Chapter 11

Chapter 11 


The pheromone testing room was already full of Omega students who went in for the concentration tests according to their respective numbers.


When it was Lu Jingning’s turn, he stepped in to take a glance at what looked like a mechanical chamber similar for doing full body scans. He then took off his shoes to lay down in it, following the inspector’s gesture.


The mechanical pods soon began to operate, the red beams of light passing back and forth over his body without really touching him before returning back to their initial position a few moments later.


The inspector said in a business-like manner, “That’s fine. Now go out and wait for the results.”


Lu Jingning glanced at the new instruments that were actively calculating their findings and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. He then picked up the jacket next to him and walked out without looking back.


The next Omega brushed up against him and walked into the testing room with a nervous look on his face.


In fact, it was not just the new students, but also the Omegas who had already completed their tests and were waiting for their results. They all still felt a little uneasy and kept glancing into the evaluations lounge from time to time.


Lu Jingning leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. He was staring at the stars hanging in the sky outside, but he was not burdened with heavy thoughts and started daydreaming.


This new type of capsule, which is used to accurately detect the concentration of pheromones, can only be found at elite military schools such as the Imperial Navy University, in addition to the military department.


Lu Jingning had not been tested systematically like this before, other than during his troubled first heat, when he went to the hospital.


According to the laboratory results of the hospital pheromone sample, his pheromones were somewhat peculiar. The peculiarities also concluded that he had somewhat of an excessive concentration of the Omega component.


As a rule of thumb, if his test results were much higher than the normal status quo, he should have been kept in hospital for observation. If it wasn’t for his father, he would have been locked up in an interstellar hospital for human research for this level of abnormality.


When a normal person finds out that something is wrong with their pheromones, they will inevitably feel a little panic. However, in this regard, Lu Jingning had to admit that his old man was a wonderful man, so not only did he not feel half worried when he got home, he was almost too excited, and was about to run out and tell the whole planet.


The pheromone concentration was so high that ordinary people might not feel it much, but Lu Kongbin, who was a first class colonel, knew it better than anyone else. His exact words at that time were like this: “Ning, you have to trust Dad’s judgment. You’re going to be the strongest Omega in the world! It doesn’t matter if you’re not an Alpha. Our goal is the starry sea, understand?”


Until now, when he thought about it, Lu Jingning still thinks that his old man had some chunni’s disease1Also known as third-grader’s syndrome at times.


He should get a grip!


As the minutes ticked by, the current Omegas had all finally completed their tests successfully and huddled in the corridors waiting for the results to be announced.


At the same time, the instruments in the testing room were working intensely on their calculations.


As the final results were produced, test sheets were being generated and forwarded to the window staff to be sent to the new students one by one through the counter in the evaluation room.


“How are the Omega of this batch?”


The sound of a thick voice rang out coldly from behind


The inspectors were taken aback and turned around to see an old man with white hair looking at them in a kind and friendly manner before consciously giving a military salute, “Good day, headmaster!”


No one expected that Bing Cang would come over to personally inspect the pheromone test.


Even if there was going to be an inspection, it would normally be during the testing of the new Alpha students, right?


Could it be possible that the old headmaster was expecting something from this year’s Omegas?


Though puzzled, one of the inspectors replied seriously, “A total of six B concentrations and 13 C concentrations have been evaluated so far, which is a high number overall compared to previous batches.”


Bing Cang scanned the test list on the table, said “Oh”, before asking, “Are all the results out?”


An inspector: “There’s still one last batch.”


Just at this time, the instrument next to him completed its data output.


Without looking, the inspector respectfully handed it over to Bing Cang: “That’s all, Headmaster.”


Bing Cang received it in his hand and flipped it over. His eyes paused slightly when it landed on a line on one of the test sheets. A trace of surprise flashed across his brows, followed by a thoughtful smile: “This kid is really something.”


The inspector next to him listened with a puzzled look on his face when Bing Cang had already handed the test sheet back to him before leaving without a word.


Everyone looked at each other in disbelief as they curiously gathered around and flipped through the newly released set of test sheets. When they reached the third page, there was suddenly an eerie silence.


This new student, Lu Jingning, had an “S” clearly written on his evaluated concentration level.


The inspectors who have gone through countless freshmen tests: “?!!!”


It should be exciting to see a second S-class concentration in this batch, but this freshman was not an Alpha, but an Omega!


An Omega with S-rank pheromones?


Simply unprecedented and unheard of, even in the billions of years of interstellar history!


If the instrument was not actually broken, then there really was a monster in this batch of Omega freshmen!


