Chapter 56 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 56


On the planet in the Eighth Galaxy, the temperature difference between day and night seemed quite significant. As they left the entertainment venue, a cold wind blew into their necks, causing Lu Jingning to shiver involuntarily. Wen Xingchen, who carried the scent of stardust on his shoulders, subconsciously shrank his body and asked, “Are you cold?”


Lu Jingning, half-dazed, lowered his head and shook it, saying, “Real men are never afraid of the cold.”


Wen Xingchen couldn’t help but be amused by Lu Jingning’s drunken attempt to act tough, “Well, you’re not cold.”


With that, Wen Xingchen’s arm around Lu Jingning’s waist tightened slightly, and seeing Lu Jingning’s faintly furrowed brow, he chuckled mysteriously, “I’m cold.”


Lu Jingning squinted at him for a long time, as if he had finally grasped the meaning behind his words. Suddenly, he reached out and wrapped his arms around Wen Xingchen’s neck, saying, “Then I’ll keep you warm.”


In that moment, Wen Xingchen sensed the pheromones emanating from Lu Jingning, faintly wafting into the air, causing his body to tense involuntarily. A barely perceptible feeling seemed to intensify, as his sensitive period had not entirely passed, making his reaction to Omega pheromones much stronger.


The subtle fragrance of Lu Jingning’s light plum jam seemed to hold a unique attraction, as if it were enticing a hidden flame within Wen Xingchen’s composed exterior, which could erupt at any moment.


However, the man hanging on him seemed to have no awareness of this or was already uncontrollably drawn to Wen Xingchen by his Alpha pheromones. Lu Jingning continued to nuzzle against him.


Wen Xingchen could hear the sound of someone swallowing saliva beside his ear, “Lu Jingning, you smell so good… Yes, much better than those other Omegas.”


Under Lu Jingning’s constant movements, Wen Xingchen found it challenging to take another step forward. Unable to bear it any longer, he finally pulled the man back and warned, “I’m taking you back now, and if you keep messing around, I’ll leave you by the roadside.”


Lu Jingning looked at the empty streetlights beside him for a moment, seemingly lost in thought. Eventually, he made a wise decision, docilely lying on Wen Xingchen’s shoulder and remaining still.


Relieved, Wen Xingchen sighed and continued to walk towards the resting area, dragging the pretending-to-be-dead Lu Jingning along.


After a while, he couldn’t resist laughing, “I really should record your current state and show it to you when you wake up tomorrow.”


Lu Jingning muttered a couple of times, whether in agreement or protest, Wen Xingchen couldn’t tell.


Back in their room, Wen Xingchen threw Lu Jingning onto the bed, where he sat motionless, still in a state of daze. The room was a mess, reflecting the wild and wanton night they had spent.


Lu Jingning was confident in his self-control and usually didn’t use suppressants for pheromones. Due to the alcohol, his pheromones were now slightly leaking, even showing signs of growing stronger.


Wen Xingchen, on the other hand, had good self-control, but he was still an Alpha in his sensitive period. In such a time, even going overboard was normal.


The journey back had already been torturous, and at any second, Wen Xingchen could have taken Lu Jingning right then and there. He couldn’t afford to relax too much, so he grabbed his coat and hung it over his arm, saying, “Rest early, I’ll leave now.”


Lu Jingning remained silent.


Thinking he had agreed, Wen Xingchen took a step forward, but suddenly heard Lu Jingning’s voice behind him, “Wen-ge.”


Before Wen Xingchen could turn around, Lu Jingning, who had been sitting on the bed, somehow appeared behind him. He immediately wrapped his arms tightly around Wen Xingchen’s neck from the back, and boldly nuzzled against the gland area, saying, “Wen-ge, about what you said tonight… is it true?”


Wen Xingchen’s thoughts paused for a moment, “What did I say?”


Lu Jingning smiled and licked his lips, “You said you wanted me to come and… woo you.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


“With so many delicious-smelling Omegas around, you won’t let me touch them. And other Alphas don’t smell good, so after thinking about it, it seems I can only woo you. You smell so good, much better than the others. I just love this scent…”


Lu Jingning continued mumbling as if to prove that he was speaking the truth. He boldly licked the gland area, “So, I’m really going to woo you. How about it?”


