Chapter 7

Chapter 7 


The mechanisms rattled faintly and a series of time-keeping numbers were suddenly projected on the rusted steel walls.


Everyone knew that the event had officially started, and they all turned back their stares at Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning looked innocent: “Why are they staring at me?”


Yu Qingcang and Jian Luan: “……”


Don’t you have any idea why they’re staring? Luckily, the dean has clearly stated that we’re not allowed to kill each other, or else you would have already offended everyone with the words you just suggested, and our whole group would have been attacked from the very beginning!


Wen Xingchen warned them from the side, “Everyone get ready. It’s about to start.”


Just as soon as the words were spoken, the pre-countdown officially ended.


Almost at the same time, the four mechs that had been standing there quietly suddenly raised their guns and began to fire indiscriminately into the field without warning.


The crowd: “!!!”


In the midst of the stirring cloud of dust, various curses burst forth from everywhere.


The new students obviously didn’t expect the school authorities to immediately take action at the drop of a hat, so they all ran around in a panic, and the entire scene was very chaotic for a while.


Soon there was a succession of people hit by the automatically fired bullets.


These mechs used the least damaging laser beams, which don’t cause lethal damage, but that didn’t mean that they are really just toys from an ancient battlefield. Getting hit was no fun.


Thus, in addition to the cursing and swearing, there was also a cacophony of screaming and wailing added, creating a distinctive noise in the background.


From time to time, mechanical arms reached out from the surrounding iron walls, skilfully clearing the field and eliminating candidates. With the mass attrition, the originally somewhat crowded field gradually emptied.


Lu Jingning and the others who stood a little further away from the mech at the beginning were given enough time to react. At this time, while moving deftly to dodge the beam of light, they still had the leisure to observe the situation around them.


There were certain elimination rules for this test and upon observation it was evident that those who were hit by the laser three times were considered to have failed and were forcibly sent out of the training ground by a robotic arm to be treated by the medical android outside.


Lu Jingning had finished gathering valid information and did not forget to keep an eye on the condition of his comrades.


It goes without saying, but Wen Xingchen looked as if the beams of light were deliberately avoiding him. They weren’t even close to touching him, even if he was not moving around too drastically, as he was able to completely dodge them entirely and very effectively just moving in very minute steps.


On Yu Qingcang’s side, although he was large, he was also definitely also a big, nimble man. He looked like he had not been to the disco recently, enthusiastically twisting his thick waist, while also gracefully dodging in a good way.


In comparison, the “less intelligent” Jian Luan struggled a lot.


Those rays were indeed on the slow side for Lu Jingning, so he moved calmly to Jian Luan’s heels and smiled very warmly and kindly, “Comrade-in-arms, need some help?”


Jian Luan was a little dazzled by the face in front of him. By this time a thin layer of sweat had already formed on his back, so he immediately nodded his head, “Yes!”


Yu Qingcang, who was also on edge, could not help but cast a sympathetic glance at him when he heard the words.


He was still too young to ask for help. He turned to Lu Jingning, who was not very human and never treated the Alpha as a fellow human being.


He was a savage!


Jian Luan felt Yu Qingcang’s excessively compassionate stare and couldn’t help but feel a little bewildered. However, he had absolutely no time to think about it, when the next second he suddenly felt her body lighten and was actually lifted up directly by the hook of his coat.


Jian Luan: “!!!”


No amount of exclamation marks floating in this naive person’s head could have stopped what was about to follow.


In the blink of an eye, he had been picked up by Lu Jingning like a chicken and flung in the air in a few circles, before being thrown out in a certain direction.




Traversing through the air in a trajectory while perfectly dodging everything, he effectively avoided all the rays, and in some controlled bitterness, he only felt himself slamming heavily into a pile of something soft.


The next second, there was an eruption of wailing from beneath his body.


Jian Luan was a bit taken back. He then looked down and finally understood why he didn’t feel much pain when he landed in such a heroic manner. There was such a hefty lot of meat shields below him.


The freshmen he slammed into each bared their teeth and roared, “Who the hell are you? Get the f-ck up!”


Without waiting for Jian Luan to speak, Lu Jingning’s smiling voice had already come up from above, “Sorry, I accidentally crashed into someone. Let’s go, let’s go!”


Having said that, Jian Luan’s body was lightened and his whole body was completely lifted up again.


Jian Luan: “……”


The moment  Lu Jingning carried him away, the area was wiped with a new round of laser beams.


The men who were pinned to the ground had no time to get up and react, so they wailed and screamed, practically weeping at the sight of them.


Unfortunately, the rules were rules, and the few seniors controlling the mechs didn’t give them any chance to dodge, so they were cleared out of the game in the blink of an eye.


As for Lu Jingning, the instigator of the stumble, looked innocently, unconcerned.


He didn’t hit anyone, he was just saving his teammate. After all, with the scene being so chaotic, a few mishaps were inevitable, right?


Gradually, Jian Luan got used to the experience of being flung around like this, and slowly crossed his arms in front of him, colliding into this party and that party, not wanting to talk at all.


He would be blind if he could not see that Lu Jingning was using him as an anti-personnel weapon!


As for the shame of being tossed around by an Omega? It was not a concern in this chaotic situation.


Someone like Jian Luan, will not be able to escape or let go of the opportunity to become someone else’s cheeky weapon. If he had to rely on himself to dodge those rays, he would probably have been zapped into ashes a long time ago.


