Chapter 9

Chapter 9 


Even the oldest mechs cost a lot of money, and it’s a good thing Lu Jingning grew up causing trouble so his old man was prepared to give him a large allowance. This small amount of money is nothing in comparison.


Moreover, Wen Xingchen seemed to be from a good family too, and since the two of them had damaged it together, he paid half of the compensation with Lu Jingning.


After the incident, Lu Jingning patted Wen Xingchen’s shoulder and spoke in an approving tone, “Comrade, you’re my brother from now on!”


Wen Xingchen smiled gently, “It’s a great pleasure.”


After emerging from the training ground, Lu Jingning exchanged communicator codes with two of his newly formed revolutionary comrades.


Confirming the addition of two people to his friends list, he smiled and patted Jian Luan’s shoulder, “Comrades, let’s continue to work together next time we have time.”


Although this comrade is not too smart, he knew how to work hard, so in some ways, he is much better than Yu Qingcang, that two-faced man.


Yu Qingcang couldn’t help but look at Jian Luan with a bit of sympathy.


I can’t believe that Lu Jingning, the king of the world, has taken a fancy to him. I’m afraid that the rest of this brother’s life is ruined.


The expression on Jian Luan’s face was no better.


He thought about it but he couldn’t figure out when the “cooperation” part in that sentence had happened. Was he going to keep using him as a human weapon again someday?


Thinking this, he subconsciously took a few steps back, vigilantly keeping a safe distance from Lu Jingning: “In specific circumstances next time!”


Lu Jingning blinked, “I didn’t expect you to be quite strict, comrade.”


Jian Luan: “……”


Strict? You b-stard! You’re a bad hearted Omega!


The four did not notice a man coming out of the second training ground.


As they brushed past, the man suddenly stopped in his tracks, “Yo, isn’t this Wen Xingchen?”


From the provocative tone of the voice, one could have brainstormed a whole drama.


Lu Jingning looked at Wen Xingchen and then at the newcomer, somehow looking forward to the subsequent development.


He saw Wen Xingchen glance back towards the man’s face and slightly wrinkle his brows, but he unexpectedly asked two words, “Who are you?”


The originally arrogant face suddenly darkened to the extreme. He gritted his teeth and spoke one word at a time, “During last month’s senior year test, you were knocked off the top spot by me, Wen Xingchen. Is it fun to play dumb now?”


Wen Xingchen looked at Jian Luan suspiciously, his face full of confusion about this matter.


“You’re also too unconcerned about your classmates.” Jian Luan forced a laugh and cleared his throat, “He is known as the ‘10k year old’ in our year called Cen Junfeng. You should have heard of him, right? He was under your thumb for three years in high school. You missed a day of exams when you took part in the intergalactic competition, so he got first place that time. I just didn’t expect him to remember it till now, so it’s not easy.”


“Oh, so that’s it.” Wen Xingchen finally understood and gave a very sincere and encouraging smile towards Cen Junfeng, politely, “Sorry fellow student, I know now.”


Cen Junfeng was really unaware that Wen Xingchen had been absent for one day of the exams.


When he was in high school, he was always crushed by this man and had to settle for second place every time. For him, who had always been proud of himself, his days could be said to have been dark. It was only when he finally defeated Wen Xingchen and became the man at the top of the school that he felt his training for many days and nights had not been in vain.


Such confidence of his continued until just now.


Now, after hearing Jian Luan’s words, Cen Junfeng felt that his blind confidence from that first place had suddenly been trampled on, and his face suddenly turned red and white. He finally said with some irritation, “Wen Xingchen, don’t be too complacent either! Now you are at the Imperial Navy University, there will be a long way ahead. Sooner or later I will trample down on you hard.”


Wen Xingchen: “Ah, let’s work hard.”


Cen Junfeng felt his whole body was about to explode with anger.


F-ck, what do you mean by that light-hearted ‘work hard’! Are you looking down on me? Who the f-ck needs your encouragement?


In his fury, he inadvertently turned his eyes and was caught off guard by the sight of an overly radiant face and froze.


Wait! Is this an Omega?


Just now, Ceng Junfen was so focused on his feud with Wen Xingchen that he hadn’t noticed the person next to him. It was because Yu Qingcang and Jian Luan were both standing a bit far away at this time, so  when he turned his eyes back and forth between Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen a few times, he had somehow thought up something.


He suddenly laughed contemptuously, “Wen Xingchen, you are really too lax. No wonder you couldn’t even finish the 1vs3. You just entered the military academy and have already gotten yourself an Omega. You are a bit too confident in your own abilities, aren’t you? Do you really think no one can catch up with you if you don’t improve?”


Lu Jingning was watching the show from the side, but when he saw the argument suddenly shift towards himself under such an excessively condescending tone, the veins in front of his forehead popped out twice.


Wen Xingchen swept a glance at Lu Jingning’s expression and the corners of his mouth curled up with interest, “Oh? How have I fallen?”


Cen Junfeng laughed coldly and commented objectively, “Those Omegas, no matter how exquisite they look, will only cling to your side all day long in a delicate and soft manner. What else can they do but waste a lot of your time? Wen Xingchen, I am serious about defeating you in a proper manner. Don’t waste too much time on such frivolous things. I don’t want you to find another excuse when I beat you next time.”


