Chapter 6


Although the Alpha freshmen in the arena had no intention of teaming up with Lu Jingning, their attention inevitably fell on him. Each one was inexorably curious to see who would be the unlucky one to be teamed up with an Omega.


The whispered chattering continued.


“Ugh, doesn’t anyone want to carry this Omega?”


“What carry? Do you think it’s going to be a normal simulated match? That it’ll be alright to bring someone to sleep and win?”


“I’m not saying that. All the other faculties have more or less some Omegas in them, but there really isn’t one in the Quadruple Faculty, so if we could make an exception to get one in, wouldn’t that be…”


“What’s the point of thinking that? Even if he can slack off and get through this round and get some points today, the pheromone attribute test is tomorrow morning. For an Omega ah, that’s the same as a GG.”


“Anyway, it’s exciting enough to think about carrying an Omega to the top, if you can do it, you can boast about it for four years!”


“Saying it like it’s that easy, if you can do it, go ahead!”


Their discussions were quite enthusiastic, but their bodies were more honest. When Lu Jingning passed by, they all uncharacteristically panicked and avoided him.


On the battlefield, no Alpha would like their teammate to be a soft Omega. Even if that Omega had once finished the 1vs2 challenge, it still wouldn’t change the stereotypes ingrained in their heads.


Lu Jingning was walking without avoiding anyone’s gaze. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he went straight to Wen Xingchen and greeted him familiarly, “Hey classmate, can we form a team?”

The tone of voice was as normal as if he asked him to join him for dinner in the canteen.


But this man was Wen Xingchen!


In stark contrast to Lu Jingning’s lack of interest, Wen Xingchen was surrounded by people who stood in a line in front of him. They were all nervous and hasty, looking forward to being teammates with this elite new student. It was almost as if they had the word “pick me” written on their faces frantically.


Jian Luan had been standing by with the mindset of watching some drama breakout.


Ever since he was a child, Wen Xingchen, who was not in the least bit popular with the Alphas, was suddenly in a battlefield where he was the one in demand.


He was curiously waiting for Wen Xingchen’s final choice when he heard such a scattered and unmistakable greeting. He turned around and met the face that he had admired and wowed countless times in photos. He opened his mouth in dismay: “Ah, aren’t you that…”


Lu Jingning didn’t pay any attention to him, his eyes fell on Wen Xingchen’s body with a smile. When the other looked back, he smiled even more brightly: “Classmate, on the day of the challenge I felt that you are exceptionally talented and have some chemistry with me. You see, even our completion of the 1vs2 are alike. I believe that after teaming up together we will definitely bond in a different way.”


There was a slight pause at this point and a meaningful smile grew rosier: “What do you think?”


The tone of Lu Jingning’s voice was particularly sincere. Coupled with the vague glint in those eyes, in the eyes of the crowd, the way the two looked at each other like this was nothing short of affectionate, and for a while no one dared to say a word.


An Omega openly stating in public that he has an absolute fit with an Alpha would be considered by all to be blatant seduction if the exams were not imminent.


Wen Xingchen’s eyes narrowed slightly for a few moments.


Next to him, Jian Luan had long since changed his expression to one of emotion, to a vague hint of regret.


The only person he could say that was worthy of the name Omega Killer, Wen Xingchen, had only just begun school and he had somehow actually made one fall for him!


It’s a shame. He thought this Omega would be a different kind of spark. He didn’t expect him to be anything cheap like this.


Moreover, he actually tried to use this method to attract Wen Xingchen’s attention? Did this person not know that the 1vs2 event was actually considered a big loss for Wen Xingchen? After bringing up the sore topic, according to his usual ruthless attitude, he will probably close the door coldly on him!


On the other side, Yu Qingcang’s inner self was throwing a mad hissy fit. Very unlike Jian Luan’s attitude of wanting to watch some drama.


Shit, shit, shit, yes! Please say yes to teaming up!


If he dares to say “no” now, he can imagine the passionate image of Lu Jingning chasing this student after the exam starts, even if he does not do anything.


Save a guy! He doesn’t want to be drawn into this inexplicable battle again, not to mention that Wen Xingchen is an opponent he simply can’t beat!


The atmosphere around them was tense for a while as each of them had their own thoughts.


Wen Xingchen’s eyelashes dropped slightly as he looked at Lu Jingning and opened his mouth with interest, “You seem to know me well?”


Lu Jingning nodded without thought: “I should know you much better than most people by a tad bit. After all, that one-sided encounter at the challenge was destined to bring us closer together.”


The crowd looked at each other.


Did these two have some untold story somewhere they didn’t know about?!


Lu Jingning’s two sentences were that of a challenge, but Wen Xingchen couldn’t hear that he was actually repeatedly reminding him of losing the game on purpose. After a moment of silent staring at each other, he gave a light laugh, “You have a point. Then, let’s form a team.”


In fact, for him, it was the same with whoever he teamed up with. If it wasn’t a mandatory rule for the institution to have teammates, he would even feel good about fighting alone.


At this very moment, there was absolutely no need to upset this bad-tempered-looking Omega over such a trivial matter. Incidentally, it also saved him the trouble of choosing someone else, so he didn’t really have a reason to refuse.


Lu Jingning was of course satisfied with the choice he had made. Just as he had thought before, Wen Xingchen was indeed a wise man who knew what he was doing.


