Chapter 24


Due to filming, Tang Xiyan hadn’t appeared in public for a long time. Fans had been struggling as they could only watch his Weibo posts from a few months ago. This time, when they received news that he was going to participate in a talent show recording, his fans went crazy. Groups of people gathered online to watch the show, one wave after another.


Even though they couldn’t actually enter to watch, their enthusiasm didn’t wane. They had prepared banners and signs, and they even booked all the nearby hotel rooms.


Because of this overwhelming fan response, Tang Xiyan was invited to be the first guest of the show.


To avoid being late the next day, Qu Di took Tang Xiyan home the night before since the recording studio was relatively close.


Tang Xiyan hadn’t been home for a long time, but a housekeeper came regularly to keep it clean. The entire house was very neat and tidy, and there were even some fresh fruits in the fridge.


As soon as Tang Xiyan returned, he collapsed onto his custom-made sofa. This sofa was designed so that two people could comfortably lie down. It was made for him to relax and play games or listen to music.


“My sofa, I’ve missed you so much,” he rubbed his face against it. The soft, large hotel beds couldn’t compare to his sofa.


Qu Di took out a few pears, planning to make some pear syrup to soothe Tang Xiyan’s throat for the show the next day.


Tang Xiyan heard him busy in the kitchen and asked, “What are you doing?”


He was slicing pears, “I’m making some syrup for you. Go take a shower and come down to have some before you sleep.”


Tang Xiyan propped himself up and rested his chin on the back of the sofa, gazing at the busy figure in the kitchen.


The soft light fell on him, making him look like he was wearing a suit of sunshine. For a moment, Tang Xiyan felt like he understood the meaning of “accompanying a beauty in a peaceful life.”


In the future, he should quit his job and just stay at home to take care of him. He shouldn’t have to endure the outside world’s challenges. Even if he had to eat vegetable salad and drink freshly squeezed carrot juice every day, he’d accept it.


He didn’t move for a while, and Qu Di turned to see him gazing at him with a silly smile. It seemed like he was lost in thought again. He put down the knife, walked over to him, and leaned in so that their faces were almost touching before Tang Xiyan snapped out of it.


“What were you thinking about so deeply?”


Qu Di’s warm breath hit his face, warming his skin.


“N-Nothing,” Tang Xiyan was startled by him and nearly fell backward. He hurriedly put on his shoes and ran upstairs, saying, “I’m going to take a shower.”




Am I that scary? Although Fei-ge said he had to be tough in front of Tang Xiyan, scaring his own artist like this seemed a bit excessive.


Tang Xiyan returned to his room and slammed the door shut. If he had been a moment slower, Qu Di would have seen his red ears and sensed the bold pheromones emanating from his body. This Alpha was definitely experiencing emotions.


He used his hand to fan himself, trying to cool down. Qu Di always liked to get so close, and he was not resisting at all. Every time, he got embarrassed and flushed, which wasn’t good.


Although Qu Di was a Beta, he shouldn’t have any pheromones, but he acted as if he could smell Omega pheromones when he got close, causing his brain to malfunction.


“Could he have secretly sprayed some artificial Omega pheromones…?”


He thought awkwardly. Actually, if he wanted to attract him, he didn’t need such a thing.


His eyes gradually lost focus, and he fell back into his fantasies, not knowing what he was thinking. The room’s pheromone concentration continued to rise, and he swallowed hard, feeling dry in the mouth. Then, he rushed into the bathroom.


Qu Di made some syrup and planned to take a shower in his room as well. As he passed by Tang Xiyan’s room, the pheromones leaked from under the door, faint but still noticeable. This meant that the room was filled with pheromones.


He shook his head and quickly walked away. This young man was so full of energy.


That night, Tang Xiyan, who had opened the door to a new world, had a night full of dreams. In his dreams, Betas with alluring eyes and revealing outfits begged for his help, or they simply threw themselves at him.


When he woke up, he looked outside, and the sky was just beginning to brighten. He felt like he had been reborn, not wanting to move, but he had to admit that he felt incredibly comfortable.


The sensation under the sheets didn’t need to be mentioned; he was sure the place was a mess. However, he licked his lips, savoring the experience, and after a while, he reluctantly sat up.


He needed to change his clothes first; he might as well throw away his underwear. It was too embarrassing.


At eight in the morning, both of them arrived at the venue on time. As soon as they got out of the car, fans outside were spirited, chanting slogans. They seemed well-organized, standing not too far away, separated by security and metal barriers. They handed over gifts, which Tang Xiyan accepted and then passed to Qu Di.


Tang Xiyan waved at them and said, “Thank you for your support, but it’s hot today, so you should head back to avoid heatstroke.”


“Ah ah ah! Look at my baby! Work hard on the show, we’ll always be behind you!”


“Yanyan, take good care of yourself, you’ve lost weight!”


Tang Xiyan just smiled. It wasn’t up to him; it was his assistant who wanted him to lose weight.


“Yanyan, you’re my little puppy!”


“Yanyan, even when you’re busy filming, remember to post on Weibo!”


Tang Xiyan only smiled and followed the staff inside. They had to pass through a long corridor with pictures of artists and groups who had debuted with Tangyi Records.


