Chapter 5


The first major event after the start of the school year is, without a doubt, the branch selection.


The Imperial Sea Military Faculty has four major faculties, namely the Combat Command Faculty, the Imperial Defence Faculty, the Military Mechanics Faculty and the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


The Combat Command Faculty is well understood by most. With its primary objective being the training of commanders in the midst of warfare. Each year, it successfully provides the Ministry of Army with a large number of unified warfare personnel.


The Imperial Defence Faculty, in comparison, focuses more on practical aspects of combat such as close combat and requires students to be extremely physically fit. It is considered the quasi-reserve for the army.


The Military Mechanics Faculty, on the other hand, is dedicated to the development and use of machines such as warship mechs, which often, are at the heart of the future development of the Empire’s weapons and are the backbone in the expeditions carried out by the warship fleets out on the battlefield.


As for the Integrated Warfare Faculty – it is known to all the students of the Imperial Navy University as the Quadruple Faculty. It is also the most special out of all the colleges and as the name suggests, it is a comprehensive training centre for all-round talents who are not only knowledgeable in weapon technology, but also skilled in all kinds of combat and are able to take charge and command on the battlefield. After graduating, they are often qualified and able to enter the army directly as officers.


According to the different attributes of these four faculties, all the new students will need to make the choice that best suits their own condition upon entry.


Of course, there are certain criteria for admission to each faculty. For example, the Integrated Warfare Faculty is very popular, so every year, the number of successful official admissions is often less than one tenth of those who apply.


Lu Jingning naturally also set the Quadruple Faculty as his target, but his housemate, Yan Hebin, who was very sensible, only enrolled in the Military Mechanical Faculty.


“What’s the reason?” Yan Hebin pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and gave him a slightly strange look in return, “An Omega’s physique is not meant for practical combat, plus my mechanical skills are quite good.”


According to the past ABO allocation of the Imperial Navy University, the vast majority of the Omegas would prefer the Military Mechanical Faculty like Yan Hebin, or consider the first faculty with a focus on command. Those like Lu Jingning, who are hellbent on going to the Integrated Warfare Faculty are the real outliers.


The two academies for Combat Command and Imperial Defence both involve real combat assignments. That’s why if you pay attention, it is not difficult to find and see that all of them were Alphas there, and there was not even a slither of shadow of an Omega, like a celibate fraternity house.


Lu Jingning listened to him before looking up at the sky and touching the tip of his nose, “Maybe I’ll be the first Omega ever to enter the Quadruple Faculty?”


Yan Hebin: “Oh, good luck with that.”


Lu Jingning: “……” What the hell is with this tone that was full of the perfunctory?


The two left the dormitory and walked all the way to the training square. In the blink of an eye, they had both gone their separate ways because of the different faculties they wanted to join.


The training plaza was segregated according to the different faculties and the prospective students of the Integrated War College were gathered in the fourth field, which was smaller in terms of area, compared to the other fields, but because it had the largest number of new students present, it was particularly crowded.


The overcrowding however, would only be temporary. By the time the selections are over, the vast majority of people here will have been sent to other faculties, leaving only a small group of talented students who have been selected.


The Integrated War College had the smallest number of students of all the colleges, but it was absolutely excellent.


When Lu Jingning arrived, the place was already densely packed with people. The moment he walked in, it was as if the Alphas, who had mostly gathered in groups of twos and threes to chat, had collectively pressed the pause button. They were abruptly and unbelievably quiet for a moment.


Did they just see an Omega in a room full of Alphas?


It was like throwing a soft, sticky lamb into a pile of wolves. All the wolves felt a little evil!


Immediately afterwards, someone in the crowd exclaimed as above.


It was obvious that someone had finally recognised Lu Jingning and the dead silence was broken as everyone began to gather and whisper.


“Isn’t that the same Omega that was on the forum post?”


“Wow, I can’t believe I’m seeing him in person! He doesn’t look like anything special!”


“What do you mean there’s nothing special about him? I think he’s particularly nice, heh heh heh.”


“So much for gimmicks, do you guys really think an Omega can stand up to an Alpha and still be Alpha?”


“Do you think he would agree if I approached him to be friends on our communicator now?”


“An Omega actually wants to join the Quadruple Faculty. This is really swell, isn’t it?”


“Isn’t the pheromone test alone probably going to get him tossed out?”


Lu Jingning, as a sheep that had fallen into a pack of wolves, acted as if he did not feel anything. His eyes swept into the crowd and quickly saw the sturdy figure that could not be hidden even though he was standing in the crowd. He distantly shouted, “Yu Qingcang!”


Like a husky receiving his master’s signal, Yu Qingcang suddenly rushed over with unparalleled precision and arrived at his heels in the blink of an eye: “Yes, yes! My little predecessor, you’re finally here!”

With that, his eyes glanced gleefully towards the crowd he had just been in, raising his head arrogantly and unmistakably.


Just now he told those Alphas that he knew Lu Jingning but they didn’t believe him. Now, see? Do they still have any sense left in them?


Lu Jingning never understood this bizarre actions of Yu Qingcang and lazily extended his hand towards him, “Did you get the information yet?”


