Chapter 74 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 74


Because they had been drinking wine quietly in the hall, Wen Xingchen’s breath was now filled with a faint smell of alcohol. When such words entered his ears, they carried a hint of affection.


Lu Jingning could feel the Alpha’s scent enveloping him instantly, making the pheromones in his body eager to cater to him.


His voice couldn’t help tense up a bit and he said in a hoarse voice: “It’s not the estrus again, is it? Don’t make trouble.”


“I didn’t make a fuss.” Wen Xingchen leaned over and kissed his glands lightly. His slightly drooping eyes were filled with a faint fire that moved upwards along his neck, and finally, their lips met.


Under his actions, Lu Jingning couldn’t help but let out a muffled snort. As the teasing began, his whole body began to be filled with excitement and gradually indulged in it.


It is undeniable that everything about this person makes him irresistible.


Hearing the sound of Xingchen’s deep breathing, Lu Jingning subconsciously stretched out his hand to wrap his arms around the man’s broad back and tightly grabbed the man’s shirt with his fingers.


Wen Xingchen, who was wearing aristocratic clothes, exuded a different feeling than usual. He was very tempting.


Lu Jingning’s pheromones were completely drawn out, he raised his jaw, and responded to this deep kiss.


This kiss eventually deepened and when they finally separated, both of them could feel each other’s warm body temperature and erratically beating heart.


He didn’t really have any ideas before, but at this time, Lu Jingning also felt that his interest had been completely aroused. With some mist in his eyes, he half-smile: “Then, what kind of game does the master want to play?”


While he was talking, his slender fingertips did not forget to travel gently behind Wen Xingchen’s back, like a slithering snake, quietly probing or teasing at danger.


Wen Xingchen felt an itch envelope at his heart bit by bit as he was poked on his back. He stretched out his hand without warning, picked up Lu Jingning and threw him on the bed.


Lu Jingning saw that Wen Xingchen was about to unbutton his shirt. After squatting for a while, he suddenly approached him with a smile on his face: “Master, I’ll help you take it off.”


When Wen Xingchen was called out like this, he couldn’t help but stop the movements of his hands. In the blink of an eye, Lu Jingning had already moved in front of him, his eyelids lowered slightly as his fingers neatly unbuttoned his collar one by one.


The clothes were scattered and Lu Jingning’s eyes fell on his chest and he couldn’t help moaning.


Wen Xingchen always looked down at him quietly.


Because he was still wearing the daytime clothes, there was a sort of tempting feeling under the dim light at this time. From this angle, no matter from what angle he looked at, his facial features seemed fatally alluring, which made him lose control.


Seeing that Lu Jingning let go of his collar, Wen Xingchen suddenly reached out and grabbed his wrist. He then leaned forward for a while and pressed him firmly on the bed.


The ribbons that were dotted around the ends of his hair were completely pulled off and with this movement, the bells on his ankles also made a crisp sound. The atmosphere at this time was like a cue that completely smashed the last sliver of reason remaining. Even that would be an understatement.


Wen Xingchen pinched Lu Jingning’s waist vigorously and when he heard the person under him moan, the corners of his mouth curled up in satisfaction: “What shall we do next, darling?”


Lu Jingning could feel the other person’s breath almost brushing against his cheeks. He didn’t know whether he was really aroused or just subconsciously attracted to him. He suddenly stretched out his hand and tore off the clothes covering Wen Xingchen’s body. Looking at the curved and sexy silhouette of the Alpha’s upper body, he licked the corner of his lips: “We should do as you like, master.”


The expression in Wen Xingchen’s eyes flickered: “Kiss me.”


Lu Jingning smiled sweetly, gently hooked the other’s neck with both hands and pulled down hard, pulling the whole person down, and kissing him heavily.


Such a kiss lasted extremely long, long enough for the two of them to immerse themselves in it unknowingly and completely stir up the flames in their bodies, making it difficult to control themselves, and gradually starting a prairie fire.


The heat had already enveloped his entire body. Lu Jingning moved his legs and wanted to sit up and look directly at Wen Xingchen, but the other party suddenly pressed him down and onto the bed.


The eyes of the two met at a very close proximity and Lu Jingning’s breathing became heavier: “Wen ge, do you want to do it?”


Wen Xingchen’s self-restraint completely collapsed under his voice and his slender fingers stroked the hair beside Lu Jingning’s ear. His voice was hoarse and deep: “Call me Master.”


Lu Jingning’s interest was also quite high, he smiled lightly and called out tiredly: “Yes, master.”


After taking off their clothes, the naked upper bodies of the two were stuck together tightly. The strange tingling feeling made the surrounding lingering pheromones more intertwined.


