Chapter 72


In response to this proposal, Lu Jingning’s heart was initially against it, but seeing Wen Xingchen’s expression, he seemed quite interested.


After considering it for a while, Lu Jingning thought that being Wen Xingchen’s male pet didn’t seem like a disgraceful thing. After weighing the options, he put on a composed face and agreed.


With the plan in place, Bing Yunlin contacted Zhang Anfu and informed him of their needs. Zhang Anfu readily agreed and quickly arranged for assistance. They were taken to a safe temporary location where they received the necessary “funds” and suitable outfits for each person’s identity.


Wen Ye and Wen Xingchen already had excellent temperament, and when they put on the luxurious aristocratic clothes, their tall figures became even more graceful. They became a striking scenery just standing there.


Bing Yunlin somehow acquired a pair of non-prescription glasses and wore them on his nose, adding to his image as a gentle and harmless steward.


Cen Junfeng couldn’t help but compare himself to the servant’s attire he was wearing and sighed inwardly. Why did some people always seem so superior?


He decided to find some amusement to distract himself, “Speaking of Lu bro, where is he?”


Yu Qingcang pointed towards the dressing room, “He hasn’t come out yet.”


Cen Junfeng’s gaze lingered on the door for a while with an eager expression. When he had taken his clothes earlier, he noticed a particularly eye-catching outfit, which he was sure was prepared for Lu Jingning.


The thin, gauzy fabric adorned with brilliant jewels was undoubtedly costly. It seemed like they spared no expense to please the owner of this garment.


Transparent enough to see the long legs and the gold anklet underneath, it was sexy and unique.


As Lu Jingning leisurely walked out with graceful steps, the bells on his clothes made a crisp sound that felt like someone gently blowing into your ear. It was so enchanting that it made everyone around feel like they were burning up.


Lu Jingning approached Wen Xingchen with a soft voice, “Master, do you think this outfit looks good on me?”


His voice intentionally softened, and Lu Jingning was intentionally acting delicate and gentle. His words seemed like something out of a melodramatic script. “I am just… Ah, forget it. Playing the role of a male pet is really hard. These lines are so ridiculous, haha! Lao Wen, don’t just stand there, I can’t handle it, hahaha!”


Others: “…………”


Damn, for a moment, they almost fell for his incredibly beautiful appearance, thinking he was a divine being from somewhere. Damn demon!


“…” Wen Xingchen looked at Lu Jingning for a moment before removing the hand on his shoulder, “I’m going to the restroom.”


After saying that, he turned and left.


The makeup artist Zhang Anfu had sent to assist them happened to come out from the dressing room. When Wen Xingchen walked past, he heard the makeup artist ask with a smiling face, “Everyone, are you satisfied with the looks I created for you?”


Wen Xingchen entered the restroom without showing any emotion, and as soon as he closed the door, he turned on the faucet.


He cupped his hands under the cool water and forcefully splashed it on his face, trying to cool down the burning sensation he felt. After repeatedly rubbing his face several times, he finally stopped.


Water droplets slid down his face, gathering at his jaw before falling off one by one.


Wen Xingchen looked up at the mirror, gazing at his reflection for a long time before finally covering his eyes with his hands.


He had thought role-playing would be a fun game, but he underestimated Lu Jingning’s… allure.


Just being bitten on the ear almost made him lose control. He had to admit that Lu Jingning was indeed a bewitching little devil!


After drying his face, Wen Xingchen put on his usual expression and returned to the room.


Lu Jingning was sitting on a chair with his legs crossed, looking at Wen Xingchen as he approached. He smiled charmingly, “Master, you’re back?”


Wen Xingchen felt a slight lump in his throat when Lu Jingning called him that. He kept his expression composed and replied, “Yes.”


Wen Xingchen’s gaze swept over Lu Jingning, taking in the occasional peek of his body beneath the sheer fabric. Despite his usual domineering appearance, his slender and supple figure was undeniable.


Transparent as the fabric was, the silhouette of Lu Jingning’s long legs and the golden ankle bracelet were alluring and distinctive.


In the room, Bing Yunlin clapped his hands and said, “If everyone is ready, let’s prepare to leave.”


Lu Jingning agreed and was about to step forward when suddenly a hand fell on his shoulder. The next second, he was gently pulled into a familiar embrace.


From above, Wen Xingchen’s voice sounded faintly, “Remember your current identity and stick close to me.”


Lu Jingning blinked, and then a gentle smile appeared on his face, “Yes, Master.”



No one noticed that a new merchant group had arrived at a small hotel in the city.


On the following day, the members of the merchant group gathered in the lobby and set off for the port to travel to Watcher’s Island.


