Chapter 1




When Li Chou saw Song Zexu being interviewed by the media on TV, his heart began to pound. He put down the flowers in his hand and walked to the TV


He stood and stared at the person on the screen.


Song Zexu just finished filming a movie a few days ago. In order to warm up in advance, the media came to interview him for the past two days. He was enthusiastic when facing the reporters.


Song Zexu answered all the questions the reporter asked that had nothing to do with the movie without a hint of change in his expression.


Song Zexu made his debut as a child star but his acting career in the past ten years has been tepid until he was photographed with a popular actor half a year ago. After that, a hot scandal of him and Xiaohua coming out of the same hotel broke out. Around the same time, he also appeared in a movie and happened to catch up with Xiaohua’s popularity as his acting skills were also up to the mark. With that, also managed to win the award for the movie he was in. So after working hard for more than ten years without anyone knowing him, just because of the scandal, in a short period of time, he became a household name known by all within half a year.


Of course, this included Li Chou.


On the screen, Song Zexu is smiling at the camera. He has typical, round, peach blossom eyes with a tear-shaped mole below them. Probably because of the lighting in the scene, his eyes seem to be glowing and just by looking at the camera, he looked very affectionate.


Such a face was all too easy to fall in love with.


The interview ended five minutes later and the TV began to broadcast commercials. Li Chou just stood there for a long time before going back to arranging the flowers.


When Lin Xiaomin entered the store, Li Chou had just finished tying up the roses she had ordered. Seeing Lin Xiaomin, he gave her the bouquet and said, “You’ve just arrived in time. I’m finished with the bouquet.”


“Really?” Lin Xiaomin said with a smile, “That’s really a coincidence.”


Lin Xiaomin is one of the most beautiful girls in Yunzhen. Many boys chase after her, but she is highly-educated and looks down on the boys in the small town as she wants to go to university and look for a boyfriend in the city. Some time ago, a male teacher from a big city came to Yunzhen Middle School. This fascinated Lin Xiaomin. This girl from Yunzhen had a strong personality. As such, she took the initiative to launch an offensive and would send him flowers every day. So far, she has always ordered from Li Chou. There were a dozen bouquets of flowers today.


Due to this, Li Chou also managed to break through this month’s turnover. Something he hardly managed to do.


Lin Xiaomin took out her mobile phone from her pocket to scan the QR code and pay for her order.


She might’ve hit a wall with her conquest, as such, Lin Xiaomin is obviously not in a positive mood today. She usually leaves the store to go find that teacher directly after paying, but today she took a stool and sat down.


She put the flowers on the table and lay down on the table listlessly. With a really depressed expression, she asked, “Brother Chou, do you think I have any chance? It’s been so many days, but every time I look for him, he avoids me. Am I that scary? I’m only pursuing him to be my boyfriend…”


Li Chou has never chased anyone before, let alone experienced any romance. However, basing his knowledge on the dog-blood drama series performed by Song Zexu, he thought about it and replied: “I think you might as well just grab him and directly ask him if he wants to be with you. If he wants to, then he will fall in love. If he doesn’t, then just say goodbye.”


Lin Xiaomin seemed to think that what he said made sense. She nodded, stood up and held up the bouquet of flowers, “Yes, let’s do it this way. I shouldn’t waste my youth.”


After finishing speaking, she left in a hurry.


Looking at her back, Li Chou couldn’t help but smile, thinking that this should be the spirit of a young girl in love.


Li Chou didn’t receive any commissions in the past two days, so he closed the shop directly and got off work.


Someone died in the sunset sea some time ago, so it is now not open to tourists, fearing that there will be another accident. There was a patrol going from house to house every night for a while. Aunt Wang from the fruit shop next door fanned Li Chou with a cattail fan while Li Chou locked the store door. She reminded him, “Chou, it’s your turn to go to the beach tonight.”


Li Chou responded with an “ah” and replied, “I’ll remember it.”


Aunt Wang smiled, pointed to a basket of watermelons with her fan and said, “Auntie wants to give you a melon to eat. If you sit on the reef, facing the sea breeze, it’ll be very beautiful.”


“Thank you, Auntie.” Li Chou also smiled as he went to pick the melons unceremoniously. Before leaving, he said, “Aunt, I will give you some new flowers tomorrow. They can help revitalise you, though I can see that you have a lot of energy and spirit.”


“Really?” Aunt Wang was successfully coaxed. She touched her face and smiled.


The beach is not very far from here. It is 15 minutes by foot. In recent years, Yunzhen has been developed for tourism and its ancient city and Sunset Sea are the most popular locations. 


However, there was a drunk tourist who ran to the beach. He slipped and fell into the sea. After being swept away by the waves, his body floated back several days later, which caused panic among many tourists. Due to this, they now send people to watch the beach every night so no more accidents occur.


The sea breeze was strong at night, but it looked cool in the sweltering summer. Li Chou climbed onto the reef with a watermelon in his arms. He looked at the moon floating atop the sea for a while before lowering his head and used the knife on his keychain to cut the watermelon apart.


The watermelon from Aunt Wang was juicy and a stream of red melon juice flowed out from the opening. The salty sea breeze was wrapped in a fresh and sweet taste of melon. Li Chou was salivating and he couldn’t wait to take a bite.


The waves suddenly got bigger, with every wave bigger than the last, accompanied by the howling sound of the sea breeze. Li Chou just ate the melon quietly like that while watching the sea and time passed just like that.


He only needed to sit for two hours but Li Chou usually sat for three hours. Compared to other people, he was lonely. He seemed to have a small world of his own. He always closed himself up, and no one could get him out.


Fortunately, the melons he picked were not big. There was less than half left and Li Chou thought he could just finish eating them when he suddenly heard a bumping noise.


It was dark at night, so he couldn’t see anything clearly. After, there was another sound of lapping waves. Li Chou thought that he might have heard it wrong, it could’ve been the bottles thrown by tourists into the sea that were swept onto the beach by waves.


Li Chou didn’t care too much, so he ate the last mouthful of melon and took out the plastic bag that was packed in advance. He threw the melon rind in and jumped off the reef stone.


When he was walking back, there was a slight groaning sound from behind. Li Chou felt that he had heard it right this time. So he didn’t hear wrongly after all.


He took out his mobile phone from his pocket, turned on the flashlight and pointed it at the beach.


When the camera reached the far right, he saw a dark figure lying there. Looking closely, the figure was still moving, as if he was calling for help.


Li Chou was startled and ran to save him.


He hurriedly ran to the man. Li Chou shone the flashlight on the man. When his eyes landed on the other’s face, his pupils shrank suddenly and his chest began to violently beat. The surrounding waves were noisy, but Li Chou could clearly hear his own rapid heartbeat.


He crouched down in disbelief and touched the man’s face.


The other party was not unconscious, but he was indeed seriously injured, bleeding from his forehead. The dark red blood looked very terrifying in the moonlit night.


He clearly had his eyes open, but his eyes looked very empty. He looked at Li Chou with a more bewildered expression.


Li Chou swallowed his saliva, pursed his lips, and called him gently, even cautiously: “Song Zexu, is that you..?”


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