Chapter 10 


When Lu Jingning returned to the dormitory, his housemate, Yan Hebin, had also returned. After briefly enquiring him, he found that it was true that the content of the first exam of the other three faculty’s side was completely different from that of the Quadruple Faculty.


Simply put, it was much more lenient.


By this time, Lu Jingning had long since left the displeasure brought about by Cen Junfeng behind and asked his housemate very affectionately, “How did you do on your exams?”


Yan Hebin said indifferently, “Not bad, I got 98 points.”


A score of 100 out of 100, was already counted as the absolute highest score.


Lu Jingning knew that he was the kind of person who only said one word at a time, so he didn;t ask anymore, but after waiting and seeing that he really had nothing more to say, he couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you going to ask how I did on the exam?”


Yan Hebin gave him a look, “How did you do on the test?”


Lu Jingning had a smile, “I got 280 points!”


Yan Hebin spoke in a calm tone, “Oh, congratulations.”


Lu Jingning: “……”


He felt he shouldn’t have added such a comment. It felt half-hearted, like he didn’t just accomplish a great achievement!


The assessment was divided into three parts. The first part only consisted of the practical assessment, with the most crucial pheromone test being held tomorrow afternoon and the theory test later in the evening.

Although Yan Hebin did not say much, one could see that he was still a bit preoccupied.


In fact, pheromone attribute detection was the most difficult hurdle for most Omegas to overcome. After all, the gap between them and the Alphas in terms of pheromones was innate.


Since pheromones began to be used in combat across the galaxy, they have been divided into five classes, namely F, C, B, A and S, depending on the concentration of the components within their pheromones.


Because the concentration of pheromones directly affects the strength of energy, and because many powerful mechas now require a large amount of energy to operate, a soldier’s pheromone attributes often determine his ability to fight on the battlefield, whether in close-quarters combat or in large-scale military battles.


Based on previous tests, the concentration range of Alphas were usually between Class C and Class A at the initial stages, with as high as 80% of them being in Class B. The last time a Class S Alpha was found was three years ago, and it was extremely rare even in a prestigious military facility like the Imperial Navy University.


This test is less friendly for the Omegas, 


For a relatively strong Omega, it was extremely rare to even have a B class pheromone concentration. Most of them were between F and C class, and even those who could barely enter A class concentration in the later stages are mostly able to do so through great efforts, not to mention the few S class concentration holders in the whole interstellar world.


Therefore, even if the pheromone concentration can be increased through cultivation, Omegas have a lower limit due to physiological factors, and their room for improvement is destined to be limited.


That was just purely based on concentration and not accounting for the suppressive relationship that exists in addition to the Alpha-Omega pheromones themselves.


It’s not for nothing that the default rule “Strong Alphas are stronger than weak Alphas while weak Alphas are stronger than strong Omegas” holds true for all of the Interstellar world. As such, it is not unusual that when you think of an Omega, being in the military wouldn’t be the first thing that’ll pop up in your mind.


An adult Omega also frequently undergoes an estrus period, which is very problematic even with the powerful inhibitors that Interstellar has in place. The use of inhibitors during estrus prevents the Omega from using their pheromone energy effectively, which indirectly makes it a huge problem during combat.


On the whole, compared to Omegas, a group whose chakra is weak and unstable, Betas have no pheromones of its own, but at least they are not disturbed by the pheromones of others and are more suitable for basic military operations in general, which is why a large proportion of the soldiers in the military are Betas.


In fact, Lu Jingning understood all this reasoning, but after having suffered enough losses since childhood, he just holds a defiant oath in his heart.


He was going to be the one to break the mold.




The Omega freshmen had their pheromone testing scheduled after the last batch of Alphas.


Lu Jingning was walking with Yan Hebin, followed by Ren Jin and Soo Jianian from their dorm next door. Before he could walk into the Science and Technology Centre, he was startled by the sudden outburst of awe from inside. When he looked up, he only saw a group of Alphas gathered in the corridor not far from the entrance and didn’t know what was happening.


Several people exchanged a look of bewilderment as Ren Jin bumbled over to enquire.


When the Alpha freshman saw that it was a soft and cuddly Omega, he spoke to him in an extremely friendly manner, his face full of overwhelming excitement.