Wen Xingchen felt a slight electric sensation spread all over his body. The hidden fire inside him was completely aroused, and his breathing unavoidably became heavy.


This was already a dangerous edge. Yet, Lu Jingning remained completely oblivious, seemingly also influenced by the thick pheromones on the gland area, and without warning, he gently tasted it.


Under this provocation, Wen Xingchen lost all control. His Alpha pheromones erupted, mingling with Lu Jingning’s Omega pheromones, in a tender and lingering dance.


When they finally broke the kiss, Lu Jingning looked very pleased and raised an eyebrow, “How was that for wooing?”


At some point, Wen Xingchen felt his sanity slipping away, bit by bit.


He was already very sensitive during his estrus period and although he had shown good restraint the previous night, it didn’t mean that he had entirely passed the safe period. Under Lu Jingning’s fearless teasing, it seemed like his temporary composure had collapsed all at once.


Surrounded by pheromones, his Alpha instincts caused his strong possessive and predatory urges to grow to the extreme, and it was inevitable that he now stood on the edge of a precipice of losing control.


Wen Xingchen’s throat was a little tight. Although he knew that he should stay away as soon as possible, the pressure that had been fully accumulated till now made him unable to move at all.


It was completely different from last night’s scene. Lu Jingning’s rare initiative was like a poison with a fatal temptation. Under the influence of the pheromones in his body, he still lost to his Alpha instincts during this susceptible period. The desire has been increased several times.


When Wen Xingchen spoke, his voice was a little hoarse, like a wolf with a big tail abducting some small animal: “It seems that there is still a little insincerity.”


Lu Jingning thought for a while, then opened his collar, exposing his smooth neck. His glands were displayed in front of Wen Xingchen: “Then, this is also for you.”


The moment Wen Xingchen lowered his head and kissed his glands, Lu Jingning murmured comfortably, his eyes blurred, revealing a faint smile: “Wen Xingchen, you are mine tonight… I want to embrace… no, I want to fvck you!”


The meaning in Wen Xingchen’s eyes was unclear: “Oh? Then try it.”


As if to prove his status, Lu Jingning suddenly flipped the other over and instantly switched their positions, pressing Wen Xingchen under him.


His gaze moved down a little, and it just happened to land on the other person’s chest. His clothes were slightly open, revealing a few gleams of sweat.


The lines on the Alpha’s body were smooth and powerful, causing the color of his eyes to darken slightly. Under the sudden stimulation of strong pheromones around him, he seemed to have become completely aroused and his body involuntarily wanted to get closer.


Wen Xingchen could see Lu Jingning’s exquisite face approaching him little by little. A hand suddenly stretched out and slid down his cheek little by little, caressing his skin lightly before unbuttoning his clothes.


His eyes swept over the lips that were close in front of him and his impulsive desire of the estrus period began to surge in his body.


Not controlling himself anymore, he leaned up slightly, and kissed those alluring lips fiercely.


Lu Jingning didn’t expect the other party to sneakily do this, a look of surprise flashed across his brows and he subconsciously backed away, but was firmly pressed back by the hand stretched out behind his back.


The touch of his lips is extremely soft, with a lingering taste of his pheromones.


Lu Jingning felt like he was falling for a moment. His Omega’s instinct combined with the effect of alcohol made him become distraught and turned him greedy. He couldn’t wait to pry Wen Xingchen’s lips and teeth open, the tip of his tongue wanton in his moist mouth.


Wen Xingchen was stunned for a moment by his initiatives and gradually indulged in this intoxicating rhythm. He only felt that Lu Jingning’s intoxication seemed to have infected him, and all his inhibitions collapsed.


Before he knew it, Lu Jingning’s entire body was already on Wen Xingchen’s body, holding the back of his neck, entangled with the tip of his tongue.


An Alpha’s scent will always be fatally attractive to an Omega, not to mention the smell of menthol that’s too inviting, making him extremely content.


