Chapter 73


Soon, the other passengers on the cruise ship learned about the arrival of the Wen Trading Group and were impressed by their grandeur.


The eldest brother was steady and reserved, in control of the business. The second brother was charismatic and carefree, enjoying his days with his ethereal male pet, who was like a heavenly being. The manager appeared gentle and refined, but behind that facade, he was extremely shrewd and impervious to any temptations or tricks. He navigated effortlessly through the inquisitive merchant groups, revealing nothing.


Nobody knew the true origins of these people, only that they came from a distant galaxy called Watcher’s Star, seeking a suitable buyer for the precious treasure they brought with them.


Although the exact details of the treasure were unclear, rumors about it were spreading like wildfire. It was said to be a unique item in their galaxy, and the Wen family had spent almost all of their assets to acquire it. Owning it would be equivalent to possessing hundreds of rare mines.


As Lu Jingning passed by, he occasionally overheard people talking about it. Despite their hushed tones, his keen hearing caught every word. He couldn’t help but bury his face in Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, trying not to reveal his laughter-induced expression. “These people are just amazing; they are like divine assistants!”


Wen Xingchen lovingly patted his shoulder and smiled with a hint of playfulness. In a voice only the two of them could hear, he said, “It’s better this way; it saves us from putting on too much of a show. The rumors are spreading exactly as we wanted.”


Cen Junfeng, however, looked puzzled. “How do we spice things up?”


Lu Jingning turned his head, smiling mischievously as he fixed his gaze on him.


In that moment, Cen Junfeng could clearly feel his heart skip a beat, and a sense of foreboding washed over him.


And in the next second, he saw Lu Jingning suddenly raise his hand and flip the small round table in front of them. All the fruit plates and wine glasses fell to the ground, making a mess.


As the initiator of this commotion, Lu Jingning leaned into Wen Xingchen’s embrace, his eyes moist as if about to cry, and his voice trembling as he said, “You… you are so presumptuous! This garment is a rare Jakfir pearl and delicate silk gown, woven with coral white star silk. It was bought with a large sum of money by my master for someone else. How dare you, a lowly person, dare to touch it with your dirty hands, defiling it? Master, please punish him severely, cut off his hands, break his legs, and throw him into the deep sea to feed the mermaids!”


Cen Junfeng: “???”


Although the emphasis was a bit off, he couldn’t help but admire how Lu Jingning remembered the name of such an extraordinary garment. Well done, my Lu bro!


After finishing his tearful outburst, Lu Jingning continued to bury himself in Wen Xingchen’s arms, his back still shaking slightly. He looked every bit like an indulged and spoiled person, using the situation as an excuse to let loose.


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but glance at him from the corner of his eye, catching a glimpse of his lips curling up. In that moment, Lu Jingning almost burst out laughing.


To the onlookers, however, they could only see a pitiful back figure, seemingly in distress.


Wen Xingchen finally managed to suppress the smile that almost appeared on his face. He pretended to be composed, patted Lu Jingning’s shoulder, and turned to the terrified Cen Junfeng, saying, “Qin Yuankai, didn’t you hear? Since my precious can’t stand him, drag this man out for me.”


Qin Yuankai, with a composed expression, nodded and moved forward to fulfill his orders.


Cen Junfeng sobbed and wailed while Yu Qingcang received a meaningful glance from Bing Yunlin. Yu Qingcang instantly understood the situation and immediately knelt on the ground, begging for mercy with mournful cries.


Despite the lively atmosphere in the cruise ship’s main hall, the dramatic scene had captured everyone’s attention.


After finishing his act, Lu Jingning stopped pretending and returned to his usual composed self. With teary eyes, he looked angrily at the two men on the ground. “You… you dare to beg for mercy? It seems you truly don’t take my master seriously!”


Bing Yunlin, sensing that the show had reached its peak, cleared his throat and stepped forward, addressing Wen Ye. “Young Master, we still need manpower to guard the ‘Starlight of the Stars’ during this journey. If there’s internal discord within the merchant group at this critical moment, it might not be wise.”


Wen Ye nodded, his expression slightly reproachful as he glanced at Wen Xingchen. “Second Brother, I can’t control whom you favor, but I have already been lenient enough to let you bring someone along for such an important journey. Don’t cause any trouble at this crucial time.”


Wen Xingchen’s face showed a hint of discontent at the reproach, but Lu Jingning received a warning look from Wen Ye, which made him immediately silent and shrink into Wen Xingchen’s embrace.


Seeing that they stopped causing a scene, Wen Ye’s displeasure eased. To avoid disrupting his brother’s mood further, he asked Qin Yuankai to escort Cen and Yu out of the main cabin to patrol outside.


