Article 4: It is easier to fire Cupid’s arrows than to receive them, easier to give than to receive.

       It was actually not an easy task for Suo Yang and Shen Huiming to make a plan to go somewhere together, after all, they were both busy.

       It was only after they started to be in a relationship that Suo Yang realised that Zhou Mo’s reason for changing his career—was not just because Cheng Sen was worried.

       After Suo Yang returned from Rio, he slept at Shen Huiming’s house for two nights. Before the lovebirds could get tired of each other, he set off again with his suitcase.

       This time, however, the flight was short, and he would be back in two days. Afterwards, Shen Huiming took a long vacation on National Day, and Suo Yang was still looking forward to flying with him.

       Coincidentally, the first flight that Shen Huiming took after the holiday was to New York. When the two met, Shen Huiming was also on a plane to New York for a meeting.

       When Shen Huiming was waiting to board the plane, he was still holding the ticket folder that had been scratched in his hand. It was because of this ticket folder that he had the opportunity to have a few more words with Suo Yang in the past.

       Speaking of which, it could be regarded as his matchmaker.

       Before the trip to New York, Shen Huiming gave Jiang Tongyan a precaution, telling him that he would bring a very important person to meet him.

       Jiang Tongyan had been a little burnt out lately, both at work and in his private life, there were things he couldn’t handle, and when he heard that Shen Huiming is coming, he was happy to have someone to drink with him to relieve his boredom.

       Shen Huiming sat in the waiting area, waiting patiently for the boarding announcement to sound while replying to his assistant’s message.

       This time, the feeling of waiting to board the plane was different from every other time before. This was the first time they flew together after they confirmed their relationship.

       For a long time, Shen Huiming felt that Suo Yang belonged to the blue sky, or that Suo Yang and the sky shared each other, one opening his arms to embrace and accept, and the other freely indulging in the high altitude.

       When the two were chatting, Suo Yang said to him, “Some people may think that a flight attendant is just a waiter on the plane.”

       At that time Suo Yang was lying on the bed, and the two of them held hands together.

       Suo Yang smiled lightly and said, “Actually, what we can do and what we must do are hidden in places where people can’t see.”

       Suo Yang was a person with a great sense of professional honour. He loved this job and hoped that he would continue to love it.

       Shen Huiming always thought that people who knew what they love were great, because too many people spend their entire lives without knowing what they like, what they want to do, what they want, and how much they want.

       Suo Yang might not have the deepest understanding of life, but in Shen Huiming’s view, when a person clearly knew where he was going, it was only then that we really matured.

       His Suo Yang was the kind of person he should be proud of and admire.

       After replying to the assistant’s message, Shen Huiming looked out the window, and it was drizzling outside.

       From here, one could see rows of airliners, some had just returned to the ground, some were preparing to take off, and some were recuperating, not knowing when the next flight was scheduled.

       Shen Huiming stood there looking for Suo Yang’s company’s plane. After seeing it, even if he knew that it was not the airline he was going to take today, he felt happy.

       After falling in love with someone, it seemed that not only that person, even the things related to that person are inextricably linked with oneself.

       A petal could remind you of the rose that day and a drop of rain could make you recall the conversation between the two on a rainy night.

       People who fell in love become extremely quick in thinking. However, all their thoughts revolved around their loved one, and everything they think about was related to that person.

       He waited for the boarding announcement, just like waiting for Suo Yang to call his name.

       When the announcement rang, he smiled and walked over a little closer to his lover.

       Today’s Suo Yang looked no different from every other day. He stood up straight and smiled, greeting passengers with a professional tone and wording.

       Until he saw Shen Huiming, his smile was significantly wider, and he bowed slightly, “Mr. Shen, hello.”

       Shen Huiming responded with a smile, “Hello.”

       When Shen Huiming sat down, he suddenly understood why Cheng Sen liked to follow Zhou Mo around the world so much in the first place.

       It was a wonderful feeling to watch his lover work seriously in uniform, and occasionally drifting over with a glance as if secretly conveying some unspoken secret.

       It was a kind of hidden romance, a hidden joy.

       If possible, Shen Huiming would like to kiss Suo Yang in the cabin, or secretly hold hands, and let the god hiding at 30,000 feet see that they really loved each other after that one meeting.

       It was another 19-hour flight, and Shen Huiming did not bring work to the date.

       After nightfall, the cabin began to get quiet.

       Shen Huiming poured himself a glass of red wine, sipped it, and looked at the night outside the window.

       They had been far away from the dark clouds and drizzle, flying high in the sky.

       He stared at the stars outside in a trance, thinking that he and Suo Yang were really romantic.

       Originally, Shen Huiming never expected to have any romantic love in his life.

       The adult world is so realistic, to the point that it even pushed love to the sidelines.

       What was the love life of most of the people around look like?