Without saying a word, Yu Qingcang took out his communicator and transmitted the information regarding this examination.


Lu Jingning looked at them one by one, and finally, his eyes fell on that last item. He frowned and burst out, “F-ck, military schools require us to take theory subjects?”


Yu Qingcang looked at him like he had seen a ghost: “The purpose of the Imperial Navy University is to train the best officers in the empire, have you ever seen any officer who is illiterate?”


Lu Jingning corrected him, “There is still a difference between not knowing an eight-star language and being illiterate.”


Yu Qingcang: “Since when did you start defending the military ministry too?”


Lu Jingning gave him a look, “No, I’m just defending the future me.”


Yu Qingcang: “……”


He had to admit that Lu Jingning was breathtakingly powerful, but he also had to admit that the man was equally breathtaking in his uselessness when it came to theoretical subjects.


Speaking of the theory exam, Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but feel a little worried: “The exam is tomorrow night, is it too late for you to go back and revise now?”


Lu Jingning: “It’s too late.”


Yu Qingcang: “What then?”


Lu Jingning shrugged indifferently: “What’s the big deal about turning in a blank paper! As long as the marks in the other assessments are high enough, the theory test? Pfft.”


Yu Qingcang only felt that his “Pfft” was full of contempt and disdain.


When he thought of Lu Jingning’s complete confidence that he could enter the Quadruple Faculty even if he gave up the theory test completely, he couldn’t help but look up at the sky again.


Why is it that an Omega was so wild and cool, while he, an Alpha, has to count his score lines on his fingers?


They were both people, but the difference between them was too big!


Just as he was frantically complaining inwardly about the injustice of the gods, he suddenly heard Lu Jingning ask suspiciously, “You say, are all you Alphas sick or something?”


Yu Qingcang: “Lu Jingning, once again, I remind you solemnly about simply cursing others for no reason! What do you mean that all we Alphas are sick? What did any Alpha do to you?”


“Feel free to talk about it, but don’t get too agitated.” Lu Jingning comforted him without going out of his way before pointing around and sneering, “Look for yourself, these people are obviously peeking at me while pretending like nothing happened after they were caught. Why are they looking at me all the time? What’s the matter, haven’t they seen an Omega before?”


Yu Qingcang held back, but still couldn’t resist spitting out, “What does this have to do with whether they’ve seen an Omega before or not? Look for yourself, are there any other Omegas in the room apart from you?”


Lu Jingning looked around and indeed did not see a slither of an Omegas shadow here again. He then sighed without changing his expression, “This year’s Omegas are indeed too undesirable. The Quadruple Faculty is such a good place ah, they didn’t even want to try before giving up.”


Yu Qingcang didn’t even want to talk to him anymore.


That’s not a lack of ambition, that’s a lack of self-awareness!




Everyone knew that Lu Jingning was the Omega who had completed the 1vs2 against the seniors during the challenge; after all, his blonde hair was just a little too dazzling.


However, even if we knew that he was really strong in individual combat, they would never have imagined that he would want to join the Integrated Warfare Faculty.


An Omega wanted to be a leader in the army? No matter what the time period was, it sounded like a joke.


Since the establishment of the Empire, only a handful of Omegas have entered the military and even Marshal Teng Hanmo, the highest Omega general at the moment, had initially obtained this status through the merits of a logistician, but was almost always unremarkable during his school years.


Everyone could almost see the good-looking Omega walking out of the training ground with a disappointed look on his face.


A blazing light of the stars spread across the ground, and amidst much anticipation, Gui Liangzhe, the director of the Integrated Warfare Faculty, stepped onto the podium and silence instantly fell around him.


The long speech started and Lu Jingning stood below listening to it, a little drowsy. Only when Yu Qingcang next to him secretly nudged him, did he come back to his senses: “Hmm? Is he finished speaking?”


Yu Qingcang was not surprised by his demeanor and reminded, “The practical exam is coming up soon. It’s a team battle. Four people in a group, what do you think?”


Lu Jingning blinked, “A team competition with four people?”


He looked around the room and everyone else averted their eyes in unison.


As curious as they were, when it came to the real deal, the Alpha freshmen obviously didn’t think Lu Jingning, an Omega, would be able to participate well, and all quickly finished forming their own teams. No one showed any intention of inviting him to join them.


Yu Qingcang wrinkled his brows, “These groupmates, won’t be very easy to find ah…”


The corners of Lu Jingning’s mouth suddenly hooked up slightly as a familiar figure fell into his field of vision: “Not easy to find? Why so?! I have a good candidate right here.”


Yu Qingcang followed his line of sight and vaguely felt that this tall figure was somewhat familiar, and only after a moment did he recognise him.


Shit, wasn’t this the same Alpha who completed the 1vs2 challenge the other day?


Wen Xingchen, the absolute Alpha of the hour among their freshmen cohort!


But how did Lu Jingning know him?


As he was wondering, he turned around and saw Lu Jingning simply straightening his clothes. He was already wearing a big smile as he wandered over.


Author’s Note: Here he comes, here he comes, here he comes~~


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