After all, if you’re afraid of pain, it will be better to be able to let your teammates carry you and win than anything else. A great man can bend and stretch, so he can endure all this!


Lu Jingning of course also realized the unconditional cooperation of the big-bodied brother on his hands, and appreciated it in his heart, smashing people back and forth even more without the burden of thought.


With him as a powerful “support”, batches of new students were kicked out one after another. The number of people in the field dropped dramatically, almost twice as fast as before.


A solid protective barrier then enveloped the podium and the rays were all blocked out.


The veins on the front of Dean Gui Liangzhe’s forehead, however, were pulsating wildly.


He had already spotted Lu Jingning’s little plan, but there was no way to rule this kind of collateral damage as a violation, so he couldn’t do anything halfway about this kind of little clever loophole.


The headmaster had greeted him in advance before, saying that they might have an interesting Omega coming to the Quadruple Faculty this year. Before, he couldn’t see what was so interesting about him at all.


He was clearly a thorn on his side that must be plucked out!


After glancing at the remaining time displayed on the iron wall, Gui Liangzhe made a judgement in his mind, picked up his communicator and gave a command in authoritative tone of voice: “K209, K332, perform a joint attack on that Omega.”


There was only one Omega in the room, so the target of the attack was obvious. However, when they heard such an order, the operators in the two mechs froze.


Although this test focused on the ability to respond in the midst of direct confrontation, the difficulty will clearly be different if the mode is changed from indiscriminate strafing to concentrated attacks.


They had long been familiar with the unconditional obedience of a soldier in military school, so although they were doubtful in their minds, they did not object and followed the command very decisively.


Lu Jingning didn’t notice at first, but after being subjected to several concentrated sweeps in quick succession, he also noticed that something was wrong.


He looked up at Gui Liangzhe on the podium and gave him a fierce glare, cursing in his heart, “F-ck, those who led the soldiers in war are really bad! They’re not just evaluating now. They’re targeting a single person!”


With two mechs suddenly turning fire, the tension in the rest of the area was instantly relieved, and the remaining freshmen in the field couldn’t help but look towards the area where the gunfire was exchanged, all with confused faces, obviously unaware of what was going on.


They only saw Lu Jingning carrying Jian Luan in one hand amidst an unbelievably dense crowd of laser beams, his figure excessively nimble.


In the midst of such an intense attack, he even showed a bit of a relaxed posture, turning around from time to time and sneering at the two mech controllers, “Yo seniors, you guys haven’t learned how to operate this mech for long, right? You can’t even hit a freshman like me, I don’t think you should go into battle, you’d be giving away heads!”


The faces of the two manipulators sank slightly, and the two men, who still held some compassion, now looked solemn and became more and more serious.


Jian Luan, who was being dragged along by him, had a shocked look on his face.


Brother, what good would it do you to anger them?


He could almost feel the searing heat of a laser beam brushing past his face, and his whole body felt a little less than good: “You… you be careful, don’t let them shoot me in the face. How will I find Omega after I scar my face!”


Lu Jingning glanced at him uninterestedly and said casually and perfunctorily, “What are you afraid of if you can’t find Omega? I’ll just pay you back.”


Jian Luan shook and blurted out, “I’ll be a bachelor for life, I don’t want you!”


Although he too had once indulged in such a blooming beauty, after getting in touch with Lu Jingning in depth, it made him see the truth deeply – although his exterior was good, one should cherish one’s own life.


Not to mention, this man is a madman. He was also the Omega that Wen Xingchen had taken a fancy to, so even if he lended him his courage, how would he dare?


When Lu Jingning heard him refuse so dryly, he raised her eyebrows in displeasure: “What’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with me?”


His bright eyes narrowed slightly for a few moments, and from the tone of his voice there was no need to doubt that if Jian Luan said even just one word wrong, he would be flung directly on top of the iron mech’s armor for a close encounter in the next second.


It was the first time that Jian Luan had ever been looked at by Omega and he felt like he was screaming at the top of his lungs, when suddenly a familiar voice came from his ears, “You two are having a nice chat.”


Jian Luan cried out with joy and looked bashfully towards Wen Xingchen, frantically hinting with his eyes: Save me! Save me! Save me now!


Wen Xingchen, however, acted if he had not received his signal, looking at Lu Jingning and raising his eyebrows slightly: “Are you tired of running yet? I have an idea, do you want to hear it?”


By this time their escape route was almost entirely covered in dense lasers. This did not give Lu Jingning any sense of urgency with the conversation at all as he moved at great speeds. After seeing Wen Xingchen, a masochist, run into the zone of fire out of his own volition, he was somewhat curious about the proposal that he had defiantly brought about, “Hmm? Tell me about it?”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes looked slightly sideways and the afterimage of the two mechs sweeping over followed not far behind. There was a hint of interest in his tone: “Dismantling the machine. You understand?”


When Jian Luan heard such words coldly, he looked towards his dear friend with a shocked expression.


What the hell is wrong with today, was there another crazy one here?!


And apparently, such a proposal was very much to the liking of Lu Jingning, the devil of trouble. Both of his eyes lit up slightly and it was even visible to the naked eye: “Of course, that’s great!”


Jian Luan: “!!!”


He felt as if he was one step away from a violent death on the spot.


Author’s Note: Jian Luan, what a miserable guy~▼v▼


T/N: Sigh, I love mechs and action-packed BL… And also absurdly strong MCs like Yuuji from JJK. It also helps if their personality is good like Lu Jingning hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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