As Ren Jin listened to them, a hint of shock flashed across his eyes as he subconsciously looked up for a couple of more moments. However, there were too many people in front of him so he could not see the person surrounded by them due to his limited height. He could only walk back with some disappointment and relayed what he had learned, “They said that an S-class pheromone concentration holder came out from testing just now.”


“S-class concentration?!” Soo Jianian was filled with envy as he listened and looked at this completed monitoring information sheet he held in his hand and said rather emotionally, “Forget S-class, I’d be thankful if I could get C-class.”


A grade of C in pheromone concentration is the minimum standard for Omega admissions at the other three colleges besides the Quadruple Faculty. If you don’t even achieve this grade, you will probably be one of those who are randomly assigned after being unsuccessful, and you may not be able to study in the major you want.


Yan Hebin stood by without saying a word.


He doesn’t know why, but as soon as he heard about the S-class Freshman Alpha, a tall figure came to Lu Jingning’s mind. He subconsciously glanced over towards the crowd.


Just then, there was a good deal of agitation under the crowd, as the Alphas gathered there made way for the man who came out in a star-studded manner.


Wen Xingchen’s expression still did not change much, holding the information sheet that showed he completed the test, as if he was not the S-class who had driven those people around him crazy.


The Alphas behind him looked amazed, envious, jealous, disgruntled and some were sneering. Each of them had their own thoughts.


Lu Jingning hadn’t seen such an interesting scene for a long time and stood in place with his hand tucked in his pockets just as Wen Xingchen looked up and met his own eyes.


Lu Jingning raised his eyebrows slightly and was considering whether he should say hello to this man of the hour when the sleeve on his arm was tugged. When he looked back, he only saw that it was Ren Jin tugging at him somewhat nervously.


The well-behaved face had turned red at some point, and at this point, it was not known if he was talking to himself or not. He murmured in a small voice, “Aaaahhh, this Alpha is so handsome! Really handsome! He’s coming, oh my, he’s really coming! What to do, oooh, I’m a bit weak in the knees……”


Lu Jingning: “……”


Ren Jin was small, soft and cute. Even Lu Jingning, an Omega, felt like he was a gentle little animal when he saw him and subconsciously wanted to put his arms around him and spoil him.


He usually looked so soft and sticky, but he didn’t expect him to be so cute even when he was an alpha-crazy nymph.


However, just looking at Wen Xingchen’s face, which definitely stands out even within the other Alpha, it was not really surprising that he can drive Omegas crazy.


What did that Jian Luan say again? Oh yes, this guy, was an Omega killer.


Lu Jingning thought, not moving to take a glance, but silently commented in his heart: Well, it is also true that his looks don’t match up to his real personality.


In the twinkling of an eye, Wen Xingchen had already walked up to him and looked at the information sheet Lu Jingning held in his hand, “Here for the pheromone test?”


Ren Jin did not expect this person to actually know Lu Jingning, but upon thinking about it, of course such an excellent Alpha could only be matched with a strong Omega like his master classmate, so he subconsciously shrank back and as his curious eyes scrambled to secretly observe them.


Lu Jingning was completely unaware that he was being inadvertently pulled over again and just responded idly, “En, it should be my turn soon.”


Thinking of something, he added with a smile, “Oh yeah, congratulations on your S-class pheromones.”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly, “Thank you.”


Lu Jingning eyes swept over the leathery looking face, and for a moment he really couldn’t tell if this person really felt indifferent or was just putting on a show here.


The Alphas behind saw Wen Xingchen going over to greet a few Omegas and had long since stopped in unison to observe this from afar.


Wen Xingchen glanced back, wrinkled his brow slightly before walking away after greeting Lu Jingning.


Lu Jingning watched him leave as his back got smaller in the distance as the afterglow of the stars shone on him. He could not tell what he was feeling.


After standing quietly in place for a while without coming to a conclusion, he turned around and headed for the testing area on the third floor.


The Science and Technology Centre made an announcement, commencing the start of a new round of pheromone testing for this year’s Omega refreshments as it has now officially begun.


Throughout the years, the Omega pheromone tests have never been something anyone held too high of an expectation of and those Alpha present didn’t take too much interest in it before leaving after hearing the announcement.


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