Jian Luan felt the glance cast by Wen Xingchen and shrugged innocently.


He hadn’t expected this shameless guy to interpret his earlier words as “making excuses”.


Unlike Ceng Junfeng, only Yu Qingcang who was present was on guard after watching Lu Jingning’s expression completely change quickly.


It’s over, it’s over, this person is definitely the kind of straight-up cancerous Alpha that Lu Jingning hated the most!


It’s really true. If you’re looking for trouble with Wen Xingchen, just focus on him. Why did you have to talked about the sensitive topic of Alpha-Omega relationships? Isn’t this a clear attempt to get killed?


As the smile on Lu Jingning’s face grew wider and wider, Yu Qingcang could feel very clearly that the scary man was about to explode.


With a proud look on his face, Cen Junfeng was about to make a long speech about how “true Alphas can’t indulge in an Omega’s beauty”, when he seemed to feel a sharp force that struck him straight in the back.


Subconsciously, he looked up and met Lu Jingning’s radiant starburst-like smile.


Under such a gaze, his heart subconsciously stopped for a moment, and his heart secretly trembled.


F-ck, this Omega is a bit of a demon, even he’s been hooked, and that’s not good!


Cen Junfeng subconsciously calmed down and asked with an expressionless face, “What can I do for you, fellow student?”


Lu Jingning smiled harmlessly, “Just now, from what you said, are you saying Omegas have to cling onto Alphaa to survive?”


Cen Junfeng stammered subconsciously somehow, “D-don’t you?”


Lu Jingning took a few steps closer, “Who ever said that an Omega had to be inferior to an Alpha?”


Cen Junfeng: “Does this… even need to be stipulated? Whether it’s physical strength or level of ability, Omegas are inherently inferior to Alpha. There’s a whole host of well-known objective factors, and I’m not alone in saying that it’s all common sense!”


He didn’t elaborate on the specifics related to estrus; after all, he just thought from the bottom of his heart that Omega was just fit to stand behind the Alpha, not enough to rise to above the Alpha-Omega discrimination.


Unfortunately, when spoken in such a tone and manner, it is not much different from discrimination after it is heard.


Yu Qingcang covered his face, feeling like he didn’t want to see what was about to unfold.


Without further ado, brother, good luck on your life!


Lu Jingning had almost reached Cen Junfeng’s heels. He raised a pair of bright eyes to look at him with a smirk, close enough to almost gently brush his cheek as his cool, crescent eyes finally narrowed with menace: “None of my physical abilities can match up with the Alphas? So, you want to try?”


Cen Junfeng was subdued by his sudden explosion of aura. His face was a little less than pleasant when he looked back, but he still held his ground: “I don’t fight with Omegas!”


Lu Jingning smiled gently, “What a coincidence, I just particularly like to get my hands dirty with Alphas.”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he didn’t wait for Cen Junfeng to say anything, he had already yanked him up by the collar and dragged him outside without looking back.


Such a large commotion caused students passing by to stop in their tracks and cast curious glances their way.


In comparison, the few comrades who had just fought alongside Lu Jingning were much more calm.


The first thing you need to do is to get yourself lifted by those pair of slender-looking hands to feel like your world view has shifted 1,800 degrees. The world is a small place.


When Cen Junfeng came back to his senses, he was already dragged out several meters. Feeling the eyes that were cast from all directions, he was suddenly a bit embarrassed. He struggled hard twice, but unexpectedly failed to break free, before finally realizing that he might have run into a psychopath. He could not help but say, “What the hell do you want?


Lu Jingning didn’t say a word along the way, letting Ceng Junfeng struggle while dragging him as he should before throwing him down heavily into the corner, leaving him next to the bin.


He fished a mint out and tossed it into his mouth before looking down at him with a condescending, flirtatious look, “You Alphas are so strong, but I can still just lift you up with one finger?”


Cen Junfeng sullenly made a move to stand up, but before he could get up, he was pushed back down by Lu Jingning with a heavy hand.


He wrinkled his brow, thinking that he couldn’t be bothered with an Omega, only to find, even after using all his effort to get up, he couldn’t with the hand remaining still on his shoulder. His face turned red.


A few expressions of shock finally passed between Cen Junfeng’s face.


How is it possible that he lost to an Omega in terms of strength?


Lu Jingning just lightly held him down with one hand, chewing on the mint in his mouth, his tone lazy, “Listen to me carefully. I, Lu Jingning, will soon officially become a member of the Quadruple College, and sooner or later, I will trample all of you arrogant Alphas under my feet! And you, whatever shit you have with Wen Xingchen, has nothing to do with me, but today, remember my name, understand?”


With that, he withdrew his eyes with such contempt that he walked away without looking back.


Cen Junfeng looked at his back for a long time before he snapped and shouted, “What’s the use of having more power, do you think you can pass tomorrow’s pheromone test?”


Lu Jingning slightly paused his steps, not turning to look at him and only looking up at the sky shrouded in a stellar orange light. He suddenly laughed out softly, “Ah, such things, who knows?”


Author’s Note: Want to know the exact pheromone privatization system, I’ll tell you tomorrow~!


T/N: Who knows indeed. Don’t worry reader-chans, you’ll find out next week~


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