Chapter 54 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 54


Heavy Cloud University’s Student Union hosted this gathering and invited all the exchange team members from various schools to come together for a social event outside the campus gates. The venue was a nearby entertainment venue, where they had booked a VIP private room with an area comparable to four or five regular large rooms, spacious enough to accommodate sixty to seventy people without feeling crowded.


After a relaxing shower in the dormitory, Lu Jingning set off leisurely, only to find that everyone else had rushed there urgently. He could understand the Alphas’ intense desire for Omegas; after all, who wouldn’t be fond of sweet-scented Omegas? But even Wen Xingchen was not in his room, which was quite unexpected. Lu Jingning couldn’t help but sigh inwardly, realizing that Alphas’ calm appearances were indeed deceiving.



By the time Lu Jingning entered the VIP private room, it was already filled with people. Wen Xingchen was sitting on a sofa, holding a transparent glass in his hand, and the liquid inside sparkled under the flickering lights. The hint of dampness in his hair from the recent shower made him appear more approachable than usual.


Though he sat quietly in a corner, the surrounding Omega attendees couldn’t help but sneak glances at him, displaying a mixture of curiosity and shyness.


Cen Junfeng, not far from Wen Xingchen, had made an effort to dress up before coming. Despite that, the difference between his popularity and Wen Xingchen’s was evident. Cen Junfeng’s treatment was poles apart from the attention Wen Xingchen received.


Feeling dissatisfied, Cen Junfeng sneered and thought, “Wen, you’re just showing off! The more flamboyant you act now, the more you’ll gain when Brother Lu arrives!”


Coincidentally, as if in response to his inner call, the door of the private room was pushed open from the outside, and a golden-haired head appeared. Excitedly, Cen Junfeng shouted, “Brother Lu!”


Though his shout wasn’t particularly loud, it soon got lost amidst the noisy atmosphere. Nevertheless, since most of the attendees were A-class or above in terms of their pheromone capacity, they heard him clearly and turned their gazes toward the entrance.


Lu Jingning received a grand welcome with everyone’s attention before even stepping inside. However, he didn’t show any embarrassment; instead, he greeted everyone nonchalantly, “Hey, good evening, everyone!”


A friendly Omega girl promptly handed him a drink, and he politely thanked her.


Lu Jingning surveyed the room and noticed the situation inside. Frowning, he muttered, “What’s going on in there? Why is Tang Jiaze sticking to the team captain again? Does he think he won’t get beaten up during the game?”


Wen Xingchen, who heard Lu Jingning’s words, was about to rush over, but he held him back with a sigh, “Don’t cause trouble in social gatherings. My brother knows what to do.”


Though Lu Jingning understood the situation, he was still worried and kept a close eye on the commotion inside. “Are you sure they won’t start a fight?” he asked.


Wen Xingchen patted his head, sounding quite certain, “As long as you don’t provoke them, they won’t fight.”


Cen Junfeng watched their interaction with delight, thinking, “With Lu Jingning around, Wen Xingchen won’t get into any trouble.”


As two Omega girls approached them, Cen Junfeng confidently held a champagne glass and went to greet them, but they politely brushed him aside, heading directly for Lu Jingning and Wen Xingchen. Softly, one of the girls asked, “Excuse me, can we join you for a chat?”


When Wen Xingchen saw someone approaching, he was about to decline, but when Lu Jingning looked up, his fierce gaze instantly softened into tenderness. “Of course, you can!” he warmly replied.


Observing the two Omega girls happily sitting beside Lu Jingning, Cen Junfeng was astonished and mumbled, “Damn, they can do that too?!”


“Oh, I’ve really underestimated it! When it comes to Omega killers, Lu Jingning is just as skilled as Wen Xingchen! Can’t Alphas catch a break?!”


In just a few short minutes, Lu Jingning had already engaged in lively conversations with the two Omega girls. Most of the surrounding people were impressed by their powerful performance during the exchange competition and gathered around them. Soon, the group grew larger, and the spacious sofa became too crowded.


Some even brought chairs from elsewhere and sat in the aisle, laughing and cheering, unaware that it wasn’t a multiplayer interactive game they were witnessing.


Wen Xingchen sat beside the sofa, sipping his fruit juice while observing Lu Jingning’s flashy behavior.


“I’m definitely an S-class Omega!” Lu Jingning proudly declared, earning a chorus of admiration from the crowd. He humbly added, “It’s nothing special, really. It’s just that the noble lineage of the Lu family has created my unique existence.”


An Alpha couldn’t help but exclaim, “An S-class Omega… I wonder what their pheromones taste like.”