During their entanglement, the clothes were also stripped off.


Wen Xingchen’s eyes were slightly darkened under the intense desire, and his broad hands slid down, reaching the other’s wet private parts before tentatively prodding it slightly.


Lu Jingning subconsciously clamped his legs together, but because of the excessive pleasure, he murmured softly.


Wen Xingchen licked his lips lightly, with an ambiguous tone: “Don’t you want it?”


Lu Jingning could feel his slender fingers twitching and inserting inside him gently and almost subconsciously lay on Wen Xingchen’s body, moaning twice: “Mmm… Hurry up.”


Wen Xingchen looked at his face that seemed to be immersed in desire. It was so beautiful. His Adam’s apple bobbled twice uncontrollably: “Listen to yourself.”


He put his arms around Lu Jingning’s waist and laid him down on the bed.


Under the strong desire of his body, Wen Xingchen’s voice was already hot as if he was about to burn. His excessive sensitivity of his estrus period stimulated his nerves from time to time as he penetrated the soft hole.


Lu Jingning’s throat couldn’t help but let out a sweet and low-pitched moan, and under the impact again and again, the excessive pleasure made his waist move on its own, as if to cater to him.


The bodies of the two were intertwined, indulging in their respective desires.


Alphas in the estrus period already had extraordinarily strong desires. Under such a fierce collision, Lu Jingning almost completely fell into the burning desire, and had nowhere to escape.


The whole room is filled with the smell of pheromones intertwining.


Wen Xingchen kept looking down at the expression on Lu Jingning’s face, especially the slightl frown on Lu Jingning’s face every time he hit a sensitive spot, which made him want to stop.


Under wave after wave of pleasure, Lu Jingning felt as if he was completely swept away and unconsciously wrapped his hands around Wen Xingchen’s back. He stroked his back vigorously.


To suppress his extreme emotions, Wen Xingchen leaned down and kissed his lips while moving inside him. After a while, he received an increasingly fierce response from the other party.


The more this happened, the desire in his body seemed to burn even more vigorously.


Unknowingly, the naked bodies of the two were already covered with a thin layer of dense sweat, and their complexions were strangely red under the intense kiss.


“Hmm… ah…”


Lu Jingning’s hoarse murmur passed by his ears, causing Wen Xingchen to knead every piece of his skin with both hands, until his body was completely limp on the bed. The surrounding bedding was a mess.


He stretched out his hand to pick up that waist, kissed lightly along the neck bit by bit, and finally, he took a bite on his gland.


The movement of his lower body continued, and the sudden intrusion made Lu Jingning tremble as though he received an electric shock. All his desire and pleasure seemed to reach the maximum in this instant.


The overly aggressive pheromones during the Alpha’s estrus period and the sweet and sour scent of the Omega blended together, forming a unique ambiguous smell.


Lu Jingning felt that he was lost in such pleasure and his whole body almost melted into the Alpha’s broad embrace. In the end, he even pushed Wen Xingchen onto the bed again, and sat on him with his legs spread out.


Wen Xingchen watched Omega’s flamboyant yet lustful face rising and falling on his body, unable to take his eyes off for a moment.


Such stubbornness seemed to carry a taste of unwillingness to be outdone, but on the contrary, it carried a different kind of sexy.


The sound of groans and gasps lingered in the air, as their hearts beat faster and faster before their pleasure was pushed to the highest extreme.


Wen Xingchen could feel a hot current gushing out of his body at this moment, like he could explode any moment now.


He hugged Lu Jingning’s waist forcefully, and thrusted up heavily.


Lu Jingning seemed to be aware of something vaguely and some haziness finally flashed between his eyes, only to feel that his body was suddenly completely swept by a wave of warmth. After being filled, an incomparable sense of stimulation and fullness made him convulse uncontrollably. He then collapsed after the excruciating pleasure.


Wen Xingchen, exhausted after the orga-m, gently hugged him into his arms.


Sensing Lu Jingning’s gaze, he slightly smiled: “Don’t worry, I didn’t ejaculate into your uterus.”