Naturally, there was a picture of Tang Xiyan, placed in a prominent position. At that time, he still looked quite young, with some unconventional hair highlights, which caught Qu Di’s attention.


“How old were you at that time?”




“You participated in a concert at such a young age?”


“It wasn’t a concert; it was a small-scale performance. The scale was not large; a few hundred of my fans came.” He downplayed it, but he was secretly proud. He expected Qu Di to admire him.


But he didn’t.


It seemed like he didn’t want to inquire further and turned his attention to other photos. He didn’t ask anything until they finished. Tang Xiyan was nearly bursting with the desire to brag about his fan concert, which was followed by his own solo concert, where the tickets sold out instantly, and he won the Best New Artist award!




Tang Xiyan’s thoughts were interrupted. He looked and saw his older brother. He respectfully  approached him and said, “Supervisor Tang.”


Outside, they had this kind of relationship, a harmonious boss-subordinate relationship, which didn’t reveal their true relationship. Tang Xiyan was seen as a successful singer who could earn money for the company and was therefore appreciated by Supervisor Tang.


Qu Di saw the man in the suit, impeccably groomed and stern-faced, and was momentarily frozen in place.


This man… Wasn’t he the one who was unconscious at the flower shop before? The Alpha who Tang Zhaobai didn’t seem to pay any attention to, and directly walked alongside Tang Xiyan to the dressing room.


Qu Di pursed his lips. It seemed like he didn’t recognize him. This person turned out to be the CEO of Tangyi Records… If he didn’t remember, it was fine. It would seem like he was seeking credit if he introduced himself now.


As long as the person was okay, he didn’t expect anything in return.


He followed them after taking a few steps to the door of the dressing room. Tang Xiyan sat down, propped his feet on the table, and didn’t sit properly.


Tang Zhaobai couldn’t stand his behavior and kicked his foot. Tang Xiyan obediently put his feet down. Tang Zhaobai sat across from him and began to explain his request: “I need you to help me with something.”


“What!?” Tang Xiyan perked up, exaggerating his surprise to the fullest: “What did you say? I didn’t hear! Speak louder, maybe?”


Tang Zhaobai wasn’t indulging him; he slapped his head with his palm, saying, “Did you hear that now?” He raised his hand again, saying, “Or do you need me to open your ears for you?”


Tang Xiyan quickly dodged, “I heard, I heard, very clearly. Why are you still so violent? At least I’m a top-tier star now… So, what do you want me to do?”


He was curious, as this was the first time his big brother had asked him to do something. He knew that Tang Zhaobai’s sudden appearance in a situation where he shouldn’t be meant something was up.


“This time, there’s a girl named Fang Yingying, this is her,” he showed a photo, “We’re going to arrange for her to sit in the front row of the stage. When you’re performing, pretend to slip, and she’ll help you up.”


“…” Tang Xiyan was silent for a moment, then said, “Brother, are you asking me to boost her popularity?”


Tang Zhaobai didn’t hide it, “Exactly, just make it look natural.”


Tang Xiyan moved closer to him and whispered, “Who is she? A relative of ours or some wealthy heiress? Why not just arrange her for a debut directly?”


Back in the day, when he debuted, he had to work his way up step by step. This girl was making his big brother come to him, and even making someone of his stature a prop. Even if she was a relative of the Tang family, it shouldn’t be possible.


“She doesn’t have a fan base, and the chances of flopping after debut are too high.”


It seemed that they had actually considered arranging her debut directly…


Tang Xiyan was suspicious, “Is your visit this time all about this Fang-whatever?”


Tang Zhaobai gave him a look, “Do you think I came here just to chat with you?”


“It’s been almost two months since I last saw you, and you haven’t even called me. I thought you missed me.”


“That’s you thinking too much. There’s so much work at the company; I really don’t have time to miss you.”




But that wasn’t the main point. He was more interested in that girl, so he didn’t mind his brother hurting his feelings like this.


“To be honest, who is that girl? What’s her background to make you personally come to find me?”


Tang Zhaobai moved away his gossiping head, “Don’t worry about that. Just remember to follow instructions.”


Tang Zhaobai stood up, adjusted his suit jacket, and straightened his tie. He had the appearance of a successful person, and with a stern face, he said, “Remember to maintain the right balance, don’t overdo it, but don’t be too fake either.”




His brother was really ruthless, unkind, and unreasonable, and always causing trouble. Poor toolman Tang Xiyan.


If you didn’t say, I wouldn’t have gone and asked, right? I’m not that clueless.


Qu Di had been waiting outside the door the whole time. Shortly after they entered, he saw the people who had formed groups entering the venue. One of them was clearly Fang Yingying.


He was a bit surprised, but seeing so many people, he had no intention of bothering her. However, Fang Yingying saw him and said something to the people around her before hurrying over to him.


“Di-di1cutesy way of saying his name?”


“Manager, what are you doing here?”


Fang Yingying was dressed very simply today, wearing a mint green pleated skirt that complemented her already fair skin. Her outfit was not overly adorned, giving her a fresh and clean appearance. She looked like a young, carefree girl who had just graduated from college.


She smiled, appearing to be in a very good mood. “I’m here to participate in the show.”

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