Chapter 57 – Not Your Brother


Jian Luo had no idea about everything that’s happening in the close friend’s status updates.


After strolling around in Moonlight, he tasted a few new cakes and gave them a good review. The cakes of the Dark Stars are really well done. If he had to say something, compared to other delicacies, the cakes can be scored at least 5 points. Their cakes are not made of flour, but crystals from a plant that can secrete a kind of special liquid. The crystal cakes will have their own taste as the temperature of the plants changes throughout the four seasons.


Jian Luo tuted in amazement: “Awesome.”


Kazuki would ask him, “Luoluo, what about you humans, what kind of cake do you all eat?”


“We…” Jian Luo thought for a while: “The cakes we eat usually use eggs as the main ingredient, but about the cakes of yours I just ate, I found that you seem to prefer saltier ones?”


Kazuki smiled and said, “The salty taste is delicious.”






According to the experience that Jian Luo summed up today, the three largest races of the Dark Stars have different food preferences.


Dragons prefer spicy food, Phoenix likes sweet food, and Pixiu seems to prefer salty food. If one wants to open up a high-end business in the market of Dark Star, one will need to do research based on the tastes of these races to generate the best products. He should try this first during his broadcast sessions.


With this idea in mind, Jian Luo felt much more relieved.


Kazuki said, “Is Luoluo coming back tomorrow?”


“No, I still have some plant batches to follow up on at Phoenix Terrace.” Jian Luo clapped his hands when he was full: “When my batch of seeds has germinated, I’ll probably come over.”


Kazuki smiled: “That;s good, I miss your cooking so much.”


“Then visit my live broadcast product page.” Jian Luo patted his shoulder: “I miss the comfort zone of eating and drinking here too.”


Kazuki suddenly thought: “Are you going to live stream today?”


Jian Luo glanced at the time, and said, “Maybe, but I’ve not prepared anything.”


“You can do whatever you want.” Kazuki was very positive: “We have all kinds of ingredients here.”


Jian Luo wanted to verify whether the Pixiu likes salty food, and he said, “Then let me try to make some pickled vegetables. I want to eat it myself too.”


Kazuki felt a little strange.


Returning to Moonlight’s kitchen from here, it was late evening at the moment, which was the peak hour as many people were eating at this time. Moonlight’s back kitchen was busy, but it was big enough for everyone to have a divided place to be alone.


Jian Luo started broadcasting live in a slightly secluded place in the back.


Kazuki said: “Okay, since you are busy, I won’t disturb you!”


“En.” Jian Luo smiled slightly: “When this jar of pickles is done, I will give it to you if you like it.”


Kazuki made a heart gesture.


Next, Jian Luo started to pickle vegetables. He first opened the live broadcast. Because the time of his live broadcast was not fixed, Jiang Jiang thought of a way for Jian Luo to set up a pinging function in his server: [Remind me when the broadcast starts]


If Jian Luo starts broadcasting, a reminder message will be sent out to users who selected this feature, so that they can maximize the number of live broadcast audiences.


Once the live broadcast started, people kept entering the live broadcast room.


Jian Luo greeted everyone: “Hi, everyone, the dish we made today can’t be eaten right now and needs to be preserved. In order to prevent people from wanting to eat it, I will broadcast the tutorial live.”


Audiences rejoiced:


“Something new again?”

“The anchor always made new products and I always resisted.”

“Well, it’s more fragrant every time.”


Jian Luo smiled: “The most important ingredient today is radish, which is a kind of vegetable grown by humans. You can buy radishes at the official mall.”


In the official definition, radish is a fruit, not a food that can be cooked, so no one has thought about it in that regard.


Fans were also curious:


“Can radishes still be cooked?”

“I’ve cooked it before and it doesn’t taste like anything at all.”

“The radishes are hard to eat!”


Everyone was talking a lot, and it was a scene that Jian Luo was used to, so he was not too surprised, but calmly said: “The charm of a chef is to turn the rotten into something magical and let each ingredient bring out the charm that it should have.”


He took out the radish from the sink and washed it. Jian Luo peeled off the skin of the radish, and then began to shred and wash it.


Some viewers discovered something:


“Everyone, he changed the live broadcast location again!”

“How do you do it?”

“How on earth can you keep changing the location of the live broadcast!”

“I know this prepping table, if I am not mistaken, it is the latest technology from the previous year. With each square meter costing 500,000 star dollars. I remember that there were no more than 10 companies in the world who bought this set, and the largest buyer of the largest onewas the glorious Moonlight.”


The audience talked and talked, and some people thought of a previous statement from Interstellar web. At that time, the boss of Moonlight came out and issued a statement. The content of the statement roughly means to confirm that Jian Luo is an employee of Moonlight, but this was not enough. They let the audience wonder and heighten their doubts: after all, they have never heard that Moonlight has this chef!