If it doesn’t enter the uterus, it means there is no knot.

Hearing this, Lu Jingning seemed to be completely relieved. He rubbed against Wen Xingchen and deepened his embrace very naturally.


He was so tired and wanted to sleep.


The next day…


Lu Jingning sat on the bed, feeling sore and aching as he looked at Wen Xingchen, who was already neatly dressed beside him. Although he had drunk quite a lot last night, some scattered fragments of memories still remained in his mind. At least, he remembered telling Wen Xingchen that he wanted to top him, but the reality upon waking up was that he seemed to be the one who got topped instead.


Lu Jingning felt a bit embarrassed, and his expression unavoidably became solemn. Of course, if he thought further, that wasn’t the point. The main issue was that he went wild while drunk and teased an Alpha who was still in their estrus period. He had actually slept with him again.


What’s the difference between that and taking advantage of an Omega during their heat?


No matter how he looked at it, he felt like a beast!


Lu Jingning prided himself on being straightforward and honest in his actions, so his facial expression was quite changeable at the moment. If Wen Xingchen’s previous assistance had reasons behind it, this time, Lu Jingning had genuinely taken advantage of him.


If this got out, wouldn’t he be no different from a deceptive scumbag?


Wen Xingchen finished dressing and turned around, witnessing Lu Jingning’s fascinating display of changing emotions. He couldn’t help but watch with interest for a while.


Finally, Lu Jingning seemed to calm down and looked up at him, saying with utmost seriousness, “Lao Wen, about what happened yesterday…”


After a moment’s pause, he continued, “I will take responsibility for what happened yesterday!”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow, seemingly not expecting much, “Oh?”


This time, Lu Jingning seemed to have thought it through thoroughly, “I know you don’t like me in that way, and maybe you don’t want me to continue pursuing you. But I believe I have an obligation for what happened yesterday. So, from now on, I’ll earnestly pursue you.”


As if afraid of being interrupted, he quickly added, “Don’t rush to reject me just yet. This is what I’m thinking. If I pursue you, it’s also a way to make up for what happened. It’ll give us some time to get to know each other, and I don’t expect you to accept me right away. If, after some time, you still feel we’re not suitable, don’t be afraid to reject me. Trust me, I won’t let this matter become an obstacle between our friendship. In the end, we’ll still be good comrades fighting side by side, good brothers ready to face difficulties together! I, Lu Jingning, promise not to be any more intrusive than necessary!”


This time, Wen Xingchen was genuinely surprised and couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t pay much attention to the latter part of what Lu Jingning said; his focus was solely on one point, “Are you sure you want to pursue me?”


“Of course!” Lu Jingning nodded, “So, from today, you’re my second male god!”


Wen Xingchen remained silent for a moment and eventually didn’t dwell on the ranking of “second.” He simply nodded and replied, “Alright, I’ll wait for you to pursue me.”


Lu Jingning felt a slight relief seeing that Wen Xingchen didn’t reject him outright. However, he couldn’t help but recall the scenes from last night, and his face flushed inexplicably.


He had drunk plenty of times before, but he had never behaved like this recently.


Was it because of the times he marked Wen Xingchen or simply because Wen Xingchen’s scent was too alluring?


Now, looking back, he realized that Wen Xingchen last night wasn’t exactly rational either, but how could anyone expect an Alpha in their estrus period to be rational?


He, on the other hand, took things too far and perhaps asked for too much.


Regardless, to make amends in this matter, he had to put his best effort into pursuing Wen Xingchen. Although it might not have a positive outcome in the end, he wanted Wen Xingchen to experience an unparalleled and supreme experience of being pursued by such an outstanding Omega.


After all, he, Lu Jingning, was pursuing someone for the first time in his life!


Just thinking about it made him feel a little excited!


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  2. Mndless

    Well, at least he acknowledges that using his pheromones like that makes him a scumbag. Luckily the ML seems pretty content to be with such a scumbag, so it works out in the end. This one isn’t as bad as most ABO series, in that both parties of the main pairing are capable of resisting the influence of the other’s pheromones.

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