Chapter 53


The Grand War University’s full elimination led to the Three Schools Alliance instantly being reduced to just two schools.


Within moments, a large area around them cleared, causing everyone to halt their attacks and hesitate, standing still in their tracks.


Only a few seconds ago, these people were confidently vowing to shatter the Imperial Navy University’s large energy crystal and eliminate all its members. But now, they suddenly realized that they might be the ones standing on the edge of a cliff, rather than the besieged Imperial Navy.


The defensive strength of the Grand War University’s base was formidable, and if the two freshmen from the Imperial Navy University could successfully overturn the base guarded by him, there was no doubt they could crush the other two military academies as well.


The realization that they might be the next ones to be forcibly eliminated by the system sent shivers down everyone’s spine. They hadn’t even secured a single point in this team match.


The players from the Silver Star University and the Heavy Cloud Defense University stood silently in their original positions. Though no one spoke, the atmosphere around them had frozen quietly.


With the 10 points already secured by the Imperial Navy University, combined with their previous scores, they had virtually secured victory. The battle for second place would be the focus now.


“Attention, this is not a still image. I repeat, this is not a still image!” The commentator quickly grasped the changes in the players’ minds and couldn’t help but laugh. “It seems that the Three Schools Alliance, no, the Two Schools Alliance now, has finally realized the error of their decision! However, there is no room for regret now. They are left with two options – either rush back to defend or watch their fragile alliance crumble!”


“In fact, I lean more towards a direct confrontation. It’s evident that the alliance’s morale has completely dispersed. Rather than putting on a front and pretending to be cooperative, it’s better to understand their real position. In a team match, there are only different military academy camps, and in the face of practical gains, securing valuable points is more important than anything else! Hopefully, this competition will teach these young military academy students a valuable lesson – the battlefield is just as cruel as the actual battlefield!”


Although the commentator was already captured in the audience’s hearts by the Imperial Navy, it had to be admitted that his words had some truth at this moment.


The camera lingered on the players of the two military academies, maintaining the silence.


The silence was finally broken by Tang Jiaze’s command, which was short but clear: “Attack!”


Though the target was not specified, everyone inexplicably understood.


If the Grand War University’s full elimination was the spark that ignited the situation, then at this moment, the so-called Three Schools Alliance had finally and officially collapsed.


No one made an attempt to attack the Imperial Navy University’s base crystal anymore, as it would be utterly meaningless in the face of the current point tally.


The two military academies, now competing for the second place in the exchange competition, abandoned their previous cooperation and engaged in a thrilling internal battle.


Despite being mentally prepared for some twists, the audience still couldn’t help but gasp at the turn of events – it was genuinely exciting!


While the commentator rapidly explained the battlefield situation, he also found time to add a couple of jokes: “Today’s team match is indeed extraordinary, and it may become a classic case in the history of the military. After all, it’s not every day you get to witness a large alliance breaking up like this. This also serves as a lesson – while the enemy of your enemy might become your friend, never trust your enemy’s allies, as betrayal can happen at any time. Alliances can turn into nothing but empty promises!”


As he said that, he glanced at Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen with a smiling face and continued, “Anyway, let’s congratulate the Imperial Navy University on winning the team match in advance! You see, the last Imperial Navy University lost the championship due to a defeat in the team match, but this time, they have finally proven their position as the number one military academy with absolute strength! We also believe that every student who once shone in the exchange competition will become great military officers on the battlefield in the future! Congratulations to Wen Ye, congratulations to Lu Jingning, congratulations to every player of the Imperial Navy University! You are the champions!”


While the commentator passionately summarized his closing remarks, the camera flashed to Lu Jingning.


This time, the moment when he shattered the Silver Star University’s large crystal was clearly presented to the audience.


The on-site audience: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah! So handsome! I’m falling in love!”


The moment the system withdrew all movement permits, Tang Jiaze couldn’t help but curse fiercely.


In the resting area, Cen Junfeng couldn’t sit still anymore and almost leaped from his chair: “Brother Lu is awesome! I’ll be your most loyal follower from now on!!!”


As the competition progressed, with Grand War University and Silver Star University consecutively eliminated, the few remaining players of the Heavy Cloud Defense University were covered in injuries. The team match was now approaching its end.