As they all know, the chefs in the moonlight are all presented nicely. You can see the chef’s name on the halls of the first floor. You can even choose the chef who will cook your meal. If Jian Luo is in Moonlight, he will definitely be listed.


Soon, there was feedback from the audience:


“I’m in Moonlight and went to see the hall, he’s not listed.”

“Where is Moonlight?”

“Moonlight isn’t terrifying. If he isn’t related to the moonlight, is he related to the other big corporations?”


Jian Luo put the radish aside: “We want to dry this, but because the time is short, we will put it on the drying rack to bake a little bit. When cutting the dried radish, leave a little radish skin and it will be chewier and more brittle.”


After it was done, he put the dried radish on the drying rack and began to prepare the peppers by himself.


“I personally like spicy food very much.” Jian Luo took out the peppers from the ingredients cabinet: “So I like to put more peppers. If you don’t like it, you can put in less peppers.”


The audience cried:


“The chili taste takes some time to get used to.”

“Someone in my family loves to eat it.”

“Chili is really for people who like it. It’s not for me.”


Jian Luo guessed that the phoenix, who likes to eat sweets, may have a hard time getting used to the peppers. He chopped the peppers, put them in the blender and chopped them finely. The radish was next. He added salt and peppers together, kneaded and stirred.


The next steps were generally more or less the same.


Jian Luo took out a jar from below, put all the pickles in it, and then said to the camera, “You can eat it when it comes out in a few days and I will invite you all to open the jar together with me.”


Most of the fans still did not accept this:


“What kind of dark, mysterious food is this?”

“No, I don’t want to open the can.”

“Anchor, can you do something else?”


Jian Luo was amused. He answered a few questions and then continued the broadcast. The private message notifications in the background showed 99+ unread messages. Only verified accounts can privately message him, so after seeing so many, he clicked on it.


There were many questions from the merchants, who hoped that Jian Luo could use their products, as well as previous merchants asking why the goods were returned. It was a little overwhelming.


Jian Luo felt that he might need an assistant to take care of these things, but he was not very settled to give this task to others. He would go back to discuss it with his mother in a few days, and wondered if she would like to take on this role or not.


“Ding ding.”


There was a message from his information terminal.


Jian Luo opened the message, and what she saw was the message from Secretary Jin: “Luoluo, I’m coming to pick you up.”


“Okay, thank you.”


Jian Luo was used to getting along with Secretary Jin, and sat for a while in Moonlight. After Secretary Jin arrived, he left with her. He got into the car and asked, “Are we going back?”


Secretary Jin said, “I went to the palace today. His Majesty said that he missed you very much and wanted you to come and play. It happened that the marshal was also in the palace, so he agreed.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched: “What do I have to do to care for the child?”


“Don’t think like that.” Secretary Jin is used to coaxing Jian Luo: “Although His Majesty looks young like a kid, he is only in his weakened form. In fact, he is hundreds of years old.”


Another hundred years old man?


Jian Luo was really surprised.


When he arrived at the palace, Secretary Jin asked him to wait in the imperial garden for a while. The emperor and Lu Shifeng hadn’t come out yet, so Jian Luo simply took the opportunity to enjoy the scenary.


While he was there, he came across the little princess.


The little princess had already heard that Jian Luo was coming, so she waited. She didn’t dare to do anything to Jian Luo, but she still dared to be rude, and immediately snorted: “Mister, what do you think you are doing?”


Jian Luo turned back and looked at her: “I’m fine.”


“I’ll bring you around.” The little princess twisted her hair and looked down: “You must have never seen this kind of place in Peace Paradise.”


Jian Luo refused: “Have you seen Peace Paradise before? I’ll take you there next time.”


The corner of the little princess’ mouth twitched.

Secretary Jin watched the fight between the two stubborn individuals and subconsciously wanted to stay far away, so as not to bring disaster to herself. As long as Jian Luo did not gain the upper hand, she didn’t need to speak.


The little princess saw that Jian Luo was calm and unconvinced: “Could it be that this princess is willing to bring you around, that is why you are so reluctant?”


Jian Luo: “You misunderstood.”


The little princess had a proud look in her eyes.


“I’m not reluctant, I’m very reluctant.” Jian Luo was too lazy to pay attention to her: “I’m mainly afraid that my humble status will humiliate you.”


The little princess was even more annoyed: “Then you won’t insult Lu ge when you are with him. People are just self-aware. As a human being, do you still need to know this?”


This is overkill.


Just as Secretary Jin was about to speak, Jian Luo stopped her.


Jian Luo smiled slightly, with a bright smile on his face, his eyes were mocking the princess: “I advise you not to talk and irritate me. If I cry because of you, Lu ge will have to coax me.”



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