Cen Junfeng sat in a compartment of the flying train, trying hard to avert his gaze from the scene in front of him. After holding back for a moment, he couldn’t help but turn around and say, “Do you two still need to cling to each other? There are no outsiders here.”


In front of him, Lu Jingning was casually sitting on Wen Xingchen’s lap, feeding him a peeled orange slice with his slender fingers. Wen Xingchen reclined slightly in his seat, accepting the fruit with a provocative charm. His gaze never left Lu Jingning, captivated by his presence.


In unison, they responded to Cen Junfeng’s words, “We’re cultivating a feeling.”


Under the two’s gazes, Cen Junfeng felt a subconscious tremor in his heart and awkwardly turned his head back to look out the window, saying, “You guys continue…”


Beside him, Bing Yunlin seemed entirely oblivious to the situation. He calmly poured a cup of tea and presented it to Wen Ye, saying, “Young Master, please enjoy.”


Wen Ye looked at him with some helplessness, “Why are you also joining in their mischief?”


Bing Yunlin smiled faintly, “Don’t you find it interesting?”


“…,” Wen Ye hesitated under his gaze and then took the cup of tea. After taking a sip, he earnestly praised, “The concentration is just right.”


Once the flying train arrived at the station, the passengers began disembarking.


As Cen Junfeng and Yu Qingcang were hired workers, they were busy finding port staff to assist in transporting the goods.


The cruise ships to Watcher’s Island departed every two hours. Although current technology was highly advanced, the dense haze surrounding the island hindered flight. Without the government funding aerial passages, the island retained the most ancient form of transportation.


After successfully loading the cargo onto the ship, the two “workers” returned to report, and the group followed the crowded people to board the ship.


Due to the previous incidents involving merchant groups, security checks at Watcher’s Island had become stricter, but this did not deter the numerous merchant caravans from various galaxies. This place remained a bustling trade hub, and for these profit-driven merchants, adventure always coexisted with profit.


The passengers on this cruise were from different places in the galaxy, and no one knew each other’s background.


Normally, in such a place where merchant groups gathered, they would only interact if there was business to be done. However, with Lu Jingning’s presence, it was as if a walking luminescent body made the “Wen Trading Group” conspicuous wherever they went.


It wasn’t just Lu Jingning; Wen Ye, Wen Xingchen, and even Bing Yunlin were all captivating individuals. Just sitting together quietly was enough to attract attention.


If Qin Yuankai’s cold aura made people stay away, then standing next to Cen Junfeng and Yu Qingcang, their pale appearances and shabby clothes created an invisible divide in the area, as if they came from two different worlds.


After the cruise ship set sail, quite a few Omegas, intentionally or unintentionally, approached Wen Yunlin, who responded with a charming attitude. Pink bubbles of various types filled the air around them.


As a male pet, Lu Jingning leaned comfortably in Wen Xingchen’s arms, enjoying the ride. 


Suddenly, a plump middle-aged man walked over.


Bing Yunlin had intended to approach the man for a chat but was stopped by his bodyguard. 


His gaze dropped slightly, and he smiled gently, “This gentleman, my young master doesn’t like being disturbed. If you have something to discuss, please find me instead.”


The middle-aged man didn’t even spare him a glance, keeping his gaze fixed on Lu Jingning. If he didn’t know the man’s identity, he would have reached out to touch those tempting thighs without hesitation.


He was arrogant in his attitude, “My friend, how much for this Omega? Name your price, and I’ll buy him.”


Feeling the blatant stare, Lu Jingning suppressed the coldness in his eyes without showing it. Remembering that he was now just a soft and weak male pet, he could only put on a frightened expression and snuggled closer to Wen Xingchen.


Wen Xingchen, seemingly indifferent, leaned back lazily against the chair and gently slid his hand over Lu Jingning’s face. Then he leaned forward a bit, tilting his head slightly closer.


Amidst the crowd, he lightly kissed the soft lips.


Startled by this sudden action, Lu Jingning was momentarily stunned and felt the gr4p3 Wen Xingchen had placed in his mouth. “??!!!”


Wen Xingchen gave a faint smile, “Darling, is it sweet?”


“…” Lu Jingning’s face couldn’t help but flush as he cursed silently in his heart.


Under the shock, he had swallowed the gr4p3 whole and couldn’t even taste its flavor!


The middle-aged man couldn’t keep his arrogant facade any longer, and his expression darkened as he left.


Cen Junfeng watched Wen Xingchen’s calm demeanor and couldn’t help but be amazed, feeling like this person had planned this all along.


Damn that dog food[/mfn]Public display of affection[/mfn], damn it!


Author’s Note:

This person, you are quite clever. How do you know everything?

Cen Junfeng: Oh no, will I be silenced again?


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