.

       “By the way,” Suo Yang suddenly turned around and asked Shen Huiming, “How is Mr Jiang? I didn’t have time to say goodbye to him yesterday.”

       He mentioned Jiang Tongyan on purpose, just like Shen Huiming mentioned the other side on purpose.

       “He should be fine,” Shen Huiming said. “I guess.”

       He didn’t tell Suo Yang that the person might be having a good time in the hotel at the moment, so he had the possibility to gossip about his rival behind his back. If Jiang Tongyan had already been in a process of getting together with someone else yet still came to flirt with Suo Yang, he would definitely stop him. However, he would have only dealt with Jiang Tongyan to his face, and would never have done something like “telling on” Suo Yang behind his back.

       “The… curse he said yesterday, is it true?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t expect Suo Yang to remember this, and he didn’t expect the other party to ask about it.

       How to answer this question was a matter of knowledge.

       “It was indeed true before I met you,” Shen Huiming said. “Tongyan and I were classmates for four years. Apart from the two of us, there are four other parties who can testify to this.”

       Suo Yang asked knowingly, “So why do you say before me?”

       “After I met you, I lost confidence in myself.” Shen Huiming was very frank this time, “It’s strange to say, I’m not the kind of person who has low self-esteem. Of course, I don’t feel inferior when I get along with you. I just feel uncertain.”

       Suo Yang’s smile faded, but there was still a vague smile in his eyes. He wanted to see what Shen Huiming would say.

       “Have you ever been in that situation? It was a situation where you’ve always won everything, but then suddenly one day you meet someone and everything becomes full of uncertainty.”

       “Do you feel uncomfortable because of this feeling?”

       “No.” Shen Huiming smiled at him, “On the contrary, I enjoyed it.”

       He took a bite of frozen yoghurt, savouring the taste Suo Yang liked.

       “You know, life is boring. I should thank you for adding something unusual to my boring life.”

       Suo Yang’s hand that was holding the spoon was slightly sweaty.

       He found himself and Shen Huiming had two very different attitudes on such matters.

       “You don’t seem to be the kind of person with a life full of noises and excitement.” Shen Huiming said, “Although it’s rude to speculate on your life without permission, I do want to have a good chat with you.”

       Suo Yang looked at him.

       “Let’s talk about us, not about cufflinks, not Jiang Tongyan, not millet congee or frozen yoghurt.” Shen Huiming said sincerely, “I know we should take our time, and the aggressive approach will only make you turn around and walk away. But can you give me something sweet first, so I know what kind of position I have in your heart after these few meetings?”

       Shen Huiming’s words made Suo Yang silent for a long time. During this silence, he kept thinking about the meaning behind these words.

       He understood that this was a multiple-choice question given to him by Shen Huiming.

       Adults, especially people like them, had to weigh the pros and cons of everything they did.

       Including how they felt.

       With their short lives and limited energy, people endure things far more than others could imagine.

       The older they got, the more afraid they were to enter into a relationship because something like falling in love takes time and energy. When one were in love, one must give a part of yourself to the other party, and one must break the deep-rooted life, or the rhythm would be completely disrupted.

       The adult romance was a very thorough adventure, since they were very realistic people, and everyone would think twice before embarking on this adventure.

       The impulses of youth would be there, but eventually, they would be overwhelmed by reason.

       They were mundane and profane. However, that was who they are, which was an undeniable truth.

       Suo Yang appreciates Shen Huiming’s honesty because they really didn’t need to beat around the bush.

       If one had a good feeling and felt that they could try to connect, then go ahead and try to become intimate.

       But if the death sentence had been given at this moment, there was no need to dwell on others, everyone was very busy.

       Suo Yang was considering how to answer, while Shen Huiming waited quietly for his sentence to be announced.

       This was actually a gamble that Shen Huiming had made. It was all up to Suo Yang whether he lost or won.

       A full five minutes had passed. Shen Huiming’s confidence was being depleted, and he was even ready to extinguish his thoughts about Suo Yang from now on. After all, he had explicitly hinted at the other party several times but still remained unmoved. So if he continued to pester them, it would only add to their troubles.

       They all need to be decent in this sort of thing.

       Suo Yang was actually in a bit of a dilemma, he rarely encountered such a tangled situation. Shen Huiming had given him a difficult problem.

       “Mr Shen,” Suo Yang said, turning to Shen Huiming, who was uneasy, “what if I say I don’t know how I should position you?”

       Shen Huiming breathed a sigh of relief at his answer, then laughed.

       “Since you said that, then I understand what to do next.” Shen Huiming looked at him with a smile, “Do you know why you feel unable to position me? Because you have been shaken.”

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