Wen Xingchen’s fingers lightly slid across Lu Jingning’s waist, hesitated for a moment, and then slowly landed on Lu Jingning’s legs.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but moan. His legs tensed subconsciously, because of the slight shaking, the bell on his ankle made a faint sound.


In such an atmosphere, it was like an invisible hand stirring up the already extremely strong desire.


Lu Jingning could feel the Alpha’s scent completely enveloping him. His hands couldn’t help but tightly grip the bed sheet, feeling Wen Xingchen’s fingers protruding into his deepest parts. The emptiness left him unsatisfied and he couldn’t help but straighten up his lower body.


Wen Xingchen’s fingers were slender and flexible. Due to years of hard training, there were thick calluses on them and that kind of roughness brought a different kind of fun.


“Hmm… ah…”


Lu Jingning involuntarily let out a low, sticky gasp, and subconsciously separated his legs a little.


But at this moment, Wen Xingchen suddenly withdrew his hand.


Just when Lu Jingning looked up with some dissatisfaction, Wen Xingchen suddenly separated his legs and then leaned over and kissed them lightly.


It was as if a kind of electric current burst out of his body, causing Lu Jingning to choke up instinctively.


The tip of his tongue licked his private part little by little, and all his senses seemed to gather in that embarrassing place.


It was the first time that Lu Jingning felt that they were making love so mysteriously.


The pleasure was magnified in an instant. He moaned lowly and his vision couldn’t help but feel a little blurred. The subconscious release of pheromones in his body made him feel completely addicted to the feeling as his chest kept rising and falling.


When Wen Xingchen looked up at him with an emotional expression and flushed cheeks, the lust in his heart was completely drawn out.


His gaze passed over Lu Jingning’s body bit by bit.


An Omega’s body is often much softer than Alpha’s, but because of the training since childhood, Lu Jingning’s body is still full of unique charm compared with a normal Omega’s.


His legs are very long, with beautiful muscular lines, and everything is just right.


Such a body is enough to drive any Alpha crazy.


The smell of mint and plum sauce lingered in the air.


It lasted so long that Lu Jingning didn’t know how long had passed. He could feel that his body had been teased to the extreme, his waist and abdomen were tense there, trembling uncontrollably, while subconsciously wanting to cater to the other person.


The feeling of emptiness in his body made him instinctively want to be completely filled.


He finally couldn’t help but raise his leg and weakly kick the man who was still teasing him repeatedly: “Stop playing, come in already…”


Wen Xingchen actually couldn’t wait any longer and responded dotingly. He lifted Lu Jingning’s legs, lowered his body slightly, and pushed his desire into his deepest parts.




Instinctively, Lu Jingning put his arm around Wen Xingchen’s neck at this moment, and his body was completely stretched open, causing his whole body to burn again.


The lingering and long-lasting pleasure spread numbly throughout his body with each impact.


Lu Jingning could hear Wen Xingchen’s heavy breathing in his ears, which was extremely clear in the silent night.


Before they knew it, both of them were already drenched in thin sweat, and unconsciously changed positions without a sound. Lu Jingning was already sitting on Wen Xingchen’s lap like this.


Such a posture has an indescribably different sensation. His moving waist quickly allowed his body to find the most pleasurable position before rapidly accumulating that pleasure where the two of them are joined together, making them quickly become a mess.


Seeing that he was close, Wen Xingchen suddenly grabbed Lu Jingning’s waist, and the moment he lowered his hips, he pushed up and into him harshly.


Lu Jingning couldn’t help but choked up at the pleasure of penetrating his soul. A wave of extreme pleasure enveloped his lower half. Although he didn’t penetrate his uterus, it was enough for him to finish.


While exhaling hotly, Wen Xingchen gently played with Lu Jingning’s anklet with his hand and hugged the limp person in his arms even tighter.


Previously, the two became involved due to outside factors. This was probably the first time that they came together out of their own will, while being completely sober. The entire thing was inevitable and it took so long before they both became tangled like this.


Before that, Lu Jingning never thought that Wen Xingchen would have such an awful kink, and of course, he never thought that he would really cooperate like this.


When he thought about it, it is estimated that this kind of role-playing will still be brought up in the future in private after.


In the dead of night, the whole room was filled with the aroma of sandalwood and their pheromones under the dim light, full of desire.


Prompted by instincts, Wen Xingchen couldn’t help biting Lu Jingning’s glands in the end. This kind of behavior was completely uncontrollable. If it wasn’t for his remaining rationality that reminded him that he was still on a mission, he was afraid he would continue to push the boundaries.


But even so, the pheromone entered Lu Jingning’s body and seemed to consume a lot of his physical strength before he finally collapsed into Wen Xingchen’s arms and fell into a deep sleep .