Wen Xingchen found Lu Jingning’s flaunting behavior increasingly cute. But when he heard the Alpha’s comment, his lips curved slightly downward.


Then, Lu Jingning half-jokingly, half-seriously asked, “How about it? Do you all want to experience it?”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze softened. Did Lu Jingning intend to let everyone try it out?


Before he could react and intervene, Cen Junfeng, the neglected Alpha, rushed over. He had been sitting alone, downing one drink after another, looking aloof and desolate. Lu Jingning’s words nearly made him fall off his chair, and his buzzed state faded away.


Using almost superhuman speed, he reached Lu Jingning and firmly grasped his hand, as if exerting all his strength to express sincerity. “Brother Lu, listen to me. Please stop joking!”


What a joke! If Lu Jingning unleashed his biochemical weapon in this confined space, this friendly gathering would turn into a horrifying ghost story!


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but find the situation amusing and pulled his hand back, looking disdainful. “What’s the rush? I was just talking. Am I the kind of person who doesn’t know the boundaries?”


Cen Junfeng looked at him with a twisted expression. ‘Aren’t you, though?’


Wen Xingchen lowered his eyelids, his smile slightly more pronounced. Interrupted by the sudden turn of events, he placed his raised hand back down.


An Omega girl who had been observing Wen Xingchen for a while mustered the courage to approach him. In a soft voice, she asked, “Classmate, can we… exchange contact numbers?”


Just as Wen Xingchen was about to decline, he changed his tone seemingly carefree and asked Lu Jingning, “What do you say? Can she?”


The girl looked between Wen Xingchen and Lu Jingning curiously, finding it hard to gauge their relationship based on their ambiguous attitudes.


Unpredictably, Lu Jingning replied, “I think it’s not a good idea.”


Wen Xingchen’s eyes flickered, softening gradually. He then heard Lu Jingning say seriously, “Lao Wen doesn’t understand love. To protect yourself, it’s better not to get too involved with him. The more contact you have, the deeper you’ll be trapped. As an Omega, you should be careful and protect yourself.”


Saying that, Lu Jingning took out his communicator and added, “But you seem cute, so how about we exchange numbers?”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


As the girl was taken aback by Lu Jingning’s response and began to fumble for her communicator, Wen Xingchen placed his hand over Lu Jingning’s and teased, “I think you two shouldn’t exchange numbers.”


Feeling Lu Jingning’s gaze joining the girl’s, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but playfully curl his lips, implying something, “Alphas aren’t safe, and neither are Omegas. You should know that some Omegas can be just as dangerous as Alphas.”


His words were calm and clear.


The girl looked at Wen Xingchen and then at Lu Jingning, her face flushing with embarrassment. “Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.”


“It’s not like that, you misunderstood…” Lu Jingning tried to stop her, but she had already turned and left.


Lu Jingning, wanting to catch up, was about to extend his hand, but Wen Xingchen held it firmly in place. “Wen Xingchen, what do you mean? Why are you interrupting my flirtation?”


Wen Xingchen ignored his questioning and instead inquired leisurely, “Flirtation? Can those girls help you control your unstable pheromones?”


Lu Jingning: “???”


Wen Xingchen chuckled, “Or can they help you during your heat?”


Lu Jingning: “…………”


A mysterious glint flashed in Wen Xingchen’s eyes, and his taunting tone escalated, “They are useless. Why waste so much effort on them? If you want to flirt, shouldn’t you pursue someone more capable?”


With all the twisted logic, it almost sounded convincing.


“According to your logic, should I screen candidates carefully? With such high demands, I doubt I’ll find many even in the entire galaxy!” Lu Jingning was amused, so he leaned closer, almost blurting out, “If none of them can do it, why don’t I just pursue you?”


Wen Xingchen never expected him to ask that question. It seemed as if Lu Jingning had thought it through thoroughly before answering with a gentle tone, “Sure, come flirt with me.”


The previously boisterous atmosphere seemed to suddenly fall silent.


Lu Jingning was taken aback, studying Wen Xingchen’s expression, unsure if he was joking.


Before he could figure it out, a burst of cheers erupted behind him, capturing everyone’s attention.


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  1. Sapphire

    NAHHHH LJN too smooth, not him picking up ML’s admirers HAHAHA absolutely love LJN’s interactions with other omegas btw, a lot of strong omega novels have very little MC interacting with other omegas (or omegas in general), so it’s nice to see LJN getting along with omegas despite “not looking like one.”

    Thank you for the chapter! ^o^

  2. Mndless

    All of the alphas present: “Yes! Internally digest yourselves already and stop being such casual omega killers so we can have a chance!”

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