With a sense of satisfaction in his heart, he walked over and skilfully reached out to put his hand on Wen Xingchen’s shoulder, patting it gently in a brotherly manner, “Happy to be working with you, my comrade.”


Because of the use of pheromone blocking agents, Lu Jingning’s body did not have the slightest smell of pheromones. Even so, an Omega’s body still carried a softness different from Alpha’s when it was pressed against one another. Wen Xingchen froze slightly in an awkward manner but did not push the restless hand away: “Happy to be working with you.”


The silence around them made everyone unable to breathe for a while.


Obviously no one expected that these two, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen, would actually team up together.

Jiang Luan especially, who was standing next to him, felt even more winded.


If he hadn’t seen Wen Xingchen standing with someone with his arms hooked around him with his own eyes, he would have wondered for a moment if he was still in a dream. However, because he knew that this was indeed reality, he somewhat felt unwell as a whole.


After such a shocking revelation, he’s afraid that even if some told him that tomorrow would be the end of the world, he would not be half surprised by it.


It’s just, in his whole life up till now, Wen Xingchen, who never got close to Omegas before was really ready to break his fast!


Jiang Luan stole another glance at Lu Jingning’s face. For a moment, he hesitated a little whether he should get ready to call him his sister-in-law instead.


It didn’t feel right at that time in the dorm. In truth, these two are actually having an affair, right?


Turns out that this person was the one that Wen Xingchen actually likes!


Lu Jingning heard Wen Xingchen introduce his roommate to him and looked back just in time to meet Jiang Luan’s neurotic gaze, “You, fellow classmate, how are you?”


Jiang Luan continued to be dumbfounded: “Nice to meet …… you.”


Lu Jingning: “Uh ……”


This comrade-in-arms looked like he wasn’t too smart.


Could it be that Wen Xingchen hasn’t decided on a team candidate for a long time because he had to drag such a hindrance? Even he had his troubles, it seems.


Beside Lu Jingning, Yu Qingcang stood quietly in an unprecedentedly well-behaved manner. Although he did not say a word, his slightly trembling fists still revealed his inner excitement.


It’s true that good things will happen to you if you follow Lu Jingning! The big boss’ team! He actually managed to blend in and fit into a super big boss’ team!



After the teams had been formed, they all stood in a line as the dean, Gui Liangzhe stood on the podium and looked around with a meaningful smile on his lips, “I declare that this year’s Quadruple Faculty’s Admissions Competition has officially begun! So, please enjoy the good times ahead!”


His words were clearly a blessing, but for some reason, they fell on deaf ears as the new students could not help but feel a chill down their backs.


As soon as the words were spoken, the deafening roar of machinery rang out.


A huge wall of iron suddenly rose from the ground around the training ground, and in the blink of an eye, surrounded the entire area in an airlocked manner.


The light of the sun was completely blocked out, leaving only the light cast from the top as the only source of light in the darkness.


Such a sudden turn of events sent an inevitable wave of panic through all the new students, but it was clear that this was not the end just yet.


The ground of the training area shook vaguely with the sound of stampeding equipment, one after the other.


Several small doors suddenly opened individually in the surrounding concrete walls as a four-metre-tall mech stepped out at a steady pace in each of the four directions, north, south, east and west. They all looked rather shabby from the outside and their build did not seem too sturdy, so they were obviously simple mech models that had been retired from the battlefield long ago.


However, it was more than enough to handle the group of freshmen.

Before the crowd could respond, a voice with a unique mechanical filter came out distantly through the loudspeaker of one of the standing mechs. There was a hint of pleasure in its tone: “Students, welcome to the Quadruple Faculty’s examination site. Today, the seniors will assist you with this sparring assessment. The content of this test is simple. At the end of the day, you will be awarded points in the test based on the number of survivors in your group, so you must do your best! Go on, ‘survive’.”


The sound of restrained laughter spread with a metallic aura across the tightly closed training ground, as the faces of everyone present suddenly grew a few shades whiter.


Although it was said that the content of the divisional assessment was different every year, no one expected that the Quadruple Faculty would actually come up with something this big this year.


It was not a simulated battle, but a real battle royale where one faced the mecha threat firsthand.


It was also clear from this that the Imperial Navy has really never deliberately tried to avoid casualties in any of its assessments.


In the midst of the dead silence around them, a flirtatious voice suddenly rang out, “Senior, is it okay to assault someone?”


The senior in the mech apparently didn’t expect this question to be asked either, and after choking for a moment, looked towards Gui Liangzhe on the podium.


Gui Liangzhe wrinkled his brow and swept a glance at the expectant Lu Jingning in the crowd, the corners of his mouth twitched secretly: “No!”


Lu Jingning let out an “oh” in a tone of obvious disappointment and lowered his head with a sigh.


It was supposed to be the most effective way to reduce the number of competitors by beating others down in advance, but he didn’t expect it to be against the rules. Looks like he’ll have to think of other ways to get a big score to fill the gap from his theory test..


The others looked at him with such overwhelming regret and couldn’t help but curse out the frenzy in their hearts.


Instead of helping each other at a time like this, how can you still think of fighting among ourselves? Where the hell did this crazy Omega come from? Are you the f-cking devil?


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