Bing Yunlin then took care of the aftermath and summoned the cruise ship’s staff to clean up the mess. Everything quickly returned to normal.


However, the conversation had not gone unnoticed by a few people who were nearby.


Exchanging glances, they saw shock in each other’s eyes.


What did they just hear? “Starlight of the Stars”? The legendary interstellar treasure that had disappeared for thousands of years?


Although they didn’t dare to show too much in front of Wen Ye and the others, they soon spread the news privately through their frequent interactions with each other.


Previously, people had speculated about the Wen family’s merchandise, but nobody expected the scale to be so enormous.


Lu Jingning could feel the intense atmosphere around him and couldn’t help but wink at Wen Xingchen. “How about that? Pretty impressive, huh?”


Wen Xingchen smiled lightly. “Yes, you are the most impressive.”



After the scene, the Wen Trading Group, which had already been in the spotlight, became the center of attention on the entire ship. Even the cruise ship’s staff came over to curry favor.


“A slave auction?” Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow slightly, and a playful smile appeared on his lips. “What an interesting event on this cruise ship.”


The staff member felt a bit uneasy under Wen Xingchen’s gaze but maintained a smile. “Yes, we hold such an event every three days, and it’s scheduled for tonight.”


In the rumors, Wen’s Second Young Master was known to be quite indulgent and hedonistic. The staff member believed that the diverse selection of slaves they had would surely pique his interest.


Unexpectedly, Wen Xingchen’s expression became enigmatic, and he suddenly reached out, using his fingertip to lift the chin of the person in his arms lightly. His tone was languid as he said, “Are any of those slaves as attractive as him?”


Because of Wen Xingchen’s displeasure over someone ogling his male pet earlier, the staff member hadn’t dared to look that way while speaking. Only when he heard Wen’s question did he finally turn his head and meet Lu Jingning’s resentful gaze.


The staff member couldn’t help but stutter, “I… I’m afraid not.”


“Since none of them are as attractive, then what’s the point of participating?” Wen Xingchen said with a hint of annoyance in his tone.


The atmosphere around them seemed to become oppressive in an instant, and the staff member’s back was covered in a thin layer of cold sweat. He felt like he was being held in place by an invisible force.


However, Lu Jingning seemed completely oblivious to the changed atmosphere. Not only did he not show any signs of retreating, but he also looked displeased and struggled free from Wen Xingchen’s embrace. He turned and walked away, muttering under his breath, “I’m tired today; I want to rest.”


The staff member saw Lu Jingning leave the hall without Wen Xingchen getting angry as expected. Instead, he looked annoyed and muttered, “Damn, I have to coax him again!”


Bing Yunlin, who had been watching the whole scene from the side, smiled and said, “I apologize for the scene you witnessed. Our Second Young Master cherishes his male pet very much.”


The staff member, who felt relieved that there was no further trouble, replied, “It’s alright… I understand.”


He had seen many merchant groups from various planets, but he had never seen anyone cherish their male pet to this extent.


If only he had such a beautiful and delicate Omega, he probably wouldn’t allow them to suffer even the slightest grievance.


Love could be so over the top!



After a whole day of acting, Lu Jingning was fed up with his overly affectionate act.


As he walked away from the main hall, he could hear footsteps following him. Despite that, he didn’t slow down his pace.


They continued their “chase” until they reached the door of the cabin.


Lu Jingning turned around, meeting the other person’s gaze with a playful smile. “Young Master Ya, weren’t you going to see the slave auction? Why did you follow me here?”


Wen Xingchen looked at him calmly. “Don’t you know the reason?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, standing beside him as he opened the door. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt a faint gaze resting on his back.


The sensation was eerily real, carrying a chilling coldness mixed with malice, resentment, and greed. It sent a shiver of darkness down his spine.


Lu Jingning instinctively turned to look back, but the corridor was deserted, and there was not a single soul in sight. Almost everyone was gathered in the main hall, leaving the hallway empty.


His eyebrows slightly furrowed in puzzlement.


Wen Xingchen asked when he noticed Lu Jingning’s hesitation, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing… I guess it’s nothing,” Lu Jingning replied, suppressing his doubts and absentmindedly followed Wen Xingchen inside the room.


As Wen Xingchen’s male pet, Lu Jingning didn’t need to sleep in a separate room at night. Hence, Bing Yunlin arranged their rooms together.


The cabins on the cruise ship were exquisitely decorated, filled with a faint fragrance, and exuding an aura of romance and intimacy.


With his mind still occupied by the unsettling feeling from earlier, Lu Jingning didn’t notice when someone swiftly pressed him against the wall, and the door softly locked behind him.


He looked up, surprised. “What are you doing?”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes glimmered with profound emotions as he replied, “Of course, I’m here to do what a ‘master’ should do.”


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