These inspectors, who had been working on pheromones for years, calmed down in a sequential manner after their initial shock. They then and then looked at the name of this person and their eyes could not help but show excitement, as they all unanimously took a keen interest in this S-class Omega.


Under normal circumstances, it is precisely because Omega’s pheromones are naturally weaker than Alphas that they are uncontrollably attracted to Alphas while the receivers in Alphas bodies have an innate preference for their an Omega’s soft pheromones, thus creating a natural causation of the mutual attraction between Alphas-Omegas.


But if an Omega’s pheromones were so powerful that they are S-rank, then they are clearly above the vast majority of Alphas. As such, could they still be successfully accepted by the receivers in the Alpha’s body?


This pheromone concentration was an exceptional condition and academically defined as a “pheromone disorder”. Such an Omega is destined to have a difficult time in finding a mate in the future.


But what a great piece of research material he was anyway!



In the blink of an eye, a large number of Omega freshmen had already collected their test sheets at the counter.


“Ah, you’re a B-class? Yan Hebin, that’s really great!” Ren Jin looked at Yan Hebin’s test results and happily congratulated him, but then felt very frustrated when he thought of his own weak F-class result, “There’s nothing I can do about it. Since it’s only an F class, I’ll just have to see what major I’m assigned to by the school when the time comes.”


The other also looked more relaxed as he reassured him, “Relax, all the majors at the Imperial Navy University are equally the most outstanding in the galaxy.”


Ren Jin nodded, “Hm! I think so too!”


Soo Jianian was the third to get his test sheet with a final grade of C, which can be considered unmeritorious.


So far, that leaves only Lu Jingning left.


Everyone was curious about Lu Jingning’s test results and waited very patiently before finally hearing his name being called out over the PA.


Lu Jingning snapped out of his dazed state and rubbed his loose blonde hair while yawning as he headed for the counter in the evaluation room.


He could feel the eyes of the other Omegas along the way.


None of these people were at the challenge, so they didn’t get to see Lu Jingning in action, but with all the buzz on the campus forums, everyone knew that there was a wild and cool Omega freshman in the same year as them, so of course they couldn’t help but feel curious when they heard this familiar name at this time.


Lu Jingning walked in amidst all the attention and reached out to receive his test results.


But somehow, the inspector just looked at him for a long time and didn’t let go of his test sheet. After tugging it a few times, he stopped tugging, afraid of tearing the sheet if he did it too hard. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows: “Teacher?”


The inspector then snapped back and let go of his hand.


Sigh, he was too fascinated so he became too engrossed looking at him.


Lu Jingning also noticed the oddity in his attitude and scanned down at the test results. His eyebrows were raised slightly before he smiled softly, “Hmm?”


By the time he went out, his little fanboy, Ren Jin had long been eagerly waiting at the door and immediately greeted him as soon as he saw him, “Brother Lu, how was it? Was it A? Was it an A grade?”


Lu Jingning gave him a look and shook his head.


The smile on Ren Jin’s face dropped for a moment, but he also quickly recovered, “It’s okay. B is also quite good! Omegas who are B-class are already strong enough!”


Lu Jingning: “Not a B either.”


“Huh?” Ren Jin’s expression looked and felt a little less than good. He lowered his voice incredulously, “C-class? No way?”


Lu Jingning smiled, “Not C.”


Ren Jin did not speak for a long time, or rather, he no longer knew what to say and just held his hands in front of his mouth tightly.


F-class? Lu, who was so powerful that he could take on two people at once, was actually an F-class like him?


He doesn’t believe it! He definitely doesn’t believe it!


It was the first time he saw this little fanboy reacting so emotionally so Lu Jingning amusingly rubbed his head and did not continue to tease him: “Don’t worry, it’s not F. Here, you can see for yourself.”


Ren Jin looked up blankly. The first time his eyes scanned the test sheet, he didn’t react at all.


After one more look, he felt only a little incredulous.


After rubbing his eyes vigorously and waiting for the third time to see it clearly and conclusively, he was so shocked that he completely failed to control his volume and let out a shocked cry, “S-class?! Brother Lu, your pheromone concentration is actually S-class?!!!”


He was usually so soft, so his voice couldn’t have been any louder, but the sheer volume of his information was enough to silence the otherwise noisy aisle for a moment.


Huh? What did they just hear?




Feeling the stares cast around him, Lu Jingning leaned down slightly and pressed his fingers onto Ren Jin’s lips, blinking gently at him, “Shh, I want to keep a low profile.”


Ren Jin was speechless.


How low profile can he be?

The author has something to say: 

Lu Jingning: How can I keep a low profile, ugh~

Crowd: Low profile, my ass!

T/N: S-class… More like Ass-class AHAHA get it?

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