       It was about weighing, comparing, and deciding whether or not to go out with someone after they had been labelled as ‘suitable’.

       Even for some people who had developed a little love for others, their first thought wasn’t ‘I want to be with them,’ but rather ‘Are we suitable to be together?’

       This is adulthood, no longer pure, and one was forced to be real.

       Initially, Shen Huiming thought that he would follow suit, or that there would be no such thing as a relationship in his life at all.

       But surprises always come when people were not prepared.

       Suo Yang was the biggest surprise in his life.

       While he was lost in his thoughts, his surprise came and called him.

       “Mr. Shen.” Suo Yang walked to his side and asked softly, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

       Shen Huiming turned to look at Suo Yang, and he found that even by looking at the name tag with the word ‘Suo Yang’ engraved on the other’s chest, he could feel aroused.

       When you fall in love with someone, even that person’s name becomes sexy.

       “But, I didn’t call the cabin service.” Shen Huiming deliberately teased him.

       Shen Huiming did not call for cabin service, it was Suo Yang who came over on his own initiative.

       “Is that so?” Suo Yang looked surprised, “Then I might have misread it. Sorry for the disturbance.”

       After saying ‘Excuse me’, Suo Yang leaned over suddenly and left a kiss on Shen Huiming’s lips.

       He lowered his voice and said, “This is compensation for disturbing you.”

       After he finished speaking, he straightened up to leave, only to be pulled back by Shen Huiming.

       It was already late at night, and most of the passengers had fallen asleep. The two moved very lightly, hiding behind the baffle and kissing.

       In this semi-enclosed space, Suo Yang straddled Shen Huiming’s lap, clasped his fingers tightly with his hands, and sucked his lips.

       He never thought that one day he would do this kind of thing on the plane, secretly kissing his lover during working hours, so unprofessional, so unprofessional that he should probably be punished.

       But with a midnight flight, even the gods watching over them were probably asleep, and secretly giving vent to their desires was, perhaps, okay, right?

       Suo Yang didn’t stay here at Shen Huiming for too long, he still remembered that he was still in uniform at the moment.

       Before leaving, he helped Shen Huiming pull the blanket, and said softly, “Mr. Shen, good night.”

       He went too far tonight, a serious breach of discipline.

       After Suo Yang went back, he blamed himself very much.

       But he really couldn’t resist Shen Huiming, and couldn’t resist the other party’s kiss.

       Maybe he should tell the other party not to fly with him in the future. When he faced Shen Huiming now, there was no way he could treat that person like other passengers.

       Shen Huiming is his lover.

       He couldn’t be treated differently.

       In order to keep himself from doing anything out of line again, Suo Yang didn’t dare to look in Shen Huiming’s direction at all for the next few hours. For some reason, this kind of avoidance actually gave him the feeling of ‘having an affair’.

       Suo Yang didn’t know if there was a black swan hiding in everyone’s heart. Usually, all the evil thoughts are hidden under the wings of the sleeping black swan, but there is always a time when it wakes up, and when it flaps its wings a little, those evil thoughts pop out.

       Just like last night, he violated the rules and kissed Shen Huiming.

       Just like now, he actually enjoyed the thrill of this ‘sneaky affair’.

       Suo Yang, a man with a strong sense of shame, quickly suppressed the thought, reddening his ears and trying to bring himself back to work.

       It was enough for him to be a flirtatious lover for just a second, and his role at this time was that of a competent flight attendant.

       Suo Yang quickly recovered, with a proper professional smile on his face, and professional service words coming out of his mouth. He took care of every passenger, still being the most professional and dedicated he could be.

       However, when he entered the hotel with Shen Huiming and closed the door, the black swan that was suppressed in his heart suddenly woke up and flew up, its black feathers shaking and falling on the calm lake, and all desires burst forth instantly. He didn’t even wait to go a little further inside. He put down the suitcase at the door and embraced Shen Huiming in a passionate kiss.

       At this time, New York was still the same New York where they last met by chance.

       But at this time, they were different from before.

       At that time, Suo Yang didn’t even want to say a word to this unfamiliar person. The two sat together and drank a glass of wine, but they couldn’t find anything to talk about.

       But today, their shirts and belts were rolled up and thrown on the carpet in the hotel room, and they themselves were wrapped in a large and soft quilt, lingering tenderly.

       It turns out that when you fall in love with someone, you can lose control of yourself in the face of the other person at all times.

       In love, people are easily entangled and controlled by desire.

       Suo Yang didn’t think he was a person who craved sex, but when he saw Shen Huiming, he wanted to hug, kiss, and put that wine-soaked cherry into his mouth.

       It was raining again in New York in October.

       Just like the last time they met here.

       Shen Huiming asked, “Would you like to take it easy?”

       Suo Yang hugged him and smiled, “Anything is fine.”

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