Wen Xingchen quietly put his arms around Lu Jingning, and if conditions permit, he might have even wanted to light a cigarette.


After their impulsive actions, the room seemed very messy. He silently looked at the man in his arms. Because his left hand was under the pillow and couldn’t move, he could only stretch out his right hand to gently rub his hair and slightly drooping eyebrows.


He felt a bit of remorse.


An Alpha’s pheromone is indeed a good pacifier during Omega’s heat, but it will also reduce the Omega’s strength.


This makes his actions today very inappropriate during this five-star mission.


In the past, it was absolutely impossible for Wen Xingchen to allow himself to make such a low-level mistake.


However, once he faced Lu Jingning, he seemed to be unable to control the excessive possessiveness in his heart.


As long as he has a relationship with this person, he will always become impulsive and unable to control himself.


Was this what being perfectly suited for each other meant…


Wen Xingchen leaned over slightly and deeply kissed the ends of Lu Jingning’s hair. He murmured in a low voice: “It must be. But it’s up to you.”



At noon the next day, the others felt strange as not only Lu Jingning, but also Wen Xingchen, who had always been self-disciplined, still hadn’t appeared for a long time after the sun was up.


Wen Ye didn’t want to interfere too much at first, but in the end he was still worried and asked Cen Junfeng to go over and see what the situation was.


Cen Junfeng hesitated for a while at the door of the guest room before finally mustering up the courage to knock on the door.


Not long after, the door opened and Wen Xingchen stood at the entrance, looking at him with a faint expression and deliberately lowering his voice as if not to disturb someone, “He’s still asleep. We’ll come find you all later.”


Cen Junfeng’s gaze drifted past Wen Xingchen’s side and it fell upon a messy room with scattered clothes strewn all over the floor. A bracelet lay not far from the doorway, not to mention the scattered ribbons and accessories, as if it were a scene from a wild revelry.


He couldn’t naively believe that these two were really dutifully maintaining their facade for the public. The situation at hand made it evident that what happened last night was no mere act.


Indeed, young people were always brimming with passion.



Cen Junfeng fell silent for a moment, trying his best to control the expression on his face, “You two carry on, I’ll go back and speak with the young master first.”


After saying that, he turned stiffly and, in the next second, accelerated swiftly, escaping Wen Xingchen’s line of sight.


Wen Xingchen watched the fleeing figure quietly, then couldn’t help but chuckle softly, turning around to close the door again.


On that day, news spread widely about the Second Young Master Wen spending the entire day in the guest room with his male companion, even having their lunch delivered by the service staff.


The team leader listened to the discussions of others and couldn’t help feeling a bit emotional.


Such genuine affection!


Unfortunately, although the reputation of the Wen Family’s business consortium was well-established, the person they were waiting for had yet to appear.



In the evening, the cruise ship finally arrived at Watcher’s Island. After docking at the harbor, passengers began disembarking.


Bing Yunlin arranged for Cen Junfeng to closely monitor the cargo with Yu Qingcang and Qin Yuankai, but they still couldn’t find a trace of the target they were waiting for.


On the other hand, a neighboring business consortium seemed particularly interested in them. They held the Second Young Master Wen and his brother, Wen Ye, in conversation for quite some time, exchanging contact information before bidding farewell reluctantly.


When Wen Xingchen returned, he didn’t see Lu Jingning around, so he asked Bing Yunlin, who was waiting there. Bing Yunlin replied, “He just noticed that he was missing a bracelet, probably something from the garrison. He said he went back to the room to get it.”


Just as Yu Qingcang finished unloading the cargo and returned, he found Wen Xingchen’s expression strange and said, “Lu Jingning went back to the cruise ship? That’s not possible. I just went around to all the rooms, didn’t see anyone.”


Saying that, he saw Wen Xingchen’s face change, hesitated, and awkwardly smiled, “It’s probably that I missed him by chance. I mean it is Lu Jingning anyway. Even if he ran into someone, the other person should be the one having bad luck… right?”


Under normal circumstances, Wen Xingchen would undoubtedly agree with such a statement, but last night…


His heart sank, without a second thought, he turned and rushed back to the cruise ship.


The others exchanged glances, and Cen Junfeng and Yu Qingcang followed suit in pursuit.


They rushed directly to the guest room and found only an empty room. The bracelet that Lu Jingning was looking for lay not far from the bed.


Though faint, there was indeed a strange scent lingering in the air, now almost dissipated.


In that moment, Wen Xingchen felt as if he fell into an endless abyss.


Lu Jingning was gone.


Author’s note: Well, then find him. It’s not that big of a deal.


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