When Wen Ye and Kang Hanyun cleared the last remaining personnel, Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen followed suit and crushed the energy crystal of the Heavy Cloud Defense University, just like the other two teams.


The screen suddenly lit up with thousands of lights.


Behind the central emblem of the Imperial Navy University appeared the prominent word “Victory,” amidst the continuous screams, igniting a surge of excitement.



When Lu Jingning finished the match and came out of the virtual cabin, he still felt a bit unsatisfied, murmuring softly to Wen Xingchen all the way.


At this moment, suddenly an incredibly excited figure rushed over and gave an unannounced bear hug: “Ah ah ah ah ah Lu bro, you’re simply awesome! No, I can’t call you Lu bro anymore! I should call you Daddy! Daddy Lu!!!”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes narrowed slightly with a hint of coldness when he unexpectedly witnessed this scene.


However, Cen Junfeng was completely immersed in the excitement of victory, oblivious to any danger signal: “Heaven knows how you guys did it! Your speed in dismantling the enemy’s base was godlike!”


Lu Jingning finally realized that this guy was truly an Alpha, both fierce and impulsive, unable to control his strength. It annoyed him to the point of getting a headache, so he pushed Cen Junfeng away impatiently and said, “Call me Daddy if you want, but don’t touch me. Your Daddy Lu refuses to accept such insincere flattery!”


Cen Junfeng was about to approach again, but he was suddenly restrained by someone.


Although the force applied seemed minuscule, it immobilized him completely due to the vast disparity in strength.


Cen Junfeng turned back, feeling slightly displeased, and met a pair of eyes that seemed to be laughing and yet not: profound, dark, and emotionless. They stared at him without any feelings, “Since you’re so happy, how about hugging me too?”


Cen Junfeng felt a chill running up his spine even though Wen Xingchen hadn’t released any pheromones. He clearly sensed the oppressive aura that was so straightforward between Alphas.


Realizing how foolish he had been, Cen Junfeng instinctively stood at attention, “No! No need!”


He was well aware of how strong an Alpha’s possessiveness could be. Only now did he understand how reckless he had been to act this way in front of everyone. The fact that Wen Xingchen didn’t instantly dismember him on the spot was already showing mercy.


At this moment, the other three main players of the team returned to the resting area.


Wen Ye clapped his hands lightly and summarized simply, “Good job, everyone, in the exchange competition.”


Kang Hanyun smiled charmingly, “You all didn’t disappoint Sister Yun’s expectations. You all did great!”


Ji Han interrupted their playful chatter and brought their attention back. After assembling in place, they all walked up to the award podium together.


At this point, the central arena had automatically transformed into the award ceremony scene. The Imperial Navy team stood in a row in front of the crowd, receiving the championship medals from the organizers. After that, they gathered around the dazzling trophy and lifted it high above their heads with force.


The whole arena was filled with blossoming fireworks, and the entire audience erupted in cheers once again, passionately shouting the names of the team members.


Lu Jingning heard his name being called and couldn’t help but pull Wen Xingchen over to tease, “Let’s count? Let’s see who’s more popular?”


Wen Xingchen didn’t seem interested in this childish game and replied without hesitation, “No need to count. You’ll win for sure.”


Lu Jingning grinned smugly, “That’s true. I feel the same.”



After the award ceremony, there was a long period of interviews.


Lu Jingning had never been able to sit still on such occasions. Being forced to stay in one place resulted in him dozing off several times. Finally, when he heard Wen Ye still seriously answering the reporters’ questions, he leaned on the table and fell asleep.


Wen Xingchen noticed the person next to him burying his head lower and lower. He looked at Lu Jingning, whose eyelids had closed, and quietly moved forward to block him from view.


After the press conference ended, Lu Jingning was still yawning uncontrollably as they walked outside.


Suddenly, Bing Yunlin stopped in his tracks and said with a smile, “The logistics team of Heavy Cloud Defense University just contacted me. They have reserved a private room outside and invited several exchange teams to gather together.”


Everyone was feeling exhausted after the continuous days of battles, and almost instinctively, they asked, “Are the guys from Silver Star going too? Then, forget it!”


Bing Yunlin smiled slightly, “It’s mainly a social event with many Omegas from Heavy Cloud Defense University in attendance.”


The surroundings fell briefly silent, and then, almost at the same time, they spoke up, “I’m in!”


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